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Abstracts from J.R. BURNET's JOURNAL

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(c. 1850, Notes Concerning the Ball Family of Essex & Morris Cos., NJ)

NOTE FROM TRANSCRIBER, NOV., 1995: Steve McNally, 1224 Orion Av, Van Nuys, CA 91411, (818) 780-3381 transcribed these pages from a part of handwritten records entitled "J.R.Burnet Journal" given to Steve by Blaine Ball, 1513 Bob Smith., El Paso, TX 79925. When writing cannot even be surmised, a (?) has been inserted. Blaine and Steve are descended, respectively, from the brothers, CALEB BALL II and DEACON JOHN BALL, sons of CALEB BALL I, son of EDWARD. I understand Blaine acquired the copies of handwritten Journal at the NJ Historical Society, 230 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104, teleph # 201-483-3939 (as of 1968). Date of last edit: August 5, 1994. John Myer used OCR software to convert that document into a digital file. Joanne Todd converted that file into HTML format suitable for publishing on the internet. We would not recommend using this document as a genealogical source unless you have viewed the original document.


Moses Ball, who died 1747, in his will leaves fifty pounds "to all the children of my brothers, Caleb, Joseph and Thomas, and my sisters Abigail Harrison and Lydia Peck". It is probable these brothers and sisters were then dead. We know, by the head stones which yet remain that Joseph died 1733, Lydia 1742 and Thomas 1744. That these were the children of Edward Ball, is proved by two deeds recorded in the old Town Book of Newark, one from Edward Ball to his son and daughter Joseph and Lydia Peck, for half an acre in the North West corner of the homestead, dated 1699, and the other from Edward Ball to his son Caleb, for 50 acres at the Mountain, next north of Azariah Crane's. There may have been other children who died without issue. It is uncertain whether Abigail or Caleb was the oldest, but as Daniel Harrison was born 1661 we are inclined to place the birth of his wife Abigail not later than 1669 and Caleb's birth may have been 1671 --Joseph was born 1673, Lydia 1676, Moses 1685, and Thomas 1687, or the beginning of 1688. P.S. Abigail Johnson, dau. of Caleb, was born 1708, whence Caleb Ball was probably born about 1665 and the oldest.


Section I See P 115 top and P 114 bottom for order of birth. Descendants of Caleb Ball Snr.

Neither head stone, will, nor letters of administration of the first Caleb Ball have been found. We are therefore, unable to say when he died, or how long he lived. And the names of his children we can only guess from Moses Ball's will, in which legacies are left to his "cousins" (nephews) Caleb Ball and John Ball. The house of Caleb Ball Junr. is mentioned in the County Road Book, as being near "White Brook" (north of Newark) in 1716, and that appears from the Long Bill in Chancery, that land, were surveyed for John Ball in 1724. Since we know that Caleb and John were not sons of Joseph or of Thomas, they must have been sons of Caleb Snr. Whether there were any other children the records do not show. The last trace of Caleb Ball Snr which has been discovered is his subscription as witness to a deed in 1717/18. In 1704, May 1, his father Edward Ball "planter" conveyed to him 50 acres at the mountain, next north of deacon Azariah Crane's, and half the meadows at Beef Point, in consideration of which, Caleb was to give up the homestead which he had in possession. This tract he conveyed 19 Feb 1705/6 to John Canfield in exchange for 60 acres on both sides of Third River. His wife Sarah joined with him in the conveyance being the only place in which her name appears.-(footnote inserted at bottom of page--"These deeds are recorded in the old Town book of Newark").

Caleb Ball Junr. and John Ball both removed to Hanover; the latter, according to the tradition current among his descendants, about 1740 or 1745, the former probably some years earlier.

