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Davis County >> 1882 Index

History of Davis County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Historical Company, 1882


Unless noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

FEAGINS, H., resides on a fine farm of 223 acres, in section 34; his farm is in good cultivation; he is also engaged in stock-raising. In politics, he is a greenbacker. He was born in Fayette county, Ohio , December 1, 1837 , where he lived for twenty-two years, receiving his education there in the common schools. In 1859, he came to this county, settling on his present farm. He was married May 28, 1858 , to Miss Nancy Jane Green, of Fayette county, Ohio , and had two children; Richard and Eliza. Mrs. F. died September 12, 1862, and he was married again October 15, 1863, to Miss Elizabeth Bruce, of this county, and they have six children; Alvy, Elmer, Charley, Maggie, Ettie, Drusie and Katie. Mr. F.'s postoffice is Savannah .

FENTON, JOEL, one among the pioneers of Davis county, was born April 4, 1810 , in Fleming county, Kentucky . When ten years old, his father, Caleb Fenton, removed to Missouri, in Boone county, where they lived for twenty years; he was raised a farmer, and educated in the subscription schools. In the spring of 1840 he came to Davis county, settling on his present farm. In 1850 he went to California, overland; was there some two months, and on account of sickness had to return home, coming by way of the city of Mexico, Vera Cruz, New Orleans and St. Louis, arriving home in February 1851. He was married November 23, 1830 , to Miss Lucy March, of Boone county, Missouri , formerly of Kentucky . Their union has been blessed with eight children, five living, Francis M., Mary E., James F., Caleb E., Allie Jane, now Mrs. Dr. Shelton , and three deceased, Columbus, Joel and William H., who was killed at the battle of Shiloh . Mr. Fenton is located on a fine farm of 300 acres, well improved. He is a worthy member of the Baptist Church , and a greenbacker in politics. He has lived to see his boys become successful business men, and his daughters respected by all who know them. The writer of this is under many obligations to him for valuable information, and for his kind hospitality. His postoffice is Bloomfield.

Henry S. Foshee submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Foshee, H. S.; page 670: owns a good farm of 300 acres, in section 6.  He located on this land in 1845; he entered the land from the government, built a good house, and barn, has a fine orchard and surroundings. He was born, December 26, 1819, in Chatham county, North Carolina, near Pittsborough. His father died when he was three year's old, and two years later his mother married again. In 1835, they moved to Macon county, Missouri, and in the fall of 1845, he came to Davis county, settling on his present farm. He was married September 5, 1840, to Miss Minerva Montgomery, of Kentucky. They have had seven children: Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Mahala Ann, Nancy, Catharine, Henry, and Zachary Taylor, deceased.  Mrs. F. died December 6, 1869, and he married again, January 5, 1871, Mrs. Amy Wright, widow of Clemens Wright; they have four boys: T. C., W. W., J. A. and Shelton. Mr. and Mrs. F. are members of the M. E. Church. In the early days, when churches and school houses were scarce.  Mr. F's house was the usual place for worship in the neighborhood. He is an exhorter. He has been justice of the peace since 1875, and being nominated for State Senator, in 1881, on the greenback ticket, he modestly declined.

FRANKLING, MRS. MARTHA (colored), farmer, section 12, postoffice Bloomfield; was born in slavery on the plantation of William Grimes, in Jefferson county, Kentucky, about the year 1826, and at the death of her old master, she became the property of Blackburn McElroy, of Missouri, by foreclosure of mortgage, and lived in Missouri till the emancipation. She was married there to Jacob Johnson, also a slave, owned by one Merritt, and they lived together three years, when he with twenty-five others escaped to Canada by the underground railroad, and was never heard of afterward. They had one child, since deceased. She was again married, after emancipation, to John Frankling, having previously given birth to five children, by John Coleman, also a slave, deceased, Scott, Annie, Joseph, Harry and Charlie, who adopted their mother's maiden name, Lewis. She has been a resident of this county since 1879, and in Iowa , thirteen years. She owns a nice little farm of seventy acres, in good cultivation, and is industrious and prosperous. She was burned out in 1880, losing everything in the house, but has since rebuilt and is now well fixed.