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Davis County >> 1882 Index

History of Davis County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Historical Company, 1882


Unless noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

DEBURN, F. G. submitted by Craig Rasmussen

DEBURN, F. G. (Frederick Gilbert), [Salt Creek Township] farmer and stock-raiser, section 16, postoffice Eldon; was born July 5, 1838 in Monroe county, N.Y., and in 1845 came with his parents to Davis county, Iowa, and though quite young, he helped his father stake out his claim of 40 acres. He was married in April, 1855, to Miss M. Johnson, a native of Iowa, and had one child, Hiram. His wife having died, he was married again October 16, 1867, to Miss Levina Strang, a native of this county. They had six children: Mary A., Nancy J., Ida A., Louisa, Joe G., and Anetta. Mrs. D. having died, he was married again May 31, 1881, to Miss Anna Christina Helmina Amelia Low, a native of Germany.

HIRAM DEBURN submitted by Craig Rasmussen

HIRAM DEBURN, [Salt Creek Township] a brother of the above named, was a soldier in the late war, in the Seventeenth Iowa Infantry, and was wounded at Vicksburg. Mr. F. G. Deburn is the owner of a good farm of 121 acres, and is engaged in stock-raising. In politics he is a greenbacker, and a member of the Christian Church. He is a hospitable gentleman, and has the respect of all who know him.

FREDERICK DEBURN submitted by Craig Rasmussen

FREDERICK DEBURN, [Salt Creek Township] father of the above, was born April 2, 1796, in Germany, and came to New York in 1838. He ran a government mill for some time, and was very badly injured by being caught in the drive wheel. When he first came to this territory the deer were so plenty he could kill them with an axe. In 1858 he fell into a cellar and broke three ribs, and in 1873 he broke his leg in the thigh. He died March 29, 1877.

DEBURN, WM. submitted by Craig Rasmussen

DEBURN. WM., [Salt Creek Township] farmer and stock-raiser, section 16, postoffice Eldon; was born July 5, 1830, in Monroe county, N. Y., and emigrated with his parents to this county in 1845, and although quite young, he helped his father stake out his claim of 40 acres. He was educated in the common schools of this county. He has a fine stock farm, well improved, and has lived here and seen the wilderness around him blossom as a rose. He was married in April 1855, to Miss Martha Johnson, a native of this county, and had one child, Hiram. He was married again October 16, 1867, to Miss Sebina Strong, also a native of this county, and had six children: Mary A. Nancy, Ida A., Susie, Joseph G., and Aurthie. He was married a third time to Miss Anna Christiana, William Helmena Amelia Susie Keines, a native of Germany. We don’t see how Mr. D. ever managed to pop the question to such a long name as that. Keno?

DODGE, JOHN W., farmer and stock raiser, postoffice, Bloomfield ; was born August 8, 1843 , in Posey county, Indiana. He came with his parents to McLean county, Illinois , when ten years old, where he was reared and educated. During the war he served in company C, Forty-fourth Indiana Veteran Infantry, being in the army of th Cumberland ; was discharged in September 1865, and returned to Illinois , helping on the farm. He married February 20, 1868 , Miss Sarah J. Owens, a native of Indiana , and came to this county, buying a farm in Wyacondah township, which he sold in 1874, and bought the one he now owns, consisting of 160 acres. He has a family of six children, Clara May, Elsie B., Effie L., Ida May, John W., and Sarah J. Mr. D. has been township trustee, in Wyacondah township.

