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George Washington Todd

The Bed & Board Story

The following Tale was told during
the celebration of Ethyle Marah Todd's
90th birthday that was held in
Hartville, Missouri during April of 1993.

Gene Marah observed that his grandfather, George Washington Todd, needed a housekeeper and found himself one down at the "Poor Farm". Florence Dodson Waymire Stout (also known as "The Old Lady"), was the mother of four children, and ended up as George's fifth wife when he was in his 90s. Ethyle Todd remembered the story about the time that George and The Old Lady got in a "spat" that resulted in them placing a long board down the middle of their bed. Their fight went on for days. But, one night George found himself "peeking" over the edge of board only to find The Old Lady also "peeking" over her side of the board! And that was the end of the board!

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