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Appanoose County >> 1878 Index

The History of Appanoose County..., Iowa
Chicago: Western Hist. Co., 1878.

Center Township

Biographies submitted by Alice Wayne Daniels.

Page 487
Ashby, E. G., far., S. 26

Allen, W. E.

Allen, W. E., boots and shoes; born in Hampshire Co., Mass., in 1831, moved to Madison Co., Ohio, in 1836, with his parents, and to this county in 1855. He married Miss M. Barlow in 1853; she was born in Ohio in 1831; they have five children - Iona B., Eldridge, Maria H., Thruman L., Loretta A. and Sophrona M. They are Methodists; he is a Republican. Owns residence and business house, valued at $5,000; he carries a stock of about $3,000; has been in business since 1856.

Angst, Adam -

Angst, Adam, farmer, Sec. 5; he was born Nov. 24, 1844, in Switzerland; in 1856, came to Davis Co., Iowa; in 1866, came to Appanoose Co., owns 120 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre. Married Terressa Banta in 1868; she was born in 1852 in Indiana; have four children - Elizabeth, Josephine, Mary Etta and Adam. Democrat; U. B. Church.

Bunnell, A., carpenter.

Baker, James W.

Baker, James W., Jailer; he was born March 30, 1838, in Scott Co., Ind.; in 1843, came with his parents to Illinois; Oct 3, 1849,came to Appanoose Co.; settled in Bellair Tp. His father died in 1868, aged 52 years; his mother still lives on the old homestead. He was appointed to his present office in November, 1875; has been Constable three years; he was elected in 1878 Justice of the Peace. Married Miss Mattie Scott April 29, 1861; she was born in Indiana; her parents came to Walnut City, Appanoose Co., in 1851; her father died in 1860, aged 56 years. Enlisted in 1862 in Co. I, 36th Iowa V. I.; served to the end of the war. Republican; Christian Church.

Barenthouse, E., barber.
Barrows, J. C., saddler.

Bashaw, J. W.

Bashaw, J. W., wagon and carriage manufacturer; born in Culpeper Co., VA., in 1845; located in this county in 1870. Married Miss N. E. Gaston April 18, 1867; she was born in Ohio in 1848; their children are William A., J. E. and Clara S. Mrs. Bashaw is a Methodist; he is a Democrat. He owns his house and lot, and factory and lot of fixtures, valued at $2,000; he is a prompt and energetic business man and a good mechanic.

Bayes, R. far., Sec. 31.

Beall, George W.

Beall, George W., variety store; born in Hancock Co., VA., in 1848, and located in this county in 1873. Married Miss Anna J. Barr in 1873; she was born in Richland Co., Ohio, in 1843; have two children - Ollie Monroe and William C. Mrs. Beall is a Presbyterian; he is a Republican. He enlisted in the 30th I. V. I., in 1864, transferred to the 6th I. V. C., in 1865; mustered out with his regiment at Louisville, Ky., at the close of the war. He owns his dwelling and store-building, valued at $3,000; he keeps a general variety stock always on hand.

Page 488
Bevington, M., flour and feed.
Bevington, J. C., clerk.
Benadum, L. H., far., Sec 26.
Belknap, G., board-house.
Bird, R., U.S. mail agent.
Blachley, H. W., dentist.
Bowen, C. W., lumber.
Bowen, H. C., lumber.

Boyles, Dennis

Boyles, Dennis, farmer, Sec. 13; born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Nov. 19, 1824; located here in 1868; owns 145 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. He is a member of the M. E. Church; Democrat. His wife, Margaret Brough, was born in Somerset Co., Penn., May 11, 1828; they were married Oct. 11, 1858; have nine children - Abraham B., Anna, Sarah, Minnie, Dorsey D., Ada C., William, Lelia L. and Stanley. Mr. Boyles enlisted in Co. K, 206th Penn. V. I., in August, 1863, and served with the 3d Brigade, 10th Corps, and was in all the battles of that corps from the time of his enlistment till the close of the war.