The will of Caleb Ball (Junr) "gentleman" of Hanover, dated 25 July 1748 and proved 20 August of the same year, names his wife Sarah, and sons (ch of 1st wife) Isaiah, Joshua, (ch of 2nd wife Sarah) Caleb, Ezekiel and Mathew. Daughters Abigail Johnson, Elinor Ball, Kezia Kitchell Dec, Jane Perry (for Jane Perry see p. 84, 85, and 87), Mary Bates, Sarah Ball, Lydia Ball, Anne Ball and Deborah Ball. (As Abigail (See below) was born 1708, her father Caleb, must have been born as early as 1686/7 whence the first Caleb was probably the oldest child of Edward Ball). The will of John Johnson, Hanover 1775, names his wife Abigail, sons Jacob, Elisha, Gershom, Joseph. Dau. Kezia (eldest), Lydia, Abigail, and 3 sons of dau. Sarah deceased. The Morristown Bill of Mortality states that John Johnson was buried May 4, 1775 age 70 and Abigail widow of J. June 4, 1793 died suddenly age 85. Her age may be proven too much.

P.S. Joshua and Caleb were half brothers -- Hence Sarah widow of Caleb Junr was a second wife, married to Caleb Ball not far from 1725. She afterwards married W. Plume of Newark, grandfather of John J. Plume Esq, and had a daughter Jane, who married Josiah Willson. Her third marriage to a Wm. Tuttle of Hanover.

No headstones of Caleb Ball Junr or his sons have been found, but the deaths and ages of some of them have been ascertained from the Morristown Bill of Mortality.

Joshua was buried Feb. 18, 1773, aged 50. His widow and wife Martha was buried Jan. 17, 1777 age 55. His sons were James, Jacob and Joshua by second wife. They had a half sister, sister to Joshua, mother in law of David Bedford who was __(?)..Fairchild.

The second Joshua Ball was a soldier in the Continental line in the Revolution, and died in the Service. He had no family.

Jacob Ball was born Feb 26, 1749 and died Nov 29, 1809 or 1808. He married Mar 5, 1770 Mary Vergason or Vergenson? who was born Mar. 13, 1752. They had Phebe Sep. 11, 1770 married James Ely, Livingston. No children. Rachel, May 20, 1772 died July 15, 1773, Abram Sep 20, 1774, Sarah, July 5, 1777 married Geo. Templeton, Malaparns(?). Isaac, Aug 17, 1783, Hasmab May 17, 1786, died May 8, 1788. Mary Oct 5, 1789, died July 6, 1804. Electa Jan 8, 1793 married James Canfield, Newark.

Abraham Ball resides at Morris Plains near Littletown. By his first wife Phebe Clark m Feb 12, 1800 he has two children, Jacob (carpenter?) and Eliza Ann, widow of Aaron Faitout who died 28 July 1842. Her children are Phebe Almira, Caroline Isidore married Geo. H. Bannister, Allen Eugene, Harriet Nuzzel, Sarah Ball, Mary Smith died March 18,1848 aged 7 yrs 8 m and 7 days. Abm. Ball married 2nd wife, Sarah, Daughter of Natht'l Peck. She died Mar 27, 1848 aged 67 yrs.10 m. 10 days. She had no children. His son Jacob m Susan Chamberlayne 5 ch m. in 1851. Irail Canfield, Chany, Sophia Amelia, Abraham, Ann Eliza, Phebe Clark dau of Joseph.

Isaac Ball (formerly justice of the Peace at Parsippany, now living in reduced circumstances near Whippany 1851 in Sussex Co. married Sarah Burnet born May 14, 1786 and died Aug. 14, 1837 (dau of Ralph Burnet) Dec. 10, 1805.

They had:

      (1) James Ely March 12, 1808 (married Harriet Osman daughter of David Osman) Sept 14, 1830 and had Charles Mopore (?), John Thompson, James Ely, Isaac, Sarah Burnet, George

      (2) Emily Ann Feb 14, 1812 (married Elias Bedford Mar 19 1833, and died Aug 24, 1838, one child Emily)

      (3) Ralph Burnet Oct. 31, 1813 (married Catherine Titus Mar 24, 1835/37

      (4) John Vergenson July 16 (he says 15th), 1811, he married [ed-from next page: John V. Ball (son of Issac) married Phebe Lindsley Aug 26, 1837-Two children Harriet Elizabeth Feb 13, 1841, Lyman Vergenson June 11, 1845. Their mother was born Feb 9, 1818 and died Jan 5, 1846. Second wife Arminda Burns m. Dec. 2, 1848 died June 28, 1850.]

