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Davis County >> 1882 Index

History of Davis County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Historical Company, 1882


Unless noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

Joseph Haney submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Haney, J.; page 703: the subject of this sketch was born in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, July 8. 1832. When six years of age his father being dead, his mother came to Ripley county, Indiana, where he resided until 1854 receiving his education in the common schools. While in Ripley county he engaged in selling goods. In the fall of 1854, he came to Van Buren county, and the next spring to this County, settling on his present farm of 148 acres, in section 13 on which he has a good residence, plenty of shade trees, and orchard of 324 trees. His post office is Milton. He was married in August 1853, to Eliza Wildman of Ripley county, Indiana, and had eight children, Jas. P., John K., Luella, Jos. A., Rhoda, Mary E, Sarah M., and Clara M. He was married the second time to Elizabeth B. Knight, of Davis county in November 1869, and had four children, Alvy F., Orr D., Orrin W., and Ira L.  In polities he is a greenbacker.

John P. Harl submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Harl, John P.; page 671: farmer, section fifteen; owns 155 acres of land in this township (Grove), and 20 acres in Missouri.  He was born, Sept. 16, 1816, in Hardin county, Kentucky, where he grew to manhood, getting his education, and farming for a living.  Moved to this county in 1849, when it was almost a wilderness.  He was married February 13, 1840, to Miss Susan McIntire, of Kentucky.  They have had seven children, Lucy C., Mary J., John P., Mary E., and three deceased, Richard B., William B., and Thomas L.  Mr. and Mrs. Harl are members of the Christian Church.

HARTZLER, ENOS, the son of Joseph and Fanny Hartzler, was born January 27, 1824, in Wayne county, Ohio, where he lived until he became of age. He was raised a farmer, and obtained a common school education. In the autumn of 1872, he came west and settled on his present farm of 200 acres in section 12. He was married, September 7, 1851, to Miss Nancy BurkhoIder, of Wayne county, Ohio, daughter of John and Barbara Burkholder. They have five children: Catherine, now Mrs. E. D. King; Alfred J., John H., Josiah P. and Leander E. He has good buildings and a fine orchard of 500 trees, one of the best fruit farms in the township, and an apiary of fifty stands of bees. In politics he is a republican, and a member of the Mennonite Church. He is a genial gentleman and a good citizen.
HARTZLER, J. D., proprietor Bloomfild creamery; was born March 28, 1849, in Champaign county, Ohio, being there reared on a farm and attending school. At the age of twenty-one he went to Cass county, Missouri, for three years, then to Elkhart, Indiana, where he learned the carpenters trade, and a year or two later returned to Missouri for a short time, then coming to this county, where he is now engaged in the creamery business. He was married on September 6, 1881, to Miss A. Stutzman, a native of Fairfield county, Ohio, a lady of fine intelligence of character. Mr. H. is a man of very fine business capacity, and is bound to succeed.
HARTZLER, SOLOMON, was born in Wayne county, Ohio, where he grew to manhood, receiving a common school education, and running a saw mill in connection with the farm, and part of the time manufacturing pumps. He moved to this county in 1872, living in Roscoe township five years, and in this township since 1880. He was married January 22, 1860, to Miss Judith Leatherman, a native of Switzerland. Mrs. Hartzler was born in 1842. They have nine children, Fanny E., Anna L., Ephraim J., Jeptha A., Lydia E., Mamie E., Enos G., Ben. A., and the baby. Mrs. and Mr. Hartzler are members of the Mennonite Church; his postoffice is Stiles. He is engaged in making syrup from sorghum; he makes a good article, and sells it for only fifteen cents a gallon. It promises to be a lucrative business.

Harward, L. S. submitted by Deborah Barker

Harward, L S, general merchant, Bloomfield; was born June 17, 1842, in Van Buren Co, Iowa. In 1843, his parents came to Davis Co., and located in Salt Creek Twp., where they entered the land on which they live. Here he grew up and finished his education in Troy Academy. At the age of twenty, he clerked two years for his brother at Floris, then taught school three years, and in 1872 formed a partnership with his brother, and two years later bought himout. In 1876, he moved his stock of goods to Bloomfield, and in Jan, 1880, took into partnership Mr. J B Young, but bought him out again in August, 1881, and has since been alone. He carries a large and well-selected stock,and is making money, which shows what a live Hawkeye is capable of doing in the way of business, when he has a mind to. He was married, June 14, 1866, to Miss M E Jay, a native Hawkeye, born in Davis Co., and they have two children, Edgar L. and George D.

HAZLEWOOD, GREENVILLE, proprietor of Hazlewood harness shop Bloomfield; was born in October, 1813, at Lynchburg, Virginia.  At twelve years of age he went to Samuel Schoolfield as an apprentice for eight years.  Then he came to Salem, Indiana, and for twelve years engaged in harness making.  Coming to Iowa in the fall of 1849, he settled in this county.  From 1849 to 1861 he was farming and milling in West Grove township, then coming to this city he has been in the harness busines ever since.  By good work and fair dealing he has acquired a large trade, amounting last year to $10,000.  He was married in June, 1832, to Mary Clare, of Virginia, and they have had ten children:  Ann R.,  George C.,  Grenville, Jr., now in business with his father,  Josiah C.,  Charles B.,  David and four deceased,  Robert,  Henry,  John M.,  and Mary L.  Mr. H. is a Mason and a worthy member of the Christian church.  Thee of his sons were in the army,  Greenville, Jr., enlisted October 16, 1862, as a bugler, company A,  third Iowa cavalry, mustered out in August, 1865;  G. C. enlisted August 1, 1861, as sergeant company E, mustered out in August, 1864;  J. M., enlisted in August, 1861, bugler, company A, mustered out August, 1865.

