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This website page was updated on 29 April 1999

Do you have any information about the following persons and families?

RO 1, 8 Sept 1998: Arriving on the Red Riding Hood were two Kum twin brothers one of whom retained the surname Kum while the other became known as McLean. Information is being sought about the McLean brother.

RO 2, 8 Sept 1998: Over the years two families became established on Waakenam Island in Essequibo - Yhap and Lee. Does anyone know the descendants of these families?

RO 3, 8 Sept 1998: Immigrant Fung Shing is understood to have three sons, one of them being Allan Fung who married Phoebe Wong. The other brothers are a Mr. Fung and J. Choy and any information about them would be welcome.

RO 4, 8 Sept 1998: Three Lam brothers arrived on the Minerva and became established in Berbice. One of them, Lam-A-Sy, is known to have two daughters but further knowledge of them is lacking. They are believed to have gone to Trinidad.

RO 5, 9 Sept 1998: Here's your chance to have photos of your ancestors published. Photos of 1st and 2nd generation Chinese immigrants are required for possible inclusion in Cane Reapers. Chinese Indentured Immigrants in Guyana by Trev Sue-A-Quan scheduled for publication towards the end of 1998. Photos of individuals or their environment (home, shop, school, etc.) would be appreciated.

RO 6, 9 Sept 1998: There are three Chan sisters born to Chan A-kou, two of them being Rosa who married Job Fung-A-Ling and Ellen who married Henry Lee-A-Chung. The third sister is not yet identified and is said to have connections with the Fung-Kee Fung and Sue-A-Quan families. Does anyone have any leads?

RO 7, 9 Sept 1998: Chin-A-Fat is known to have at least one son who married Mary Mann. Mary bore him Eric, Gerald, Phyllis, Walter, Claude and Elsie (who married Robiero). These children carry the surnames Chin or Chin-A-Fat and Eric went to Jamaica.

RO8, 26 December 1998. Charles Fung-A-Fatt, originator of the Fung-A-Fat clan had other siblings who went to Jamaica and Surinam. Information about the descendants of these siblings is requested. Reynold Fung-A-Fat is understood to have settled in Surinam.

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