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The following programs should be copied to a directory in your path or into the directory where you keep your GEDCOM files.
newGEDSplit.exe Windows 95 program to split any GEDCOM file in useful ways GEDSplit help file
newAnalyze.exe Windows 95 command line program to display the unconnected individuals in any GEDCOM file

new GEDPlace.exe Allows editting of places in a GEDCOM file

Addnote.exe Windows 95 Beta version
addnote.exe Adds a user specified note to each individual in a GEDCOM file.

             Usage: addnote [-x] old.ged new.ged "Note to add"

             -x add note as XREF tag
Addsour.exe Windows 95 Beta version
addsour.exe Adds a user specified source to each individual in a GEDCOM file.

             Usage: addsour [options] old.ged new.ged "Source to add"

             -x add source as XREF tag
             -t TAG add source under TAG
Gedcaps.exe Windows 95 Beta Version - changes the capitalization of names and/or places in a GEDCOM file
gedcaps.exe Changes the capitalization of the surnames in a GEDCOM file. Can convert to/from uppercase.

              Usage: gedcaps [-u] old.ged new.ged

              -u change surnames to upper case

GEDLivng.exe Native Windows 95 version
16 bit gedlivng.exe (runs in a dos box or at the dos prompt)
32 bit gedlivng.exe (Must run in a Windows 95/NT dos box) Privitizes a GEDCOM file. (beta testing)

             Usage: gedlivng [options] old.ged new.ged

             -b place message as birth date
             -c YYYY sets cutoff year (default: 1917)
             -c YY sets cutoff year to current year - YY
             -d deletes living individuals
             -l "message" replace "Living individual, details withheld" with message
             -m no message. same as -l""
             -n keep notes
             -r removes unreferenced GEDCOM lines
             -y replaces dates with year only. This overrides -b -l & -n

If you have comments, suggestions or find any problems, please email me at
Programs Copyright 1997-2009 by Randy Winch <>