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392  Date: 2007-09-11 20:52:34
Raul Vence Ayee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for bringing my Greatgrandfather memories alive.

391  Date: 2007-09-04 11:16:36
Helen ( / wrote:

Still great work being done here. I am in New Zealand but our heritage here is not that old. 1870s onwards.

390  Date: 2007-07-19 16:16:25
gina bazilio ( / no homepage) wrote:

very interesting reading your page,you have provided me with great information.

389  Date: 2007-07-02 17:58:29
Gordon Fungkhee ( / no homepage) wrote:

A classic history of our heritage.
still looking for my family name.My grandmother name was Susan Ho.Grandfather was ashopkeeper in one of adjacent village to hope town. I stop at ship Sea park 1861,

388  Date: 2007-06-17 01:48:28
Bill Lowthian ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev and Shirley
Margie and I read your web page with great interest. We enjoyed meeting you on the cruise and hope to keep in touch.

Bill Lowthian

387  Date: 2007-05-24 11:52:58
Ben Gradsky ( / no homepage) wrote:

My mother wrote in as #384, Joy Sherman. She told me about Cane Reapers, and I am glad to have read it. Seeing where I come from, and learning about my grandfather's origins has been very inspiring. I very much would like to see if you have information regarding my grandfather and grandmother in Cane Ripples. Thank you for your work, Trev.

386  Date: 2007-05-07 21:54:49
William G. Mau-Asam ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for giving me a starting point.I did not know that we "came" trough B.G. My grandfather (spelled MAU-A-SAM) was from Surinam and went to Curaçao to work for the Shell Oil Company. In Curaçao they entered his name in the registers as Mau-Asam. We still reside in Curaçao. If I'm not mistaken I'm the 4th generation and my son the 5th. If there are more relatives from the same ancestors, I would like to make contact with them.

385  Date: 2007-04-10 04:15:37
Joe Coxall ( / no homepage) wrote:

My father was chinese. His name was Young wai sung. I once contacted the chinese embassy in the usa to try to find any of my father's relatives in China but was unsucessful. A chinese friend told me that my fathers name could have been Deung vai Sung but that the British at the time found the nearest sounding spelling and you just had to accept that as your name.

384  Date: 2007-04-09 05:53:55
Joy Sherman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Where can I purchase "Cane Ripples"? I have just finished Cane Reapers and cannot put it down! I was not even aware that these records of my family's heritage existed. My father is Kenneth "Totie" Yhap who is a third generation Luck. I wish that I had learned of your research sooner. I am interested in tracing my ancestors in China but didn't know where or how to begin. This book has given me a starting place! Thank you.

383  Date: 2007-03-29 06:13:39
Joan Seymour ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am very impressed at the amount of information that you have managed to put together in one place. It is really a comprehensive site. I only wish that I could have website like this to search for my ancestors!.

382  Date: 2007-03-11 21:11:31
Paula Sato ( / no homepage) wrote:

Love the wesbsite. Thanks!

381  Date: 2007-03-08 03:52:59
Dominic Amann ( / no homepage) wrote:

Fascinating and valuable research. I will read your book at the first opportunity.

Thank you very much.

380  Date: 2007-02-16 23:15:02
Jennifer Young ( / no homepage) wrote:


Congratulations! This kind of documentation was long overdue.
These books document and provide us with the knowledge that is important to present-day, and subsequent generations of, people of Guyana with Chinese ancestry.
My father (Vincent Malcolm Young, son of George Malcolm Young and Lucretia Young) had always spoken about his childhood in No. 79 village Skeldon and later his boyhood in New Amsterdam, and of all his numerous cousins (with the surnames Milton, Ho-A-Yun, Chan, Woo-Ming, and perhaps others of which I am unaware). Dad would have been interested to read about the history of the lives of his ancestors in British Guiana.

Were it not for your writing this book, I would not have met you!

Thank-you for keeping in touch,

379  Date: 2007-01-25 23:23:08
Geoff Burrowes ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

A chapter in BG's history that is often overlooked. Good work Trev - keep building.

378  Date: 2007-01-17 22:53:14
neermal rekha ( / no homepage) wrote:

Could you please send me a map of the chinese travel to guyana in 1853 thank you

377  Date: 2007-01-11 16:29:36
Dawn Leo ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to trace my grandparents heritage. My grandmother is 96 this year (2007) and was a Wong. She married a Leow who changed his name to Leo.

Any information would be very helpful.

376  Date: 2006-11-30 02:58:50
Stephanie Yong Jones ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for giving us a link to our past. I'm also very happy to see various family members on this site. I am a Yong, Hugh, Li, Chee-A-Tow descend. My father is Josephus Ormond Yong and my mother is Sandra Hugh. If there are any more unknown family contacts that would love to chat, write me.

375  Date: 2006-11-06 04:42:58
pam silverstein ( / no homepage) wrote:

thanks for all your work! am curious as to when your next book will come out! Pam

my mother is Ivy Cyline Ho-Yen, her mother was Rebecca Chen; uncle was F.A.Lewis, also related to the Pauls. anyone with more info?

374  Date: 2006-10-14 18:30:32
Michelle Suzanne Tong-Carroll ( / wrote:

I am a 4th generation Tong from the chinaese migration to guyana, exactly from David Tong You and Rachel Lam (Popo). Great credit and honor to you for acheiving the ability to document so much details of this great history. If there is any information directly pretaining to my direct ancestry please sent it to me email. Thank you so much

373  Date: 2006-09-22 19:13:18
Arnold Chang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Will visit again when I have a little more time.
Looking for info re: Josiah Chang who marry Sara.
Offsprings: Wilfred, Robert, Gerald, Florence (Wong)

372  Date: 2006-09-22 17:37:41
Diane ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on the work you have done. We are interested in tracing our roots as well. Our Grandfather Charles Lee Ting, lived in Wismar, Demerara, all we know is that he was a young boy when he came to Guyana. I see the name Li Tieng, could it be possible that the name was Anglozied? Would love to find out more

371  Date: 2006-09-22 08:57:33
Brian Campbell ( / no homepage) wrote:

Appreciate the valueable information on the chinese in guyana

370  Date: 2006-09-17 06:06:03
Ban Leung ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have two uncles(my father's brothers) practised Chinese Medical Consultation (herbalist) in Surinam. We are of Bho Gut (Shenzhen) Hak Ga origin surnamed Leung. They all passed away after retired and back to Hong Kong twenty years ago. From them, I learnt that a lot of Hakkas living in these central America countries for generations. Even the Jamaica Governor had been a Hakka. Thats really amazing.

There are various topic chatting regarding Hakka heritage from Hakka all over the world in the Asiawind - Hakka Forum www.asiawind/hakka/forum.

369  Date: 2006-08-19 00:08:09
Peter Ng ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting website! What is the current Chinese population in Guyana today? Of the current population, are the majority descendants of the original Chinese indentured servants?

368  Date: 2006-07-14 15:06:25
peter j tran ( / no homepage) wrote:

hello--very interesting info. i'm a vietnamese's refugee in the US, and married to a guyanese lady for almost 13th yrs but divorced for the past 2 yrs. i like the guyanese people & their cultures. thanks for making this website possible for anyone to visit or to learn. peter

367  Date: 2006-06-29 19:12:38
Sarah Thomson nee Hugh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello. I am of Chee-A-Tow and Hu-A-Choy decent, now living in the UK. Thanks to Trev Sue-a-Quan and Andy Lee, I have been able to trace back the Chee-A-Tow roots but I can't find anything on Hu-A-Choy. Can anyone help? Can't wait to hear from you...!!

366  Date: 2006-06-20 18:15:38
Brenda ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great site.
My dad, Lawrence Lee. (Lived in suriname now in US) his dad George Lee ta pen and brother Lee Qui
( not sure if spelled correctly)
Looking to trace his family (from father's side). Know part of his mother's side Chan.

365  Date: 2006-06-10 08:56:01
Kyle Sue ( / wrote:

amazing! this is particularly interesting to me because my family is from Guyana .. and we also immigrated to Vancouver in 1969.

364  Date: 2006-06-08 07:23:34
Helen ( / wrote:

You have done a fantastic job in documenting and researching. Looks like I have a long way to go. Keep up the good work

363  Date: 2006-05-16 11:33:44
OWERRI JOHN ( OWERRI@MSN.COM / no homepage) wrote:


362  Date: 2006-05-04 17:40:50
Cliff Shivcharan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wonderful research. You must be a Guyanese :-). Regards from a fellow Guyanese in Plano, Texas.

361  Date: 2006-05-03 08:16:28
sueaqua william ( / no homepage) wrote:

whats your relatin with me???

360  Date: 2006-04-07 22:16:45
Patrick Tong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just finished reading your Cane Ripples book,throughly enjoyed the stories,I think I should maybe try Cane Reapers seeing that was the first,keep up the good work you seem to have done a tremendous job of researching,any other info about Tong family name would be appreciated,my father was mixed chinese/black,hailed from west bank or west coast. Thanks

359  Date: 2006-03-29 19:00:41
Tricia Collins ( / wrote:

This is a great resource! I am currently writing a play about my family history from China to Guyana to Vancouver. Any info on who Lam A Yow or Laying She on the Minerva in 1860 would be greatly appreciated.

358  Date: 2006-03-23 14:55:05
nation ( / no homepage) wrote:

Yes another root chaser.
I have recently found out about my great great grandfather who's name was Chung Lee Pow. He was a business man who had a fireworks shop or factor which caused a memorable fire. I am presuming it was in georgetown but not certain. He had a son Charles Chung who is the father of Sam Cheong. I don't know how the spelling was changed.
If you can offer any assistance I would be so grateful.


357  Date: 2006-03-21 17:57:42
Molly ( / no homepage) wrote:

I would like if anyone has any information about my great grand parents(surname - Lee) labourers from china living in Guyana, I have only now started tracing my chinese ancestry.
Molly Lee.

356  Date: 2006-03-10 18:14:30
NARAINE DATT ( / no homepage) wrote:

Marvellous research, all Chinese should be proud of their ancestry, I am doing the same thing, tracing my roots. The contribution of Chinese in Guyana is remarkable and they are one race who doesn't get involved in polytricks.

Poet and writer living in Canada

355  Date: 2006-02-27 16:46:33
paddy ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have noticed that very few pure Chinese remain in Guyana. Many have interbred with African, Amerindian, and East Indian people.

I know a Tai-Oy-Young who was about four ethnic groups in one.

354  Date: 2006-02-11 22:52:09
John Ho-A-Yun (Hoayun) ( / no homepage) wrote:

What a refreshing site. I am amazed at the amount of historical records presented. Many people often forget that the Chinese are also part of the history of Guyana. I will be extremely gratified to find out if there are any other Ho-A-Yun out there that I do not know about. Thank you.

353  Date: 2006-02-07 09:29:48
chris sawh ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to trace my father's family. He was born in bath estate and had relatives in blairmont and rosignol. His name was nandlall sackichan sawh and his father's name was sawh called sawhghie. I believe they originated from india. his brothers name was harrinarine popularly known as goldsmith at the time living in blairmont estate.

352  Date: 2006-01-23 10:37:00
William Phang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Keep up the good work Trev, the website is a great read and is full of interesting facts.

351  Date: 2006-01-18 20:32:46
MikeDalchand ( / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting facts, sure is neat to find some direction and history and origin of my foreparents, the strategy used and challenges our ancestors endured to carve their mark in time in the passage of life. I am excited to take this discovery trip back in time and history to know my family roots and to be able to contribute and promote this valuable archive for the families of my generation that will follow. I am certain that with today's technology and sophistication we will be able to accurately expedite this treasure. I must acknowledge and thank my uncle Fred Cheong for initiating this and to all that contributed to making this possible.

350  Date: 2005-12-24 01:38:34
Herman Daniels, MS, MD ( / no homepage) wrote:

This website is great. My great great granfather was from china and my granfather who was chinese and black assumed his mother's name - Daniels instead of his father' s name - Ho Soo or may be Ho a Shoo- My chinese great grand father was involved in building the sluice on the East bank and Mr grand father spoke fluent cantonese and he worked on main street where he was an expert on water pumps and irrigation. So I am searching for the family roots and relatives- My son who was born in the US in currently in china studying chinese- he will graduate with his degree in Chinese in May 2006- he speaks fluent Madarin- so I will like your help to locate Mr Ho - my father's sister told me that his name was Ho Sue or Shoo - but I am not sure- back in the old days I could not question the old folks - because it was considered rude - so I lost out on my family history and the roots- but I am determined to rediscover my roots and follow it all the way to china- Thanks for your help

349  Date: 2005-12-01 03:22:26
Rupert chung -a- hing ( / no homepage) wrote:

My great grandfather was from china.I cannot find his name on any of the ships.Maybe you can help me.

348  Date: 2005-11-14 08:38:58
Raul Layung ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great research work. I was wondering if you have ever come across the name Leyung. This was the name of my great grandfather and I can't find the lineage of this name anywhere. Maybe you can help me.

347  Date: 2005-11-13 23:57:35
Rae Yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:

Brother Andrew Yhap.. our dad Ronald Yhap.

346  Date: 2005-11-07 01:22:11
chye kooi loong ( / wrote:

very interesting account of the early chinese labourers recruited from china to far away britisg guiana. keep up your very good effort to record the history of the chinese sugar cane workers in those early days

chye kooi loong
war historian, malaysia

345  Date: 2005-07-10 19:55:28
Keith Yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trevor
I appreciate the tremendous work you have done and are continuing to do; most laudable.
I have only recently started tracing my Chinese ancestry in Guyana's history. Am particularly interested in the history of Jacob Yhap of Vergenoegen, and the Yongs of Stewartville.
Have you any sources/references that I may be able to follow up?



344  Date: 2005-07-01 16:54:57
Helen Charles ( / no homepage) wrote:

My maiden name is Fung-Kee-Fung. I understand that my brother, Michael contacted you earlier this year regarding our great-grandfather. I gather that he was not an indentured labourer but had arrived in Guyana as a casual via another route. I would like to investigate this further. Might you be able to help me. Many thanks. (My father was Carlton Fung-Kee-Fung.)

343  Date: 2005-06-18 18:32:45
Richard Pearson ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for any info on my Grandmother Stella Lo-Hing relatives living in Lodge Georgetown.

342  Date: 2005-06-18 18:22:50
Richard Pearson ( / no homepage) wrote:

How do I purchase one of your Books.

341  Date: 2005-05-23 14:32:59
Ed Tanielu ( / no homepage) wrote:

We are looking for decendants of "Tak tsoi kwong fook" we are hoping that this spelling is correct. He migrated to Samoa in the early 1900s, please help.

340  Date: 2005-05-11 22:37:18
Gail ( / no homepage) wrote:

i was browsing and stumbled upon this page. this is a very interesting site. lots of information. I'm doing research on the Low-a-chee name. if anyone has any info please email me.


