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ID Surnames Query Contact Date Posted
-- || 2000 || --
00-06 Watt Would like to contact anyone knowing of my G-grandfather George WATT b. 1869 in Scotland. He worked on a plantation near Hilo before he died in 1910. Michael 04/27/00
00-05 Gouveia, Stout My grandmother, Mary Gouveia a native of Hawaii (Kona), married Edward Stout Feb, 4th 1918. The marraige took place in Honolulu. I have been told that my grandmother's heritage is Portugese: however, I know very little about her past. Any information is greatly appreciated. She had a brother Charlie Gouveia who lived and died in the Islands. Thanks in advance. Gary 04/18/00
00-04 Hulihee, Kailiawa, Kauwe My grandfather Andrew Kanilao Kailiawa b. 10 Nov. 1910 came from the big island in Kau, Pahala, and Kona, Hawaii. My family still has family there with the last name Kailiawa. Andrew K. Kailiawa's mother was a KAUWE and his wife was a HULIHEE b. 31 Aug 1915. Lucille 04/12/00
00-03 Blanco, Blonco, Branco, Bronco , Smith I am surching for my paternal grandmothers family. She was born in Hilo, Hawaii in aprox. 1897. She told us her maiden name was BLANCO but my father's birth certificate spells her name as LAURA BRONCO. If you have any information please contact me. She married CHARLES LEE SMITH in 1915 or 1916 and moved to California. Pat 03/11/00
00-02 David, Kamahele My grandson Kapono David who lives Kailua Kona and I are trying to find information on his family. His GrGr grandfather John David married Helen Kamahele and we believe they lived lived Keei South Kona. They had one son that we know of, Samuel David, born 1911 & died 1990 in Colorado. On Samuel's Social Security retirement he list himself as Portuguese-Hawaiian. Can any one help. Mahalo Bill 03/11/00
00-01 Francisco, Luiz Jacinto Luiz came to the big island in 1892 from St Michaels, Portugal - wife, Maria. John Jose Francisco from St Michaels, Portugal - wife Maria Victorine from Hawaii; born 1880 Papaikou and Kohala towns of brith. Bobbie 02/15/2000
-- || 1999 || --
99-22 Cooper, Fernandez, Kauwe, Moyhane, Page, Ramon Searching for info. on John KAUWE B: 07/04/1899 D: 09/?/1981. Born Kamuela Hawaii. Possible John "KI ANI ANI" Kauwe? I need names and dates of his parents.

John had been married three times. My G-Grandmother was Daisy Ramon, My Mother was Maria Kauwe.I have been told that he worked for Parker Ranch. He also had a family cemetary on his property. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Karen 12/30/99
99-21 David, Kavika, Kawika Any Kawika (Kavika) especially Kona side. Would also like ot know what Hawiian name Kawika derived from. We all know David is English word for Kawika. Grandson Kapona David looking for family info. Family lived Kona Bill 11/29/99
99-20 Puakea I am trying to find out family background for Robert Puakea who was born on Jan. 6, 1904 and died on 15 Oct. 1991. Want to know his father's name and any or all info about him. Need to know Robert's mother's first name and maiden name. At the time of Robert's death, he was residing in Hilo. As far as I know his father was born in Kawaihae or Puako. Abe 10/22/99
99-19 da Motta, deMotta, Motta I am looking for the descendants of Joao de Pimentel da Motta. He came to Hawaii in 1880 from Sao Miguel, Azores. I believe he settled in the Onomea, Pepeekeo, Honomu, area of the Big Island. I am hoping to find a connection to the John DeMotta family of Honomu and Pepeekeo. This surname has gone through a variety of name changes in a single generation. Any assistance will be appreciated. Debra 10/22/99
99-18 Lorego, Puakea I am trying to find out anything about my grandmother whose name was either Louisa or Louise Puakea. As far as I know she was born in the Kawaihae or Puako area on the island of Hawaii. She gave birth to my mother, Louisa Lorego on September 22, 1922. At the time my grandmother was married to Doroteo Lorego who was an immigrant from the Philipines. I am also trying to find out any or all info on my great grandfather and great grandmother, their names, birth dates and place of birth. Abe 06/19/99
99-17 Ocampo I am looking for any information on decendents of my grandfather, ALFRED F. OCAMPO who was born in Waiohinu, Hawaii on Jan. 15, 1888. Thru some research, I found that he also had daughter, Eliza Ocampo, born April 27, 1910. I would appreciate any information. Thanks! Teresa 09/30/99
99-16 MacKleish, Mericano To whom it may concern, Recently I found out that my great grandmother was Hawaiian and from the area known as Hilo. I am very interested in finding out anything at all on her. My grandmother, who is seventy-five is still alive and kicking , would also like to get any info. that we can on her mother who she hasn't seen since she was seven.

