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00-13 Martin, Nobregia, Silva, Silveria My father, Carl Charles Silva, was born on a pineapple plantation in Oahu in, I think, 1912. His parents were from the Maderia Islans. Manual Silveria was his bather and I'm not sure how to spell his mother's name - Perpetuia. They came to California when he was 8 years old - mother, father, 4 boys and 1 daughter. Kay 05/02/00
00-12 Chun, Wong Seeking any info on Yuk Ngau WONG born abt 1890, died 1950 in Honolulu. She was married to Say Cho CHUN and had nine children. Lived in Kalihi on Leilani Street. Michael 04/27/00
00-11 Gomes, Ho, Ne, Wiegman Barbara NE (part Hawiian, born c 1906 on Hawaii) married John C. WIEGMAN (USNavy, b c 1901 in Iowa) in Honolulu in about 1930. They lived in Honolulu and bore 2 daughters, Barbara Laverne (b 1931, m Herbert GOMES in '55) and Jacqueline Carole (b 1930, m. Donald HO in '55). Barbara and John later divorced, and this whole branch of family has been "lost" to the WIEGMANs. Ne is an unusual surname. Can anyone explain/trace its origins or these connections?

Note: Your email address no longer works... Donald, please contact the webmaster to correct... there IS a reply for you!
Donald 04/07/00
00-10 Logsdon, Sternberg Hello, I'm researching the life of my mother, Pauline (Logsdon) Sternberg and her husband, Lloyd V. Sternberg, when they lived and worked in Honolulu in the 1940s; specifically, she worked at: The Motor Coach Cafe on Hotel St. in Honolulu and at the YMCA about 1941. They lived at 250 S. Hotel St. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knows if these two businesses still exist, and if they are in the same locations. He was in the U.S. Navy and they were in Honolulu at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. Maribette 04/02/00
00-9 Nobunosake Kato and Kinue Nobunosake owned a property in Kapahulu, Oahu, Hawaii. They were residents on the big island in the 1920's. They sold there 20,00 squre ft of proberty to City Mill Lts in 1929. I am trying to find out what this property was used for a rice paddy, farming of taro or animals. I am also trying to find out some info on the peple who recided here. Bess 04/02/00
00-8 Aho, Kaimi I am researching my father's family.Arthur Solomon KAIMI Sr.(b)05-25-1925 (d)04-25-1974. Parents:(K)Solomon KAIMI (b) abt.1892 (W)AhMoy AHO (b) abt 1901 Married: December 20th, 1919 (p) Honolulu, The birthplace for Solomon is Honolulu. Birthplace for Ah Moy is Lahiana Maui. According to my dad's BC there was a total of 3 children including my father. Any information will be gladly appreciated. Mahalo Lynette 03/30/00
00-7 Ana, Johnston, Kalua, Kawelo I am searching for any relatives of Samuel and Hattie Kawelo Kalua ANA who lived in Honolulu in Iwilei until about the early 1900's. I believe mygrandfather Thomas Huia JOHNSTON was the first born son of Hattie from a previous husband,William JOHNSTON. Thomas was born in Los Gatos, CA on July 16, 1885.If anyone can confirm this information please contact me. Mahalo. Vera 03/08/00
00-6 Bonnell, Mendes, Santos I am looking for information on my maternal grandparents. I believe my grandfather's name was Joseph Mendes. I do not know how he arrived in Hawaii. My grandmother's name was Maria SANTOS. She immigrated to Hawaii, as a child, from Portugal in the late 1890s. I am looking for data on my grandparents. My Father is William G. BONNELL. He was born in Honolulu on Nov 21, 1914. William 03/08/00
00-5 Lombardo I am looking for information regarding Frank Lombardo a long deceased family member who resided I believe lived in the vicinity of Honolulu during the 1940s. I am also interested in any information regarding a distillery associated with the Lombardo name. My purpose is to complete a family history. Peter 03/08/00
00-4 Akina, Crawford I'm looking for information on a JOSEPH H. CRAWFORD,who was born in Honolulu in 1901 (?). I think his fathers name was Joseph, too and I was told that he worked for the Territory of Hawaii in some type of official position (1920s). Maybe a clerk? His mothers name was Elizabeth. CRAWFORD was her 2nd marriage. Her first was to AKINA. I was told that she had 10 children by each of her husbands. He was of Hawaiian descent. Because of the surname, his mother must have been the one of Hawaiian origin, but not sure.