339  Date: 2005-05-02 23:58:32
John Luke ( / no homepage) wrote:

My family is John and Annie Lam from 79 Village/Skeldon Village, Corentyne/Berbice,Guyana. Bev Ho-Sing-Loy is my sister Polo/Vivian Ho-Sing_Loy is my Brother-in lay. Sandra Moon is my niece. My Father was Cyrus Luke from Tabaquite Trinidad. One of my Uncle's was Wlliam Scott from Trinidad. My first cousin was Keneth Thymn from Guyana/Suriname. I would love to hear from friends and family. I now live in Rumney New Hampshire, USA.

338  Date: 2005-05-02 06:55:02
Angela Thomas ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for a very informative visit about the "Chinese" in Guyana. I getting ready to do a display for our 10th anniversary celebration of Independence (in Toronto) and will be showcasing the six races of Guyana. I'm hoping to find someone to help with the artifacts.

337  Date: 2005-04-30 04:32:08
Cheryl Gopaul ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev - excellent work. I trying to contact one of your reviewers namely Richard Allicock. Can you help, please...or send my contact info to him.

336  Date: 2005-04-21 10:34:13
Vincent K. Pollard ( / wrote:

This is a wonderful addition to our knowledge of the Chinese diaspora!

Vincent K. Pollard
Chinese Cultures Abroad Directory

335  Date: 2005-04-15 11:18:12
Helen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work being done here. I'm involved in researching the Chinese in NZ, and we have quite a lot of work done to date.

Did any other countries have the poll tax for chinese, like they did in NZ and possibly Canada?

334  Date: 2005-04-06 21:03:09
Roberto Wong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Looking fot a connection between Lau(Low)and Wong. Who was Dora Angelina(daughter of Law married to).

333  Date: 2005-02-13 04:31:55
zheng han ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey overseas chinese who happen to stumble upon this web site please contact me. thanks. i am hoping to know more about overseas chinese in other country.pleas edo keep in contact!!!!oh btw i am an overseas chinese too. take care and hoping to recieve your email soon.happy chinese new year. gong xi fa cai. wan shi ru yi!

332  Date: 2005-01-28 16:31:31
Diann Thomas ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,

Read the books, great. It has brought me in contact with family members I didn't know I had. Wonderful.
Thank you.

331  Date: 2005-01-23 07:08:42
Chuimei Ho ( / wrote:

Excellent data. Thanks a lot for doing it.

Chinatown Museum Foundation of Chicago

330  Date: 2005-01-06 01:45:17
Reginald Chee-a-tow ( / no homepage) wrote:

great are doing a fantastic job documenting the history and contribution of the chinese in this part of the world.Keep it up.

329  Date: 2004-11-26 21:00:42
Isabella rodriguez ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is a really great website. It's very informative. I'm guyanese and I moved away a long time ago. I am interested in learning about about the various ethnic groups in Guyana and this page was really helpful. Keep up the good work!!!

328  Date: 2004-10-22 09:33:19
Derek Sebastien ( / no homepage) wrote:

A very good site ,lots of information. My search is for Chinese in Trinidad, but your site has proved usefull.

327  Date: 2004-10-21 14:42:58
Ronald McLean ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to trace my family tree in Guyana. My Grand Mother was a Ho Hing (Hoa Hing, dont know the exact spelling). I believe she was born in Guyana to a chinese father and german or scottish mother (Vaughn). She married a doctor george mclean from trinidad/st kitts. Any information would be valued.
From my web search I think persons like Irene Hoahing might have information. Also the Gregorio dos Ramos and Francisco Gonsalves serao family might know some information. I would kindly like to contact anyone who can shed some light

326  Date: 2004-10-18 22:25:17
navin ( / wrote:

You have a nice site with lots of content. I'm guyanese and i'm glade to have cousins that are indian, black and chinese. Keep up the excellent work. later

325  Date: 2004-10-18 00:41:21
Krishna Rampersaud ( / no homepage) wrote:

Looks interesting... will definitely try to get a copy..Until than ..Best Wishes for Success.

324  Date: 2004-10-15 21:25:44
JoAnn Prior ( / no homepage) wrote:

enjoyed reading

323  Date: 2004-10-14 23:57:14
Sophie U-Ming ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wow.. its mad to think that all of us are somehow related to eachother. That a hundred years ago thousands of chinese people were shipped over to guyana, along with portuguese and indian- and hey presto! we have a melting pot of ethnicity.. I am a U-Ming, my grandmother's maiden name was father was born in Georgetown guyana, and left at the age of 9 due to the political problems at the time- he came to London, and met my mother- who had come from Italy.. i am therefore half italian, quarter chinese and quarter portugese... i'm 20 years old and live in London, England and would love to hear from anyone who knows us U-Mings!! apparantly we derived from the Woo-Mings.. its all a bit complex! drop me a line if we have a connection.. or even if we dont!

Big love to you all!
Sophie x

322  Date: 2004-10-14 20:51:32
june ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a born Guyanese but move to America when is was 5 yrs of age. I'm trying to find my root,but most of my family has past away. The only thing that I know was my grandfather was Portugese the name (Westal)and my great grandmother was chinese. I hope you can help me with this..
Thank you.

321  Date: 2004-10-14 20:25:48
June Perkins ( / no homepage) wrote:

This a wonderful site, I really enjoy it.

320  Date: 2004-09-29 09:36:31
Kenneth Lyen ( / wrote:

My great-grandfather, Liu Ah Gong (1824-1873) was an indentured labourer in British Guiana. There he met and married Lo She (1875-1875), where they lived the rest of their lives. They gave birth to my grandfather, Esau Lyen (1864-1922), and his brother Jacob Lyen (1866-1897) in Georgetown, British Guiana. My grandfather's wife, Martha Cheong Russell (1880-1939) was also born in
Georgetown, British Guiana. Does anyone have more information about any of them?

319  Date: 2004-08-28 05:56:45
Dow Shew ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm sure your hard work to research and publish such facts will serve to enligthen all, especially Chinese Guyanese and their decendants. I feel that a man's roots becomes part of his culture. Our children roots outside of Guyana will be different but it is important for them to know about the history of our forefathers. By the way I'm not chinese as you might think from my name. My dad use to see a doctor Ho-A-Yun who said his parent are from Berbice. Ever heard of that name?

318  Date: 2004-08-08 17:18:49
TERRENCE CHAN ( / no homepage) wrote:

Llooking for any information on my father ancestors.
his name is wilfred chan, mother name is agnes
chan-maiden name is aquen, all lived in skeldon
berbice area.
any help much appreciated

317  Date: 2004-07-09 13:18:51
Lois Kum Edgecombe ( / no homepage) wrote:

regarding the twin KUM brothers, I could not find them on the passenger list, I am the great-great grandaughter of one of the brothers, I was told that there were 3 brothers, one kept KUM, one changed name to KAM and one changed name to McClean. One of his descendents lives in Trinidad.
but she is originally from Guyana

316  Date: 2004-06-26 01:48:55
Ronald McLean ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to trace my family tree in Guyana. My Grand Mother was a Ho Hing (Hoa Hing, dont know the exact spelling). I believe she was born in Guyana to a chinese father and german mother. She married a doctor george mclean from trinidad/st kitts. Any information would be valued.

315  Date: 2004-06-26 01:46:19
Ronald McLean ( / no homepage) wrote:

I saw the following post. My great grandfather came from China as a boy to Trinidad around 1885-1900(dates could be wrong) he took the name McLean. Coicidence? but I always though his name was Lu, I wonder if there is any connection here.

RO 1, 8 Sept 1998: Arriving on the Red Riding Hood were two Kum twin brothers one of whom retained the surname Kum while the other became known as McLean. Information is being sought about the McLean brother.

314  Date: 2004-06-15 23:28:18
Tracy ( / wrote:

Thank you for writing about this. My Chinese grandmother was from Guyana. My father is partly Indian, and we don't know much about his ancestors. A writer I like, Pico Iyer, has used the term "permanent diaspora." In this period of nationalism, it's nice to remember that people like our ancestors are still the ones who make the world go 'round. It's good to have "mobile roots."

313  Date: 2004-05-24 04:35:01
Henrietta Akit ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev, I've read the excellent book review written by Herman Silochan in The Caribbean Camera for Cane Ripples. This article appeared in The Caribbean Camera March 25, 2004, on page 7. Keep up the excellent work Trev. It's good to read book reviews that promote the multicultural flavour of the Caribbean! Best wishes, Henrietta.

312  Date: 2004-05-07 07:06:06
Jacky Wallace ( / no homepage) wrote:

You have done an excellent job. Thank you. I am part of the Evan Wong family. I remember my aunt Flo saying that Uncle Denis was thrown out the window to safety during the big fire.

311  Date: 2004-04-06 16:54:32
adrian ( / wrote:

watz up ? i like the web site its like me feel like i am back home i love guyana

310  Date: 2004-03-31 20:23:03
Joel Ewing-Chow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Came across this site doing research on my last name. My father is Joseph Ewing-Chow born in Guyana and my grandmother was Dorothy Ewing-Chow married to Solomon Ewing-Chow. My grandmother was also previously married to a man with the last name of Yhip. According to the manuscripts, my family emmigrated to Guyana aboard the ship "Ganges". If anyone has any more info on the name Ewing-Chow please email me. Great web site thanks.

309  Date: 2004-03-08 13:12:45
Catherine Apang ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am told my grandfather Yeck or Pang arrived from China via British Columbia into Guyana around 1900s.I am having trouble finding the family roots. can you help me?

308  Date: 2004-03-05 19:23:51
Amanda Beepat ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm doing reserch on my family and was wondering if anyone has information on my great uncle, Arthur Cheong, he was the founder of the Chinese Association of Guyana?

307  Date: 2004-02-12 16:19:23
Trishanna Persaud ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good day,

I have been asked to do research on the influences of the Chinese culture in Guyanese cuisine and stubbled upon your page. I must say its a great peice of work and I have enjoyed reading through the history and culture you have brought to our country.

If it's possible to direct me as to how to find out more about Chinese Foods in would greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Good work, sir!

306  Date: 2004-02-10 12:27:40
jamal nariyan belgrave ( / no homepage) wrote:

Do you have an email address or phone for Igor Jake Sue-A-Quan?

305  Date: 2004-01-27 18:41:28
John Yip ( / no homepage) wrote:

We are fortunate that you compiled this history in a way no one else has. I have already learned a lot from your research.

304  Date: 2004-01-08 17:45:47
Arielle Chung- Hinkson ( / no homepage) wrote:

thanks for the interesting imformation about the chinese in guyana. other chinese around the region should start site like this...

303  Date: 2004-01-02 23:10:51
Nesha ( / no homepage) wrote:

Many thanks for your email and invitation to your website EXCELLENT is all I can say. I am looking for anyone living in Surinam, we have not seen or heard fron one of my sister nearly 10 years now, no one knows where she is and we are extremely concerned. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

302  Date: 2004-01-02 05:39:48
Esther Eagar ( / no homepage) wrote:

My father came from Shanghi,

301  Date: 2004-01-02 05:32:06
Esther Eagar ( / no homepage) wrote:

I would be gratful if you could help me find my roots,my father came to Guyana in the 1930's -1940's as a stow away his name is Powa,he and others, they had to report to the Berbice Police station very month.Please help me.Thank you

300  Date: 2003-12-26 10:42:06
Joseph N. Smith ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am doing research on the impact of British colonialism/expansion as a foreign policy and its impact on the ethnic make up of British Guiana after emancipation. If anyone know of other books written about the Chinese immigrant experienc in British Guiana, please email me.

By the way, for any of my former classmates from Guyana Educational College that might, by chance, visit this board--Tyrone Tangcoon (sp) (Sisters, W.B.D, Alana Kam and her brother (Patentia, W.B.D), you guys are still the best group of students that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Yes, I know that some of us have lived outside of Guyana since the late 1960s and early 1970s, but for me, none of my college experience that followed later, was able to make me forget the good times we share at Guyana Educational College.

299  Date: 2003-12-11 02:11:31
Michael Tang ( / no homepage) wrote:

anyone knowz anything about the tangs in guyana, besides the business part, roots i mean, historical facts.

298  Date: 2003-12-11 02:01:45
Michael Tang ( / no homepage) wrote:

anyone looking 4 me, kidding, hope this site helps chinese find their roots.

297  Date: 2003-12-02 21:49:36
Camille Mathias ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting. Must be shared with our young people. Seems as if history is telling us something, when we look at the current trends on this subject at the global level.

296  Date: 2003-11-28 15:17:30
Christine Rayman ( / no homepage) wrote:

It is very heartwarming to know that future generations will be previleged to know about their ancestors. I had the opportunity to read a few chapters of my father's book (Arif Rayman) and I didn't want to put it down. I will definitely be buying one today. Learning about my family is insight to myself and for that I'm grateful. I only hope that the legacy that I leave for future generations will be as interesting.

295  Date: 2003-11-26 17:05:41
Henrietta Akit ( / no homepage) wrote:

To Trev,
Trev Sue-A-Quan has compiled a wonderful book called Cane Ripples, which is a follow up to the first book, and it’s just great. I adored reading the short stories that are a part of oral history of the Caribbean Chinese. I have a photograph from my grandma with one of her friends from British Guiana, visiting Trinidad in the 1950s. I also remember my dad telling me that grandma had friends from British Guiana in Hong Hong too before the war. Now I see the bigger connections. A good number of the Caribbean Chinese sent their kids to Hong Kong and China for Chinese education and to learn to speak the language.
The big thing that stands out, is the need for boats and transportation on the rivers in British Guiana. I had no idea people had to travel so much by water, and it’s great to learn about the old fashioned ways of Chinese beliefs, doing all sorts of business, baking bread, ironing and cooking. The speakers of all these short stories did a wonderful job and should be recognized as contributors to Caribbean history. Congratulations to Trev for doing all that work of putting everything together. I loved looking at the old British style of colonial buildings, this kind of architecture was the same for Trinidad. There’s a history behind each story, each profession and each character. Keep up the excellent work Trev, I look forward to more of your publications. I loved the first book, the second one is even better, can’t wait for more. Best wishes, Henrietta.

294  Date: 2003-11-24 08:14:14
Dale Rayman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very insightful and riveting. I was able to learn more about my chinese heritage. And also made me very proud to know that my father, uncle and aunt all contritbuted to this wonderful book of my heritage.

293  Date: 2003-11-21 22:06:35
R. Jonathan Fitt ( / no homepage) wrote:

I've been trying to trace my chinese ancestors as far back as I can. So far I'm at Simon Leu who married Sarah Leo (born 29/9/1877, daughter of Kong-A-Yen and King She).
Any further leads would be welcome.
Kudos on your work.

292  Date: 2003-11-12 11:50:42
John A Piggott ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi There Trev,

I am looking forward to buying a copy of your new book and I hope you can be stimulated to continue with further editions. All of us have our individual stories to tell but we need you to bring them to fruition. The lessons of the past from those who took the time to remember will no doubt be found valuable to the future generations. I am certain that the experience you have gained with these first two publications will generate further work which I look forward to reading.

Alexander of Prince Edward's Town.