The woman in question would have possibly lived in Hilo in the early 1900's and her name is Alice Mericano. My great grandfather, who's surname is MacKleish, met her during the war and brought her to the States and they were wed. They had two daughters and two sons. Alice, and Constance are the only names that I have right now of their children. Constance is my grandmother. I would love to find out whatever I can about the Mericano family. Thank You!
Marie 09/29/99
99-15 Caraballo, Roman Looking for the following:
  1. Manuel CARABALLO, b. in Yauco, Puerto Rico 1855, married to Candelaria CARABALLO Children:
    • Martin Raymond, b. 1890 Yauco, PR
    • Martin Benancio b. 1882,
    • Nazario Antonio b. 1906, Hawaii
  2. Manuel CARABALLO, b. 1850 Yauco, PR, lived on New Homestead Rd. Haiakea, Hilo Hawaii
  3. Manuel CARABALLO, b. 1850 Yauco, PR, lived in Haiakea Camp, Hilo
  4. Manuel CARABALLO, b. 1860 Yauco, PR, widow, Sons:
    • Antone, b. 1890
    • Rufina, 1894
CARABALLO may as appear as CARVALHO or ROMAN.
Juan 09/14/99
99-14 Bush, Kaai Looking for information on my Great grandfather & Great grandmother. I was told they were both born in the Big Island on the Kona side. Exactly where is what I would like to know and any info on their parents & where they were born, dates if possible. Daniel Bush Born: Nov 1864 Julia Wahakoele Kaai Born: Jan. 26 1866

My grandfather, I was told, was born in Ho'okena Samuel Keliinohopono Bush Born: Sept. 26 1889
Alett 09/03/99
99-13 Beamer, Desha, Hale'ala I am looking for info on the following families: Isabella Hale'ala and George Langhern Desha lived in Honolulu 1882. Peter Carl Beamer lived in Hilo around 1900. David 08/28/99
99-12 Brickwood, Frendo Family lived and are living primarily in the Hilo/Puna area of the island of Hawaii (Big Island).

I'm searching for information about my grandfather PHILLIP PAUL FRENDO SR (spelling of first name could be with one "L"). Said to be born 1892, died 1958 (no months/days available). My goal is to find the names of my great grandparents. My grandmothers name was ALICE NALEILEHUAOPANAEWA BRICKWOOD, born April 20 1891, died Nov 8 1981. Thank you
Charles 08/18/99
99-11 Black, Forbes, Jensen,Kolsopodis, Lee, MacKenzie AJW (Albert James William) MacKENZIE, Forest Ranger MacKENZIE State Park, Puna, Hawaii Dedicated to him. He had worked for the park for many years. The plaque posted there in memory of his service to Hawaii parks.

His wife, Catherine Johanna Lee MacKENZIE, has a water fountain dedicated to her by her (10) children. There is a Banyan tree on Banyan Drive planted for them also.

They had ten children, the eldest, Albert Lee, born 10/31/1900. Died Hilo, Burried Homolani Cementery, Hilo, Hi. Albert married to Margaret Ella Forbes MacKENZIE born Hilo, Hawaii 12/2/1907. They had five children:
  • Albert Forbes MacKENZIE, wife Becky
  • Robert Gordon MacKENZIE, wife Wilma Jan
  • Margaret Jean (Mrs Robert Jensen)
  • Catherine (Mrs. David Hill Black)
  • Elizabeth Anne (Mrs. Kris Kolsopodis)
Robert 07/24/99
99-10 Baesa, Kalahoohina I am looking for information about Mele Kainoa Ke- kupuna Kalahoohina my maternal great-great grandmother who was born in Pololu Valley in North Kohala in Hawaii County. She was born about 1853. She was married to a Jose Ramon Baesa possibly of Mexico. I'd also appreciate information about her parents: Kealiiholoikauaiokawakanu,her mother, who may have been born on Kauai and Kaneakala Kalahoohina,her father. Mahalo. BK 06/28/99
99-09 de Rego, de Souze On May 18, 1901, Isabella de Souza married MANUEL TAVARES DE REGO in Hilo, Hawaii. If anyone has any information about the de Rego family in Hawaii at that time, I would appreciate hearing from you. Marillyn 06/19/99
99-08 Binns, Goldsmith Looking for the family members of: William Francis GOLDSMITH (son of Thomas GOLDSMITH and Sarah BINNS) b. 26 Jun 1900, W. Springfield, Massachusetts d. 27 Dec 1962 Hawaii (possibly Pepeekeo) and his wife, Mary (surname unknown)