He was in Carthage, Missouri in the early 1920s. He married a MAY ALLEN in 1922, in El Dorado, Kansas. The marriage license states his place of birth as Hunter, Hawaii? (possible mistake?). He was a musician. He played the ukelele/guitar and sang in a traveling carnival during the 1920's, in the mid west. His last known whereabouts was in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri. Don't know if he ever returned to Hawaii, but must have a lot of family living there. I'm new at this search for ancestors and will appreciate any help I can get.
Diane 01/30/00
00-3 Kahakalau, Kakanui Seeking any record or contact source regarding my grandfather: William (Kahanui?) KAHAKALAU. My father's birth cert. states grandfather born in Honolulu. I estimate abt 1893, based upon grandfather's death cert which states he was 62 at time of death (Feb. 1949 ). There is no date of birth on any documents and parents are listed on death cert as unknown.

Tutu told my mother he was from Kalihi-he said he lived with his grandmother. Tutu was a musician, he had a beautiful singing voice, played several instruments and taught music (in Boston) Tutu left the Islands abt 1914 (I could be off several years on this). My Uncle, his first child, was born in Boston in Feb.1917, so allowing for a marriage to take place a little before that in the states, it's for sure Tutu KAHAKALAU was here in 1916 (at least). Any information I can obtain from this posting would be so greatly appreciated. Mahalo.
Joan 01/27/00
00-2 Ching, Young, Zane I am seeking information on local history and geneaology related to the Young family of which I am a decendant. They owned a small family market on or near 1414 Farrington Street in Honolulu, HI in the early 1900's. My great-grandfather's name was Young (maybe with a different spelling). He immigrated from China and settled in Honolulu with an arranged second marriage to Phoebe (last name?) born in French or British Guiana.

They had several children. Names are as follows:
  • Molly or "Moi" Young born 1913
  • Nancy Young (now Nancy Ching)
  • Irene Young
  • Kathering Young (became Katherine Zane) born 1908
Any and all information given would be greatly appreciated. It's been difficult (almost impossible) finding information while not living in HI. Thank you.
Andrena 01/24/00
00-1 Campbell, Maurice, Shamnoski, Souza My grandparents Benjamin and Clara CAMPBELL were both born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was born 1907 and she in 1913. They married May 29, 1929. Her maiden name was MAURICE and her mother's maiden name was SOUZA.

They met while she was riding the horse drawn tolley in Wakiki from school and he was the driver. Together they had three children:
  • James Earl CAMPBELL, my father
  • Benjamin CAMPBELL Jr.
  • Carmen "CAMPBELL" Shamnoski
All three born on Oahu. After Pearl Harbour, they moved to the mainland and settled in San Leandro, CA. I've just started to trace the genealogy, so if you have any info on this family line please contact me.
Teri 01/14/00
99-18 Watson Looking for info on Willie Watson, his son Arthur Watson and his daughter Agnes Watson. Willie lived at Kaneohe and Arthur & Agnes lived on Oahu around 1940 & 1950's. Any info appreciated. Stephanie 12/30/99
99-17 Kowalski I am searching for information on Julie KOWALSKI b: abt 1919. Last know living on 312 Oahu St., Honolulu in 1953/54. She had two small children, daughter SHERRY and son KIT. She was a Polish immigrant around 1939, living in Pearl City, Tripler AFB. According to record she was never married. She had a best friend named Al Nobrega who was on the Police Department. Terry 12/19/99
99-16 Wilson Any information regarding Cuthbert Burns Wilson, Sr., born July 10, 1902 in Honolulu, Hawaii and/or his son, Cuthbert Burns Wilson, Jr., born January 3, 1925 in Makaweli, Kauai. Terry 10/24/99
99-15 Grammont Looking for marriage record of Frank GRAMMONT and unknown female on Oahu/Honolulu in 1935. He was enlisted US Army stationed at Fort Rudger. We are hoping to find our half-sister from this marriage. Lorae 10/24/99
99-14 Dominis, Emerson, Jones, Lee I am looking for information on Queen Lilioukalani's mother in law, Mary Lamport Jones, who married Captain John Dominis. Her son, John Owen Dominis, married the Queen. She owned Washington Place before she passed it on to her son and the Queen. Her relatives came from the Boston area. When the queen visited Boston in the 1880's she visited several of her Boston "cousins", and her autobiography states that they were Lees, Emersons and Jones families.