291  Date: 2003-10-31 14:48:27
mary a wright ( / no homepage) wrote:

I've come to this site to learn more about the culture of my people from the motherland. We have recently welcome over 6000 here in the Schenectady NY area. what a pleasure

290  Date: 2003-10-26 18:11:27
Cecil Milton Stephen Cheong ( / no homepage) wrote:

My niece sent me the link to your website and I became instantly hooked. My father and several of his brothers came from Guyana to Jamaica, some of our families have drifted apart and I know we had an uncle and cousins left in Guyana, I did not know my paternal grandparents. The bothers were Milton(my Dad), Morris, Hugh, Vernon, Basil and Rupert who remained in Guyana. I would like to know about my family, past and present.

289  Date: 2003-10-21 13:57:38
Shirley Gonsalves ( / no homepage) wrote:

My mother's father was Chaploy (sp?) Fung-A-Ling from Waakenam Island in Essequibo and was told that we were related to the Yhap and Lee. From my father side he came from China in his twenties and was known as James Low Koan -- One of his groceries carried the name Kwang Tang Hing -- he was also the owner of the first Shanghai Restaurant. If he was alive he would have been 96 years old. I would like to know more about the family background as I am trying to do my family tree.

288  Date: 2003-10-06 09:32:09
Yap Teik Loi ( / wrote:

Greetings from Malaysia! A friend of mine have visited Guyana on his business trip few years back.
Guyana reminded him much of malaysia in 1960's.
Like Guyana, Malaysia was a british colony and have many Chinese and Indian immigrants both laborers and businesspersons. Check out on malaysia. Almost forgot to mention about a writer from Trinidad , V.S.Naipaul have came to Malaysia and Indonesia and wrote 2 book about them. Among the believers and "Beyond Belief" were my favorites.

287  Date: 2003-09-09 05:21:44
Leo Rianto (Liu Junliang) ( / wrote:

Your website is just like a treasure that was rediscovered after a long time burial in a deep sea bed! Am a forth generation young Chinese who resides in Medan, Indonesia.. All these years, I have been trying to learn more about what is being so called overseas Chinese, Xinghua (Henghua) dialect of Minchong, Chinese heritage and its mixture descendants. And Thanks God for all those pages in English enable me to research further..

286  Date: 2003-09-05 14:41:12
Ee Ling Rebecca Ducatt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, "Uncle" Trev,

It was great to browse through this website. My parents already have a copy of Cane Reapers, and I enjoyed it very much.

I am the granddaughter of Robert Alexander Ewing-Chow, who was the grandson of and Chau Luk Fo and his wife, Mack Shee. Robert Ewing-Chow's youngest child, Dorothy, is my mother. My uncles (surviving) are John & Timothy Ewing-Chow, and I have Pecks and Hoongs as cousins also. My mother, Dorothy, married Hock-Lin Chua; they are both pastors in Singapore. There are three of us girls: Ee Fang Karen (2nd), Ee Hui Christina (youngest) and myself (the eldest). Karen is married to Pastor Andrew Yasuhara (an American-born Japanese) and they are based in Hawaii. They are expecting a baby this coming February. I am married to an American, Dennis Ducatt. I hope this information comes in handy as you update the page, but I also wanted you to know that it's so amazing to find people everywhere with whom I am related!

Also, I was wondering--do you have information on a Joseph and Margaret Chow, who had a work in Guyana known as the "Guiana Pentecostal Movement" sometime in the 1960s? Would they be at all related to the Ewing-Chows?

God bless you,
Ee Ling Rebecca
p.s. Thank you for all your hard work!

285  Date: 2003-08-27 21:48:19
Richard Chung ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev: Excellent work Trevor. Will try to get a copy of your book here in Canada. Your site will be useful to me in tracing my great-grand father roots back to China.

Are there any similar sites that I can reserach concerning the Chinese in Jamica? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

In the meanwhile, I would like to get in touch with a Brenda Lee Ting, whose father was Edgar Lee Ting. Brenda should now be in her mid to late fifties. Would apperciate hearing from Brenda, any of her siblings or anyone knowing her whereabouts.

Richard Chung, Ottawa, Canada

284  Date: 2003-08-16 08:38:12
clara Crayne ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is a wonderful site. I am looking for any Louisa Clarke from Georgetown, Guiana, South America. Her son was born in Guiana in 1903 so I can place her there and possible as late as 1937. She is also affiliated one of the following names: Liang, Ling, Lieng and also has additional sons by the name of Percy,Oscar,George. Husband Peter. If this sounds familiar please contact me.

283  Date: 2003-08-06 01:16:28
michael brillet ( / no homepage) wrote:

very interesting page
I\m interested by Guyana history and I am collecting their stamps.

282  Date: 2003-07-10 09:48:44
Jenny Gonsalves ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a Sociology scholar and was delighted to see your book and research. As you can see from my name I am Guyanese born of Portuguese, Black and Jewish ancestry and love reading about the heritages of my birth country. I am really delighted that you have put together such a wonderful history and is such an important contribution to heritage work in the America's. Jenny

281  Date: 2003-06-16 16:33:46
Wendell Ying ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice to see a 'roots' web site specifically for the Caribbean Chinese diaspora. All the members of my family have the book and I use it to educate the next generation on their origins, both cultural and ethnic. Great web site!

280  Date: 2003-06-12 16:50:05
Jen Mui ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice website. I am a descendant of the Tang family from Trinidad. I can trace back to my great-grandfather being in Trinidad, but I am unsure of when he arrived or my ancestors before him. There is another book that may be of interest: Who's Who in the Caribbean or West Indies, somewhere in that title I think it specified "Chinese people" and I think it was written or published by a "Larson" and I think it was for the 1940s. My grandfather and great-grandfather are in this book, and I found it in the Asian Studies library of Columbia University.

279  Date: 2003-06-08 03:06:59
Ann Wong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting site. I do know a bit of my family history.I do not know the name of the boat my great-grandfather was on. My grandfather was James Wong of the Georgetown Club one of his sisters' was Mrs Bastiani of Bastiani's Funeral Parlour now the Guyana Funeral Parlour and the other was Mrs Chung of Chung's Garage in Kitty. My father Frank(Manny) was the youngest son and the Caterer on the Bartica Steamer.

278  Date: 2003-05-26 19:40:05
M Fung-A-Fat ( / no homepage) wrote:

wonderfull, insightful writing.

277  Date: 2003-05-20 12:30:45
mark fung-a-fat ( / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent website, I have always wondered how my ancestors came to guyana and what their experiences were like. As a first generation american with my wife (also a first generation american from china) we found this information very informative.

276  Date: 2003-05-15 22:28:16
Elena ( / no homepage) wrote:

This website is great and serves as an inspiration for all those researching the Chinese diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. I have just done my senior project about Peruvian Chinese and how to continue in my research in future studies. My great grandfather apparently was a coolie who changed his name when he arrived in Peru. My family's record of his real history has been lost and I feel like I've gained an extra insight on what his life was like. To the children of the Heavenly Kingdom! Congratulations on this wonderful site!

275  Date: 2003-05-09 06:19:46
Erica Wong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey hey,
I'm looking for information on Chinese people in Trinidad and the area. Are there any Chinese Associations or medias that I can contact? Thanks.

Please reply by email,if possible!


274  Date: 2003-05-04 18:49:10
Paul Yih ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have enjoyed reading much of the information you have regarding the Chinese in Guyana. I am also now writing a book with regards to the cross cultural, transcultural and intercultural dyanamics. This is a new era for us Chinese and overseas Chinese and second and third generation Chinese to write and to express our sentiments, from that, our values and our perspectives are all so important in the world history and our own history and in so doing, we perserve much of that rich culture also. I will be ordering your book soon.

Paul Yih

273  Date: 2003-04-14 22:18:00
David LIAO ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Sir,

I'm a young chinese student contacting you from France where i'm currently
preparing a study about the overseas chineses communities population across
the world and therefore i'm looking for data about them.

I would be so happy if you can provide me data about our community in your established country.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Best regards.

David LIAO


272  Date: 2003-04-12 18:13:51
Max ( / no homepage) wrote:

My grandfather is Solomon Fung Kee Fung of Windsor Forest Guyana. WOould like to know more aboout the history, whereabouts, distribution of the family.

271  Date: 2003-04-09 19:22:41
s j liu ( / wrote:

Very fascinating and interesting stuff thank u =)

270  Date: 2003-03-14 21:50:49
David Chin-A-Loy ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was searching for the New Building Society's email address, when I came accross your web page. I found it interesting. I have been trying to check my genealogy to help my grands to understand who we are and where we came from. In the US it seems many people are getting interested in their family tree and your website would be a great source for persons like me to find the information to set up a family tree diagram for my grands. Thank you for your time.

269  Date: 2003-03-14 20:40:07
raymond low-a-chee ( / no homepage) wrote:

My father is Clifton Low-a-chee and he resides in Canada. I reside in the US Virgin Islands.

268  Date: 2003-03-13 14:13:48
Diann Young Thomas ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am presently searching for my great-grandfather's
parents, his name was changed when he was adopted in Guyana, shortly after his parents death. He was then called Joseph Young, I've just begun my search so it's a bit overwhelming.

267  Date: 2003-03-10 21:35:57
Ivana Washington ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am 31 years old. I have met two people from Guyana and in each case the person had a Chinese grandfather. I knew that could not be a mere coincidence. Thank you for the history lesson.

266  Date: 2003-03-06 07:22:21
Thomas Li-A-Ping ( / no homepage) wrote:

As you can imagine, I'm trying to locate the origins of my surname. I did locate one entry for "Li a ping" from the Whirlwind in 1860 but I'm not sure if that person is my ancestor.

265  Date: 2003-03-05 19:26:35
Dora Zephyr ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Trevor:

Fantastic Website. Congratulations............
I am from Berbice and do remember the name 'Sue-A-Quan.' Did you have a sister or relative named, I believe 'Shirley?' If you do, then it is a small,
small world after all.

Regards and keep up the good work.

Los Angeles, CA.

264  Date: 2003-03-04 12:21:04
Brian Lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Informative site!

My dad's family ran a drugstore in Georgetown. His father spoke "puntee" (poontee?), a dialect of Cantonese I've never heard of. Does anyone have any information on the dialect or the origin of those people?

Corvallis OR

263  Date: 2003-02-22 18:35:28
Caliph Hack ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Trev: Stumbled on your site accidentally and am truly amazed at the amount of data you have on the early Chinese of British Guiana. The 'Contract of Indenture' shocked me. I will surely pass on the information to other Guyanese elsewhere.
I am from Guyana, born at No.63 Village, Corentyne, (one of the constabulary districts listed), lived in the UK, then back to Guyana and now in Canada - but my heart is in Guyana. Keep the pot boiling and good luck. With sincere thanks.....Caliph Hack

262  Date: 2003-01-31 04:17:06
Mark De Souza ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have no earthly idea who you are, but from all the comments, one would assume you have stumbled on a very important recipe in bringing people together.
My name up until August 1975 was Mark Gautier, when my Mom re-married to a gentleman called Peter De Souza.
I would be very interested in locating the whereabouts of a Ginny Tang from South Ruimveldt.
Should anyone know of her and where she now resides i would be very grateful for the information in order to make contact.
Best regards,
Mark De Souza

261  Date: 2003-01-29 04:54:38
Ken Akai ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very good stuff! Keep it up. I was looking at the Claramont passenger list and found under passenger "#1264 - Yung Shee" that the name Akai is listed as one of the descendants. I want to know information on who that 'Akai' is (or who knows the information) to see if there is any relation to our family tree. Any information would be appreciated.


260  Date: 2003-01-22 14:09:25
charlotte ( / no homepage) wrote:

RO 2, 8 Sept 1998: Over the years two families became established on Waakenam Island in Essequibo - Yhap and Lee. Does anyone know the descendants of these families?

YES, this is me. I was adopted away from the Yhap family in 1972 but have recently got in touch with them. Dr Neville Yhap was my grandfather, one of nine children born in Essequibo and his father (Mr Yhap Ah Tow) married Mary Sue A Quan in Essequibo at around the turn of the last century.

I will pass on this site address to Ajax Yhap, my cousin and his mother Laetitia Yhap. Her brother, Freddie Yhap is my father, I am the only child. Freddie and myself would like to plan a trip and bring other members of the family. We live all in and around London, and the South East of England because Dr Neville Yhap came to London in 1932 on a Scholarship from Guiana and settled as a Surgeon and General Practitioner until his death in the 1980s.

This is a very exciting link for us all.

259  Date: 2003-01-22 04:22:46
Neville Yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great job. This site has a wealth of information on our foreparents. Thank you very much.

258  Date: 2003-01-17 10:18:03
C. partodikromo-Jap-Tjong ( / no homepage) wrote:

I just started to research my family's genealogy.

Anyone with information on the Jap-Tjong family should contact me at:

Thank you very much.

257  Date: 2003-01-12 15:54:58
Flying Ace Cycle Club ( / wrote:

This website is very highly informative. It should be promoted more. In this year, the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Chinese in Guyana, this site is extrememely relevant. Congratulations from: The Members of the Flying Ace Cycle Club, New Amsterdam

256  Date: 2003-01-10 03:18:15
Jeremy Ross ( / wrote:

Congrats on keeping our heritage alive. We need more informative text/books on our history. As a race once the generation with the links to our past are gone so is our history. Out standing, keep up the great work. Son of Rupert & Gloria Ross.

255  Date: 2003-01-03 23:24:37
Andrew Chee-a-tow ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

It was very interesting scrolling through the passenger list and finding the name of my decendant, I must thank you for making it possible to view this information, you should be commended for this and be proud of yourself because there are many more like myself who would like to know this information

254  Date: 2002-12-10 01:46:21
Terry DeSouza ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very infomative website. I am married to a Ng-A-Kien and am looking forward to purchasing a book from Gregory Wong. We have three daughters and would like them to know the family history. Thank you for all your work and effort on this subject.

253  Date: 2002-11-30 00:06:40
Ed ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wonderful work! Real history speaks so much. Where may I purchase your book in New York? Do not stop with the Chinese...let's bring the truth of all who suffered due to oppression to the light. Excellent!

252  Date: 2002-11-28 02:20:56
Claude Chin ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev, I just want to say, simply outstanding, I think you spoke to my mom and dad a few years back about our family tree while you were writing Cane Reapers. Maurice Matthews if you are out there, please email me. Thanks

251  Date: 2002-11-23 23:31:10
maria ( / no homepage) wrote:

is the surname trim from china. i am trying to contact desmond trim.

250  Date: 2002-11-11 01:51:40
John A Piggott ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi There Trev,

I had the opportunity of working with Andy on some of these records and I am grateful for the experience in accessing the records and interpreting the data and linkages. I am eternally grateful to you and Andy for giving me a better sense of identity.

Alexander of Prince Edward's Town.

249  Date: 2002-11-06 00:41:03
donna dixon ( / no homepage) wrote:

would like to find out more about Chan a Kwong 3257 on Ghengis Khan 1862 also Loo Kim Yin or Kam from Anna Catherina or Windsor Forest

248  Date: 2002-11-03 04:25:34
Dale Halliday ( / no homepage) wrote:

very interesting. I would like to educate my children on their heritage. I am married to Alison DOWNER, daughter of Yvonne CHEE-A-TOW, and granddaughter of Pearl SUE-A-QUAN.