Mary Goldsmith is found in the Social Security index. This could be wife of William GOLDSMITH: Her date of birth might be: 17 Feb 1901 Her date of death might be: 15 Jan 1986, Pepeekeo, Hawaii

Known Children:
  • Anne GOLDSMITH (b. abt 1921)
  • Sheila GOLDSMITH (b. abt 1923)
  • John GOLDSMITH (b. abt 1925)
    This John GOLDSMITH was found in the Social Security index:
    b. 22 Dec 1927;
    d. 20 Jun 1996 in Columbus, GA
    His social security no. was issued in Hawaii
My connection? My grandfather THOMAS B. GOLDSMITH a brother of William Francis GOLDSMITH. Thank you for any help.
Jeanne 05/23/99
99-07 Vidinha I am looking for the origin of the last name of VIDINHA on the island of Hawaii. I could not find this name on any of the ship's passenger lists of the immigrants from Portugal. It seems to have originated in Hawaii. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate hearing from them. Marillyn 05/18/99
99-06 Robley, Valles Searching for surnames: ROBLEY and VALLES Arrived on the Big Island early 1900s from Puerto Rico. Later went on to settle on the Island of Kauai in Eleele. Employed at the McBryde Sugar Plantation. Need information on family in Puerto Rico. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks. Virginia 02/22/99
99-05 Ockendon I am trying to find any information aboutmy uncle BOYCE OCKENDON who died in May 1971 at Hilo,Hawaii. He also used the name Frank or Francis OCKENDON. Shirley 02/22/99
99-04 Lindsey, Ozawa, Sims, Tussings I'm looking for relatives of JAMES MARION SIMS II born in Hilo on Nov 10 1926. Mother's name ANNIE LINDSEY; father same as above. Had two brothers, GEORGE and WILLIAM and two sisters KATHERINE OZAWA and IDAMAE WAI TUSSINGS of John Day,Or..

"JIMMY" as he was known died in Sept 1971; buried at the Punchbowl. He was married to ROSE and was in the army all his life. Looking for any relatives or friends of his. His mother had many relatives and was Hawaiian. Katherine was nicknamed "Caddy". She had three children one named Lindsey who was a pilot who died young, other children were a daughter and a son.

