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Davis County >> 1882 Index

History of Davis County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Historical Company, 1882


Unless noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

BAILEY, ORANGE, farmer and stock-raiser, section 18, post-office Albany; one of the first settlers of Marion township, was born March 11, 1811, in Bradford county Pennsylvania. He was raised a farmer; when 10 years of age, came with his father, Smith Bailey, to Muskingum county, Ohio; and eight years later moved to Fraklin county where he lived seven years. He received his education in the subscription schools. He came to this county in 1845, built a log cabin and endured the many hardships a pioneer is subject to. When he arrived with a wife and four children, $1,50 was his entire capital, and in less than a year his wife died, leaving him the care of four small children, and a new farm to attend too. His farm now contains 110 acres, all under cultivation. He is a member of the United Bretheren Church, and in politics is a republican. He was first married to Miss Lydia Wagner of Franklin county, Ohio; and they had seven children: William S., David S., Rose Mantie, Ann, and three deceased, Warren, Charley S., and Mary O. Was married again in January 1849, to Miss Nancy Good, daughter of Isaac Good of Muskingum county, Ohio, and they have had thirteen children; Thomas J., Elizabeth, Rachel, James H., Frances M., Hiram, Emma J., Austin, and five deceased, Franklin, Ira, Peter J., and two in infancy.

Barker, J. S. submitted by Deborah Barker

Barker, J. S., farmer and stock raiser, post office Bloomfield, was born Nov 7, 1854, in Van Buren, Co, Iowa. His father was one of the pioneers of that county, where he still lives at the age of 81. John owns a farm of 120 acres. He was married Nov 21, 1867, to Miss Artie Johnson, who died May 17, 1875, leaving two children, Harvey M., and Archie J. He was married again Jan 21, 1879, to Miss Sarah E Franklin. They have one child; Katie F. Mr. B is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Barker, John T submitted by Deborah Barker

Barker, John T, was born near Mt. Zion, Iowa, Oct. 20, 1842, and died at his home in Union township, Davis county, Iowa, Oct. 14, 1906. His boyhood days were spent in the community where he was born. Aug. 6th, 1862, he responded to the call of his country for volunteers and enlisted in the 19th Iowa Infantry. He participated in the battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which the soldiers of this regiment so well remember. He, with a great many others of his regiment, were taken prisoners at Sterling Farm, La., and were taken to Tyler, Texas, September 29th, 1863. There they endured the hardships of prison life until they were exchanged, July 22nd, 1864. He was also at the siege of Vicksburg, and also participated in the taking of Spanish Fort, near Mobile, and was honorably discharged July 10th, 1865. Jan. 30th, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Kate Denning. To them were born six sons and two daughters, the oldest daughter dying in infancy. The rest were permitted to be at their father's deathbed and funeral. He united with the Presbyterian Church about the time he was married and ever after lived a Christian life. He had been greatly afflicted for the past twenty-five years with epilepsy, but bore his suffering patiently, of late often remarking to his friends that he would rather depart and be with Christ, which is far better. The funeral was held at Chequest church, and burial in Rouch cemetery, Rev. McClure of Troy.

Bassett, W. M., farmer, section 9, postoffice Bloomfield; was born in Ripley county, Ind., March 29, 1851.  When he was three years old his father, William, came to Lyon county, Iowa, where he grew to manhood on a farm and was educated in the common schools and Cornell College.  In 1874, he went to Mercer county, Mo., and in 1878, settled on his present farm in this county, where he owns 145 acres of well improved land, a comfortable house surrounded with evergreens, a large barn and orchard of eight acres, with a great variety of small fruits.  He was married April 15, 1873, to Miss Princilla H. Puffer of Linn county, daughter of Chas. Puffer, Esqr.  They have two children: Ora B. and Frank L.  In politics Mr. B. is a greenbacker.  He is a genial man and highly thought of.