247  Date: 2002-10-26 23:37:43
paul lee-own ( / wrote:

dear sir, i am looking for my ancester which i know that came over from canton china on the boat named ganges on 29 june 1865 the captain named was theophilus sampson.i know there was two of them of the name lee-own one waas allocated to windsor forest and the other was allocated to la belle alliance. i trying to find their first names and where in canton did they come from. many thanks

246  Date: 2002-10-23 08:07:44
Sonja ( / no homepage) wrote:

Is Cane Reapers available via a US source for USD currency, looking forward to reading it!

245  Date: 2002-10-17 04:20:22
Ronald Ling ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice work,just found your site,keep up the good work!

244  Date: 2002-09-15 17:54:22
Valerie Ahwee ( / no homepage) wrote:


I am researching my family's genealogy and would like to contact any descendants of Albert Chin (or Chinn) Ahwee, who was born about 1850 and emigrated to Jamaica (year unknown).

Anyone with information on the Ahwee family should contact me at:

Thank you very much.

243  Date: 2002-09-14 14:31:41
aubrey w bonnett ( / wrote:

i find your site fascinating....i am a sociologist cum administrator trined in canada and the usan ow transiting form adm back to the professoriate.
my wife dawn is a niece of viola burnham and her maternal grandmother was chinese.....she has a book on this topic and has aroused my interest in terms of pursuing fruther research....
interstingly enough on her paternal grandfather side (moores) indians
all ah wee is one ...aint it!!!!!

242  Date: 2002-09-11 08:53:20
Cuthbert O. Peters jr. ( / no homepage) wrote:

With so few women that migrated to Guyana of Chinese origin,have you thought of the Chinese blood that courses through the veins of so many Guyanese? I am Guyanese.

241  Date: 2002-09-05 02:38:28
Francine Chin ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trevor:

What a wonderful job you have done!! I only wish we had the same information on the Jamaican Chinese. My grandfather migrated to Jamaica from China which is about as much as I am privy to. My father was born in the 20's in Jamaica and I understand that Papa was a young man when he started the family there with a black Jamaican woman (Ms. Katie, my grandmother). Hard worker and had several small grocery shops throughout the island. He was killed by thieves. Maybe one day I will be able to get more information but the void that this lack of information has left is almost unbearable. I cling to my Chinese roots as much as I can but there is little to hold on to. Again, you have done an extraordinary job.

240  Date: 2002-07-29 04:41:28
Mariyn ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was told that my grandfather was part chinese part filipino. His mother's maiden name was PONGCO. My question is, Is this really a chinese name ? What does it mean ? And what part of china did the name originated ? Thank you, your response to my question is greatly appreciated.

239  Date: 2002-07-10 05:14:05
David LIU ( / wrote:

Hi dear friends, I write from France where I'm studying and currently I'm preparing a study about the overseas chinese community across the world. Therefore, i would be so glad if, every one and every where you are, can help me on providing me informations (data, population, occupation, language, etc...) about the overseas chinese install in your respective country. I'm looking specially for South America, Latin America and the Caribbean regions informations, so difficult to get while i know there is a large community there. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and please fill free to contact me for any further information. Best regards to all David email: A very interesting link:

238  Date: 2002-07-02 22:49:14
Gordon (Malcolm) Choong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,
Excellent web site, a great service to the Chinese of Guyana. You are certainly an inspiration to the present generation that can now reflect on their history and try to reach out to their relatives due to the priceless information on this web site.

Best regards to you and the family.

237  Date: 2002-06-26 11:42:11
Anthony Yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Trevelyan,

Thank you for sharing your Guyanese roots and the valuable history that allowed us to track our ancestors who brought us to this world. Your website has been inspirational and allowed me to trace the very roots of my family’s birth place and enable us to share your collected facts with my friends and relatives.

I would also like to dedicate this message to all of my family members especially to my loving wife, Maria do Ceu Silveria de Souza; my father, Lennox Orlando Yhap (born in Essequebo, Guyana); my mother, Lai Hoon; and my sister, Sharon.

Special care to all my relatives living across the globe today especially to my first and closest Uncle - James Yhap (born in Guyana) and his wife Judy; their son, Daren Yhap, and daughter Karen; my first Aunt Flo and her husband Sherton Lee (both born in Guyana); their three children – Adrian, Gary and Charmaine; my Great Aunts – Stella and Edith (both born in Guyana); Uncle Clemente Yhap and his wife Enid (both born in Guyana); their daughter Margaret Peggy Yhap (born in Guyana), her brothers - Brian and Ronnie and sister, Christine; Uncle Lawrence Yhap (born in Guyana) and his wife Ester; their daughter Sherry; and lastly my other first Uncle, Percival Yhap (born and still living in Guyana), whom one day I hope to meet.

I would also like to dedicate a special tribute to my Grandfather Alfred Yhap and his wife Elsie Choy; my Great Aunts, Irene Yhap and Milly Yhap; and my Great Uncles, Roland Yhap and Bertrum Yhap - all who were born in Guyana and are now resting in Heavenly peace.

My Great Grandfather, James Yhap (Yong Sow), was on a train trip to Georgetown to get married to an arranged match. Whilst on the train, he met another lady and instead got married to Lilliy Quan, my Great Grandmother. Had it not been for this switch, this message would not have existed today. My Great Grandfather also had two brothers and one sister – John, Donald and Elizabeth. They are now looking upon us, wandering the Heavens.

If there is anyone reading this message who feel they are a distant relative to my family, please email me at

May the Yhaps continue to grow in eternal harmony and loving unity. Without them, our family tree would not be complete.

Yours Truly,
Anthony Yhap,
Son of Lennox & Lai Hoon Yhap,
Born in England, 1970.

236  Date: 2002-06-25 21:50:33
Henk de Man ( / no homepage) wrote:

My name is Henk de Man and I am residing in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
One of my ancestors, my grandfather, was a Chinese and was born in Guyana.

Name: James Tjie A Loi
Born: 29 October 1861
Place: Demerara - Britsch Guyana

I am looking for his birth certificate. As I know no one in Guyana, the only one to which I can ask this is the registrar’s office. If possible I want to ask you to look for this birth certificate. I would be very grateful to you.
Of course I am willing to pay for fee and costs.

Further more I would like to know

1 - Who were his parents?
2 - Did he had brothers or Sisters
3 - Did he had children in Guyana
4 - Are there people with the same name in Guyana
5 - Would like to know all you could find out

Thank you very much for you cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Henk de Man

My address is:
Passerelstraat No. 99
3023 ZB - Rotterdam
The Netherlands.

E Mail adres:

235  Date: 2002-06-18 22:22:20
Jennifer P. Foo ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm trying to trace my grandfather's father. My grandfather's name was Benjamin Foo. My dad, George Foo, had told me that my grandfather's family was settled in Cammunee Creek. My dad was born in Potosie, and my grandfather's last place of residence was Friendship, East Bank Demerara. My mom had told me that she did not believe that our surname was orginally Foo. It was Foo something or other, and was shortened to Foo. My dad's cousins operated the launch that ran from Grove to Wales.

234  Date: 2002-06-16 18:23:15
Phillip Ngui ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting and will obtain a copy from Gregory Wong in the summer.
Do you have any history of the NGUI families,
e.g. Kon-Sue or the Hon-Sang.
Phillip NGUI-Hon-Sang.

233  Date: 2002-06-04 19:48:16
Allison McDonald ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm glad someone has created a Guyanese homepage so I can learn about myself. One day, I hope that I can contribute to the website.

232  Date: 2002-04-22 04:26:17
SHIRLEY SUE-A-QUAN ( NAUQAEUS@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on the book.

231  Date: 2002-04-08 00:03:48
Walter Hewick ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am interested more on Chinese contributions to the development of Guyana

230  Date: 2002-04-06 07:34:22
Peter Yong Ping ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just browsing and I found your site....Excellent. I have been through every link on your site, couldn't resist. Can't wait to read your book. I'll be contacting the distributor in Toronto to get a copy...hope the address or phone is still good. My Grandfather was Peter Wong and his Father had to have travelled on one of the ships mentioned. I'll be quizzing my Mom on this. Again...Great Stuff!!!

229  Date: 2002-03-28 23:58:58
Asgarallie ( / wrote:

Excellent. I'm tracing my ancestors from Guyana to India after 100 years. Found my grandfather village
and now ,hunting for my grandmother info. Lots of RECORDS missing in Guyana.

228  Date: 2002-03-13 19:35:16
bertrand wade ( / no homepage) wrote:

Mr. Trev Sue-A-Quan: You make me proud to be a Guyanese and I must commend you on you great work and effort to make us all not forget about the other races of Guyana and their contribution to the Guyanese society as a whole. I must tell you how informative and enlightening your website is. The contents is great and highly accurate with good links taking readers into a vast library of information about the Chinese arrival in Guyana.

So often I find that people in Guyana forget to mention the Chinese, Portuguese and Amerindians who live in Guyana. All I read about is the same old stuff about which race is better than the other. Actually, you gain nothing of substance from them and they are all self serving. Your site is on the cutting edge of information sharing and gathering and I will recommend it to many of my friends and relatives.

I am Guyanese of mixed race and I always look for information about Guyanese online and current affairs in Guyana. I one day hope to see Guyanese people working and living together in harmony whilst they continue to acknowledge their respective ancestry and heritage unobstructed and with pride.

I looked at the picture of you and your family and I wish you all the very best. I will continue to visit your site and read more of the goodies you have to share with everyone. I am sure you have done well in your life and I know you are the kind of person who would never stop doing great things.

May God forever be with you and guide you in whatever venture you undertake.

227  Date: 2002-02-08 02:27:42
nadine harrinarain ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was interested in your studies but I would need to research about the geneology of ascendants from India. Do you have any suggestion or referrence to that issue? Is there in Guyana some information? Do you know if I can find some through internet, I reside in the US. Thank you, and congratulations for all your work for guyana people.

226  Date: 2002-02-04 19:38:25
Jerry ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for the name Chatoergoen or Chaturgun, my ancestor had lived in Guyana but later he emigrated to Suriname. Now I look for the information out of the Netherlands!
Is Chatoergoen or Chaturgun just Chinese or Hindustani? Who knows?

225  Date: 2002-01-27 02:13:47
Barrie Cheong ( / no homepage) wrote:

This website caught my attention becasue my father was born in Guyana and his roots is of interest to me. Excellent work. Hope I can learn more about my roots.

224  Date: 2002-01-11 01:13:23
Low-a-chee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,

Very good work. Well worth reading

223  Date: 2002-01-09 01:16:23
Victor Rajcoomar ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is a welcome feature, hope it catches on nationally. Indeed Guyana is not only about blacks and Indians.
Kudos to you

222  Date: 2002-01-07 21:05:00
Henry Duncan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,
Thank you so much for the great site that you have built. It has helped me a lot in finding my culture and family members.
I have found a family member through your site and I applaud you for the help.
Thanks So Much,

221  Date: 2002-01-04 23:18:58
MARK IAN ROMAN ( PN233@YAHOO.COM / no homepage) wrote:


220  Date: 2001-12-25 01:42:32
penny brusch ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev, This is my second visit to your web page. My husband and I moved to Beaumont Texas about 9 years ago.I came upon your site by accident. This very very interesting. Thank you. Penny

219  Date: 2001-12-24 17:44:52
dennis kuek ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congrats. A great job no doubt especially because of the small population. I will check in later.


218  Date: 2001-12-24 17:22:43
An Lim ( / no homepage) wrote:

It seems amazing at how far people of Chinese descent have spreaded around the globe!

I am really glad to know this site.

Joe Tan of WHF (World Huaren Federation) is looking for volunteers to help set up a better international representation for people of Chinese descent. Or if you are interested in being a member, please contact him at

The url for WHF is

217  Date: 2001-12-17 20:08:42
Charles Houston ( / wrote:

Excellent webpage! I am Guyanese of part Chinese origin ( Chung from Skeldon, Corentyne). Longing to hear from very close friend from New Amsterdam by name of Ten Choy Young, we attended Berbice High together ,he left Guyana in 1971 for Canada and I have not heard from him since.If he reads this message, pls get in touch!

216  Date: 2001-12-16 17:15:20
Malcolm Man-Son-Hing ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for your great research developing the the content of this website. I am a 'Man-Son-Hing' who for convenience reasons, always went by 'Hing.' In order to show respect for my heritage, your work has helped me realize the importance of using my full last name.

Thanks again

Malcolm Man-Son-Hing

215  Date: 2001-11-13 11:05:45
Reuben Sukhram ( / no homepage) wrote:

My compliments to you for your excellent work.
A suggestion, maybe some time some one will come up with a historical database of all Indentured Labourers to Guyana.

214  Date: 2001-10-25 17:48:37
Lesley-Anne Desiree Yip ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank-you for making this information available. I believe my great grandfather, Yip ly King, arrived on Red Riding Hood from Hong Kong in 1860.

213  Date: 2001-10-17 05:48:42
Roger N Farrier ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on your excellent work.I am very interested in our country's history.We were indundated with British history at school and I have to thank Bobby Moore for teaching some local history while I was at Queen's from 1959 to 1966.I have been living in Vancouver,BC since 1980.Please let me know where I can obtain your book.
Best regards.


212  Date: 2001-10-14 23:25:17
royce chung ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

My father was Samuel Chung of Guyana. I believe it was HIS father who came on the ship. I do not know my grandfather's Chinese name or the date of his arrival; my father died long ago and there is no one to ask. Even if we never pin down our individual heritage, my family and I are happy to have the information made available here. Thank you very much. - Incidentally, I am one of 17 children, the youngest and last one alive. I moved my own family to Suriname and my children, grandchildren and cousins are spread all over the world.

211  Date: 2001-10-05 23:50:55
Mohamed Asgarallie ( / wrote:

Congrats.Nice to see Guyanese tracing their roots.
I'm trying to trace mine from Guyana to India
keep up the hard work

How would you rate this site ?

Please scroll down


210  Date: 2001-09-28 20:17:11
Stanislaus H. Lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Got this from David Wong (
I am from the Loo Shee/Lee-A-Tak family
Very good work on this site.

209  Date: 2001-09-22 23:23:56
Christina Harrevelt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Trev, I live in the Netherlands, but I was born in Surinam. My father came from China to Surinam in the early 40 of the last century. I am seeking relatives who could tell me more about him. By doing so I saw your site about the chinese in Guyana.I intend to order your book in London, as that will be the quickest way.
I would be very gratefull if anyone who read this and know something about Lieuw Lie who lived in Surinam untill he died in 1965 will tell me about him and other relatives.
Thanks, Christina

208  Date: 2001-09-15 11:01:04
David Chung ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very important work. The past is necessary to fulfil the present and lead to the future. Still seeking to locate my roots. Understand chung has been shortened from Ho-a-chung. WIll keep on searching. Great work from personal motivation Trev. Remember you from Queen's.

207  Date: 2001-09-07 20:57:08
Raphael Lindo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev,absolute. My great grandfather came from China, name Cheong a sam, somehow my granfather Alfred Cheong a Sam came from suriname, onlly today was I able to figure how this possibly happened. Words fail me now. Magnificent job.