      (5) Stephen L., Orange, Nov 16, 1823. [ed-from next page: Stephen L. Ball married Oct 26, 1845 Elizabeth Titus who was born Feb 22, 1819 two children Wm. Henry Aug. 1, 1847, James Edwin July 22, 1849].

      (6) Sarah Caroline Aug 8, 1826 died Oct 4, 1826.

      (7) Mary Louisa April 2, 1829 (or 1818?) unmarried in Aug 1851. Mr. Ball died as above 1837. Mr. Ball married Mrs. Eliza Tuttle June 25, 1838.

Caleb Ball (third of the name) died 1782 aged 54. According to tradition, he was thrice married. By his first wife Martha Serjent, married Dec 8, 1748, he had two daughters, Polly who married a Dickinson and Sarah who married a Davis. Both adhered to the royal cause and removed after the war to N. Scotia. By his second wife married April 3, 1755 Mary Parrot dau of Thomas and Mary Parrot, died July 25, 1777, age 39 (Succasunna). He had:I 1. Caleb married Sally Hedden, died without issue in 1812 or 1813 (lived in Orange once, a blacksmith. Sarah relict of Caleb Ball buried 1st Ch. Newark Nov. 23, 1822 aged 68 years 5 m 10 days (She taught school some years. Was a daughter of Thomas-Mary Bradbury, and niece to the second wife of David Ball).

II 2. Ezekial married Elizabeth son of John Peck Esq. Orange. Ezekiel was born at Hanover, had a blacksmith shop in Orange where he married , removed thence to Lodi, from thence to Port Penn, Delaware, where he died in Feb. 1812 in his 51st year. His wife (see the Peck family).

They had eight children:

1. John, born 1789, died 1826, married Deborah Lord{?} of Port Penn, one dau died in infancy, 2nd wife Ann Craven (same place) five children, Martin, William, Mary and 2 died in infancy see page 221

3. Mariah died in infancy.

3. Aaron died in his 13th year.

4. Henry (P) born 1799, is clerk lime Kiln Newark. He married Sarah Baldwin (P) of Orange 6 children viz John, Matilda, Susan, Marcus, Lydia W., Isaac died Feb. 1, 1852 age 17 Morris Co. Bill of Mortality (125-218)

5. Mary Ann (P) born 1801 died 1828, married James Willcox of Newark.
Six children 1. Henrietta, wife of Wm. D. Munn Orange (She had 2) 2. John 3. Aaron 4. Ann (these 3 dead) 5. Walter M. 6. Mary Ann.

6. Julia (P) born 1803 unmarried-Orange, formerly a teacher

7. a son died unnamed in 1808

8. Eliza, born 1812, married James Walker of Morristown. Six children, Mary, Richard, Emma, Anna, Henry, George. They reside in Newark (afterwards in M) Mr. Walker is son of Isaac Walker and Mary Perry, a daughter of Noah Perry and grandaughter of Arthur Perry and Jane Ball

III. 3. child of Caleb Ball III was Johanna married James Clark of Newark, removed to Georgia. She had 12 children 2 survived her. One married a Capt. Paul of N.H. No issue. 2nd husband a german, Schroeder, reside in N. York.

IV 4. Nancy married Stephen Plume of Newark born May 11, 1766. Her husband died Oct 21, 1828 age 73 years 1 day. She died in Jan 20 1820 age 54. She had five children, one died in infancy

1. Comfort married 4 Apr 1804 James Keen brother of Dea. Jos. Keen of Newark, two dau, one Hannah M. wife of James Wheeler(married Apr 10, 1833), and Ellen wife of J. Woods Poinier, has one child Mary wife of Isaac M Canfield, grdson of Judge Vail, near Morristown.

2. Betsey (or Hannah?) m. Henry Holden, butcher Newark, had 5 children, Horatio, Warren, Henry, Emma, Anna, carried to page 238 bottom.

3. Ann m. Chas. Woodruff, removed from N. to Indiana died leaving two sons. Alexander Woodruff, hardware, Louisville, Ky has a family Stephen Woodruff, supposed to be at New Albany Ind

4. Hannah m. Thomas Morris son of John. She died early. Left one son, Stephen P. Morris, marble stone cutter? N.Y.NB. In another letter, it is stated that Hannah m Holden Henry and Betsey m Thomas Morris.