My now deceased relatives remember that event, I am descended from several Emersons and Jones. I would like to know the connection between Mary Lamport Jones' family and my family. I haven't found any genealogies of the Queen's husband, only her own ancestors. Does anyone know anything about John Owen Dominis's family, specifically his mother's side?
Heather 10/20/99
99-13 Kam I'm in search of information on my grandfather's voyage from China, either port of Macao or Hong Kong to Honolulu Harbor between period of 1878-1880. This was in fulfillment of the sugar plantation labor contract on Oahu. I have this much information, but need to know what ship he came on so that I can obtain a copy of the ship list. Also would like to know if I would be able to obtain copies of any paperwork that might have been a requirement to stay on the island after the three year contract was up. Information on any of this would be greatly appreciated. Ken 09/26/99
99-12 Butler, Garcia Honolulu County, island of Oahu Jeremy Carson BUTLER born: July 10, 1947 mother: Mary Garcia and father: Ernest Joseph Butler born in the army hospital at Pearl Harbour Sandy 09/02/99
99-11 Beamer, Desha, Hale'ala I am looking for info on the following families. Isabella Hale'ala and George Langhern Desha livedin Honolulu 1882. Peter Carl Beamer lived in Hilo around 1900. David 08/28/99
99-10 Davies Looking for info/records for Mark Bostwick Davies (5-5-1903 - 4-3-1966). Was divorced at the time of his death, unknown is his wife's name or whether he had children. Was an expediator for the federal gov't. Lived in Honolulu area since at least 1953 per his father's obit. Dick 07/31/99
99-9 Cochran, McDonald, McVeagh, White I am looking for information on my son's g-grandfather, Tom MC VEAGH, who was a printer and a publisher in Honolulu HI. He published a newspaper, the New Freedom, in the early part of the 20th century. He was also supposed to have been quite active in Democratic politics.

Tom was born in Scotland. His wife, Rebecca COCHRAN, was born in Ireland. Their daughter, Elizabeth MC VEAGH, married 1) Alexander MC DONALD (b. about 1900 in Ceylon) and 2) Eugene "Gene" WHITE, who was a "crooner" on a local Hawaiian radio station during the 1930s.
Harriette 02/15/99
99-8 Grace, Lartigue Seeking descendants of Nancy Ann Grace LARTIGUE who had descendants in Honolulu in the 1950's. They had a portrait of her that was painted about 1812. I own a portrait of her son, Jacques Etienne Lartigue, which was painted about 1840 and would like to contact her descendants to exchange family information and photographs of the portraits mentioned. Thanks. Etienne 02/06/99
99-7 Weaver Spencer and Clifton Weaver came to Honolulu right after WWII and start a company known as SpenceCliff. They were my cousins (both now dead) and would like more information about them. SpenceCliff built hotels and resturants. Spencer's last known address was on Diamond Head. He had a daughter Star. Clifton married Daisy ? in Hawaii. Does anyone know anything about this family? Susan 02/03/99
99-6 Ho'opi'i, Kamehameha, Key I am working on a Family Tree Project for my fifth grade class. My father, Calvin Kimo Key, was born in Honnolulu on June 2, 1960. His mother's name is Miriam HO'OPI'I Key and I am looking for her lineage.

I have been told that we are descendants of King Kemehamehaand that my father's name, that of his brother and sisters, as well as his mother's name are documented as being so. If anyone has any information, please email me.
Calandra 02/02/99
99-5   I am searching for any decendants of my Great Great Grandfather who is buried in Nuuanu Cemetary in Honolulu. He was born in Norway in 1831 and learned saddlery, leaving for US at age 20 and married. He settled in Chicago. Eventually came to San Francisco in 1877 where his wife passed away. He had 9 children of unknown ages of which 5 were living as of 1897. He moved to Honolulu in 1879 where he became saddlemaker to King Kamehameha IV. His shop was on corner of Fort and King streets. He died in 1896. Mike 01/31/99
99-4 Bailey, Campbell, Gehagen, Kimball, Robinson, Rycroft, Smith Searching for Alexander CAMPBELL m. to Margaret GEHAGEN Alex b. January 7, 1817 Magilligan, County Antrim, Ireland d. November 13?,1888 Margaret b. 1820 d. May 28, 1900. Both died in Honolulu, HI.