Downing, Moses submitted by Deborah Barker

Downing, Moses,  Bloomfield was born Jan 19, 1833, in Fountain Co., IN, and came to Davis Co., IA, with his mother in 1848, his father having died while he was very young; they located in Salt Creek twp, where he grew to manhood on the farm, being educated in the common schools. At the age of 20 he commenced teaching, and taught during the winter for 23 years, and farmed during the summer. In 1863 he began preaching in the Christian church, continuing it for 15 yrs. In 1869 he was elected County Superintendent, and held the office one term. In 1878, he came to Bloomfield and accepted the office of deputy treasurer, where he remained two yrs; then taught one term in the city schools, after which he clerked in stores, being engaged with Moore, Dilliner, & Co. He was ordained a minister in the Christian church 1863, and has performed more marriage ceremonies than any other man in the county, numbering 191 (@ time of print- 1882); the first being Feb. 22, 1863 Conrad Ritz to Miss Ellen Bales. Mr. Downing was married May 28,1850, to Miss Martha Robbins, a native of Indiana, and they have had six children.

Downing, Samuel Bell submitted by Deborah Barker

Downing, Samuel Bell, At the age of 12 his parents came to Van Buren Co., IA.
He enlisted in the Mexican War, in 1846, in company E, Third Missouri Cavalry, and served two years. He was ordained a minister in the Christian Church. Including the Stiles, and West Grove churches of Davis Co., Ia.

Duckworth, Hon. A. K., is a citizen who has long been identified with the growth and prosperity of the county.  He was born in Berk county, North Carolina, November 30, 1814.  When six years of age, his father, John R., emigrated to Washington county, Indiana, where he remained for eleven years, then removed to Putnam county, and in the fall of 1849, came to this county, entering his present farm in Wyacondah township, from the government.  Mr. D. was raised a farmer, and educated in common schools.  He taught two terms in Indiana, and taught the first two winters he was in Iowa; teaching the first school in his neighborhood.  He was married September 6, 1838, to Miss Mary Jane Stone, of Putnam county, Indiana, and they had ten children, five boys and five girls; James M., who was killed at Fort Donelson; Sarah E., Oscar L., Eliza A., May E., Rachel E., Enoch T., Lucinda J., John R., and William S.  Mrs. D. died March 2, 1854, and Mr. D. married again August 30, 1854, to Miss Ellen Grady, of this county, and they have one son:  Albert P.  Mr. D.'s second wife died July 31, 1876.  He is located on a farm of 240 acres.  He represented this county in the State legislature in 1852, as a democrat, in which position he served with great credit.  He has held most of the township offices; was justice of the peace several years; has served as administrator for several estates; is a member of the M. E. Church, of which he has been recording steward for thirteen years.  No name in Wyacondah is more highly respected than his; he is still a democrat; his postoffice is Bloomfield.

Duckworth, E. A., of the firm of Duckworth Brothers, dealers in stock, lumber and lands; was born in Putnam county, Indiana, March 17, 1843, where he lived eleven years; his father, Thomas, then emigrated to Iowa, and in 1854, came to this county.  Mr. D. was married March 28, 1867, to Nancy Hopkins, of this county, and has four sons; Arthur D., Charles g., John C. and William A.  Mr. D. is located on a good farm of 200 acres, with good house and barn.  The Duckworth brothers own two detached portable saw-mills, of thirty horse power; being the best mills in the county; they do a large business, sawing logs into lumber.  In politics, Mr. D. is  greeenbacker; a splendid business man, and upright in all his dealings.

Duckworth, W. C., whose portrait appears elsewhere, is a lumber manufacturer and dealer, postoffice Eldon; was born May 31, 1837, in Putnam county, Ind., where he lived for seventeen years, assisting on the farm and attending school.  At the age of seventeen he was apprenticed to a millwright, with whom he remained four years.  He enlisted during the war in company G, Second Iowa Ianfantry, serving three years as a private; then reenlisted in the Tenth Colored Infantry as a lieutenant and served one year, being a prisoner for fifty-two days, and was discharged April 6, 1865.  He then came home and has since been one of the county's most successful business men.  He was married in 1859 to Miss R. C. Eavens, daughter of Wm. Eavens one of the old settlers of this county.  They have had six children, A. L. and H. E., twins, Rachel E., L. S., and two deceased.  Mr. D. is a member of the K. T., St. Johns Commandery, at Ottumwa.