5. Comfort, married Walter Moffort a Scotchman, 3 children, 2 survived her, one son Walter removed to Indiana and died leaving children 2 sons and 1 daughter.

6. Ellen had three husband and three sons, one by each. 1st Mr. Ford, 2nd Mr. Davis 3rd Mr. Morrison--all her children are dead

By his third wife (Lois?) Caleb Ball III had a son who died young. Julia Ball says "My grandfather's mother was left a widow, and removed to Newark, and married a Plum, grandfather of John J. Plume Esq. After his death she married a Tuttle of Hanover, and died there, near the close of the last century (If this was Sarah wife of Caleb II, she must have lived to over 80, perhaps 90.

Of Ezekiel Ball, son of Caleb II I have not yet learned any thing.

Mathew the youngest son of Caleb II appears by the Morristown bill of Mortality to have buried his first wife Mary Jan 17, 1777, age 37. He was a farmer, and removed with a second wife (an eastern woman) to Maryland. Two eldest sons, John and Jason (?} died young in Maryland. The other sons were (1) Mathew died on the Muskingum, Ohio, 1834 or 1824 at age about 40? (2) Daniel died in Iowa 1849, 64 (3) Caleb died in Maryland about 1820 (These three their sister Julia (?) Myers says had no children (4) Vona O cano children (S) John died in Iowa 1834? age 26? no ch. daus Susan drowned 1810-15, Lydia m. Elias Griffin d at Marietta age ab 70, Mary married Moses Riddle on the Muskingum abt 65, Susanna, and pha (?} m Voorheis 58 Iowa, Ann youngest, Iowa, unmarried 56 (some of the dates must be wrong) and Julia Myers, from whom Cornelius L. Ball obtained this information aged about 60, weights near 400. Her children are 1. Emilia, m. Benj. Beams Jersey O. 39 2. Jonas Myers Ind 35 farmer 3. Wm. Meyers Jersey O 32 farmer 4. Sarah Ann m. Wolford Beals, 30, Jefferson, Franklin Co 5. Jacob, Jersey OH 27 farmer 6. Philip, physician 25, Hillsborough, Fountain Co.


Deacon John Ball died in the latter part of the year 1776 (his will is dated 15 Jan 1776 and proved 5 April 1777. His age was probably from 75 to 80. From his will we gather that he had five sons, John and Moses who died before him, and David, Samuel and Daniel who survived him. David, as his grandson Cornl L. Ball states, died in Monmouth Co about the time of the Revolution.

  • John Ball, Junr. died about 1769. His will names his wife Betty, sons Ephraim, Moses and John, dau Jemima, Abigail and Lucetta. In 1776 their grandfather names three of these , Ephraim, John and Jemima Post. Perhaps the other three died young. It is said that Moses was drowned in the Passaic. Lucetta m Solomon Munson. John Ball (3) died 1777. Left widow Lydia, and dau. Kitusah, who died unmarried about 1797Moses Ball seems to have died young (drowned in the Passaic)

Emphraim Ball, married Mary Hedden Jan. 9, 1775, had sons Abraham and George. Abm and his sons Amizi and Aaron, shoemaker, live in Newark. George lives near Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Abraham S. son of Abm has several children, Ales, Amizi, Aaron and Oliver H. Emma or Francis Ball dau of Abm. S. (seal) and Catharine died Aug 1867 age 25.

  • Moses seems to have left only one daughter Phebe, who from the will of her grandfather was the wife of Jesse Price. P.S. Moses Ball married Lucretia Dalglish Jan. 25, 1750. Phebe Ball married Jesse Price June 7, 1769. Lucretia Ball, probably widow of Moses, married Isaac Winchell Dec. 20, 1752. Query was it this Moses or his nephew above that was drowned in the Passaic? Probably? JHV(?)
  • David had two sons, William and Samuel. David Ball married Sarah Dickens May 1754.

