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Monthly Programs for 2014

Held at the Manoa Gardens Community Center
2790-9 Kahaloa Drive, Honolulu
9:00-11:00 AM
Map and directions
These meetings are open to the public. Please park in the large public parking lot below the Manoa Gardens complex. Parking spaces within the complex are for residents. Thanks for your kokua!
January 11This is our annual business meeting and election of new board members. Please bring your program ideas for 2014.
February 8We have three topics this morning: (1) Jim Deutch talks about the stories he is planning to put into a book; (2) we explain how to begin using Power Point; and (3) we answer your questions about Family Tree Maker.
March 8Have you tried the new Family Search website? Our speakers are experts Elder and Sister Day and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pollard. If you haven't used FamilySearch.org recently, you will find that much has changed and lots of new databases are available for free searching. Also, please bring your questions about using Power Point and Family Tree Maker.
April 12 The main presentation is "Preserving Memories," hosted by Faith Burgwinkel. All members are requested to bring an item or two that relate to a family memory. Linda DuBee will speak about the website "Saving Memories Forever." Five-minute biographies are welcome. Bea Oates will give a bio called "My Uncle Herb, Who Could Have Been Famous, Instead Chose Not to Be."

PLEASE DO NOT PARK ANY WHERE ON THE PRIVATE DRIVE GOING INTO THE HOUSING. Members who arrive early should be able to find a space in the District Park lot before the games begin and parking is taken. If you need to use a handicapped placard, you will only find two places available at the Community Room. If those spots are taken, you must park in the District Park lot or on the street. You may arrange ahead of time with a member to park your car for you, or get a ride with someone who can drop you off at the door. If you invite or see a guest parking on that private drive, please tell them to park elsewhere.

May 10 Genealogical and Historical Resources at Hamilton Library. This meeting will NOT be held at the usual place in Manoa Gardens. Instead, we will meet at 9:30 AM in the lobby of Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Upper Campus. Dore A. Minatodani will give a 45-minute lecture at 9:30, to be followed by questions and answers and a tour of the library. Total time should be about 1-1/2 hours. There will be no business meeting at Manoa Gardens community room and no organized luncheon at the Waioli Tea Room. It is important to be there, and ready, at 9:30, so plan to arrive on campus early to find parking. Just in case, bring plenty of quarters or dollars or Visa/Mastercard for parking meters/pay-to-park machines. The visitor lots have green stalls for the pay-to-park stations. Maximum is 3 hours. Saturday "visitor parking" rate is a flat $6. Put the receipt on the dashboard where it is visible from outside. If you need a ride, please contact members from your area, using the HCGS member directory to arrange car pooling or rides. Please go to the UH website to see a map and read about costs and rules at the University. Keep in mind that TheBus stops at the University; see routes 4 and 6, for example.
June 14 To be announced
July 12 Nicky Thompson, director of Hawaii Bureau of Land Conveyances, will present this morning's program. Maintaining an accurate, timely, and permanent record system for title to real property is the responsibility of the Bureau of Conveyances. The Bureau examines, records, indexes, and microfilms over 344,000 Regular System and Land Court documents and maps annually; issues Land Court Certificates of Title; certifies copies of matters of record; and researches UCC requests. Hawaii is the only state in the nation with a single statewide recording office.
August 9 To be announced
September 13 To be announced
October 11 "Genealogy Programs," presented by Lenore Hansen-Stafford and Martha Reamy.
November 8 "DNA and Genealogy Research," presented by Dr. William Remus, an emeritus professor of Information Technology Management at the University of Hawaii. He is interested in the history of the Germans (and his family in particular) in Eastern Europe (modern Poland and Russia). He is past president of the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE) and has presented programs on German migrations into Poland and Volhynia and on using DNA for genealogical research.
November 30 Holiday buffet at the Outrigger Canoe Club. More information will be provided at the November 8 meeting.

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