Battin, Newton, farmer, section 15, postoffice Bloomfield; was born January, 1839, in Cumberland county, O., where he lived for thirteen years, when his father, Ezra, moved to Ripley county, Ind., and five years latter came to Grove township in this county.  Mr. B. was reared a farmer and received a common school education.  When the ear broke out he enlisted, August, 1861, in Company E., Third Iowa Cavalry, Col. Bussey commanding.  He was taken prisoner in Missouri and was taken to St. Louis, and in the fall of 1863, was exchanged and ordered to Benton, Ark.  He re-enlisted in the spring of 1864, and came home on twenty days furlough; then went to St. Louis and Memphis; was at Tupelo, under Gen. Sturgiss at Guntown, in Grierson's raid, and with Gen. Wilson; went the trip with Sherman, and was discharged at Davenport.  Coming home, he was married December 7, 1865, to Miss M. E. Modrel of this county, who died in 1869.  He married again in the spring of 1870, to Miss Harriet Modrel, sister of his first wife.  They have had five children: John E., Fred E., Margaret E., Nora, Jason and Everett.  Mr. B. owns a fine farm of 240 acres in good cultivation, and is engaged in stock-raising.  In politics he is a republican.

Baughman, Christian submitted by Jerry Nelson

Baughman, Christian, farmer and stock-raiser, section 22; postoffice Pulaski; was born October 31, 1825, in Wayne county, Ohio, and there grew to manhood, receiving a common school education. He came to this county, and located where he now lives, in 1858, and has a fine farm of 420 acres. He was married December 12, 1850, to Miss Catharine Plank, of Wayne county, Ohio, and they had seven children; Elizabeth A., David K., Jacob S., J. J., Mary A., Lovina A. and William C. Mr. B. is deeply interested in fine horses, and has done more to improve the breed of horses in the county than any other one man. His Percheron and Norman horses are models of beauty, and unequalled for service. His wife lost her reason in 1867, and had to be removed to the Insane hospital at Mt. Pleasant, where she died in December, 1876. She was a lady of fine, social and family disposition, a member of the Mennonite Church, and highly respected.

BEARD, WM., farmer, section eight, postoffice West Grove; was born October 16, 1825, in Mainard county, Ill., where he grew to manhood. His parents were Andrew and Sallie Beard. In 1849, he came to Iowa, settling in this township, and moved on his present farm in 1856, where he has since resided. He owns 130 acres of splendid land, under a high state of cultivation. He was married in October, 1844, to Miss Nancy Jane Bell, a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Bell. They have been blessed with ten children: Sarah E., James H., Andrew, William, Isaac, Ellie, and four deceased. In politics Mr. B. is an independent democrat.

Boyd, J S submitted by Deborah Barker

Boyd, J S; farmer, postoffice Bloomfield; was born Feb 26, 1837, in Putnam Co., IN.  He came to this county in Feb 1861, He married June 30, 1861, to Mary R J Harbert, and they have 3 children, one living; Robert, Ada, and John.

Brewer, Richard submitted by Sue Simpson

Brewer, Richard, is the owner of a good farm of 160 acres, in section 14; he was born in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, February 5, 1834, where he remained until he was 17, when he went to Hamilton, Ohio.  One year later he came to Van Buren county, Iowa, and in 1854, went to California, overland, engaged in farming and mining in California, Oregon and Idaho, until 1868, then returned to Van Buren county.  In the spring of 1871 he came to this county.  He was married February 15, 1869, to Emeline F. Arnold of Van Buren county, and has two children, Mary Ella and Mattie Mary.  He has a good house and barn, and orchard of 200 trees.  In politics he is a republican.

Brown, John, farmer and stock-raiser, section 28, postoffice Troy; was born August 17, 1826, in Richland county, Ohio, where he grew up, assisting on the farm, and attending the common schools. He then traveled, in Pennsylvania, in 1849, and in 1851 spent about a year visiting different parts of Iowa; returned to Ohio in 1852, and was married October 18, 1854, to Miss Unity N. Knox, also of Ohio. He engaged in farming till 1867, when he came and located where he now lives; he has a farm of 160 acres, 115 acres in good cultivation; he feeds most of his crop to stock. He has a family of nine children; Mary Belle, wife of C. D. Saunders; James L., Robert W., Alice A., Abbie D. and John K., born in Ohio, and Emma J., William A. and Lela V., born in Iowa. They are members of the Presbyterian Church, and are well and favorably known over this county.

Brown, S. R. submitted by Sue Simpson

Brown, S. R., one of the pioneers of Roscoe, is the subject of this sketch.  He was born in Blunt county, East Tennessee.  When quite young his father, Samuel, who was a son of Thomas Brown, moved to Washington county, Indiana, where Mr. Brown resided about twenty-five years.  In 1852 he moved to Henry county, Iowa, and after remaining there two years, in the spring of 1855, he came and settled on his present farm in this county.  Mr. Brown was raised a farmer and received his education in the subscription schools of the early days.  He was married June 6th, 1847, to Miss Lydia Ann Peugh of Washington county, Indiana, formerly of Bartholomew county, Kentucky.  There were born to them four sons, Augustus Walter, Charles Franklin, Thomas Weldon and Samuel Burr.  Mr. Brown owns 240 acres of land in a high state of cultivation, with an orchard of 250 trees.  The grove known as Round Grove, is on his farm.  He is engaged in stock-raising.  Is a member of the M.E. Church and the Masonic order. He is in politics an independent republican.  His postoffice is Pulaski.  Mr. Brown is well respected wherever he is known.

