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Frederic Voss (also known as Fritz) was born in Germany 28 Nov 1847, or, according to his naturalization, 28 November 1844 in the village of Grischow. He married Augusta Witt about 1875. Augusta was born in Germany Apr 1855, daughter of Carl Witt(4). In 1900(2), Friedrich is listed as a coal dealer. They appear to be the Friederik and Augusta Voss listed as having arrived in NY 10 Jun 1882 on the Frisia from Hamburg(1). By 1887, they had settled in a house on Montgomery Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Last fall, my mother-in-law presented me with a huge box full of old pictures and letters. These appear to mostly be from her late husband's mother's family, his mother being Erna Voss. With some patient detective work, photos of Frederic and Augusta Witt Voss have been identified. Photographs have also been tentatively identified as Frederic's parents.

NEWS FLASH: I have recently located Frederick and Augusta's death certificates. Augusta's presented nothing much new, just the dates of birth, 5 April 1855, and death, 25 March 1937, and the already known information that her father was Carl Witt(e). BUT, Frederick's not only gave the birth and death dates (28 Nov 1847 and 7 July 1933) but also names his parents as John Voss and Johanna Kreuger. Applications for their death certificates are already on their way to the State of Michigan!

The box contained hundreds of photos and letters, mostly in German, written to Frederic and Augusta early this century for the most part from relations all over the Midwest including Hening, Kepper, and Otis amongst the surnames as well as letters from family and friends still in Germany. Principle amongst the latter was a nephew, Wilhelm Schunk of Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany.

The 1900 census states Augusta has had five children, two of whom are still living:

  1. Richard C Voss born 1874 (probably baptized 6 Sep 1874) and died ca 1931, married Helena Dadlow (1876-1962) [see baptismal notes from Fritz Joerne, Johann Pott, and Sophie Caroline Block who are probably his godparents]
  2. Erna Voss was born in Ohio in 24 November 1882(3) and died about 1950. In the 1900 census, she is still at home, listed as a dressmaker. She married Carl Julius Timm before 1909. [see him for children]

(1) Germans to America:Friedr. Voss 25 servant from MK Auguste 27 wife from MK
(2) 1900 Cuyahoga Co - V31 ED95 S18 line 77, 26 Montgomery Street - listed as naturalized citizen Augusta had 5 children, 2 living in 1900; Friederick and Augusta md 25 years, in country in 1882, naturalized.
(3) From Erna's Baptismal Certificate
(4) Back of photograph of the Voss home in 1887

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