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Ron Poole Tue Nov 26 05:25:16 1996
I am doing a broad search of hawaiian ancestry and would like to know if there is someone out there who can help me in tracing back the following lines; Mokunui, Makanui, Kalihi, Hoopii, Mananui, Puueo, Waipio, Pualele, Kihe, Moeiki, Kaoao and Kalua. Most, if not all lived on the islands of Niihau and Kauai. Any assistance or further breakdown of names can be done by contacting me.

Tish PinhoSun Jan 5 05:55:18 1997
Subject: Emily Camara born 12-1917 Kauai. I am requesting some help in locating the names of the parents of Emily Camara born December 1917. I am doing genealogy research for the grand children and would appreciate your help.

John Marcella Wed Jan 15 20:17:35 1997
Looking for information on Joao de Freitas Marcella who left Madeira on the Ship Victoria in 1899. Joao married Josephina de Souza in 1901 in Waiphau; they divorced abt 1911. Joao moved to Kauai. Josephina de Souza, born 1866 in Hawaii, was the daughter of Francisco de Souza and Maria de Jesus. After divorcing Joao, she remarried to Vidal Rodrigues and died in Waialua, Oahu in 1926.

Lin Palmer Fri Feb 7 16:23:55 1997
I am in the process of researching my family's genealogy and am contacting you hoping that I may be able to find some "lost" ancestors. Thanks for taking the time to read this; I appreciate any help. Are any of the following names/dates/locations familiar? Isabella Agnes deMELLO (my mother) born: 14 November, 1914 in Hilo, HI her parents: Jacintho deMELLO born: 26 May, 1883 in Kilauea, Kauai, HI died: 03 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI and Victoria daSILVA born: 12 October, 1882 in Hilo, HI died: 14 November, 1963 in Honolulu, HI. Jacintho deMELLO's parents: Julio Faveres deMELLO and Anna Julia, immigrated to HI from the Azores in September, 1882. Julio and Anna's children in order of birth: Jose, Alfredo, Jacintho, Benjamin, Caesar, Emil, Ida. Victoria daSILVAs parents: Joseph SILVA Gloria CUNHA. Victoria and Joseph's children surviving childhood in order of birth: Matilda, Catherine, Isabella Agnes, Emily.

Carol Stevens Sun Feb 9 13:11:38 1997
Arrived Lihue November 1888 and left there in fall of 1904. Karl GEHRKE and wife Charlotte GRUNBAUM. Arrived with 2 natural children of thiers, Fred/Fritz and Hedwig, also arrived with August GRUNWALD, surmized to be Charlotte's son. Karl and Charlotte had lots more children while living on the island. Wish to correspond with any descendants of Karl GEHRKE, August GRUNWALD. Daughter Hedwig stayed on the island all her life and died there 1980. She married August BRAUN. Descendants are known to still be living on the island. (NOTE: Alternate emails are: Lashbrooke@AOL.COM and Lashbrooke5@yahoo.com)

M. Brown Sat Feb 15 17:39:16 1997
I am looking for my great-grandparents. Their names were Craveira and Jordan and they were from the Azores. Possibly a different spelling for Craveira. These two married.

Randal Nakaya Wed Mar 19 1997
Looking for information on my grandfather Mitsuru NAKAYA b. 24 JUL 1926 in Kauai CO. He married Aiko NAKANE b. 7 Apr 1929 probably in Japan. They came back to Kauai in 1952 from service with the U.S. Army. Im a 13yr. old researcher. Thanks Randal

Tom Forest Tue May 6 09:51:31 1997
G-G-grandparents Antonio (36 y.o.) & Antonia (21 y.o.) RODRIGUES arrived from Madeira on the Hankow in July 1883 and settled on Kauai. G- grandmother Virginia b. in Hanamaulu 1889. G-granduncle Manuel b. 1886. G-grandfather Kum Wah LUM arrived 1896 from Canton, China. M. Virginia c. 1907 (?). Grandfather Henry LUM b. March 1910. Siblings Frances, Adam, Eva, Anselm, Claudia (Caddy), Alexis (Teddy).

