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Some of the postings are in zipped format for faster download for you. If you do not have pkzip/pkunzip on your computer and you are using a PC, download the shareware from


If you are using a Mac, you can download unzip shareware from you will find ZipIt v1.3.5

Install the software on your computer to unzip any of the zipped files below.

Other postings will have an *.exe extension. These are self-extracting zipped files. To read them: 1) download; 2) go to your File Manger; 3) double click on the name of the file; 4) the computer will work its magic; 5) click off the directory where the file is stored and then back on and you should see the name of the file; 6) note the name and directory where it is located; 7) use your word processing program to read the file.

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