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Chinese in Guyana: Their Roots


This website presents information about the Chinese in Guyana, beginning with their introduction to Guyana (then called British Guiana) as indentured immigrants between 1853 and 1879. 

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In ChinaThe History route gives a brief overview of the reasons for and results of Chinese immigration.

The Contract route shows a typical contract of indenture used in 1873 for the Chinese labourers.

ClipperDetails of the travels of the 39 immigrant ships can be found on the Voyage route.

Examine the Passengers route for statistical data about the people who embarked in China and landed in Georgetown. Names of immigrants and their descendants to 4 generations are listed based on the boats on which they arrived.

GuyanaThe locations to where the immigrants were allotted are shown in the Distribution route.

Go Rooting to trace your ancestral ties and share your stories.

Take part in a search for relatives along the Reach Out route.

Frequently Asked Questions are answered via the FAQ route.

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Books about the Chinese in Guyana


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Preview and order the books Cane Reapers , Cane Ripples and Cane Rovers

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