William Ball died 10 April 1841 in his 89th year, or about 86. His first wife was his cousin Sally, daughter of Daniel Ball. She died 1814 age 55. Another wife, widow of Elijah Squier (Betsey Thompson? she never had children), died a few weeks before him Feb. 20, about age 70. The children of Wm. Ball (according to Mrs. Hopping widow of Moses Ball) were:

1. Stephen, married Susan Tappan had Phineas K, Aaron. The widow of St. Ball died 23 Feb 55 See letter of J.N. Winans

2. Abigail, second wife of Isaac Winans had Isaac, Joseph and Wm.03

3. Nancy, Cyrus Winans son of Isaac

4. Joseph, unmarried? died 1814

5. Phebe, Cyrus Winans his 2d wife

6. David, \\\\\\ Miss Bigelow resides Somerset Co.

7. Julia .....Alfred Ball, son of James, Hanover.

The last 3 living when last record found Old(?} Daniel married Germilia dau of Asa Cobb of Lexington, had Daniel Evander.

Samuel Ball (son of David of Hanover) married, Mary, eldest daughter of Jebediah Lindsley of Orange. Their only child, Cornelius L. Ball, resided in Livingston and afterwards in Orange 6 years whence he removed to Ohio in Oct 1834. Samuel Ball died in Ohio in 1844, aged 88. Cornelius born summer of 1785 is a chair maker and painter by trade, has been rendered almost helpless by the Painter's cholic. It is said (July 1851) he died this spring, so A.F. Munn told me. He married in Orange Cornelia Dau of Amos Condit, sister of Ward Condit (A.W. Condit?) March near the 2' church.

They had five children:

I. Henrietta or Marietta? died 1839. Married Ira O. Roberts fall 1827. 1. Daughter Ann Elizabeth married Philip Palmer, carriage maker 2. son Charles A. , shoemaker 3. son Sam'l C. age about 16.

II. Juliana married Ichabod Roberts Feb 26, 1828, brother of Ira. Only one son living now residing in N.Y. city George W. Roberts age about 21 in 1850, another son Horatio J. Roberts, died at Newark Ohio summer of 1850 of the cholera--Note Ira O and Ichabod Roberts were descendants of Nathl. Ball dec. page 202 top and bottom.

III. Sarah married James M. Woodruff. 3 children Juliana, Cornelia, Jonathan M. from 5 to 10 years of age.

IV. Samuel D. Ball married Margaret Dickerson 3 children Mary, Priscilla --Geo. Thomas, Lydia? Cornelia

V. Dorcas E. Ball married Prudden A. Ward. Carriage maker. She died 1840, Left no children.

  • Deacon Samuel Ball (son of Deacon John Ball) died Jan. 12, 1810 aged 75 yrs 6 m. Hanover Ch.Y. His first wife was a daughter of Aaron Miller, clockmaker in old times at Eliz Town, one of the first clock makers in America. His second wife, Deborah, was a widow Plume, whose maiden name was Farrand of Bloomfield. She died Feb 1806 in her 62nd year. The children of Samuel Ball were:

1) Ann born March 25, 1760 probably died young

2) Elizabeth Oct 31, 1761

3) Cornelius Jan 8, 1763 Sally Budd

4) Aaron May 21, 1768 probably died young

5) Samuel May 26, 1770

6) Electa Aug 25, 1772 Moses Condit near Ithaca N.Y. Feb 21 1845

7) Lydia Nov. 2, 1773, Peter Cook Livingston N.J. Mar 8 1832

8) Sarah Feb 24, 1775 Josiah Kitchel Goshen, NY Dec 6 1862

9) John Sep 16, 1778 Jane Hunt Asbury, N.J. Feb 21 1837/8

10) James Harvey Aug? 18, 1780 Sally Jagger Hanover Aug 8 1846/8

11) Amzi L. Nov 29, 1783 Jane Crane W. Bloomfield Sep 26 1860

12) Deborah Nov 15, 1786 Thomas L Mills Middletown Orange Co, NY

[ed: "7" for children may have been Deborah]

Amzi L. Ball resided for some years 1806 to 1831 in Goshen, Orange Co, N.Y. and was sheriff of the County. In 1851 he was elected justice of the peace in Bloomfield, N.J. Was a Democratic candidate for assembly in 1851. Resided in Michigan City, Ind 1835 to 1845.