Jasper Brumley submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Brumley, Jasper; page 669: farmer and stock raiser, post office Stiles; was born April 24, 1840, in Ohio, living there till 1863, when his parents came to Iowa and settled in Roscoe township, this county. Here he grew up to manhood and received a limited education, he learned to labor on the farm, where he remained till the war broke out, when he enlisted in company A, Third Iowa Cavalry, and went with that regiment through most of its hardest fights. At the battle of Lagrange, Arkansas, he was dangerously wounded, the ball passing through his right arm and entering his right side passing through the point at the right lung, and lodging in the front part of the abdominal cavity, near the point at the breast bone, where it still remains, he then went to the hospital at Keokuk, but rejoined the regiment in the fall; was sick in hospital at Memphis, Tennessee, when Forrest made his raid into the city. He was discharged October 19, 1864, and returned home, bringing with him a gentle reminder that he had fought and bled for his country. He was married in 1866, to Miss M. A. Foshee; they have two children, Zora K. and Lucinda. After his marriage he purchased his present farm containing 132 acres, in fine cultivation.  He and his wife are members of the M. E. Church at Stiles.

Amon Brunk submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Brunk, Amon; page 668: farmer and stock-raiser; dealer and shipper of poultry, butter and eggs; post office Stiles, was born August 22, 1832, in Grayson county, Kentucky; at the age of fourteen he came with his parents to this county.  Here he grew to manhood, acquiring a limited education on the farm.  In 1856, he engaged in business at Springville where he remained till 1858, then engaged in farming till 1863, when he engaged in the cattle business in Missouri.  The next year he farmed, and the next engaged in business at Savannah.  In 1866 he sold to Mr. Hardy, and farmed again; in 1867, he and a brother bought out Mr. Hardy in Stilesville, and a year later he bought out his brother.  In July 1869, he removed to Stiles, and continued business till July 1873; then moved to Schuyler county, Missouri; built a hotel at Lancaster, and this, with other reasons caused his failure in 1876.  Settled with his creditors and continued till 1878, when he sold out to his father and brother, and returned to his farm, where he has since remained.  He owns 314 acres, near Stiles.  He was married May 20, 1855, to Miss Maria J. Lunsford, and they have eight children:  Wm. M., Alfred, Benj. F., Peter, Hugh, Charles, Inez May, and Gracie, and two deceased, Amon and Henry.

Salem Brunk submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Brunk, Salem; page 669: farmer and stock-raiser, owns a nice farm of 448 acres, in section 30; was born in Grayson county, Kentucky, November 12, 1834; and, when twelve years old, his parents moved to this county, settling in Perry township, and four years later to Wyacondah, and in 1862, came to this township.  Mr. B. was married to Miss Turner, a daughter of James Turner; they had five children, J. W., Martha Jane, J. H., Ella, and Philip, deceased, who was the oldest, dying at two years of age.  Mrs. B. died February 17, 1874, and he married again, marrying a sister of his deceased wife.  They have two children, Bertha and Ira.  Mr. and Mrs. B. are worthy members of the Christian Church.

Brunk, W. M submitted by Jerry Nelson

Brunk, W. M., merchant, Pulaski; was born March 23, 1857, in this county, his early life being spent in his father’s store at Stiles, until 1873, when his parents moved to Lancaster, Mo., where his father engaged in merchandizing; and he finished his education in the Lancaster graded schools, going to school in the forenoon and selling goods in the afternoon. He became a partner in the firm of Brunk & Son, at the age of nineteen. He returned to this county, and engaged in the stock business at Stiles, in 1877, and in 1879, located in Pulaski in the store of Brunk & Son, his father and grandfather; and became sole proprietor in 1880. He was married February 13, 1879, to Miss Mary Stockman, a native of this county, daughter of John Stockman, of Stiles, and they have two children, Guy and Maud. Mr. G. is a good business man, and full of push and energy.