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Requests MUST be SPECIFIC. Do not ask a volunteer to do anything outside of his/her area for which he/she has not volunteered. Please, NO general surname searches (EXAMPLE: All Smiths in the County). To help the volunteer with your request, try to include a Approximate Date range (if known) for your request (EXAMPLE: John Doe married Jane Doe approximately Jan 00, 0000)

This is a website of volunteers, they will not be able to do all your researching for you but can help with locating information not available to you. The more specific data you have about your ancestor, the better you will be able to ask for the exact information you need. To help the volunteer with your request.

Volunteers may ask for reimbursement expenses incurred such as postage, copy cost, and print fee. Sometimes you may be asked to reimburse for parking fee in some areas. Our Volunteers are not ALLOWED to charge for their time researching. If you feel like that you have been UNFAIRLY charged for something, please contact Genealogy LookUp and we will look into the situation.

County Volunteer Oklahoma Marriage Look Up
Bryan Jacque
Marriage Volume I (16 Nov. 1907- 25 Nov. 1910
Marshall Linda
Marriages from 1907 to 1919
Roger Mills Judy
Marriage records index are on our county's genealogy website:
I do obtain them at the court house for researchers. I can get a copy of the marriage license and mail to request. The copies are $1.39...they charge me $1. and stamp is .39.
Washington Bonnie
I can look up Marriage records, please provide names and dates if known.