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History of Clayton County, Iowa:...
edited by Realto E. Price. Chicago: Robert O. Law Co., 1916.


Unless otherwise noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

Edward W. Kregel is a scion of the third generation of one of the well known and highly honored pioneer families of Clayton county and through his character and achievement has marked as his own a place of distinctive prominence and influence in connection with civic, industrial and social activities in his native county, where he has substantial and important interests by way of joint ownership with his brother Herman D., in the fine landed estates of Garnavillo township - the Black Diamond Stock Farm, which comprises one hundred and ninety-seven and one-half acres and which is eligibly situated in Sections 13 and 14. On this splendid homestead he maintains his residence and there he is giving special attention to the breeding and raising of pure-blood Aberdeen Angus cattle, in connection with which department of his farm enterprise he has gained a reputation that far transcends local limitations. Mr. Kregel was born in Garnavillo township, this county, on the 1st of May, 1863, and is one of the five surviving children of John D. and Helena A. (Kaiser) Kregel. The parents were born in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, and both were children at the time of the immigration of the respective families to America, Mr. Kregel having been a lad of six years and his wife having come with her parents in the year 1845. Both families settled in Ohio, whence they later came to Iowa, in the early pioneer days, and John D. Kregel became one of the early settlers in Garnavillo township, Clayton county, where he attained to secure status and high honor as a prosperous farmer and influential citizen and where he and his wife passed the remainder of their lives. The boyhood and youth of Edward W. Kregel were marked by his assisting in the work of the home farm and making good use of the advantages offered by the public schools of the locality, his studies having eventually included the curriculum of the Garnavillo high school. after his marriage, which occurred in the year 1887, he purchased the fine farm which he now owns and which has been brought up to its present model status through his individual efforts and progressive policies. He has been a leader in advancing the agricultural and live-stock industries in this section of the state and his influence in these directions has added materially to his unqualified personal popularity. He was secretary of the Clayton County Agricultural Society in 1892, and in the following year he became secretary of the Farmers' Creamery Company of Garnavillo, at the time of its organization, this office having been held by him for a period of nine years, at the expiration of which he declined further retention of the position, though he has continued to serve as a member of the board of directors of the company. He was likewise one of the organizers of the Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company at Garnavillo, and has been continuously an officer of the same save for an interim of three years. For many years he has been a director of the West Side School of Garnavillo; during his three years of service as township trustee he was the staunch advocate of liberal and progressive policies and instrumental in the effecting of the building of several fine bridges in the township; and the year 1916 finds him serving his first term, with characteristic loyalty and efficiency, in the important office of county commissioner. His political allegiance is given to the Republican party and he and his family are communicants of the Lutheran church. In the year 1887 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Kregel to Miss Sophia M. Bruns, who was born and reared in Garnavillo township, and whose parents, Frederick H., deceased, and Anna M. (Moellering) Bruns, resided in Monona; the father was a representative farmer of Garnavillo township, he having been six years of age at the time of his parents' immigration from Germany to America, and his wife having been born in Clayton county, a member of a well-known pioneer family. Of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Kregel the eldest is Arthur J., who is married and who has the active charge of the old homestead farm of his father; Laura M. is the wife of Elmer H. Brandt, who is individually mentioned on other pages of this work; Irene E. and Edna P. M. remain at the parental home, the former being a graduate of the Garnavillo high school, where Edna is attending, being now (1916) in the tenth grade.

Herman D. Kregel is one of the five surviving children of John D. and Helena S. (Kaiser) Kregel and is a popular representative of one of the well known pioneer families of Clayton county, which has been his home from the time of his birth and in which he has won secure status as one of the prominent and successful exponents of agricultural and live-stock industry in his native township. He was born in Garnavillo township on the 15th of August, 1865, and he may well take pride in being a representative of that fine German element of citizenship that has played a splendid part in connection with the civic and industrial development and progress of Clayton county. His parents were born in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, and were children at the time of the immigration of the respective families to the United States, the home of each family having first been established in the state of Ohio. John D. Kregel became one of the early settlers of Garnavillo township, where he won distinct prosperity and prestige through his association with agricultural industry and where he became a substantial farmer and honored and influential citizen. Both he and his wife remained on their old homestead farm until their death, and both were earnest and lifelong members of the Lutheran church. Herman D. Kregel was reared to the sturdy discipline of the old homestead farm, gained his early education in the public schools of the county and continued to assist his father in the work of the farm until he had attained to his legal majority. He then became interested in the Black Diamond Stock Farm, which consists of one hundred and ninety-seven and one-half acres of the old homestead, which is situated in Sections 13 and 14, Garnavillo township. This place is owned jointly by himself and his brother Edward W. and is notable for the fine improvements, including good buildings, and in connection with his operations in the domain of diversified agriculture Mr. Kregel gives special and successful attention to the breeding and raising of the Black Polled Angus cattle. He is a member of the directorate of the Garnavillo Savings Bank, of which he was one of the organizers, and is known as one of the substantial and upright citizens of his native county. He has further shown his progressiveness by identifying himself with the Garnavillo Commission Company and the Garnavillo Creamery Company, in each of which important corporations he is a director. He has served with characteristic loyalty and efficiency in the office of township trustee, is Republican in politics and he and his wife are zealous communicants of the German Lutheran church at Garnavillo. April 24, 1890, recorded the marriage of Mr. Kregel to Miss Minnie Meyer, who likewise was born and reared in this county, and whose parents, Louis and Eliza (Moellering) Meyer, natives of Germany, are now venerable and honored pioneer citizens of Farmersburg township. Mr. and Mrs. Kregel have four children - Adelia, Arnold W., Elmer J. and Ivanelle. The three elder children have been given the advantages of the public schools, including the high school at Garnavillo, in which Adelia and Elmer J. were graduated.