Their children:
  • Elizabeth b. 1850 d. July 2, 1944 Honolulu, HI
        m. Robert RYCROFT
  • Sophia Louise b. 1852 d. April 8, 1888
        m. Mark P. ROBINSON
  • Alexander James b. Oct. 2, 1856 Honolulu, HI d. Sept. 1941 Honolulu, HI    m.Alice KIMBALL
  • John T. b. 1858 Honolulu, HI d. March 9, 1915 Oakland, CA
  • William H.C. b. May 25, 1862 Honolulu, HI d. 1924 Honolulu, HI
        m. Julia K.BAILEY(1)
        m. Florence Smith(2)
Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated.
Natalie 01/26/99
99-3 Brown, Daughtery, Kaepuhaa, Laahiwa, Mehrten, Tolman My great grandmother, Vera (MEHRTEN) BROWN was born on Beretania Street at Kapauhi, Honolulu on 05/08/1884. She died on Mare Island, Vallejo, California on 05/22/1918. She had a bother, John Dominis KAKAUPOKAPUOKLANI MEHRTEN, born: 06/30/1883 in Honolulu and died 08/05/1944. Their parents where: John Alfred MEHRTEN who, according to Vera's obituary, was "the Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff Chales B. Wilson in the time of the monarchy under Queen Lili'uokalani." Mother was, Emily KAHEONAMEA DAUGHERTY MEHRTEN, born: 09/20/1859-died: 08/25/1941.

From this point, I just have names which I am assuming are all in and around the Honolulu area. The parents of Emily K. DAUGHERTY MEHRTEN: Thomas Templeton DAUGHERTY and Polly TOLMAN. The parents of Polly TOLMAN: William TOLMAN Jr. and Princess KAEPUHAA of Hawaii. The parents of William TOLMAN Jr.: William TOLMAN Sr. and Princess LAAHIWA of Hawaii. If any of this information rings a bell I would welcome a response! Thank you.
Theresa 01/17/99
99-2 Auki, Santiago I am seeking information about a Peter AUKI and wife Juanita SANTIAGO who lived on Oahu in the mountains above Honolulu in the early 1930s and 1940s. They had a daughter, Martha Kuhula AUKI. Becky 01/12/99
99-1 Brown, Whittington I am looking for information about my mother-in-law for my husband. Her maiden name was Alice Minnie WHITTINGTON. She was born on Kauai and was married in Honolulu to Alexander BROWN. They are both deceased but we are trying to trace his ancestors. We know her father's name was William WHITTINGTON and she had 3 sisters. We would like more information about her parents if possible. Would appreciate any help on where to look. M&M Brown 01/11/99
98-10 Aki, Akuhuna, Gagne, Iaea, Kawewehi Looking for relatives, mainly half brothers & sisters of my maternal grandmother on O'ahu. My grandmother's name was Julia KAWEWEHI and for a time used her mom's maiden name of "Akuhuna", but she died under the name of Ruth Iola GAGNE in 1970. She had a younger brother Earl T., whosefather was Samuel Makehu KAWEWEHI and died in the 40s. My grandmother also knew her half sister, Perdita (Deeta) IAEA of Honolulu. The other siblings were Helen IAEA and Jack AKI. Anyone with the know abouts of these people if they are still alive and especially their descendants, please contact me. Kalani 12/16/98
98-9 Guerreiro, Luka Researching the LUKA family from North Kohala/Kawaihae on the Big Island and from Waialua on Oahu. Also researching the GUERREIRO family from Waialua and Ewa. I have quite a bit of information about the Guerreiro family, but am sorely lacking info on the Luka family. Mahalo nui loa. Larry 11/19/98
98-8 Brandt, Jaeger, Robinson Looking for ancestors of Iwalani Amelia JAEGER d:1954. She is to be a decendent of King Kamehameha III. She married Thomas Edgar ROBINSON whom was born in England and came to Hawaii with his father (first name unknown) an Episcopalian missionary from England. Thomas Edgar and Iwalani had two children: David Keith Robinson born in Honolulu in 1921, died in 1987 or 1988 and Joan Robinson BRANDT died in 1998. Darla 11/19/98
98-7 Nobriga John Manuel Nobriga born in Oahu on May 10, 1910. One known sibling, an older brother Ernest. Parents names were Manuel and Julia. They came from Madiera, Portugal at unknown date. Looking for any information about John, who is my husband's father, as well as any information about his parents or family. Scarlett 05/07/98
98-6 Auki, Santiago I am seeking info on a Junaita SANTIAGO who married a Peter David AUKI. They lived on a mountain above Pearl Harbor, because their daughter, Martha, remembers the planes coming to bomb Pearl. She was a small child so would have been born about 1930/31. Any info on this family appreciated. They are my grandson's greatparents. Thanks. Becky 03/29/98
98-5 Carson, Flemming I am looking for any information about my father Charles P. CARSON. He was born on April 30, 1894 at Detroit, Michigan to John CARSON and Elizabeth FLEMMING. He was raised in Montana by his FLEMMING aunts. Then on June 18, 1916, he enlisted into the U.S. Army (serial # R-81-767) at Shelby, Montana. Eventually, he was stationed at Schofield Barracks, Honolulu County, Hawaii from 1919 to 1939. If anybody has information about my father, contact me. Olive 03/10/98
98-4 McGuire, McGurkee I was recently told my grandfather had a son prior to raising the familyin which my mother was born in. I am very interested in finding this person. The only information I have is his mothers name was Barbara McGUIRE or McGURKEE and he was born in Honolulu in 1947. My grandfathers name is Clarence NG. Chris 03/03/98
98-3 Andrews, Macbride, Perreira Joaquim Guilherme PERREIRA & Victornia Emilia emmigrated Sao Roque, Sao Miguel to Hawaii in 1881 (Suffolk). They had two daughters and two younger sons. Their daughter Augusta married J. D. ANDREWS (my great-grand-parents). They had 16 children.