Boyles, James K., CAPT

Boyles, James K., CAPT, proprietor Keystone House, Centerville; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, ,in 1831; located in this county in 1867. Married Miss Mary E. Harrow in 1864; she was born in Indiana; they have two children - Mary J. and Anna B. The Captain was connected with steamboating on the rivers for over twenty-four years; the Keystone House is well kept and closely looked after in the interests of its guests by Mr. Boyles, the sociable host.

Braidwood, A., retired.
Brower, C. J., school teacher.
Breazeale, D. H., dry goods merchant.

Breazeale, J. A.

Breazeale, J. A., merchant; Centerville; born in Blount Co., Tenn., in 1841; located in Lee Co., Iowa, in 1849, and in this county in 1851. Married Miss M. Martin in 1862; she was born in Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1845; their children are Aura M., Mary E., Gracie A., Rinnie E., Burnice G., Emma J. and William H. They are members of the Christian Church; he is a Republican. He owns his residence, valued at $2,000; store building, $7,000, and stock, worth $7,000; he has been in his present business since 1866.

Brown, P. A.

Brown, P. A., brooms; born in Morgan Co., Ohio, in 1818; moved to this county in 1854. Married Ann Wood in 1842; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1810; they have three children - John, Daniel and Eveline. They are members of the Advent Church; Republican. He is now engaged in raising broom-corn and manufacturing brooms. He owns his residence, valued at $1,500

Brown, S., far., Sec 25.
Bruno, E.
Bryan, E., far., Sec. 8.

Bryan, G. W., teacher; born in Hendricks Co., Ind., Aug. 12, 1853; when 4 years of age, his father J. W. B., came to this county, purchased and located upon the farm in Center Tp., where the family now reside, and died in October 1875, at the age of 65. Early in the war, his older brothers enlisted, leaving himself and younger brother with his father (then in feeble health) to conduct the farm; he was able in consequence to attend school less than three months per year in the district school; but being industrious and anxious to succeed in life, he improved every moment well, and, at the age of 23, he entered the Normal School at Moulton; has for the past two years taught school; upon entering Normal, by applying himself to his studies, he accomplished in two years what usually required three years’ time, and, June 28, 1878, received his diploma as qualified for the duties of a teacher, having which there acted as assistant teacher, and with Profs. Campbell and Guthrie taught the Normal at Centerville; he entered his present position, taking charge of the school at Cincinnati, Sept. 16, 1878; owns an undivided interest in his father’s estate.

Page 489
Burgess, G. M., farmer, Sec. 25.
Campbell, A. J., farmer, Sec. 5

Calvert, James W., clothing and gents’ furnishing goods; Centerville; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1836; located in Davis Co., Iowa, in 1850, and in this county in 1853. Married Sarah C. Michael in 1865; she was born in Indiana in 1847; their children are Charlie J., Pearl P., Ella D. and Zella. Are members of the M. E. Church; he is a Republican. He owns his residence in the city, valued at $3,000, also a half interest in the business, valued at $3,500; they carry a full line of goods, well selected and suitable to their trade. He enlisted in Co. G, 36th I. V. I., in August 1862; mustered out in January, 1864, at Vicksburg, Miss.; was Private Secretary with Gen. Ross part of the time.

Campbell, D. C. banker.

Campbell, John, farmer, Sec. 18; born in Fayette Co., Ind. Nov 10, 1829; located here in August, 1856, and owns 257 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. Democrat. His wife, Nancy Hamilton, was born in Hendricks Co., Ind., in May, 1840, and married March 27, 1861; they have six children - George A., Martha E., Ida M., Charles E., Mary F., Ruth J.

Campbell, George A., far., Sec. 8; born in Fayette Co., Ind., Oct. 2, 1831, and located here in 1875; owns 120 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. He is a Democrat. Bachelor.