206  Date: 2001-09-05 20:12:08
Marceline Premela Persaud(Dudar) ( / no homepage) wrote:

If any one have the same last name please do email me maybe we have some connection thanks

205  Date: 2001-09-01 05:52:21
walter e lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

good job trev....i've now been able to verify where my ancestors first settled in guyana.i've always argued that it was on the west bank of demerara.will keep in touch!!

204  Date: 2001-08-31 05:36:27
R. Chickrie ( / no homepage) wrote:

You have done a brilliant job in putting together this history for all to share. My ancestors themselves were indentured workers in Suriname and Guyana, my interest in this subject is great. There is so much that we can learn from the Chinese. In my travels Guyana, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia my experience with the Chinese diaspora has been a superb.


203  Date: 2001-08-27 02:59:44
Lenox Persid ( / no homepage) wrote:

It all Good

202  Date: 2001-08-21 14:26:09
Andy Williams ( / wrote:

Hi Trev, although I'm of African descent, I find your work on the Chinese History in Guyana to be remarkable. I hope to someday, possibly perform the same research that you did on the source of African slaves to Guyana (ie: their key African origins) - although, I'm sure that I may not have an easy time doing so. Nonetheless, I have posted a link to your site on my own web page (a Yahoo! Group) called Guyana_Unity_Forum (I've included the link above). Please feel free to join and to utilise for your own purposes as well by posting anything pertinent to Guyana / Guyanese. I truly seek to bring ALL Guyanese together. Keep up the good work.

201  Date: 2001-08-09 19:43:47
Liu Siou Hen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,
I just discovered your site via SJ Lee's forum. I live in Cayenne. Do you know if it is possible to consult a Chinese herbalist in Georgetown or Paramaribo ?



200  Date: 2001-07-29 21:17:04
Louis Brathwaite ( / no homepage) wrote:

Fascinating history - I'm glad the records were kept

199  Date: 2001-07-29 02:15:56
Teri Miller ( / no homepage) wrote:

I received canereapers two days ago. I could not put it down! I'm not much of a history buff, but I found the book easy reading and fascinating. Thanks again Trev for all your hard work. I plan on ordering several copies come Christmas for my brothers and include a copy of the geneology you provided. Am eagerly awaiting a sequel.

198  Date: 2001-07-27 09:59:43
Adrian Lowe ( info@NQC.AC / http://www.NQC.AC) wrote:

Greetings and good health to you and your family from all of us over here in England.
Many thanks for your e-mail I am more informed of the life and type of living by Chinese who resided in Guyana.Looking forward with interest to reading your book, I must congratulate you on a great piece of work and hope that you continue with it.
I'll be in (Nepean) Ottawa August 12th - 21st incl
I've been invited to teach Qi Gong (Daoyin style according to my family tradition) to a group of Mainland Chinese residing in Ottawa and other areas, Ihope we can meet sometime also I would like to teach Qi Gong in Vancover in the future and then faith will bring us together. Do you realise that we were both born in the same year(1943)

197  Date: 2001-07-26 15:19:17
Mark Manson-Hing ( / no homepage) wrote:

I read your reply to a question about the name Manson-Hing and followed the link to this site.
Haven't had a good look around yet but will.
If you want any info about my family in England please feel free to get in touch.
Thanks Mark

196  Date: 2001-07-25 07:55:11
Dale Egbert Chan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Best wishes, GREAT JOB!!

195  Date: 2001-07-25 07:48:32
Dale Egbert Chan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Will certainly try to pick up a copy. Congratulations Trev.Well needed.

194  Date: 2001-07-24 19:24:39
Shimronde Corlette ( SHIMRONDE@HOTMAIL.COM / wrote:

This was the most interesting web page I've ever read. It gave me more insight that was i was told by family members. Now I know more about my country's history and I'm a more informed citizen; although I've lived in America for the majority of my life. I will seek the book out at one of my local watering holes.

193  Date: 2001-07-21 09:51:22
Cathy Dowie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting.

192  Date: 2001-07-09 20:49:08
Erwin Davson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Missing home!

191  Date: 2001-07-06 02:47:13
julie blackburn ( / wrote:

In the FAQ, databases are mentioned that descendants can request info from for a cost. How can I contact the database owners?

Thanks! Julie

190  Date: 2001-07-05 23:20:40
teri miller ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is an awesome site!! found a leung with a schuphoven descendant. Also the name Simon leung rings a bell. It is absolutly amazing to me to find this info. Living in the U.S. we have completely lost track of our roots. My grandmother immigrated to The U.S. with her two daughters. Her husband remaining in Guyana and dieing before he could join them. My mother passed away ten years ago and had very little knowledge of her roots being small when they immigrated. My grandmother is still alive at 99yrs old but memory is a problem.
Thankyou very much for the opportunity to learn a little about my ancestry!!!!!

189  Date: 2001-07-05 20:37:45
Teri Miller ( / no homepage) wrote:

looking for roots. Great great grandfather a Leung who immigrated to British Guiana. descendants: Leung-walker, van schuphoven

188  Date: 2001-07-01 05:49:34
Yvonne Soo Kaim ( / no homepage) wrote:

My maiden name is Ho Ten Pow. Has anyone figured out what ship our ancestors arrived on from China?

187  Date: 2001-06-30 20:51:10
malcolm ( / no homepage) wrote:

it is an interisting article you did some research did any hindus have roots also do you have some information from your research if possible if not I am in the usa for 30 years I'M 55. HARI BOL

186  Date: 2001-06-21 23:33:58
Ravi ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great website...I'm guyanese born..of indian ancestry....even though i migrated.. guyana is still a part of who i was great reading your ancestral roots...i was touch...thank you

185  Date: 2001-05-24 02:41:08
Shafina ( / wrote:

Wonderful, educational, and interesting site.

184  Date: 2001-05-23 14:36:19
Pauline Chee-A-Nam ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, your site and book are both very interesting
i always wanted to know why my surname was written
-A- in the middle. i was born in London England
But my mother is Guyanese as is all my family on her side and my father Irish(i have never met him)
my surname is from my grandfather whom i belive was chinese he was my grandmothers father.
his name wasn't found on the ship but i have since spoken with Andie Lee who explained he may of arrived in guyana independently at a later date.
it would be interesting to find any more Chee-A-nam's i know i have a great aunt who is still in guyana, or even to find anyone that knew my family?
anyhow this is great stuff.
Takecare from Pauline Chee-A-Nam

183  Date: 2001-05-23 12:26:35
Doreen Karlsson ( / no homepage) wrote:

It was interesting reading about Guyana and the Chinese. I had a good friend by the name of Lorraine Richards(Akai). I would like to have contact with her if anyone knows where she is.

Thank you for a lot of memories.

Doreen Karlsson(Jones)

182  Date: 2001-05-08 19:26:32
Ranjit Singh ( / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed reading your history of Chinese in Guyana. I was always intrigued by the Chinese emigration to Guyana, and was longing tolearn moe of it.
I would really like to purchse book 'CANE REAPERS"

181  Date: 2001-05-01 17:20:15
Sue Ann Chapman ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Great site.

180  Date: 2001-04-30 02:59:47
rick da costa ( / no homepage) wrote:

met with errol and penny today by pleasant accident after some 25 years. we were at u in edinburgh at the time penny's younger brothers were studying and her brother ian was my gp until recently. anyway the book caught our attention and we will place an order for one or two through your ordering system. it is aprt of a trend that we immigrants have started to trace the roots of our ancestors from wherebver they came - i don't think it is nostalgia for what we did not know, but more a result of our sensitivity in an age of easy and instant communications world of what pride those often poor and illiterate ancestors were able to achieve for the downstream progeny they never new -how right they were to be so brave. we are in their debt, and for those who were brought against their wishes, even greater tribute must be paid to the success of their progeny and their achievements and contributions to the New World. We are all fortunate to be a part of the result today, despite the vicissitudes that resulted in those migrations, - mostly savagely forced, others because the local alternative was worse than the fear they must havce had to overcome to accept their desperate journeys. I honour them all for the legacy of hope we are obliged to maintain.

179  Date: 2001-04-25 00:37:21
Aldric Woo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent work Trev.

178  Date: 2001-03-23 19:09:55
Neil Mennie ( / no homepage) wrote:

A really good site (for once!).

177  Date: 2001-03-22 19:38:58
Zakie Rasul ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi there, I am a guyanese and went to school with my very best friend at the time, Marjorie Cho-Sam in the early 60's. She moved at the time to G/town and we lost touch. For years I tried to get in tou touch with her but to no avail. Her oldest sister's name was Maureen, her cousins were Allan and Ivor. Her grandmother was known as Miss Chin. If anyone has any info, please get in touch with me. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

176  Date: 2001-03-14 20:50:07
Andrea Small ( CARIBQ@HOTMAIL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Love your site!! How wonderful to get some answers if any!! I am the Grandaughter of Daniel Chung. He owned Universal High School and Commercial College opposite a bakery. I can't remember the Street right now. At any rate, he married Millicent Gibbs and had three children, my mother being the oldest..Cecilia Ascencion..if anyone has information about this family please respond.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.
P.S. Papa's sister's name is Olive and she lives in
Canada and his cousin I belive is Alfred Yap

175  Date: 2001-03-06 21:16:12
Nazruddin Khan ( / no homepage) wrote:

What an accomplishment! my hats off to you. You have been able to do what I am sure many others like myself have only dream of doing. I understand the efforts that went into this tremendous project as I a have tried with the help of numerous relatives to research our roots in India. Only as recently as 1998 we made contact.
Support came in from several locations, Guyana, Canada and New York to make our success story possible. What made the big difference was that we were able to obtain a copy of my Great Grandfather's Emmigration Certificate ( We are currently persuing our maternal roots and all I have so far is the name of the ship.
After reading one of your Guest's remarks here, I'll be heading over the website and review the roots options. I am sure you have made your Chinese community proud! Keep up the good work.
I wish one day someone can also publish a listing by Ship/passengers of the 240,000 Indians that went to Guyana from India. Do you think we can convince the people over at Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild to publish it?

174  Date: 2001-02-27 03:44:00
PATRICIA E. CHAN ( TRISH68822@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you all who have responded to my previous entry on 1/29/01. My father came from NO. 78 Skeldon. His father's name was Thomas Chan and he was married to Agnes Alberta Akeung. I believe her brother's name was Wilson Akeung. They had 3 sons ...Egbert, Kortwright(Korty) and Gordon. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Dont even know where Skeldon is. Born and raised in Georgetown

173  Date: 2001-02-25 15:05:06
Omar Akbar ( / no homepage) wrote:

I found this to be very informative!

172  Date: 2001-02-23 21:32:04
barbara ewing chow ( / no homepage) wrote:

very interesting; I know my ancestor arrived on the Dora and it was moving to see how many Chinese came to the West Indies.

171  Date: 2001-02-23 05:07:20
ken cumberbatch ( / wrote:

Congratulations on your book,'CaneReapers',and on what must have been very time-consuming research!My sister Joan-Ann Mingaud sent me two copies of your book and I will buy a few more for friends of mine,who are of Guyanese-Chinese descent,too. Mean while,please advise how I can trace my and my wife's Chinese connections to the immigrants.I was told that my great-grand mother's chinese shoe was/is in the Guyana museum in Georgetown

170  Date: 2001-02-22 08:59:25
Subramaniam Ramanathan ( / no homepage) wrote:

While we know that Indians went around to settle in British colonies, we had very little information on Chinese migration. Hopefully this site will be a good start. The Goverment of Uttar Pradesh ( India's largest state) has started a Discover Your Roots programme at This should help Indians settled in the Caribbean and also encourage Chinese provinces to start a similar exercise.

All the Best to you

169  Date: 2001-02-10 14:50:24
Vince Ramcharran ( / no homepage) wrote:

Finally I visited your site and with my interest in the history of the East Indians in Guyana it took a tremendous effort to put together your site..

Congratulations on a very impressive effort...I am looking forward to reading CANE REAPERS..

168  Date: 2001-02-05 13:56:30
Richard Chong Chee-Sang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulation and keep up your good work.
I am a Chinese Malaysian and very interested to know
more about chinese living in countries other than the US / Canada / Australia., esp. in South America
West Indies / Africa.
Of course there are many chinese communities in South East Asia who are usually the business people.
Please fill us up on chinese living elsewhere.

167  Date: 2001-01-29 01:42:05
PATRICIA E. CHAN ( TRISH68822@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

My father originally came from No. 78 village in
Skeldon. I believe his name is Chan-Akeung...not sure of that. I am interested in learning about my
ancestors. I was borned and raised in Georgetown

166  Date: 2001-01-26 16:35:50
A. Chang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great info, I am from jamaica and know little of my Hakka heritage. I will be visiting your site again.
Keep up the great work. I hope to start researching my family history soon.

165  Date: 2000-12-08 05:50:15
Frank Lai ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a computer engineer from Montreal, Canada.
I was born in HK & I happened to visit Guyana
for the GT&T for a communication project .
I have no previous knowledge with Guyana & I was surprise to see there is a big Chinese population
here . Your site is very interesting & I will try to
pickup your book here in George Town .
When was the last time you came back to Guyana for a visit ?

164  Date: 2000-11-26 22:24:05
Paul Ho-A-Yun ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is the first Web site I have ever come across which has any reference to my name (Ho-A-Yun), so I very much appreciate you hard work, since I have very little information on the origins of my family, except that they were originally indentured slaves from Canton and somewhere in India.

163  Date: 2000-11-22 17:47:24
Rondha Lam-Quinn ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Mr. Sue A Quan

I must say that I was very impressed by your website. I know more or less the limbs that extend from our family tree but it was still interesting to find out the ship my paternal great great grandfather came on and the related historical facts surrounding the ship.

Incidentally I just found a cousin on this website that I didn't know about. It makes me want to dig even further to find out more.

Thank you for all your hard work.


162  Date: 2000-11-22 16:16:43
jill fungafat ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Trevor

my school friend sent this .. i had to smile since i knew about it from judy and toronto...
Season's greetings to you and yours


161  Date: 2000-11-21 02:31:19
Norman Gonsalves ( / wrote:

Truly amazing effort - on a very specialized subject! I hope you can keep this web page going, and growing. Any contribution to Guyana's culture, such as your page is, will no doubt be a welcome contribution to all of Guyana.
My own little web page ( also hopes to contribute something in a very specialized area.

160  Date: 2000-11-21 00:09:45
Alvaro Aguilar ( / wrote:

Did Guyana-bound ships call port at Panama (either Colon or Panama)? From my mother side, the Alfu (possibly romanized from Ah Fu) arrived early XX century from Kwangtung. Any info is appreciated.

159  Date: 2000-11-12 11:01:24
paul richards ( / no homepage) wrote:

nice to see it in print , now it becomes a permanent story of our history.

