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Past and present of Appanoose County, Iowa: ... 
L. L. Taylor, editor.  Chicago : S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1913. 

Union Township

Biographies submitted by Alice Wayne Daniels.


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Union township was established in January, 1848. The polling place was to be at the home of G. W. Moore. Judges, Andrew Morrison, James Ewing, Elijah Thompson; Levin Dean, S. W. Woods, clerks.

This township is in the northeast corner of the county and is bounded on the north by Monroe county, on the east by Davis county, and on the south and west by Udell and Taylor townships, respectively. Most of the land here was heavily timbered at the time of its settlement. Soap creek traverses the northern portion from east to west and the southern portion from east to west. It has many branches which make a network of streams. The topography is rough and hilly. There is not a village or hamlet in the community.

Among the first settlers were Ira Daugherty, G. W. Moore, Andrew Morrison, Levin Dean, Samuel W. Woods and Elijah Thompson, all of whom took part in the organization of the township in 1848.

The first land entry to be made by any person in Appanoose county was that of Andrew Trussell, who located the northwest quarter of section 1, township 70, range 16, in 1847, for which he paid cash, and received his patent from the government February 1, 1848.

In the year 1851, John D. McKim left his home in Indiana and came to Appanoose county, settling in Union township, where he was the first school teacher of that locality.

Samuel and Elizabeth Horner, of Virginia, immigrated to the county in 1855 and located in Union township. In 1861 they removed to Taylor township, locating on section 7, where Mr. Horner died in 1873.

When a boy Z. F. Rodgers came to this county in 1849, with his father, Zephaniah Rodgers, who took up a claim in this township. He died in 1870, at the age of ninety-nine years. Z. F. Rodgers married Martha A. Tate in 1858.

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Nancy A. Vandeventer, who married Joseph Eaton, at Unionville, in 1861, was a native of Tennessee and came to this county with her parents in 1853. The farm was on section 17.

J. G. Johnson was born in Tennessee. He took an overland trip to California in 1853, where he farmed until 1858. That year he settled in this locality.

Claudius B. Miller was an early settler of the township, coming to the county in 1848 from Tennessee. He was a member of the board of supervisors and represented Appanoose county in the state legislature.

A. F. Graham, when a lad, came to Union township in 1846, with his parents, J. W. and Margaret Graham. They were natives of Ohio.

A. W. Hunt was born in the state of New York. His wife, Elizabeth Stiles, was a daughter of John Stiles, who came to this county in 1852 and settled. In 1853 Mr. Hunt came here and first engaged in milling. Later, in 1870, he settled on a farm in section 22.

G. W. Gilliland lived for many years on section 4, this township, He came with his parents to the county in 1854 and in 1867 married Malinda Cate, who was born in the county in 1850.

J. J. Gilliland was a settler of this locality in 1857. He married Susan Dudley in 1847 and her father, William Dudley, came to Appanoose county in 1855.

J. H. Baldridge was in Tennessee, February 4, 1850, and in April of the same year he was brought by his parents to this locality. His father improved three farms and, although he had only his land warrants and fifty dollars in money at his death, which occurred in 1865, he left his family four hundred and twenty-five acres of land.

E. A. Buckmaster came to the county in 1852. He married Miss R. E. Stanley in 1867. He became proprietor of Union township’s grist and sawmills.

Frank Wedmore settled in this township with his parents in 1850, coming from Davis county.