Their eldest child, Julia, (my grandmother) was born in Honolulu. The family later lived on the Big Island in Kurtistown and Olaa, Augusta's sister, Maria Julia, was 23 years old in 1881. I do not know who she married or where she lived. I also do not know where Joaquim & Victorina lived.

Julia married George L. MACBRIDE in Mountain View. The witnesses at their wedding were Donald & Jane STEWART. George went to work in Aiea and in 1902 their first daughter, Myrtle, was born in Honolulu. Sandra Perez 8588 Pleasants Valley Rd. Winters, CA 95694
Sandra 02/26/98
98-2 Iselin, Matthewman Hello my name is Bill. My father's sister Frieda J (Iselin) MATTHEWMAN was the widow of Judge Albert Matthewman in Hawaii for years. Perhaps someone knew her as she taught high school for years in Honolulu. I know nothing about the Judge and would appreciate anything you might have to share. Aloha! Bill 01/23/98
98-1 Abregana, Pamat Any information on the PAMAT family will help. Victoria Pamat from Cebuborn:1908 and died: 1940 in Waianae, HI. Formly from Ewa, HI, married to Atanacio Abrigana also from Cebu. Jaime 01/07/98
97-25 Maurath Seeking anyone who might have known Father Justin E. MAURATH, M.M. (Maryknoll Missionary). Father MAURATH's first assignment as a Maryknoll Missionary priest was to Sacred Heart Parish in Honolulu around 1949. He was there several years, and all who knew him, loved him. He fell in love with the people and with Honolulu, and adopted it as his home, buying a house at 1901 Coyne Ave. (across from the 7-11 store). This home was turned over to the gracious BRAZ family and sold just a few years ago. When Father Justin was re-assigned to another part of the world, he made it a point to keep in touch with his Honolulu families, and to come back frequently for visits and vacations. Honolulu was now his permanent home, and he desired to be buried there when he died. But when he died on Jan.11, 1988, his family desired for him to be buried back home on the mainland, and so he is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St.Louis, Missouri. A book is being written about his life, and the family would greatly appreciate hearing from any of you who might have known him. Please send responses to: John L. Maurath 8808 Eggeling La.St.Louis, MO. 63127 John 12/13/97
97-24 Butzke I am looking for info on the BUTZKE family. Arrived in Honolulu County abt. 1898. Brothers Charlie and Herman came over from the mainland to find work. Believe Charlie worked as a plumber on Iolani Palace. Charlie had 3 sons while in Hawaii, Albert, Herbert, and John Butzke. Looking for info in Charlie and Herman's parents from Germany, or any info on the family while in Hawaii. Kimberly 11/25/97
97-23 Alemeida Would appreciate any information about Manuel ALEMEIDA and decendents. He lived at the end of Kamaloa Road near Haleiwa the early part of this century. Thank You. Bill 11/15/97