158  Date: 2000-11-10 05:46:59
PAUL S. LAM ( TAIPAN@GENERATION.NET / no homepage) wrote:

Hi! I am very happy to have made this connection,I am impressed by the amount of work put into producing this page .I am not from the carribean, I am from the other side of the globe!!! I was born in Mauritius from chinese parents who emigrated from China, Province of Kwangtung, a place they refer to as "MOY YEN",and I am planning to visit at least that part of China to see the place where my parents came from.Congratulations for the good work!

157  Date: 2000-11-09 04:28:26
Omolara Tafawa ( / no homepage) wrote:

This Is a really well done web page and even though I am not Chinese, it makes me proud to be Guyanese. Keep up the good work.

156  Date: 2000-11-09 02:58:03
Cheryll Kwok ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev: I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great job! Cheryll

155  Date: 2000-11-02 02:21:04
PETAL LEE LOY ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Trev.
I am trying to put a family tree together and need some info concerning my Grandfather who came from either China or Hawaii to Guyana, all the older relatives have passed away, so can you help> His name was Thomas Lee Loy, and he married Elizabeth Allen whose mother was Henrietta Yhap, they got married in Guyana around the 1890's.
In addition any info on my Grandmother on my Mother's side, she was Rebecca Bow Sew married to Peter Pang. Will appreciate any news. Also to say thank you for such an interesting and informative site, which was given to me by a friend. I just hope someone will do the same for the chinese in Tdad

154  Date: 2000-11-01 04:04:49
Carol Jardine ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trevor,
I saw mention of Aunt Elaine,and Fay. (Paula, Lorraine, Diane). Has to be the same family that I know. What about Cerese Sue-A-Quan? I believe that she married Jerry Sue-Chu-Lam from Kwang Hing's supermarket. Are you related? How can I obtain one of your books?


153  Date: 2000-10-18 21:58:31
Alison Wisot ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was fascinated by the history of Chinese in Guyana. Both of my parents (Kay Li and Ivor Man-Son-Hing) are from there and we definitely had some questions about our ancestry. Thank you for creating such an informative site.

152  Date: 2000-10-15 18:37:33
LaFayette Mathews ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am thrilled to have found this site. I look forward to learning more about Chinese in the Caribbean and Br. Guyana in particular. My Grandmother was Nellie Agnes Chin, born in Br. Guyana in 1900, later removed to Trinidad where she married Norman Allum-Poon. I would greatly welcome any assistance in tracing her to her ancestors in Br. Guyana. Thanks!

151  Date: 2000-10-11 06:03:56
Hoe Lai Kuen McGilvray ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to all my brothers and sisters of the diaspora. My husband and I wish you continued success and Ho Sai Gai!

Lai Kuen and John
Frisco, Texas USA

150  Date: 2000-10-02 13:25:10
Keith (Bryan) Sue Jr. ( / no homepage) wrote:

I want to say hi to all the Sue family out there. My family came straight from Guyana, Georgetown area. I hope to see something from the other Sue's in the US and Canada here soon. Please be in touch.

149  Date: 2000-09-30 20:01:44
Amalia A. Anderson ( / no homepage) wrote:

I "stumbled" upon your website by accident, but I am so glad that I did. It is very interesting history lesson for me.

You mentioned that your ancestor's surname was SOO. I am wondering whether or not it is the same as SU or SOH? My father's surname is SU/SOH, and he came from Fukien area in China (where exactly I don't know, since I never been to China).

Anyway, keep up the good work.

148  Date: 2000-09-22 04:14:41
Timothy Wai-Lan Au ( / wrote:

Hi Trev,

Just signing your guestbook to commend you on your excellent homepage. Even though I don't have any Guyanese background in me, I read through your homepage with great interest. It inspires to me to learn more about my own background (Canton, China...not exactly sure what part of Canton though). Anyway, I'll definitely tell my Chinese-Guyanese friends about your homepage. I'm sure they would love it!

Keep up the good work!

Timothy Wai-Lan Au
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

147  Date: 2000-09-19 21:45:04
Khadija Mohiuddin ( / no homepage) wrote:

Cheers to your wonderfully informative site! I never knew Chinese were brought over to work on plantations as well. I hope more people do come forth retracing their roots.

146  Date: 2000-09-18 15:59:41
henry ong beng hin ( / no homepage) wrote:

what a thrill to read about other overseas chinese.i wish i had the stamina and intellect to write of this part of chinese history

145  Date: 2000-08-31 22:29:30
Jason Ten-Pow ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am impressed with the amount of information you have been able to gather. Keep up hte great work!


144  Date: 2000-08-10 22:06:00
James Yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:

I lived in Anna Regina and I am of the 4th generation. Your web page of the history is very interesting as I my grandmother whose name is Choy lived in Leonora.

143  Date: 2000-08-06 05:35:00
anne tang choon ( / no homepage) wrote:

I did a search for Tang Choon and came up with your page on the Ship Dora that sailed from Hong Kong to Guyana on 3 April 1860. I am trying to trace my family and I believe that I have family in Guyana. My family and I live in Trinidad. My father played cricket in the then British Guiana in the 30's. His name was George Tang Choon. I would appreciate any information as to how you came to the conclusion that Tang Choon are descendants of those immigrants that came from Hong Kong.
Thank you.

142  Date: 2000-07-30 16:49:00
Chai Yee Song ( / no homepage) wrote:


Hi Trev,

It is amazing, Chinese migrating to Guyana. I now know that there are Chinese all over the world, even in remote parts.

My surname is Chai. I have a book on my family tree which shows that I am the 20th generation. I do not know what to do with this record. Perhaps someone with the same surname would like to trace his/her tree. My father migrated to Malaysia before World War 2. He comes from a town called Zhang Mu Tou (hope it is the right spelling), Dongguan (close to Guangzhou), province of Kwangtung.

141  Date: 2000-07-23 20:20:00
Wilfred Li-A-Ping ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev: My great grandfather was a passenger onboardthe vessel "SEBASTOPOL" #1079.Thanks to your good work,I share my happy mood with you and express my gratitude for this info.

140  Date: 2000-07-06 05:08:00
Sin Hin WONG ( / wrote:

Trev Sue-A-Quan,

Good job, and really appreciate your work. Would be interested to form a joint-force in assisting our fellow comrades to trace their ancestors and roots.


139  Date: 2000-06-30 00:05:00
cynthia yao ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good for you for researching and writing this. I learned a lot! I am Chinese Jamaican Hakka living in Ann Arbor, MI for 34 years...Keep up the good work!

138  Date: 2000-06-20 23:09:00
Carol Dasrath ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very good site. Structure and layout and design is very appealing. Keep up the good work. I wonder if some else is doing something so vital for the East Indian indenturers.

137  Date: 2000-06-11 23:28:00
Donrose Jarad ( / no homepage) wrote:

You have a very interesting site!. I am searching for the roots of my grandma her surname is Tang (that's what I know). I didn't find something that can help finding my roots, but that don't mean you're site is very interesting!!!

136  Date: 2000-06-05 00:23:00
Mike Cheong ( / no homepage) wrote:

My fathers family are from Guyana (Vauxhall)and I would like to trace our roots back to my original chinese ancestor who arrived in British Guiana. I have an old photo of my great grandmother in chinese costume, who I've been told was half scottish. Since I'm now living in Scotland it would be nice to find out if this is fact.

135  Date: 2000-05-30 01:35:00
simone tai ( / no homepage) wrote:

This was so exciting. I'm from Jamaica and have no real history of my family. When I saw that someone might do this for Guyana, I wondered if someone else were doing same for Jamaica.

Also my doctor is Deanne Ho-A-Shoo in Toronto, Canada - i saw her family name as a descendant from one of the ships. I don't know if her family is from Guyana or not. Never asked her.

Then I have a friend named Rennet Wong now in Vancouver, BC - she's from Guyana and I'm excited to tell her about this site! She might already know her family's history but she might not.

This is fun. Good work and Good Luck.

134  Date: 2000-05-28 08:02:00
Denise McDonald (Ho-Yen) ( fighting4u@earthlink.net_ / no homepage) wrote:

My father died when I was about 1 1/2. He was Chinese. His name is Caphtor Ho-Yen. He was born in British Guiana around 1914. My research lead me to this page. I did not find my grandparents name on the list of passengers that came from China. Is there anyway to locate them? I am trying to learn more about my family tree. I really have no information. Thanks for your help.

133  Date: 2000-05-18 23:29:00
Joanie Donkor ( / http://(No_Homepage)) wrote:

This is one of the best websites I've ever seen!!
One doesn't have to be Chinese or from Guyana to
appreciate it. I personally will tell every one
I know who has an interest in geneology or history
to view this site. I accidentally found this
just my surfing the net! Can't wait to to read
the book.

132  Date: 2000-05-14 14:08:00
henry lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev
It is very interesting to read about your research on Chinese immigrants in Guyana.
I am a second generation English-educated Hakka in my 50s and recently acquired an interest to read more about my roots. I have been to Meisian twice in the last 10 years once with my mother who came from there.
Best regards
Henry Lee

131  Date: 2000-05-13 19:41:00
jose cabanillas ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi friend

congratulations for your web page

this is very good!


(lima-perú-south america)

130  Date: 2000-05-08 08:18:00
Ian Teixeira ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi shorty,very long time no see/speak. I knew you were in Vanc..but never got around to making contact. Don't know if your memory goes back to Sacred Heart R.C. but if you like, maybe we can hook up sometime. My wife is now the Pres of the Guyanese Canadian Accoc here. The site looks great and looks like you've spent many hours in research. Will now explore it.

Ian out.

129  Date: 2000-05-07 05:27:00
Clyde Duncan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev: I intend to pick up a couple more books.
Charles Woon-A-Tai needs one autographed.
I am off to Toronto this week. Back on 14 May.
Good Job.
The book, as well as the web site.


128  Date: 2000-04-30 06:04:00
Jon Sue-Ho ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for having a page like this. At least it gives hope for finding out about my roots at last.

127  Date: 2000-04-29 13:27:00
Martin Leigh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Can I write more fully than a month ago?
I am one of Simon Leung's great grand children. My father, Francis Simon Joseph Leung changed his name to Leigh by deed poll in 1928 after he had been regularly humiliated in an English Public school. His brother Cyril Herbert changed his name to Lewes a little later. There were two other brothers, Freddie and Harold. His father, my grandfather, went to the Gold Coast (now Ghana) and worked for the civil service there where his facility for languages got him promoted to Legal Officer at Sekundi. The family story was that he died of Yellow Fever in 1916, but another family tale is that he committed suicide when he discovered that local army worthies were about to 'deal with him' for having married a German woman, my grandmother.
It would be nice to see 'Leigh' in the list of his descendants on your list. You might like to note that my son John Francis Xavier, who now works in New York, was at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge. Not bad in three generations!
We had a photograph of Simon Leung with his wife, Mary Gemon, except that the bride had been torn out by my snobby grandmother. Do you know anything about her or her family? She was said to be a Creole in family history.
I have just read your book on the Cane Reapers and am immeasurably grateful to you for all the work you have done. I am immensely proud of my ancestors - probably a throwback to the Chinese!

126  Date: 2000-04-29 01:12:00
JG ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have enjoyed checking out your web site. I hope you can answer a question for me.Is it true that most people who emigrated from China went to Jamaica and Trinidad. I have recently this in an article.Do you have any stats on this. I would have thought that most Chinese would have gone to Guyana, since there is more land space.

125  Date: 2000-04-26 19:57:00
christine yhap ( / no homepage) wrote:


I'm a descendent from the Yhap family and wanted to respond to one of the reachout inquiries in your reach out page - who should I direct a response to?

Thank you, this website is really interesting. Its touching to see that someone works to know their history.

Christine Yhap

124  Date: 2000-04-11 15:45:00
Radika Tiwari - London ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Trev,
It was a great pleasure reading about Chinese travelling all the way to British Guiana. I am very much interested about the Chinese tradition especially about the 1800 to 1900.

123  Date: 2000-04-04 20:51:00
Martin Leigh ( / no homepage) wrote:

So exciting and brilliant!

122  Date: 2000-03-29 01:54:00
Tiam-Fook John ( / no homepage) wrote:

What a fantastic job you have done to get all that information . I am only sorry that my Aunts did not
give you photos or information about our family as i felt that a lot more could have been added to the book . However -Well Done

121  Date: 2000-03-20 13:51:00
Flavia Wade ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for producing these passenger lists. I love the mix of social and factual history. It places the people in an historical context that I can relate to. Keep up the good work. Flavia Wade

120  Date: 2000-03-19 04:23:00
Neville T. Lee ( / wrote:

Trev -- thank you very much for your email of March 4, 2000 with attachment. All was of great interest. This web site is a tremendous contribution, most interesting and enlightening, and a treasure for our culture from Guyana. We are indebted to you and your initiative.

My father is Neville O. E. Lee, mother Annie B. Lee (n. Lam) from Guyana. Us 4 children (siblings Merryl, Rudolph, Esther) were were born in Aruba where my parents lived for a while, before returning to their homeland in 1960.

I came to Maryland, USA in 1968 on a USAID scholarship, graduated with a Chemistry degree, and have been here ever since. I've lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1990. My wife's name is Beverly Sue and goes by Sue. I have 2 sons from my 1st marriage, Daniel Lee, 20, and Graeme Lee, 16.

I'm a web developer now and have had my own business for over 2 yrs. Prior to that I was a software developer in the corporate world. In my first career I did immunology and organ transplanation research.

119  Date: 2000-03-18 10:30:00
Carl Webb ( / wrote:

I'm looking for web sites about the Asian diaspora. Send me email if you know any.

118  Date: 2000-03-07 08:43:00
Maria Chu-Cheong Schneider ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was introduced to your website by my brother Gordon & I'm fascinated by it. Please if you have any information on our family, please forward. I'm hooked!

117  Date: 2000-03-03 20:25:00
Merryl Reif ( / no homepage) wrote:

I beleive I am related to the Lees form Wakenaam, my father Neville Lee grew up on Wakenaam. My grand father was Theo Lee, he was a lawyer and was quite involved politically in Wakenaam

116  Date: 2000-03-02 08:21:00
GORDON CHU-CHEONG ( GACC53@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


115  Date: 2000-03-02 04:16:00
John W. Chung ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am fascinated by this site. I started my own journey to find out my roots, but my father died a long time ago.

I have to review his birth certificate to find out the name of his parents. They died well before my birth. I will have to get your book and conduct similar research.

I commend you for your outstanding work

114  Date: 2000-03-01 17:37:00
Henrietta Akit ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev Sue-A-Quan's book provides an excellent view of the Chinese who migrated to British Guiana in the 19th. century. His major source of information comes from the Royal Gazette, which is a primary source that makes his written work authentic, and his writing is cohesive. Other groups of Chinese in the Caribbean region, including those from Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, and Suriname, had similar experiences.

113  Date: 2000-02-19 00:29:00
RAY CHANG ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm originally from Jamaica now living in Toronto.Do know that my maternal lineage pasted through BG;surname Ayee which I understand due to Anlgo mix ups should be Lyew.
A cousin Parris [Ayee] Lyew, who is still in Jamaica, has prepared an extensive family tree and is always interested in additional information.