Idamae has a son living on the islands. Jimmy was my father, he died when I was 11yrs old. I have 6 other brothers and sisters. We were living in Louisiana when he died.
Anne 02/21/99
99-03 Ching, Maka I am seeking information of my ancestors or decendants of my grandmother PUA MAKA, who was born Apr.2, 1872 in Hilo and died Sept.12,1928. She had married Akina Pang Ching who was born in China,Aug 1,1856,died July,1923 in Hilo. I wish to know if she had any siblings and of her family. Her children were:
  • Yon Kui Pang Ching (my father)
  • Kui Lan Pang Ching-Laeha
  • Yuk Lan Pang Ching-Fujiwara
  • Tan Kui Pang Ching
  • Sui Lan Pang Ching-Kobayashi
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Roberta 02/17/99
99-02 Teixeira My grandmother was born in Holualoa, HI on 3/25/1903: SSN 576-05-8492. Her birth name Rose Constance Teixeira. She had 11 siblings and I think her father was Manuel Teixeira. I now reside in Holualoa and am very curious to know where, exactly, she was born and lived. Kari 02/11/99
99-01 Kaohe, Kahunaaiole, Kanae, Kuhihewa, Kukahiko, Naeole, Paihinui, Papalimo My great-great-grandfather's name was Aalona Kanae. His wife, my great-great grandmother was Kahua Mililani Papalimo. They lived in Holualoa, Kona, Hawai`i. Their son, my great-grandfather, was Luther Aalona KANAE born May 18, 1874 in Holualoa, Kona, Hawai`i. He married Rebecca Kamaeli`ili`i KUHIHEWA (KAHUNAAIOLE ...there is a discrepancy in the last name...could be either ..or) Rebecca's father was Manu KAHUNAAIOLE as taken from a manuscript of minutes of board meetings with the `ali`i. He was a genealogical consultant to King Kalakaua. However, in the Mormon Family History Center, they list him as being Manu Kahunaaiole KUHIHEWA. Luther and Rebecca KANAE had ten children: Margaret Pili married David KAOHE Joseph Pouhiwa m Edith NAEOLE George Manu m Daisy KALOHELANI Ernest Kaluhikula m Puna KUKAHIKO Louis Kamaka m Kanehola MAHEULA Helen Maihui m Louis Kena PAIHINUI Elizabeth Kekapa m Joseph HELEKAHI Ellen Anahua m Vincente LUNA Jonathan Kanemehalona m Elaine Hui MORTON Luther Aalona Jr. m Rose Lee CHONG My grandfather was Ernest Kaluhikula KANAE and my grandmother was Puna KUKAHIKO. We are planning to have a family reunion on Maui and would like to locate family throughout Hawai`i and abroad. Furthermore, if anyone has additional information to connect and expand the afore mentioned ancestral tree please contact me on Maui at 249-2444. T. Kapua 02/02/99
-- || 1998 || --
98-07 Gandall, Macy, Reinhardt Julius REINHARDT from Germany, living in Hilo, m. Tamer GANDALL, he died 7/30/1904 in Hilo.Their children are:
  • Emma
  • Thomas
  • Otto
  • William
  • Harriet
  • Fidelia
  • Johny
  • George
  • David
If you have any information on this family,or on the Benjamin MACY family, can please get in touch with me. I am happy to share.
Christine 10/11/98
98-06 Cazimero, Casimiero, De Souza, Kuamoomookini, Lapa, Mookini My query is in two parts, my Portugese side and the Hawaiian side. CAZIMERO - through the Portugese Historical Society in Hawaii it seems my Great Grandfather originated from Maia, Sao Miguel however, his surname was CASIMIERO, Antonio. He arrived in the Islands on Apr 30, 1881 on the High Flyer II. Seems he married DE SOUZA, Mary. Would appreciate more info of when he moved to the Big Island in the small community of Niulii or any new info. MOOKINI - I was brought up by my Grandfather, Heloke. As far as I know he had 3 brothers:
  • Dan
  • Dewey
  • Pekuela
Their father and mother were, William Oliver
Rodney 08/21/98
98-05 Costa, Da Silva, Gomes, Jardim Looking for my husband's family: Antonio Gomes JARDIM (later changed to Jardin/Jardine) (born 1851) came from Madeira to Hawaii in 1883 with wife Augusta Maria (Camacho) Gomes Jardim and children:
  • Joao (John)
  • Emily
  • Augusta
  • Antonio (aka Deigo and Duke)
  • Mary
Settled in Hilo. Also had Julia and Anthony there.

Antonio Jr. (born 1876) (aka Deigo and Duke married Georgina Costa (daughter of Jacintho Costa and Maria Augusta do Rego da Silva) in 1909 in Hilo.

