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Reminiscences of Montclair
Chapter 9

Mention has been made of Nathaniel H. Baldwin, the first postmaster of the town. His appointment was made during the administration of President Jackson, 1830. A high lead-colored desk with pigeon-holes for each letter of the alphabet represented the office kept in a side room in Capt. Munn's Tavern. The rate of postage was graduated by the distance the letter traveled and the postage was paid on its receipt. I remember well my first letter from this office and the cost, twenty-five cents, the letter having been mailed at Baton Rouge, La., by my brother. In 1841, Calvin S. Baldwin succeeded N.H. Baldwin and the post-office desk was moved to its new quarters in the tailor shop of Mr. Baldwin, which was the westerly part of the frame building on Bloomfield Avenue near the corner of North Fullerton Avenue. The part used for tailor shop and post-office was recently torn down for the new Kern building. Mr. Baldwin lived in the part of the house still standing. He was also for many years the leader of the church choir. Succeeding postmasters were Amzi Ball, Esq., William Jacobus, John C. Doremus, C.P. Sandford and George A. Van Gieson.

Reminiscences of Montclair (NJ) was written in 1908 by Philip Doremus
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