97-22 Buckwood, Cummins, Fitzsimmons Looking for info on descendants of Vincent M. & Emma (BUCKWOOD) FITZSIMMONS. Vincent was born in NY and shipped from New London, CT on a whaler in 1851. (His parents and the majority of his family migrated to Hillsdale Co., Mich. in 1837) In 1853 he left the ship in Hawaii. He was editor/owner of the Honolulu Gazette. Vincent M. & Emma Fitzsimmons had three children: Arthur, Lydia, and Vincent. Lydia married TP CUMMINS and they resided in Honolulu. Their children were John, Thomas, Raplee, Moslee, Alvin, Wood, and an infant b. ca.1912. Nancy 11/06/97
97-21 Kikaha, Luffman Seeking first cousin: Rita Gladimay LUFFMAN, b. May 3, 1940 in Honolulu to Jack Luffman (my uncle) and Elizabeth Kanae KIKAHA. He left Hawaii within a year and never returned. Rita has never known her fathers family. Genealogical interest only. Please ask her to contact me. Bonnie 10/18/97
97-20 Tabares This might be too sketchy but looking for cemetary records for a Suzanna TABARES. Jose and Suzanna Tabares came to Hawaii from Siebou, Phillipines in approximately 1918. Jose was deported cir. 1924 , leaving 2 sons in St. Anthony's orphanage and taking a 3rd son back to Phillipines. Suzanna died in Hawaii (Oahu?) pre 1924. Seeking information on Luciano Tabares who was eventually taken out of the orphanage by his older brother. The family was working on a sugar plantation. Suzanna 08/17/97
97-19 Hoppus I'm searching for information on my uncle, Charles Howard HOPPUS, who was a Marine stationed in Honolulu just prior to and during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and WWII. While in Hawaii, he met and married a native Hawaiian. They may have had a child. I have information on our family that I am willing to share. You can either e-mail me or write: Linda Cooper, P.O. Box 415, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Thanks. Linda 07/13/97
97-18 Noon, Tambree, Tembo I am searching for information relating to a distant relative by the name Lilui TEMBO (A.K.A.William TAMBREE). He was born in Honolulu, Sandwich Islands in about 1837 parents unknown. He arrived in Sydney, Australia in about 1853 (possibly jumping from trading ship). He married Mary NOON and later in 1888 died in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. Any information would be appreciated, including the origin of the surname TEMBO. Jenny 06/20/97
97-17 Mossman, Tachera Any help in locating information about the MOSSMAN Ohana for my boyfriend, Steve. Specifically trying to learn the Mossman Ohana aumakua. Father: Herman Stephen TACHERA; Grandmother: Elizabeth Ann Mossman b:9/7/17 - d:1/18/52; Great Grandfather; Douglas Ralph Mossman.Mahalo. Linda 06/15/97
97-16 deSilva, Ferriera, Fustina Looking for the ancestors or descendants of August(Augoost) de SILVA and his wife Virginia FERRIERA. He was born in Honolulu 8 Aug 1886, Virginia 14 Oct 1890 in Hilo. His parents were Joao Joaquim de Silva and his mother Constantina. Virginia's father was Antone Ferriera and her step-mother Anna de Jesus Fustina. Their families both originated in Portugal.

