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Monthly Programs for 2017

9:00 a.m. second Saturday of the month

Our blog has more details about our programs. Please check our location page or blog for information about the location of our meetings.


These meetings are open to the public.
January 14This is our annual business meeting and election of new board members. There will also be a presentation by Alice Saul: "A Strange Route to Hawaii."
February 11Mickey Lasco will give a presentation.
March 11Mickey Lasco will share tools for exploring DNA. Please bring your laptops if you have done DNA testing.

Ann Sloat will ask for your best detective solving skills after laying out the clues she has uncovered to find her Mystery Ancestor.
April 8 Following up on last month's meeting, we will have more tools related to DNA. Please bring your laptop computers if you have had, or are thinking about having, your DNA tested.
May 13 We will be looking at what the National Archives has to offer genealogists and how to access information online.
June 10

Leilani Maguire will do a presentation on her research on her grandfather. Lenore Hansen-Stafford will give a quick talk based on a webinar on one page bios with a challenge to us all.

July 8 Dr. William R. Chapman, a professor in the American Studies Department at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, gave a talk on historic preservation and cultural landscapes.
August 12 We will be sharing our stories about when our assumptions turned out to be wrong. We will also ask for folks to share the paragraph they were to write about an ancestor.
September 9 We watched a video on "Breaking Through Brick Walls." This was followed by a discussion of members' specific brick wall questions.
October 14 President Ann Sloat and member Stanley Yon will speak about their recent attendance at the FGS genealogical conference.
November 11 As a follow-up to the September video and discussion we will have a "Brick Wall Demolition" session. Pick one of yours you'd like to work on and bring your information, and laptop if you want. Members will work together to help solve some dilemmas.
December 9 Christmas potluck party and sharing. What's one of your relatives' favorite holiday tradition or memory?

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