Cornelius son of Deacon Samuel Ball, married Sally Budd, sister of Dr. John C. Budd and daughter of Dr. Bern Budd (whose wife Phebe was a sister of David Wheeler).They had: (information from Mrs Edwards Oct 8, 1852)

1. Phebe born 1790, married David Edwards, son of Rev. Moses Edwards

1 Caroline, married Abraham Bailey

2. Mary m l) Oliver Durand 2) Joseph Hanset

3. Phebe, m John Craig or Gregg

4. Charles P. m Mary Ann O'Neal

5. Elizabeth m John Shaw

6. Charlotte m Allison Duncan (she is dead)

7. Faring m John Clark

8. Joshua m Harriet Dickenson

Four or five others died in infancy or childhood

2. Jacob Ball m ?..Hoyt, is a widower. Large family lives in Connecticut.

3. Bern died unm?

4. William --went West

5. Samuel, died unm?

6. Mary Budd, born 1801, m Thomas Thompson, lives Saratoga Co, NY

The children of Peter and Lydia Cook were (Mr Cook died 11 Apr 1841 age 71)

  • James Harvey Cook, merchant? N.Y. city, married Caroline Fairchild
  • Epaphras Cook, carman Newark, married Abby Bacorn. He died 1851
  • Rev. John Ball Cook, married (?) Huntington
  • Dr. George Cook, m N. York m? Mary Bloomer
  • daughters:
  • Electa, married Jonathon Force Jr., died a few months after marriage.
  • Sarah, married John Kitchel of Hanover

John the son of Dea. Saml. was a physician and practiced at Asbury, Warren Co, N.J.. He married Jane Hunt of that county. Dr. Ball died Feb 22, 1837 in his 59th year, and is buried by the side of his parents in Hanover Church Yard. His widow went to Illinois with her children, and died there.

He had:

  • Augustus F. Ball
  • Daniel
  • John
  • James
  • Electra
  • Elizabeth
  • Lydia

The oldest in Williamsburg. The rest in Illinois.

James Harvey Ball, son of dea. Samuel, married 28 April 1804 Sally Jagger, daughter of Jeremiah Jagger. She died Feb 4, 1861, age 82 y and 10 mThey had 8 children. One son and one Daughter died in infancy.

Edward Augustus died 1835 age 19

Nancy married Nath F. Douglas

Jane E. married, spring of 1851, Rev. John Brundaqe of W. Bloomfield. Methodist?

Sarah C. unmarried

James Harvey, born July 22, 1811 (member of the Legislature about 1860) married Mary Smith Farrand (daughter of Sarah Farrand) of Troy, NJ who was born 11, 1817. Their children are:

Alice Smith Sep 7, 1839

Sarah Eliza May 11, 1841

Mary Augusta Mar 30, 1843

Oscar Jan 29, 1845 died

Caroline May 3rd, 1847, qraduated 1855 at Packer Female College Institute Brooklyn, June 1865

James Harvey Sep 21, 1848

Phineus Farrand Oct 22, 1851

Joseph Augustus Feb 5, 1856

John Oscar Mar 24, 1859

John son of James H. Senr. is a physician practicing in Brooklyn, N.Y. No family. 6 feet 4 inches high and the shortest of 3 cousins....(132)

Amzi L. Ball married Jane Crane, Dau of dea Joseph Crane, W. Bloomfield. Oct 4, 1806. He died Sept. 26, 1860, age nearly 77. Jane widow of Amzi L. Ball died Feb. 9, 1864 age 78 About 1850 They have:

1. Sarah, unmarried P. (which means a member of Presbyterian Church)

2. Anthony D. 38 married Abby Esther, Dau of John Baldwin one son John She died Feb 8, 1846 age 29. 2d wife her sister Sarah Baldwin 2 children one died an infant. Both P. A.D. Ball died very suddenly 2 Nov. 1863, age 52. Joseph D. son of late Anthony D. Ball, died Feb. 25, 1865, age 14 years 7 months.

3. Nathaniel C. Ball (died before 1873 Oct) m. 1835 Elizabeth Tompkins, dau of Capt. Danl. F. Tompkins and gr. dau of Capt. Aaron Edwards. Six children:

1) Lewis F, Painter. Commerce St, Newark, has been Pres. of Common Council, married Jennie A.
1st son Nath C. 1869 2d son Freddie E. 2 Oct 1873 2yr 8m

2) Thomas L. D.... dau of Joseph Parcellis

3) Mary D.