Submitter: Sherman Warner (warners@tribeca.ios.com)
Date: 17 May 1998

I am trying to date a collection of early photos which I believe were taken on Kauai. One photo has the names of the sitters written on the reverse. Named are Mrs. CAMPBELL (Mabel RHODES), F. FAY & wife, Grace KING, May or Mary HART (sp?), Mr. PERKINS, and Mr. CAMPBELL. Any help in dating this group would be much appreciated.

Submitter: Kathy Jacobs (kjacobs@dc.net)
Date: 04 Jun 1998

Seeking information on Grace NOONAN, (daughter of Thomas NOONAN and Alice SMITH)for NOONAN genealogy. Daughter Sandra SVETKA living in Kalaheo in 1975.

Submitter: F. J. Martin (silverlife@mailcity.com)
Date: 14 Jun 1998

Looking for relatives of Beatrice FREITAS-Martin, b. Lawai, Kalaheo, Kauai, T. H., ABT. 1924, m.- Jesse Graham MARTIN, of N.C., their fifth child was born at Waimea Hospital in Rural Waimea on Kauai, July 4, 1947, her birth name is given as Geraldine MARTIN. Would like to trace the geaneology of any remaining FREITAS family and their ancestory on the islands. Thank you.

Submitter: Patrick Leslie, Fishell (jctf@goodnet.com)
Date: 31 Aug 1998

I am looking for leads on relatives on my mother's side. These people lived in or near Waimea, Kaua'i. Tutu told us all family records were lost in a church fire. Her name was Mae (Meeiau ilikakani o ke alii) Hu, only daughter of Rachel Kahapula Spencer (maiden name) daughter of tutu Nahalekula and Ashford Spencer. Rachel Kahapula Spencer married Hu Wai. My mother, Hattie Puanani Ching, told me of growing up in/near Waimea. Government Road, swinging bridge, memehune ditch, coconut grove on family land on which male members of family each planted a coconut tree, these are distant memories of my mother's childhood. She was born in 1921, on O'ahu and was hanai to her aunt Hattie Loyick or Lo Yick on Kaua'i. Other names that have come up are, an uncle to my grandmother Mae Spencer-Hu, uncle Solomon "Joe" Kapepe'e (died late 1970's early 1980's) who used to run a powerhouse in Waimea. William Keao, 1st cousin to Mae Spencer-Hu (mentioned above)

Submitter: Susan M Andrade (samisan@hawaiian.net)
Date: 13 Dec 1998

I'm having difficulty locating a Birth Certificate for my grandmother. Her birth name was Daisy HOBBS, (also may have been known as Susan or possibly Kapola). She was born on 19 May 1897, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii, (according to her death certificate) and here death date is 19 May 1928, Samuel Mahelona Mem Hospital, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii. Direction on where to go for this birth certificate would be appreciated.

Submitter: Helen Omo (tootsie@pacifier.com)
Date: 31 Dec 1998
URL: http://www.fami lytreemaker.com/users/o/m/o/Helen-M-Omo/

Searching OMO/DONYRI/PALER/SILVA and related families that live in Kauai, >Hi. Some are located on other islands also. Would like to hear from all >family/friends to futher these lines. Aloha, Charley&Helen Omo in Oregon

Submitter: Virginia Robley-Haworth (KAWAI50@AOL.COM)
Date: 17 Jan 1999

I am doing geneology research on the surnames "ROBLEY", and "VALLES". Arrival in the Islands from Puerto Rico in the early 1900's. They came by ship traveling from Puerto Rico>New York>New Orleans> >San Francisco>Island of Hawii>Kauai. Employment was at the McBryde Sugar Plantation Eleele, Kauai. Any information will be appreciated.

Submitter: Harry K. Lovell (punaheleok@email.msn.com)
Date: 22 Feb 1999

I am searching for any information on Julia Maraea Leialoha KEALOHA, born on 31 May 1887 in Kapa'a, Kauai. Her father was John Mathew Kealoha, her mother was Julia Maria Davis, both of Kapa'a, Kauai.