Their children:
  • Manuel
  • David
  • Isabella
  • Alice
  • Margaret
  • Annie
  • Carlina
  • Cecilia
  • Albert
  • Clarence
  • Mary
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Laurie 06/14/97
97-15 Clark, Pemberton, Woolsey Looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Woolsey CLARK. gr.grandmother Honolulu area starting around 1840 is the information we have..abt. 1840 Brother John PEMBERTON married Malekuli? Their daughter, Eliza Pemberton married William George WOOLSEY aprox 1860? Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Woolsey, married my gr.grandfather David Wilson Clark..Newspaper "The Friend"; April 1880 gives date as April 8, this city by the Rev. H.H. Parker. Does anyone have any information on WOOLSEY, PEMBERTON, CLARK? Please E-mail and thanks for your help. David 06/13/97
97-14 Alpenfels, Mitchell, Rice I am looking for info on my GG Grandparents and their decendentes: Charles James MITCHELL (b. Nov 1872/England) and Isabella RICE (b. Nov 1876/Hawaii) He emmigrated to Hawaii in 1894 and was a Customs Employee per 1900 census. Married 30 Nov 1898 in Honolulu. They had at least three children: Albert MITCHELL (Oct 1895), Olga H. MITCHELL (Dec 1897) and John MITCHELL (Sept 1899). Olga married William Francis ALPENFELS on 19 June 1916 in Honolulu and had one child (my Grandfather) Donald William ALPENFELS (b. 21 Dec 1918/Portland, OR) Olga & William divorced in June 1923. Olga was never heard from again. My G Grandfather remarried. Any information on Olga or her relations would be greately appreciated. Valerie 06/11/97
97-13 Falke, Greene Arthur Albert GREENE and Gretvhen A. FALKE were married in 1917 and lived in Hawaii from 1919 to after 1934. Arthur was a lawyer and in 1934 Arthur was given post in Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii. Arthur Albert was a city editor for newspaper in Honolulu before 1919, Gretchen A. FALK was grand daughter of owner of copra plantations in HI. Any help would be very kind of you. Arthur is my great uncle. Did they have children? When did they die and where? Thank you. Kathleen 06/05/97
97-12 Riley We have been told in doing research on our family that one of the relations was Mayor or some high official of Honolulu, Honolulu County. His name was Lawson RILEY born June 20, 1896 stateside, possibly Texas. Was there ever a Mayor Lawson RILEY of Honolulu. Any information you have on this will be greatly appreciated.Thank you. John 05/25/97
97-11 Luck Searching for information in Honolulu about Robert "Lucky" LUCK. Was a Marine in WWII and an entertainer in Honolulu. Played in several episodes of Hawaii 5-0 in the past. Any help would be appreciated. He was the emcee for Don Ho back in the 60's when Don was with the Aliis at Duke's. Any information would be most helpful. Steve 04/28/97
97-10 Chang, Chong, Ho Seeking any information on Mee Hing CHONG and his wife Shee HO. Both were born in China about 1860. Shee HO was orginally married to CHANG then to CHONG.

My grandfather William F. YIN CHONG was one of their children. I have been able to locate their gravesite behind Punchbowl but have no other information about them. Would especially like to know if my great grandmother had any other HO relatives in Hawaii. Sing Chang was one of her children from her first marriage. Thank you.
S. Sadowski 03/28/97
97-9 Tazawa I am searching for relatives with the surname TAZAWA. The main person would have a link to Yvonne (Youvonne) Tazawa. She should have been around 20 or 30 years of age in 1946. She had a daughter, Lynda C. in May of 1946. Contact me for more information. Kim 03/19/97
97-8 deLuna, Eyarez, Luna We are trying to begin a search on our family name of LUNA. Originally they were from Manila, Philipines, Simplicio DeLuna immigrated to Hawaii (Oahu) around 1917. His soon to be wife, Martina EYAREZ, immigrated a few months later.

The family story tells of the name changing from DeLuna to Luna on the official immigration papers for Hawaii (we are uncertain of when the change truly took place.) Simplicio and Martina worked in the pineapple fields outside of Wahiawa (Oahu) Hawaii and gave birth to several children.