4) Joseph B. McKieva, died after a lingering illness 24 June 1854, in his 11th year

5) Jane C. married Oct.16, 1873, William L. Brower

6) Julia H.

4. John Ball married Nancy Glover both m (Methodist). Have had five children, lost two. One son is named George (Clinton?) Residence Winfield, Lake Co, Indiana

5. Mary C. Ball married Michael C. Doremus, now lives W. Bloomfield, then of Newark, Jan. 1, 1840. Children: Wilbur L. Doremus, Theodore died at 4, James A.P.

6. Hannah Emily Ball, twin of

7. Joseph Emmons Ball. Jos E. Ball's first wife Elizabeth A., youngest daughter of Elias B. Crane, died 8 May 1849 in her 25th year One son Charles A. died 4 Jan 59 age 10. Married his second wife Eliza dau of late Maj. Wm. Stephens of Newark 24 Dec. 1850. Harness maker W. Bloomfield.

8. Harriet E. Ball not married.

  • Daniel Ball, youngest son of Deacon John Ball of Hanover, lived it is said in his father's homestead 1/4 or 1/2 mile north of David Cook's blacksmith shop. He was born 1737 and died of typhus fever Oct. 1820 age 83. He was five times married, and had children by each of the first four wives.

The first Phebe Tuttle, married Dec 1758, had Phebe married Robert B. Campfield, died 9 Aug 1847 in 81st yr. She is dead. And Sally 1759-1814 m her cousin William Ball

Second Martha Price, married Oct 10 1768 had James, who was born Aug 9, 1769 died abt 1833

Third Eleanor Lindsley dau of Ebenezer and Elinor Lindsley of Orange. had Aaron. died in Illinois born 1774 died 1849

Fourth March 19, 1778 widow Beach (maiden name Ann Carter), had Moses married Abby dau of Ephraim Camp 1780-1828 and Cyrus married Sally and Martha Cook 1782-1815

Fifth widow Moffat, sister of Ketusiah Flatt (maiden name Tuttle) had no children by Ball.

Robert B. Campfield died Aug. 18, 1861 in his 92 year was one of the first to introduce the coach making business in Newark. His sons were (3) Abraham Campfield married Feb. 16, 1827 who died leaving a widow Charlotte Camp and son Robert B. Campfield Druggist. (2) Sally K. m John C. Hedenburg Newton...See bottom of Page. (5) Robert B. Camfield Jr. 1802 general agent for Sabbath School wife Harriet S. Perkins of Amherst, Mass, born 1804 Children Eliz. W. 20 in 1850, Robert M. 18 (clerk), Nathan P. 12, Mary P. 9, Harriet S. 5 ((7) Aaron B. Campfield, married Henrietta Robinson of Morristown, N.J., youngest of the family. He committed suicide by shooting himself in a hotel in Morristown, March 21, 1871 age I think 62 (4) Mahlon Campfield married Mary Bailey, a native of Springfield (1) a daughter died of consumption Abbey?(6) youngest Abbey Ann, living unmarried.

*Wm. Robinson says the two oldest children were Abby and Sally. The latter married John C. Hedenburg of Newtown, L. Island. Sarah Hedenburg died Sep 24, 1826. She named the seven children in this order--Abby, Sally, Abraham, Mahlon, Robert Bond, Abby Ann, Aaron B.

For the children of Sally wife of Wm. Ball see..127--B219. She was born Sep 21, 1759, and died 1814. Married Apr 12, 1777.

James Ball, son of Daniel of Hanover, married Elizabeth Moores, sister of Robert

James Ball died April 6, 1833, age 65, Elizabeth died 1848

Lucinda, dau of James and Elizabeth Ball, died 1825, age 25

Robert, son of James and Elizabeth Ball, died 1826 age 28

Alexander m. Charlotte Osborne, sister of Philetus, who now lives at Newark a widow aged (in 1850) 45. Her children are:

Aaron Ball 20 collar and whip maker

James Morris Ball 17 sash and blind maker died 31 Jan 1854 age 21 fever

Harriet 15 died Dec 1853

Lucinda 13

Nancy 11

Alfred, married his cousin Julia, dau of Wm. Ball (p. 127 bottom). She died Jan 1854 One son and three daughters living . He lives over one mile north of Hanover Church. CharlesP. son of Alfred and Julia Ball died 1833 age 3

Martha oldest is wife of Harvey Winans, Hanover, son of Isaac and brother of Cyrus. 5 or 6 sons, 2 daughters. John N. Winans teaches school.