Submitter: Virginia-Robley Haworth (KAWAI50@AOL.COM)
Date: 22 Feb 1999

Searching for surnames: ROBLEY and VALLES Arrived on the Big Island early 1900s from Puerto Rico. Later went on to settle on the Island of Kauai in Eleele. Employed at the McBryde Sugar Plantation. Need information on family in Puerto Rico. Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks, Ginnie

Submitter: James E.K. MacLoves (kailihou@aol.com)
Date: 22 Sep 1999

Researching the sunames of SAGRE, PUKAI, KELEKOMA, KAHIKI and KI‘ILAU. My mother is Victoria Kananimauloa Sagre B: Apr. 1, 1921 at Kawaihau, Kapaa, to Gertrude Kahiki (Pukai) of Kapa‘a Kauai and W.G. (Aurillio) Sagre of Iloilo, Phillipine Islands. Her siblings include William Lani and Rosaline Sagre, and James Keawe Richards and half brothers and sisters Manuel Ku‘uipo, Esther Kaowiloa, Gertrude Holowealani, Peter Manuel and Pearl Ku‘ulei Baptista. Any information respectfully appreaciated. Mahalo!

Surnames: WILSON
Submitter: Terry Wilson (SacTW@aol.com)
Date: 24 Oct 1999

Any information regarding Cuthbert Burns Wilson, Sr., born July 10, 1902 in Honolulu, Hawaii and/or his son, Cuthbert Burns Wilson, Jr., born January 3, 1925 in Makaweli, Kauai.

Submitter: Leilani Heath-Armstrong (lh25@mail.csuchico.edu)
Date: 08 Dec 1999

I am looking for relatives of my father, Fransisco Pastor Armstrong. He is a native Hawaiian born in Hanapepe, Kauai in Oct 1924, and was adopted by a portugese family and moved to Puerto Rico when he was ten. He has a sister named Christine who may live on Oahu. She tried to contact him in the 50's.

Surnames: MIZUTANI
Submitter: John Hope (blackeye@clover.net)
Date: 18 Dec 1999

Looking for information on the MIZUTANI family. Don't know much about them other than they were on Kauai.

Submitter: Penny Carter (puna148463@aol.com)
Date: 31 Dec 1999

I am researching information on my fathers parents. My father is Joseph KUA. His fathers name is Manuel VICTORINO-SOUZA. His mother is Julia ALAPAI of Kapaa.

Submitter: Cherie Yamane (naniolaa@aol.com)
Date: 07 Feb 2000

Kabazawa, Kaua`i: Sui Kabazawa and Tetsuzo Kabazawa Yamane, O`ahu (Pauoa): Kiku and Genkuro Yamane (also lived in Koloa on Kaua`i)

Surnames: CHANG
Submitter: Shirley Writer Chang (schang@lanset.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2000

Searching for information about Earl Kwan Hin CHANG. Believed to be born July 2, 1943 and died November 1982. He served in the Vietnam War and had at least one daughter, Yuk Lin CHANG. Earl's father was William Dai Kee CHANG, born February 16, 1897 in Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii. William was the son of See Chai CHANG, born in 1846 in Koon Tong Village, Heung Shan District, China and died in 1909 in Hahapepe, Kauai, Hawaii.

Submitter: Robin Kills (Eiko-1958@msn.com)
Date: 13 Apr 2000

Researching the following family lines, all on Kauai: MUKAI, TADA, KAKESAKO, and ODA. I would like to correspond with anyone who may have information on these families.

Submitter: Lucille Bonilla (lucy@hawaii.rr.com)
Date: 03 May 2000

I am searching for my ancestors. My grandmother's name is Lucille Luka Taylor and her parents were George Taylor and Elsie Panui. If there is anyone who can help me find my family roots will be greatly appreciated. Lucille was born on 1/1/1884 in Kealia, Kauai, Hawaii. Please e-mail me with any information. Also looking for more information on Lauterio Baldes, Pablo Bonilla married to Carmela Carvalho her parents were Santiago Carvalho and Monserate Matos. Also if anyone who can linked Joseph Ke-a to Lucille Luka Taylor please get in touch with me Joseph's father is Kekuewa Ke-a. And from stories that I remember as a child Joseph was also married to Victoria Nainoa daughter of Lyon Nainoa and Eliza Apuakehau.

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