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The following information was compiled by Martha (PATET) IRESTONE (1890-1976). It was probably written down by Irene (LACKORE) PETERSON (1903-1979) in November of 1975. Irene lived in Forest City, Iowa and was the granddaughter of August and Amalia (LAU) PATET.

Her grandmother was Augusta (HINZ) PATET-HAPKE-GRIEVE and she was my great grandmother. She was born on 2 Jun 1840 in Blandau, West Germany. In 1864, she was married to Heinrich PATET, a widower with two quite grown sons: namely Gustov and August. They had three children: Marie born in 1865, Reinhold born in 1869 and Martha born in 1872.

Heinrich PATET died in 1878. Grandma remarried in 1883 to Gottfried HAPKE, who had a son, Richard, a batchelor. Her second husband died in 1893. In 1894 she migrated to America, settling in St. Paul, Minnesota where her three children lived. The following year, 1895, she married for the third time and they lived for a few years at Hayfield, Iowa. Mr. G. GRIEVE died in 1899. After his death, Grandma moved back to St. Paul. My father, Reinhold PATET, built a two room house for her next door to her daughter Marie STAHNKE. That is where I remember visiting her. She died on May 8, 1923, two weeks before I was married to Arthur IRESTONE on May 22, 1923. She was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery where my folks also are, as well as Art IRESTONE and Leo FRITZ, Esther's husband.

Your grandfather, August PATET, and my father, Reinhold PATET, were stepbrothers.

Gustov PATET had one daughter, Elizabeth, mother of Milton PATET. She later married Mr. PETERS and lived in St Paul, Minnesota.

Marie PATET, born in 1865, married STAHNKE


  • Paul (dead)
  • Charles (dead)
  • Augusta DESLER (dead)
  • Martha FRIESEN (dead)
  • Arthur
  • Esther (dead)
  • Walter (dead)
  • Lilly (dead)
  • Theodore (dead)

    Martha GLEWIVE?, born 1865


    • Ida (dead)
    • Anna (dead)
    • Martha m. William STASSEN (dead)
    • Marie
    • Reuben
    • Edwin
    • Wesley
    • Esther m. Harold STASSEN
    • Mable
    • Alma
    • Selma
    • Ruth

    Reinhold PATET, born 1869, married ___


    • Paul (dead)
    • Martha b. 31 May 189_, died 18 Aug 1976, m. Arthur IRESTONE 22 May 1923
    • Emma BENERT (dead)
    • Arthur (dead)
    • Albert (Al), married Ann, died 5 Nov 1963 (children Dick, Marlys)
    • Esther m. Leo FRITZ (children: Howard, Leonard Junior)
    • Walter
    • Herbert (dead)
    • Ruth m. George GALUSHA (dead)
    • George (dead)

    August PATET married Amalie LAU and migrated to America in 1885 with their four children and settled in Hancock County. Garner was their home, then a farm in Madison Township.


      I. Amelia PATET, born 10 May 1872, died 2 Mar 1954

      II. Emil PATET, born 9 Oct 1873, died 21 Sep 1952

      III. Minnie PATET, born 17 May 1877, died 16 Feb 1971

      IV. Ida PATET, born 28 May 1880, died 12 Nov 1974

    I. Amelia Patet m. John C. LACKORE on 15 Sep 1897


    • Clifford Eugene LACKORE, born 21 Jan 1898, m. Winnie WHITON on 28 Feb 1923
    • Elvin Lee LACKORE, born 28 Mar 1900, m. Edna GOEPELl on 9 Jul 1932
    • Irene Dorothy LACKORE, born 19 Feb 1903, m. Earl G. PETERSON on 28 Sep 1935
    • Viola Ruth LACKORE, born 9 Nov 1905, m. Jerome ERDMAN on 24 Jul 1943

    II. Emil PATET m. Mollie Hart


    • Milo PATET, born 11 Aug 1906, m. Agnes GALBRETH on 6 Jul 1942
    • Mildred PATET, m. --- McGOUGLE
    • Kenneth PATET, born 10 Jan 191_

    III. Minnie PATET m. Julius MEYER on 12 Feb 1905


    • Lilly MEYER, born 16 Mar 1908, m. Herman ANDERSON, died 22 Jun 1934
    • Leatha MEYER, born 28 Jun 1909, m. Maurice PETERSON on 16 Mar 1938, died 6 Mar 1967, two sons: Allan PETERSON, born 8 May 1940, m. Mary Louise BERO on 23 Jun 1984 in Mobile, Alabama; Gaylen PETERSON, born 20 Dec 1943, m. Margaret SMITH in England
    • Lila MEYER, born 18 Dec 1916

    IV. Ida Constance PATET, m. Victor C. WALDECK on 10 Oct 1900 in Hayfield, Iowa, died 12 Nov 1974. No children.

    (several more generations listed)

  • August Patet

    Amalia Lau