Campbell, L., far., Sec. 23.
Carmichael, P., cooper.

Carr, Joseph, farmer, Sec. 8; was born Aug. 27, 1825, in Chatteris, England; in 1837, came to Bucks Co., Penn.; in 1843, to Hancock Co., Ohio; in 1851, , to Dubuque Co.; in 1855, removed to Houston Co., Minn.; in 1870, came to his present farm; owns 120 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre. Married Sarah Altman in 1845; she was born in 1824 in Ross Co., Ohio; died May 23, 1855; had five children, three living - Thomas R., George W. and Susan A. Second marriage to Caroline Malenger in 1855; she was born in 1838 in Illinois; died in June, 1876; had ten children, nine living - J. H.; J. M.; A. W.; Julia A.; Elizabeth M.; A. Martin; Estella; Ella and Jessie. Third marriage to Susan Pixly in 1877; she was born in October, 1825, in Ohio. John Owen enlisted in 1863 in Co. K, 6th Minn. V. I.; served to the end of the war; he died in 1866, aged 21 years (this should be 41),of disease contracted in the army. Republican; Christian Church.

Clark, W. G., attorney (of Dewey & Clark), law insurance, real estate and loans; born in Clark Co., Ohio, in 1850; moved to Madison County in 1855, and located in this county in 1868. Married Miss Sarah Lankford in 1875; she was born in this county in 1855; have one child - Ethel, born Aug. 23, 1877. Republican. His firm represent the Phoenix, of Hartford, the Hartford, of Hartford, the Home, of New York, and several other first-class fire insurance companies.

Clemens, L. butcher.
Cole, S. far., Sec. 25
Cowles, G. N., far., Sec. 29
Crawford, J. C., lawyer
Crook, G., far., Sec. 18.

Crosby, W. O., editor of the Centerville Citizen, the oldest paper in the county, and having the largest circulation of any weekly paper within a radius of fifty miles. It is a journal of radical Republican proclivities, published by W. O. Crosby and Co. This paper is by far the best advertising medium in the county, and is the official paper of the county.

Carey, J. W., teacher
Clark, E., ,far., S. 35
Cunningham, P. F., painter
Coatney, A., far., S. 18
Dale, John, far., S. 29

Darnall, Louisa J., widow; born in Stokes Co., N. C., 1830; moved to Indiana when a child with her parents. She was married to William C. Darnall in 1855; he died in 1869; she has three children - Luther F., Emma A. and Ida M. Are members of the M. E. Church; her son, Luther, is a Republican, and has been Deputy Postmaster since 1872. She owns her residence and ten lots, valued at $2,000.

Darnall, L., P. O. clerk, Centerville

Page 490
Dale, James M., far., S. 20

Davis, M. H., miller, Dennis; born in Orange Co., Vt., in 1815; he moved to St. Lawrence Co.; followed milling several years and thence to Wisconsin; continued in the same five years and thence to Iowa in 1855; followed milling in Lucas Co., and ran a woolen-mill in Appanoose Co., and is now a partner in the large saw and flouring mill at Dennis. He married Eliza Rose in New York; they had one child - Francis; his wife died in Wisconsin, and he married for his second wife Diana Curtis in Wisconsin; they had two children - Lillie and Milton; his second wife died in 1863. A Republican.

Darling, I., teamster.

Dewey, Henry H. (of the firm of Dewey & Clark), attorney; born in Washington Co., Vt., in 1840; moved to Bureau Co., Ill., in 1861; thence to Van Buren Co., Iowa, in 1865; to Davis Co. in 1870, and located in this county in 1871. Married Miss Lucy W. Worman in 1865; she was born in Grafton Co., N. H. in 1844; they have two children - Eva M., born in May, 1868, and Burty H., born in July, 1874. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. He owns a residence in the city, valued at $3,000. His farm is engaged in loaning money and are general agents for the leading fire insurance companies of the country.