Sarah is wife of Lindley Beach, lives near Alfred and Martha. 6 sons, 5 daughters. Mrs. Beach died in July 1853

Aaron Ball son of Danl of Hanover and grandson of Ebenezer and Elinor Lindsley of Orange, born July 17, 1774, married May 11, 1799 to Elizabeth Voorhies of Whippany. Removed 1817-18 to Crawford, Ill. and died there Jan. 8, 1849, farmer. His wife was a dau of Cornelius Voorhies Esq and sister of John N. Voorheis, Whippany. She was born May 22, 1781 and died Sep. 24, 1832. They had four sons:

1. Edward V. Ball, Feb. 12, 1800, physician, at Terrehaute, Ind, married June 1, 1828 to Sarah Elizabeth Richardson, dau of Joseph Richardson Esqof York, Clark Co, Illinois. She was born Jan 16, 1809. They have:

l) Lawrence Shuler Ball, Mar 15, 1829. Merchant, Sullivan Co,

2) Eliza Caroline Nov. 12, 1830, married June 3, 1851 to Rev. Wm. M. Cheever, a New School Presbyterian. had a daughter Mar 1852

3) Frances Eleanor Dec. 4, 1833 died Sept 30, 1838

4) Mary Elizabeth Sep 16, 1839

5) Sarah Matilda Apr 23, 18432. Richard Montgomery Ball 5th Sept. 1801 died Apl 4, 1850 married Nov 22, 1827, to Sarah Miller dau of Jesse Miller, Clark Co, Illinois

l) John Milton Dec. 9, 1828 married Lucetta Hartshorne of Crawford Co, Illinois Feb 4, 1850

2) Charles Henry Nov. 29, 1832

3) Fanny Elizabeth Aug 15, 1834, died Nov 10, 1836

4) Frances Ann Dec 15, 1837

5) Ellen Lindsley Apr 15, 1840, twin of

6) Helen Maria.. died Oct 9, 1841

7) Walter Scott June 4, 1843

8) Electa Freeman Mar 6, 1845

3. John Milton Ball born April 4, 1804, married 24 March 1833 to Sarah Maria Bennet, dau of Wm. P. Bennet Esq, York, Clark Co, Ill. She was born Feb. 17, 1817, and died April 15, 1842--had George, Jan. 25, 1838, William Aug 19, 1840. Second marriage to widow Nancy Walker. Maria Louisa Aug. 19, 1847.

4. Aaron Lindsley Ball, born Dec. 28, 1809, blacksmith now 1850 in California. 1851. Married 25 Dec 1832 to Susan Ann Bennet dau of Geo and Hannah Bennet of Clark Co, Illinois, born Apr 26, 1815:

l) George Bennet July 22, 1834, died Oct 20, 1835

2) James Pembroke Aug 2, 1836

3) John Watson Sep 22, 1838

4) Edward Augustus Jan 6, 1841

5) Eliza Caroline Oct 20, 1843

6) Hannah Elizabeth Sep 11, 1845

7) Amelia Gibson Nov 21, 1849

8) Phineas

Children of Moses (Dan Jun, Caleb, Edw) and Abby Camp Ball. Moses born 1780 died 1828. Two died in infancy

Mary married Lucas Baldwin of Orange removed West

Rachel died at 17

Lewis C Ball married Mary Ann Post of Caldwell Nov. 10, 1833. He died Oct 10, 1841, age 28 yrs 9 m. She died Nov. 15, 1839 age 27. Their daughter Eliza C. died Sep 18, 1842 age 5 y 8 m. He had 4 children, 2 are dead, Bentley and Henry are living.

Martha is wife of Stephen Woodruff, Hanover

Francis, wife of Nicholas Peer 90

Harriet of Jacob Stickle. She died in 1852.

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