A few names of those children are Alfredo (my father-in-law), Bernard, Natividad (unsure of spelling), Emmanual and Rose. We would appreciate any help in tracing this name back to the Philipines. Thank you.
LauraLee 03/07/97
97-7 Camargo, Cambaliza, Pikini, Ramos I am looking for anyone with the surnames of CAMARGO, RAMOS, or PIKINI. I think some came from Hilo and some from Honolulu. Pikini came from Waimanalo. Anyone with these surnames or knowing anyone or anything about these names please, please let me know. I have not had any luck with any of these names. Also the last name of CAMBALIZA. All ancestors are from Hawaii and Puerto Rico and the Philippines and they moved from Hawaii to San Francisco. Please help. Send any info to my e-mail thank you very much. If I can help anyone in CA please let me know I live in Milpitas, CA (by San Jose, CA) Thanks again. Gerri 02/24/97
97-6 Cunha, daSilva, deMello, Silva I am in the process of researching my family's genealogy and am contacting you hoping that I may be able to find some "lost"; ancestors. Thanks for taking the time to read this; I appreciate any help.

Are any of the following names/dates/locations familiar?
  • Isabella Agnes deMELLO (my mother) born: 14 November, 1914 in Hilo, HI
  • her parents:
    • Jacintho deMELLO
      born: 26 May, 1883 in Kilauea, Kauai, HI
      died: 03 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI
    • Victoria daSILVA
      born: 12 October, 1882 in Hilo, HI
      died: 14 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI
  • Jacintho deMELLO's parents: Julio Faveres deMELLO and Anna Julia, immigrated to HI from the Azores in September, 1882
  • Julio and Anna's children in order of birth:
    • Jose
    • Alfredo
    • Jacintho
    • Benjamin
    • Caesar
    • Emil
    • Ida
  • Victoria daSILVA's parents: Joseph SILVA & Gloria CUNHA.
  • Victoria and Joseph's children surviving children in order of birth:
    • Matilda
    • Catherine
    • Isabella Agnes
    • Emily
Lin 02/07/97
97-5 Bernard, Mattos, Seegers, Silva I am just getting started on research in Hawaii. Names I'm looking for so far are as follows: SILVA-Honolulu, MATTOS-Honolulu, both from Portugal. BERNARD-unknown what county or where immigrated from, but told is Portuguese. SEEGERS-unknown, also told is Portuguese. Known to have been in HI in 1920...can't find any sooner. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Kathy 01/28/97
97-4 DeMatta, Passos Looking for ancestors of the following, from Honolulu Able Passos; Joseph DeMatta from Portugal 27 June 1907. Rosa Maria Haole Pa'pi'ku Kea'hi'pu'hia, Anna Miranda Antonio may be from Philipines Leonard 01/20/97
97-3 McCreary I am seeking family information on Thomas M. McCREARY he lived in Hawaii during WW2, M. Katherine (maiden name unknown), had two children, son Thomas D. McCreary and daughter Betty (married name unknown). Both were born in Hawaii. Last known address is Nashville, TN. If you have any information on this family please contact me at e-mail address. Thank you Lyn 01/16/97
97-2 deJesus, deSouza, Marcella, Rodrigues Looking for information on Joao de Freitas MARCELLA who left Madeira on ship Victoria in 1899. Joao married Josephina de SOUZA in 1901 in Waipahu; they divorced abt 1911 Joao moved to Kauai. Josephina de Souza, b. 1866 in Hawaii, was the daughter of Francisco de Souza and Maria de JESUS. After divorcing Joao, she remarried to Vidal RODRIGUES and she died in Waialua, Oahu in 1926. John 01/15/97
97-1 Holck, Lee, Pokeo Peter Lee was manager of the Volcano House from 1891-1898. Peter Lee came from Norway to Punaluu, Hawaii. Jacob Martinius Holck came from Bergen, Norway to Honolulu than Punaluu, Hawaii. Mary Ann Pokeo was a native Hawaiian. Any information would be very much appreaciated. Robert 01/12/97
96-2 Kahookano I am looking for any information on David W. A. KAHOOKANO born abt 1865 in North Kohala, Hawaii and who died on Feb. 8, 1900 in Honolulu. John 11/22/96
96-1 Kaimana Looking for information on the family of Joseph KAIMANA. Date of birth unknown, date of death March 2, 1993. From the Island of Oahu he was my grandfather. Alexander 10/22/96

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