112  Date: 2000-02-04 06:18:00
nigel chee-a-tow ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am very happy to stumble apon this web site . I hope to learn a lot more about my name.

111  Date: 2000-01-27 22:36:00
MARK CHEONG ( MACHEONG@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Trev like to thank you again for the info on my roots that you sent for me when you were researching this book..hope I was able to fill in some of the are truly dedicated..thanks again!

110  Date: 2000-01-27 17:24:00
Anne Bradley ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am astounded by your vast research. My brother-in-law is from Guyana and I have pointed him to your website. My mother's family (Fan, Chung-a-Hing, Tjin-a-Tam {Surinam})are also from Guyana. My two sisters returned to Guyana last year in search of their roots. They will be most interested in this website and of course, your book "Cane Reapers." Wonderful research, Congratulations!"

Anne (Chang) Bradley

109  Date: 2000-01-23 03:07:00
ALBERT YHAP ( MANIYHAP@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


108  Date: 2000-01-15 16:30:00
Tania Hoahing (Ho-A-Hing) ( / no homepage) wrote:

Truly wonderful work, and such admirable dedication from Trev Sue-A-Quan. Thank you so much.

It would be wonderful to hear from any relatives that may read this, so please do email me. My father is the son of Isaac Ho-A-Hing, son of Ho Hin who arrive in Guyana on the Red Riding Hood in 1862. We live in Singapore.


107  Date: 2000-01-14 04:51:00
Romanta Alli ( / wrote:

Your site is very interesting. please stop by my site and let me know what you think about it. keep up the good work.

106  Date: 2000-01-11 00:38:00
Hong Jen ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a Chinese born in TAIWAN, live in Chicago. I just read a report about your book form a Chinese magzine call "World Journal weekly". It's very intresting and I would like to say your doing very nice job.

105  Date: 2000-01-04 00:01:00
Jimmy Hwang ( / wrote:

I saw the article about your book in a Chinese newspaper. While I am only the first generation here in the U.S., I was quite moved by your devotion and dedication on such effort. Only very few people can go so far.

104  Date: 2000-01-02 21:32:00
Editor ( / wrote:

It looks you have self-published this important book. I wish you had contacted us before so that we could help to give your book more media exposure and a wider distribution. Please contact us if you consider a second printing.

103  Date: 1999-12-14 01:25:00
melanie ( / no homepage) wrote:

I,m so excited i've got to leave another message. I have just found the district listings for Guyana and I now have a possible CORRECT address for an aunt whom I have traced and written to only to find the address was not listed. I'm off now to try again. Trev! are you the main man 'round here? if so please help me out. Peace

102  Date: 1999-12-14 00:57:00
melanie ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is the my most interesting find so far in my search for information about my late Guyanese born father. If there is anyone who can offer any assistance it would be of great help. my fathers name is Fenton Eustace Williams(Georgetown)

101  Date: 1999-12-08 00:01:00
Di Lam ( / wrote:

I'm a student at Kearny High school in California. My history class is doing a project about the Chinese immigrants. Your pages helps alot, thank you very very much. Today seem like a dead-line for us and we found your page.... You kindda save our butt from Mrs. Wilson....

100  Date: 1999-11-30 04:08:00
anthony chan ( / no homepage) wrote:

im looking for anyone who has information concerning my family. my late grandfather(chan) owned a restaurant on america street. my father is the late egbert chan; he played cricket and he opperated the above restaurant. if u have any info. please contact me. im a guyanese living in washington dc.

99  Date: 1999-11-25 05:48:00
Ray Collins ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev
Even though I'm neither Chinese or Guyanese, I found your web site most interesting. I have visited Guyana on a number of occasions and will be returning in February next year. A friend of mine here in NY is Chinese Guyanese. Looking forward to reading your book.

Good luck


98  Date: 1999-11-12 18:44:00
shim-chim ( / wrote:

Absolutely amazing! My father was from Canton and he arrived in British Guyana in the mid to late 30's.
Someday, I'd like to make a contribution back in his honor. I am a water and solar engineer in the United States.

97  Date: 1999-10-26 22:23:00
natasha farinha ( / no homepage) wrote:

I think it is a great webpage WELLDONE.I am looking
forward to read Cane Reapers.My grandfather name was
FUNG.Do you know much about his ancestors?

96  Date: 1999-10-23 22:33:00
Joan Luke Stachnik ( / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed reading your book "Cane Reapers". Mary Low Wilson sent me a copy. I was born in Trinidad, spent my early years in Guyana, and from college on have been in the United States. I was a student at J. C. Luck's Central High and at Bishop's High. My mother is descended from Chung -Kim-Sue and Lam-A-Shaw. Tried to get some information on the ancestors, but unfortunately these names were not specified on the passenger lists. Maybe I don't recognize the transformation of the names. The Web Page was such a great idea. Thanks a lot. I came onto the web site to try to order copies for my various relatives.

95  Date: 1999-10-14 15:34:00
Tonya Samuels ( / no homepage) wrote:

My great-grandfather was also an indentured servant in Guyana. His name was Ananias Lam-A-Poo. I was wondering how you started your search as my family and I intend to do our family history. My last visit to Guyana was a few weeks ago and it was then that I found out about your book - and ironically some of my family is mentioned in it. The family name was changed to Lam and you mentioned my great grandparents Joseph and Eleanor Lam.

I guess most of all I want to say thank you for writing this book as it has generated much interest of many Guyanese. My cousins that still live in Guyana were so inspired that they began tracking down much of the older generations.

94  Date: 1999-10-14 07:32:00
Keron F. Leu ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work.. Hope to find some family through your web page keep it up.

93  Date: 1999-10-07 04:01:00
Nancy Rickford ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm fascinated by what I've read so far, and look forward to reading the book as soon as I can get a copy from your Toronto distributor. Congratulations on having taken the time to write this book which, I'm sure, will be of interest to all Guyanese, wherever they may live.

92  Date: 1999-10-06 16:44:00
Waltern Woon-A-Tai ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev
I am the grandson of Benjamin and the eldest son of Wilfred. I left Guyana in 1975 and live i Toronto, Canada

91  Date: 1999-09-23 15:43:00
Collette Andrews ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am a born Guyanese. But for most of my life I have lived in the US. I decided that I need to know my history. I am visitng the Guyanese web site since there is probably limited resources for information on Guyana, here in the US. I'm am Black, with my maternal grandfather being of Indian and Chinese descendants. Thank you for this book. It will definetly give me an insight on the Guyanese culture and on my hertitage.

90  Date: 1999-09-16 05:36:00
Laddie Kong ( / no homepage) wrote:

We have mutual friends. Is your brother Errol and your dad Albert and your mom Ruby.

89  Date: 1999-09-14 05:38:00
Ernie Woon Sam ( / no homepage) wrote:

Introduced to this site recently by a niece, Sharon Aleong. My father is Ernest Woon Sam, son of George Woon Sam, son of George Sr. This is as far as I have been able to research. My father was born in Guyana, but his parents came from China. Your research is very interesting, but I have not gone through it all. Keep up the good work and regards.

88  Date: 1999-09-12 04:22:00
Diane Mendonca ( / wrote:

Read your information with great interest, my family has long been very interested in tracing our roots. How can we too go about checking our lineage which is Chinese and Scottish..Our family name is Lee Ting (maternal).

We believe that our grandfather was from Canton.

Thanks for the wonderful insight.

Diane Mendona
Sun Valley, Ca

87  Date: 1999-09-10 20:46:00
LAM Khek Jim Thomas ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting & informative articles about Chinese immigrants worldwide!

86  Date: 1999-09-08 03:26:00
Rudy Luck ( / wrote:

I like the fact that I was able to discover which ship one of my ancestors arrived on. This is amazing.

85  Date: 1999-09-01 23:06:00
Devi ( / wrote:

I really enjoyed this site. You have a lot of information that's very useful. I would probably like to put a link on my site to yours when I update if you don't mind.

84  Date: 1999-09-01 05:35:00
Nickygibz ( / no homepage) wrote:


I'm doing a little geneology search, and I want to know if y'all know anything about Sir Crump?


83  Date: 1999-08-26 23:06:00
SPEEDY ( SPEDITUP@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


82  Date: 1999-08-22 01:57:00
Holger ( Henke,_Ph.D. / wrote:

Great to see your website about this underresearched subject area of Caribbean history. I sincerely hope and wish that it will grow from strength to strength and become a hub for researchers and interested laypersons. We will list your site in our Caribbean Studies website "The Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies" (URL see above) which is the most substantial Caribbean studies website on the internet.

Best of luck,
Holger Henke

81  Date: 1999-08-01 16:32:00
Rosemarie Choo-Shee-Nam ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi there,Congratulations on this feat!!! It is indeed a wonderful idea. I first heard about your webpage from Marlene Kwok Crawford, but I just received your webaddress from a long lost cousin of mine who resides in Amsterdam, and who has an interest in ancestry.
Keep the good work up. A bit about us here in Guyana, the Chinese Association here recently held their elections after much court litigation. Hopefully, it is now all settled.Regards

80  Date: 1999-08-01 02:36:00
Ashook Ramsaran ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interested in the information you have
researched and accumulated. Outstanding work.
Please contact me. Thank you

79  Date: 1999-07-30 16:10:00
Chris ( / wrote:

Liked the contract - lot of work nicely done,

78  Date: 1999-07-29 20:37:00
Darrell,Yukchan,kimla Lou-Hing ( / wrote:

Hi Trev, I sent you an e-mail and have since managed to come across your website by chance. Its a Great site. managed to get some information on my great grandmother but not my great grandfather.
Can you help???

77  Date: 1999-07-28 19:10:00
Sion-Fang Chen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Would like to here more from you.

76  Date: 1999-07-21 15:28:00
Monty Paul/now Kojo Nnamdi ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trevy,
Trevy is what we always called you. I'm Monty Paul who lived next door to your cousins Roddy, Yvette etc. in Robb St. and went to QC with you (2 years behind you). Now host of a syndicated talk show for National Public Radio and a TV show in Washington. Sister Jacquey practising medicine in Bakersfield. Brother BUnny in Guyana. Jacquey in touch with Aunt Elaine, Roddy, Fay, etc. Can't wait to get my hands on the book. We're all so proud of you and happy to see the book. Hope to learn a lot from it . Vibart Cambridge told me about it. UNderstand you're in Toronto. Say hello to all Sue-A-Quans for me. I'm full of stories about youthful adventures of Roddy, my brother Bunny and me. Take Care and Good luck. My name is still officially Monty Paul, but professionally I'm known here as Kojo Nnamdi. Email me if you can.

75  Date: 1999-07-18 17:06:00
Keith O'Neil ( / no homepage) wrote:

My comment is to say, thanks! for somehing very positive.

I am also seeking to contact a childhood friend whose
family name is : Yhap. There were two brothers, Perry and
Eclift .

74  Date: 1999-07-16 21:49:00
George W Ho-Yow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Gosh, it's really good to see a web-site on the Chinese of Guyana. Keep up the good work Trev.

73  Date: 1999-06-12 20:41:00
CHENG pi yuan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great job!!
Well done!! I am myself a hakka chinese from French Guiana, and now studying Chinese and Science in Paris. I didn't know anything about the Chinese history in South America and thanks to you, now it is a little bit clearer.
Do you have any information about the Hakkas in French Guiana ? It seem that some of us have a common name.
Keep it up!!

72  Date: 1999-06-08 04:06:00
Errol M. Sue ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very helpful and informative. Keep up the great work.

71  Date: 1999-06-05 03:16:00
Errol Sue-A-Quan ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have recently finished reading Cane Reapers. Congratulations, Trev, on a very in-depth book about our common heritage. Its so sad to learn about the tough life our forbears had to endure. Their toil in the end has been appropriately rewarded in their decendants. Education became the key to our emancipation. We are scattered about the globe and no doubt making a significant impact whereven we chose to immigrate. I will spread the information about your book.


70  Date: 1999-06-02 14:17:00
Christina A. Jardim ( / wrote:

I was delighted to see a copy of Annie Luck (my Mum has a copy at home too) and my grandfather Albert Lam in there. I have a picture of my great-grandmother Rose Fung with her daughter Thelma lam and her daughter Nancy Jardim and her daughter Karen Jardim and her son Joshua Henderson. If you think it would be of ANY interest on the site, I'd be happy to forward that to you. I also have a picture of the Fung sisters (daughters of Rose) circa 1945... your call. In the meantime, thanks for keeping the heritage alive. Now if we could only get a Dragon Dance down Brickdam!


69  Date: 1999-05-31 06:39:00
Derek Moseley (JR.) ( / wrote:

This is a very good web site for people that want to learn more about this wonderful country name Guyana.

68  Date: 1999-05-30 18:25:00
Ron Eng Young ( / wrote:


I suggest adding Chinese Characters, where known, to the surnames to
provide a link back to the home country.
I would be happy to add cross references between the current
and original surnames in my alphabetical index,


67  Date: 1999-05-26 16:42:00
Felyx Teoh ( Felyxt@Hotmail / no homepage) wrote:

Trev, maybe your website should have a bigger map of Guyana. Not many people are sure where it is. on tip of South America or Carribean. Is it the Guyana of Jim Jones fame

66  Date: 1999-05-26 15:35:00
Felyx Teoh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I am a Malaysian Chinese. Your website is very informative. At least it is well researched. As for we Malaysians, I think not many actually write it down except for the various clan associations which keep their records in Chinese. I am English-educated just like other former British colonies. Some still keep in touch with their relatives in China. Others have no idea where are their ancestors. At least Guyanians are so interested in their roots. We still speak our mother tongues like in any Chinatowns but very mixed as we have the majority of southern dialect groups here - cantonese, hokkien, hakka, teochew, hainanese, foochow, singling and even some minor dialects

65  Date: 1999-05-24 18:38:00
Bryan Chan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice work. Hope to see more.

64  Date: 1999-05-16 08:15:00
N. Singh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting reading.It is good to know about all ehtnic groups that make up Guyana

63  Date: 1999-05-13 06:06:00
tian uddenberg ( / no homepage) wrote:

The bare fact that the book has been written is very exciting! Through friends of chinese descent in Trinidad and in Vancouver, I have felt the real suffering which the 'not knowing' about the past can cause.Anything like this is big news for anyone interested in Caribbean Studies at any level. I can't wait to read the book! All the best in the sales!

62  Date: 1999-05-12 02:48:00
John P. Samaroo ( / no homepage) wrote:

My goodness what a treasure! In case you haven't heard it enough, Thanks for all the hard work and time and energies expended. It looks great, can't wait to read the book. I'll share all of the info at the Tang/Ahing reunion in Trinidad, the week of July 2nd to 11th, 1999.

61  Date: 1999-05-08 15:12:00
Peter ( / wrote:

Hi Trev,
The site looks really good, who says hard work doesn't pay off. I will be in Vancouver shortly. Can't wait to see the book. I had a look at the proof copy and am impressed. The front cover with my grand parents looks fantastic.

Regards to Shirley and David.


60  Date: 1999-05-05 04:40:00
Faith Locke ( / wrote:

Hi! Well, I learned a lot from this site! I was really taken by the contract. I am from Guyana and I am always interested in Guyana's past...Keep up the great work !