Duke and Georgina Jardin had:
  • Jacintho (aka Jesse)
  • Helen
  • Hilda
  • Minnie
  • Walter
  • Eleanor
  • Edward
  • Harold
Both families moved to Oakland, California, in 1905 and 1933. Looking for any relatives, info and what happened to other members of the family in Hawaii and California.
Karen 06/10/98
98-04 Ah Nee, Halekealoha Would like to contact the descendants of George (?) AH NEE and Elizabeth HALEKEALOHA who lived in the Honuapo, Naalehu area of the big island during the early 1900's. I have been told that they ran a small store in the area and had two children named Ah Chin and Kaohu. Elizabeth HALEKEALOHA was my maternal great-grandmother and I am interested in updating her list of descendants. She was born in the 1860's in Kaupo, Maui and died about 1910 or 1911 and was buried on Maui. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Reuben 05/15/98
98-03 Kim, Koo, Yee We are looking for my husbands Great Grandparents. The Information we have is very little. KIM, Kyung Wha came from the North Korean Mountains and KOO, Bok Cho came from Seoul. They came to the Big Island around the turn of the century, possible as late as 1905. They had three children:
  • Helen
  • Harriet Soonie
  • Ho Kyung
We know that at one time they lived in Hawaii. We are looking for relatives or any information when they came to the US, also their date of births and deaths.
Christine 05/14/98
98-02 Ah Ne, Kealoha, Keaunui, Woodward I am looking for any info. on my father's biological father, Noah Kealoha WOODWARD, b.2 Apr 1903 in Honolulu, d.18 Apr 1932 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and buried at Diamondhead Memorial Park Cemetery. I have a marriage cert. showing he married my grandmother, Mary AH NEE, from Hilo,Hi on 30 May 1924 in Honolulu. The cert. states his parents as Edward Kealoha WOODWARD of Honolulu & Mary KEAUNUI of Maui. Noah & Mary had 2 children:
  • A daughter, Mary, b.1925
  • A son, my father Noah KEALOHA Jr. b.1927
Looking for any family. Mahalo
Lei 04/27/98
98-01 Hoss, Starke Sometime between 1885-1905 my grandmother lived on a sugar plantation near Hilo. Her uncle STARKE was a chemist there. Any help or sources of plantation documents appreciated. I lived on the campus of Kamehameha Schools for many years and had a cabin in Honokaa. Bonnie 04/24/98
-- || 1997 || --
97-08 deSilva, Ferriera Looking for the ancestors or descendants of August (Augoost) de Silva and his wife Virginia Ferriera. He was born in Honolulu 8 Aug 1886, Virginia 14 Oct 1890 in Hilo. His parents were Joao Joaquim de Silva and his mother Constantina. Virginia's father was Antone Ferriera and her step- mother Anna de Jesus Fustina. Their families both originated in Portugal. Their children:
  • Manuel
  • David
  • Isabella
  • Alice
  • Margaret
  • Annie
  • Carlina
  • Cecilia
  • Albert
  • Clarence
  • Mary
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Laurie 6/14/97
97-07 Kaiewe, Kuamoo Looking for information regarding my great-great grandparents, Namauu KUAMOO b.abt 1857 d.1918 m.Louise KAIEWE b.abt 1845 d.1928. Both lived their entire lives in Waiakea, Hilo, T.H. Louise's father is listed as KAIANUI on her death certificate, and her mother as KAHALEKAA. Mahalo for your time. Ethelynne 03/11/97
97-06 Camargo, Cambaliza, Pikini, Ramos I am looking for anyone with the surnames of CAMARGO, CAMBALIZA, PIKINI, RAMOS. I think some came from Hilo and some from Honolulu. Anyone with these surnames, or anyone knowing anyone or anything about these surnames, please, please let me know. I have not had any luck with any of these names. All ancestors are from Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Some have moved from Hawaii to San Francisco as well. Please help. Also, if I can help anyone in CA please let me know. I live in Milpitas, CA near San Jose. Thanks. Gerri 02/24/97
97-05 Kama Looking for info on my grandmother Nellie Wahinealii KAMA b.abt 1895 in Hilo, HI. I would like to know her date of death, where she is buried, and her cause of death. I have been told that she died around the late 1920's from complications of childbirth. I would like to verify that her father's Christian name was David. I would also like the name of her mother, as well as where they are buried. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Olivia 02/18/97
97-04 Cunha, daSilva, deMello, I am in the process of researching my family's genealogy and am contacting you hoping that I may be able to find some "lost" ancestors. Thanks for taking the time to read this; I appreciate any help. Are any of the following names / dates / locations familiar?

Isabella Agnes deMELLO (my mother)
born: 14 November, 1914 in Hilo, HI
her parents:
  • Jacintho deMELLO
    born: 26 May, 1883 in Kilauea, Kauai, HI died: 03 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI
  • Victoria daSILVA
    born: 12 October, 1882 in Hilo, HI
    died: 14 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI.
Jacintho deMELLO's parents, Julio Faveres deMELLO and Anna Julia, immigrated to HI from the Azores in September, 1882.