59  Date: 1999-04-28 22:37:00
TheComputerMan ( / wrote:

I am a Guyanese. I am from East Bank Berbice. It is nice that of you to have furnish the information of our Chinese’s population. An in depth information on Indians and African populations will be highly appreciated.

58  Date: 1999-04-27 05:53:00
Sharon Aleong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great job Trev. I hope to make connections with the rest of the family members who are not yet discovered. It is great to know that we meet in the family tree. I have 6 generations so far. It would be overwhelming to go further.

Keep up the good work. If I can be of any help, I am a stone's throw away.

God Bless

57  Date: 1999-04-27 03:40:00
Elmo Leow (Steve) ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work. I am in Guyana and would like to know more of the our (Leow) background. My Cousins are the Hings.
Keep it up Bro.

56  Date: 1999-04-14 13:38:00
John Ewing-Chow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Way to go Trev.
Inspired now to start a Ewing-Chow homepage and link it to yours. Will take some time but will get there. In the meantime, God Bless. From Singapore.

55  Date: 1999-04-13 20:56:00
Omar Cumberbatch ( / no homepage) wrote:

My entire family is from Guyana. I am a college student at Georgia Southern University. I am doing a detiled look in my families name and it has turned up that the name Chung is around it somehow. I was wondering if there is anyone you might have seen with the last name Cumberbatch

wondering if

54  Date: 1999-04-11 09:21:00
John J Peters ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good work Trev. I am the fourth generation of indentured east indian immigrants from India.In 1859
three boys age 13,11 &7 came from Lucknow in UP India. They were Pauhalad, Ruhoman and Luckhoo.
My great grandfather is Pauhalad and he was the eldest. So now you know the famous luckhoo are my
cousins.I am also involved in the current research
of my ancestors and the Indentured scheme.
John Peters
Kitchener Ontario Canada

53  Date: 1999-04-09 05:56:00
Debbie Cheong-Winter ( / no homepage) wrote:

Geez, I stumbled across your web-site and was impressed. My father was Edmund Cheong from Georgetown, Guyana with brothers Harold, Denis and Simon. We live in the Bahamas while his brothers Denis and Simon and their families are in Canada. Don't know anything about the family history and am interested in finding out more. Thank you.

52  Date: 1999-04-04 07:00:00
Rawl Fingal ( / no homepage) wrote:

It is so wonderful that you guys are settig up all these web site for us Guyanese who is living abroad. Thank you.

51  Date: 1999-04-01 19:35:00
Dian Chung ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work Trev! Let's hope that we could keep the ancestry alive. My paternal grandfather's roots are
in Hong Kong. We were orginally the Chung-A-Fat family. It's good to have someone who is willing to put all the pieces together.

50  Date: 1999-03-30 13:31:00
Carl Webb ( / wrote:

Great page! I am very interest in the asian diaspora. So send me any links to other similar web pages.

49  Date: 1999-03-24 16:47:00
ApacheVibe ( / wrote:

Hey I like the articles on your page. That's pretty good history. You are doing a great job.
Keep it up.

48  Date: 1999-03-22 16:25:00
Paul Henry ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting information. I am tryin to locate which boat my maternal grandfather'came to G'Town on. His name was LOO and he came with his parents.
Don't know where he came from or what year. I'll ask my mom who is 86 years now, if she has any details.

Good Job. Must have taken lots of work to compile this information.



47  Date: 1999-03-17 22:23:00
Chico Khan ( / wrote:

Truly a fascinating and important website! Looking
forward to the publication of your book; be sure
to put a note on the site as to when and where it
will be available.

46  Date: 1999-03-17 21:12:00
Roger Ally ( / no homepage) wrote:

Mr. Sue-A-Quan,
You have made a tremendous contribution to our history. I congratulate you on your fine work. Please email me when your book comes out. I will purchase a copy.

Roger Ally

45  Date: 1999-03-17 05:51:00
Judy Fung aka Fung-A-Fat ( / no homepage) wrote:

Keep up the good work. In the future you may want to list the death announcements from The Daily Argosy on your web site.

44  Date: 1999-03-17 03:07:00
deirdre lam ( / no homepage) wrote:

I visited your website hoping to trace my ancestors.
My dad was born in Dora but lived most of his early
in Cane Grove. His name was David Cornelius Lam - he
had four brothers and two sisters. I will ask by
family if they have any further information.

43  Date: 1999-03-16 20:48:00
Hemraj Muniram ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for providing this site. I have fond memories of Chinese in Guyana. At Uitvlugt where I grew up,I remember shopkeeper Cho-Sik and postman Stephen Ying, as well as the Chee-a-tow and Chung families. I also remember Mr. Fred Hing, who operated a rum shop and grocery store. They were all nice people. It's a pity only a handful of Chinese remain in Guyana.

42  Date: 1999-03-16 12:10:00
vibert cambridge ( / no homepage) wrote:

I think this is a most valuable contribution to our nation's history.

41  Date: 1999-03-16 07:08:00
lost in texas ( / in_my home) wrote:

Sorry, my sister-in-law made me do this.

40  Date: 1999-03-14 17:45:00
Malcolm Cho-Kee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work Trev ! I am Guyanese and my parents Lived in Guyana for some 40+ before coming to Canada, in 1977. I have been trying to locate Guyanese-Chinese living abroad and find your page very helpful. I will pass along your page information to my friends. I am very active politically & financially in Guyana, and firmly believes that Guyanese-Chinese NOW can contribute to the development of Guyana. Keep up the great work.

39  Date: 1999-03-14 07:21:00
Cai4 Lin2 Hui4 ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am most impressed with all the research and efforts that have been put into tracing the roots of even 4th generation chineses immigrants in Guyana. I am a quarter Hakka as my Grandfather was a hakka from China (Ho Po) who arrived in Malaysia. My father is 1/2 Hakka 1/2 Chouzhou. I am very interested to trance my Hakka roots but am not sure where or how to start. Could anyone give me some guidance?

38  Date: 1999-03-05 05:23:00
Angela Foo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting and informative web site. I searched all the boats and discovered my ancestors came on the boat "Chapman". Keep up the good work. I may have a future contribution to this.

37  Date: 1999-03-03 08:33:00
Andy Lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

I had so many words stored up to thank you for choosing my family for the front cover but this morning I see it for the first time and I'm choked. The photo was taken shortly before they returned to China in 1901 to search for a son who had been lost in the flight from the bombing of Canton in the 1860s. There were approx. 1300 (and still counting) direct descendants....
Frivolity aside, it was my privilege to assist in doing research for the book. You have worked so hard to put together this small collection of documented evidence that puts the Chinese of Guyana (British Guinana) firmly in 'the history books'. There are many many left untold and I hope this book will serve as a catalyst to our descendants to dig deeper into our past if only to enjoy the richness of our times.
Thank you Trev, you have given me not only an identity but also years of 'being'.

36  Date: 1999-03-02 19:06:00
Philip Bellamy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great stuff!

35  Date: 1999-03-01 07:14:00
Ho Wong Ying ( / no homepage) wrote:

Keep it Up!

34  Date: 1999-02-25 22:23:00
Carlyn Ching ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev, I believe my mom (Mavis (Lam) Ching) has already been in touch with you. We are looking forward to your book. Appreciating all the good sleuthing you are doing! cc

33  Date: 1999-02-23 22:48:00
Him Mark Lai ( / no homepage) wrote:

Al Cheng and I currently coordinates an annual "In Search of Roots"program for the Chinese Culture Foundation of SF and the Chinese Historical Society of America. Participants are young people from 0age 17 to 26. Each year a group of ten each research his or her family history, visits the ancestral villages in China and then writes up the history and contribute his or her findings to an annual family history exhibit at the Chinese Culture Center around Chinese New Year. The results has been quite gratifying.
Let us keep in touch.

Him Mark Lai

32  Date: 1999-01-18 04:05:00
Nam Low ( / wrote:

Good work and excellent design! I am very happy
to see that you spent a lot of efforts in the
section on the search of ancestrial foot-prints.
Nam Low
Promoting Hakka Culture and Spirit in the Internet since the Autumn of 1994.

31  Date: 1999-01-12 03:06:00
George F. Nagle ( / wrote:

This is a wonderfully done page on a subject which I knew nothing about until now. It fits in nicely with my own studies of the African slave trade, and I am glad that I found it. I plan to return and study the pages more closely.

30  Date: 1999-01-02 23:27:00
Victor Chen ( / wrote:

Just visiting in response to your kind e-mail concerning the article, "The Head of the Family," on my home page. I am still exploring your Web site.

29  Date: 1998-12-26 17:59:00
Thomas Ho Lung ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good luck on your search. If I can be of help let me know.

I have a good Gyuanese Chines friend Egan Ying.


Thomas Ho Lung
Jamaican Born Hakka residing in Sha Tau Kok, N.T. Hong Kong

28  Date: 1998-12-23 16:55:00
Beverly Kissoon ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev a marvellous job and lots of developments since we last met. Got this from Victor Ting-a-Kee. Margery Kirkpatrick was in Toronto during the summer for our 1st annual LOO SHEE/LEE-A-TAK family reunion. What's the status of your publication? Will check to see what photos, etc. I may be able to contribute. Thanks again for your diligence.

27  Date: 1998-12-08 22:48:00
Errol Phang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very informative. Keep up the good work.

26  Date: 1998-11-22 13:52:00
Chris Lam ( / no homepage) wrote:


I've enjoyed browsing through the various pages of your site.

25  Date: 1998-11-17 20:50:00
wendy g mckay ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev,
Got your email to SR today.
How about adding and old photo/sketch on the homepage---the ship that brought the first bunch over maybe? Keep up the good work. w

24  Date: 1998-11-13 08:09:00
Neil Churaman ( / no homepage) wrote:

An interesting and well presented webpage. Will try to find out more about my background

23  Date: 1998-11-12 00:07:00
Ann Loung Chan-A-Sue ( / http://no_home page) wrote:

very interesting,hope I will be able to find my
ancestors. I will pass the info around to my chinese friends and family.

22  Date: 1998-11-11 20:03:00
Denise Gillette Lamwatt ( / no homepage) wrote:

A lot of hard work went into this project; great job. I will certainly browse through to trace my roots! I have forwarded to family and friends.


21  Date: 1998-11-08 17:53:00
Donna/Evelyn Man-Son-Hing ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trev;
Mom and I enjoyed browsing through your website. You did a great job.
We are now living in Brampton since August. Donna

20  Date: 1998-10-18 10:05:00
Andy Lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sorry about your computer going down. It would be a great encouragement to Trev if everyone who visits this site just take the time to say 'HI'. I do like reading your comments - its all part of the enjoyment of having this site.

19  Date: 1998-10-18 00:06:00
Brian kam ( / no homepage) wrote:

No Home page as yet but will have to do something about it

18  Date: 1998-09-24 14:14:00
Jennifer Evan WONG ( / no homepage) wrote:

I particularly enjoyed reading the texts of original documents, Trev. Keep in touch.

17  Date: 1998-09-17 02:47:00
Gesina Fung-A-Fat ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great website Got info from my cousin Jill Fung-A-Fat

16  Date: 1998-09-17 01:56:00
James Fung-A-Fat ( / wrote:

Hi Trev,
got the info from Judy in Pensacola.
Looking forward to rooting around.

15  Date: 1998-09-16 06:43:00
Paul Chee-A-Tow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good work Trev, will pass word on to others.

14  Date: 1998-09-15 23:30:00
Renata Chuck-A-Sang ( / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent work! Trev.

I will defintely pass the word.


13  Date: 1998-09-14 05:57:00
Barbara Worthington ( / no homepage) wrote:

I was amazed that you dedicated your time to research and put this information on the WEB. I can see my family name Yip (later spelt Yhip) arriving on the Whirlwind and Red Riding Hood. Will certainly get back with any info to keep you updated. Thanks for starting our 'roots'.

12  Date: 1998-09-14 03:55:00
Andre Sue-A-Quan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work I will passed it on to all I know.

11  Date: 1998-09-13 23:07:00
Debra Foo-Ying ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great Job Trev.


10  Date: 1998-09-13 22:49:00
Nigel Ho Yow ( / no homepage) wrote:

Extremely interesting Trevor, really appreciate your efforts in putting this together. Thankyou and I will pass it on to as many Chinese Guyanese that I know. Best regards.

9  Date: 1998-09-13 08:10:00
Rosanne Aleong ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for the lineage chart. I can see where we fit in on it and will try and get some of the blanks filled in as far as I can.
Will keep in touch.

8  Date: 1998-09-11 22:07:00
Roger & Maureen De Freitas ( / no homepage) wrote:

Trev. Even though I am not of Chinese descent I read

the ascentory tree with great interest.

Incidentally we just met with Jerry Patterson and his wife Claudette [ne: Ten Pow. Texas] and her sister Pam [Florida] who were having a family reunion here in Toronto.

Jerrry is of Irish /Scottish descent and he too had some harrowing tales to tell.

My background is more varied, and interestinly enough since Maureen has adopted my religious faith and our children have been brought up as Jews I find the journey of humans very curious and coriouser. Just like the mad Hatter.

On behalf of Maureen and her family I thank you for the work done on the tree.


7  Date: 1998-09-11 21:36:00
Pamela Hugh ( / no homepage) wrote:

Tev, I'm really impressed with the information you have put together on this remarkable web page. Particularly interesting is the list of descendants' surnames you have against the passenger lists. When I have three or four spare hours (!) I will sit down and have a good old browse. My mother's lines are Sue-A-Quan and Chee-A-tow and I already see those names mentioned many times.

Fascinating information, Trev!

Pamela Hugh

6  Date: 1998-09-11 00:32:00
anonymous coward ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Oops sorry I meant to say that three Lams out of seven so far - sorry brothers and sisters

5  Date: 1998-09-11 00:30:00
Denise Mallalieu ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congrats Trev!!!! Keep up the good work - As you can see three out of four Lams already have signed your guestbook.


4  Date: 1998-09-10 22:19:00
Andy Lee ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just plain wonderful. I am really overjoyed you have taken the time and care to set up this site. I will alert the Luck family to it.

3  Date: 1998-09-02 15:52:00
Roy Fung ( / wrote:

Trev, much better guestbook for comments. Keep up the good work. Maybe this will give me the incentive to expand my page. I haven't done any work on it nor on my genealogy database for years. I contacted a couple of people in China via ICQ to see if they were interested in gene. but no luck. Have you seen the China section of ICQ? You might have more success than I had ... give it a whirl.

2  Date: 1998-09-01 19:26:00
Laura Hall ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wow Trev! This is wonderful, I am going to pass on news of the site to others when you feel it is ready for "launching" as I think it will be useful for anyone interested in this field of scholarship as well as those of us who are part of the scattered Chinese Guyanese community. I think you should "advertise" your new book on the site when it is ready. How about adding a brief bibliography of books relating to Chinese in Guyana for visitors looking for more info?

1  Date: 1998-08-30 04:26:00
Peter ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great work, extremely informative.
I tried the Wong's homepage but was unable to access it.