Julio and Anna's children in order of birth:
  • Jose
  • Alfredo
  • Jacintho
  • Benjamin,
  • Caesar
  • Emil
  • Ida
Victoria daSILVA's parents: Joseph SILVA and Gloria CUNHA. Victoria and Joseph's children surviving childhood in order of birth:
  • Matilda
  • Catherine
  • Isabella Agnes
  • Emily
Lin 02/07/97
97-03 Awong, Hookano I am looking for any information on my grandfather Robert Awong (or Robert Hookano). He was in the merchant marines. He was born and lived on the Big Island until he joined the merchant marines during WWII. He was in his early thirties when he died in Stockton, CA. My father was young when he died, so any information regarding my grandfather would be very much appreciated. He came from a big family; Nellie, Thomas, Henry, are a few of the names I remember. Thank you for any help. Robert 01/24/97
97-02 Holck, Lee, Pokeo I am also researching the surnames Holck, Pokeo, Lee/Norway. Peter Lee was manager of the Volcano House from 1891-1898. Peter Lee came from Norway to Punaluu, Hawaii. Jacob Martinius Holck came from Bergen, Norway to Honolulu than Punaluu, Hawaii. Mary Ann Pokeo was a native Hawaiian. Any information would be very much appreaciated. Robert 01/12/97
97-01 Han, Papa Am searching for information on my husband's family, grandfather Young Ki HAN, who immigrated to Hawaii from Korea 1903. He married a Hawaiian girl, Elizabeth PAPA, whose family supposedly lived on the big island. Linda 01/09/97
-- || 1996 || --
96-08 Ha'o, Hao, Ua I am looking for information regarding the parents of David K. Ha`o (Hao) (husband) and Sarah Ua (wife) parents of David Ka`ano`i Ha`o my grandfather. Patrick 12/16/96
96-07 Dabkus, Dopkus, Soares Seeking further info re: my ggrandfather Joseph DOPKUS and his brother Stanislass/w DABKUS (AKA "Stan"). They were both b in Lithuania abt 1865, then travelled to Pahala Plantation via Germany (probably under assumed names-they left illegally). They arrived in HI in 1886 or late 1900, according to differing family traditions.

Joseph reportedly killed a man on the ship on the way to HI while wrestling with him, and was not charged in the incident. Stanislass mar a Hawiian-born Portugese woman named Mary SOARES (AKA Cozy). They all left HI for the San Francisco area in 1904. No mar rec was found for Cozy & Stan. No nat rec has been located.
Dawn 12/8/96
96-06 Bell, Kaleimamahu George Alexander BELL (AKA Thomas Kamukamu BELL) 1844-1916, m.Ane KALEIMAMAHU 1845-1893 (g-grandparents). Natives of the island of Hawaii and parents of Eliza K. BELL, my grandmother. Seeking information on the ancestors, siblings, other children, and descendants. Any and all information will be appreciated. Nani 12/6/96
96-05 Kihei, Kipikane, Kumano KIHEI c.1801-?, m.KUMANO c.1805-? (ggg-grandparents). Natives of the island of Hawaii and parents of KIPIKANE (above). Seeking information on ancestors, siblings, other children, and descendants. Any and all information will be appreciated. Nani 12/6/96
96-04 Bell, Kipikane, Pinkerton Robert BELL c.1791-?, m.Katherine PINKERTON c.1795-? (ggg-grandparents). Believed to be residents of Scotland. Son Nathaniel William BELL 1817- 1893, immigrated to HI, island of Hawaii, and m.KIPIKANE c.1820-?. Known children were:
  • William 1844-?
  • Rebecca 1845-?
  • George Alexander
    AKA Thomas Kamukamu 1846-1916
  • John 1847-?
Seeking information on ancestors, siblings, and descendants of this family group. Any and all help will be appreciated.
Nani 12/6/96
96-03 Lewis, Todd, Woods Alfred TODD,c.1850 -?,(g-grandfather), married first Ellen WOODS,c.1835- 1881. Married second Louise Catherine LEWIS, c.1857-1890,(g- grandmother) in Hilo, HI c.1881. Seeking information on ancestors, siblings, and descendants. Any help will be appreciated. Nani 12/6/96
96-02 Kahookano I am looking for any information on David W. A. Kahookano born abt 1865 in North Kohala, Hawaii and who died on Feb. 8, 1900 in Honolulu. John 11/22/96
96-01 Forbes, Lee, Mackenzie I am searching the surnames, Mackenzie, Forbes, & Lee from Hilo, Volcano, Punaluu and Mountain View Hawaii Robert 10/26/96
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