HEASTON, JOHN submitted by Deborah Barker

HEASTON, JOHN, farmer and stock-raiser, section 27, postoffice Troy; was born November 25, 1821, in Clark County, Ohio, and there grew to manhood and received a limited education at the subscription schools. He came to this county in 1856, and lived at Troy 2 years, then went on the farm where he now lives, consisting of 160 acres, mostly in cultivation, well watered, and a good stock-farm. He was a member of Capt Steele's Company of Border Guards, during the war, and was called out several times. He was married January 5, 1842, to Miss Mary Moore, a native of Ohio , born January 16, 1818. They have reared a family of 7 children, Eliza Jane, wife of V Soliday; Barbara A., wife of D L Thomas; Rachel E., wife of George Lane; Mary E., wife of Wm Kemp; John M., Wm. M., and Thomas L., all married except Thomas. The home of Mrs Heaston's father burned down when she was 18 years old, and a brother and 2 sisters perished in the flames. Mr Easton also had a sister burned to death. He has met with some losses by bursted banks, but has been able to overcome it by industrious habits.

Henderson, J. C. submitted by Deborah Barker

Henderson, J. C., farmer, section 15, post office West Grove; was born December 18, 1826, in Blunt Co., TN., and when eight years old moved with his parents, William and Elizabeth, to Putnam Co., Indiana, where they lived till 1837, when they moved to southwestern Missouri, and three years later to Jackson county. He was raised a farmer and received a limited education. In 1849, he came to Davis Co., to Fabius Twp., where he resided till 1865, when he purchased his present farm, in this twp of West Grove, where he has since lived. It contains 320 acres of splendid land. He was married in March, 1851, to miss Ellen Stanley of this county.  They have seven children: Letitia E., George W., May E., Unity E., John C., Minnie E., and Henry Harrison.  Mr H is a democrat.

HENDERSON, J. J., farmer, section 27, postoffice Monterey; was born April 6, 1839, in Putnam county, Illinois, and at the age of two years his parents, William and Elizabeth, formerly of Tennessee, moved to Cass county, Missouri, and in the fall of 1849, he came to this county, settling on the same section where he now resides. He now owns a good farm of 223 acres, with a fine residence, good barn, and an orchard of 100 trees. He was married January 23, 1859 , to Miss Emily Huddleson, of Appanoose county. They have had five children, Robert A. and Joel, and three deceased. Mrs. Henderson died September 11, 1870 , and Mr. Henderson married again, February 14, 1871 , Miss Mary E. Lawson, of this county, and they have been blessed with four children, James S., Calvin L., Emily E., and Ollie Belle. Mr. Henderson is a member of the Christian Church, and in politics is a democrat. He is now quite extensively engaged in stock-raising.

Hining, John H. submitted by Deborah Barker

Hining, John H., farmer and stock-raiser, post office Floris.

HOCKERSMITH, SYDNEY B., farmer, section 13, postoffice Drakeville; was born in Randolph county, Va., June 18, 1844. When a child, his parents, John and Lucinda H., moved to Davis county, and here he has grown to manhood on a farm, being educated in the common schools. He now owns a nice farm of 160 acres, all under cultivation, which he bought on time, as he had no capital, and has it now all paid for. He was married in this county in 1872, to Miss Rebecca J. Alexander, a native of Indiana, and they have three children, Mary L., James T., and John A. Mr. H. is a member of the Regular Baptist Church.

HORN, JOHN submitted by Deborah Barker

HORN, JOHN, farmer, section 29, postoffice Monterey ; was born April 23, 1832, in Estelle County, Ky., and there he grew to manhood. He was the seventh child in the family, and lived at home on the farm till he was nineteen. In the fall of 1849, he arrived on his present farm, which was then owned by an Uncle. In the fall of 1860, he returned on a visit, and in the spring of 1862, started overland to California with a cattle team and was on the road about five months. After spending some four years in that State and Nevada , engaged in fishing and teaming, returned home in 1866, arriving in this county, July 26, where he has since resided. He owns a fine farm of 315 acres, in a good state of cultivatin. He was married October 17, 1869, to Miss Margaret E Orr, of this county. They have 7 children,  Jas P., Minnie, Sam J., Laura, Henry H., John B., and Wm F. Mr H is a greenbacker in politics.

HUDGENS, H. H., farmer and stock-raiser, section 20, postoffice Unionville; was born October 16, 1811, in Cumberland county, Virginia, and emigrated to Williamson county, Illinois, in 1853 [sic], where he lived till 1847, when he came to Davis county, arriving in Bloomfield in June, where he lived until 1848, when he moved to his present farm. Mr. Hudgens was a member of the first board of supervisors in Davis county, elected by the democratic party. He has been a prosperous farmer and an honored citizen, a member of the Protestant Methodist Church for a good many years. His farm is located on North Soap Creek, and contains 120 acres of land, well improved, watered and fenced. He was married November 7, 1836, to Miss Susan Harrison, a native of Tennessee. They have eight children, William C., Thomas J., Lucian B., Mary J. (wife of Hiram Clark, of Appanoose county), James M., George W. and John M. (living at home), and Rebecca, (wife of H. H. Wheeler, of Fremont county).


This is regarding the error in the 1882 Davis County history of when Henry H. Hudgens emigrated to Williamson Co., ILL. (history states 1853) Seems more likely the last two numbers were inverted and should be 1835. First Williamson County was cut from Franklin Co., ILL. in 1839.

This is from the Illinois Land Records.
Name Type Section Sect Township Range Meridian Acres Price Total Date
Month Date Day Date Year Reside Volume Page Blank SocStat ID Corr-Tag
HUDGENS HENRY H FD SENW 07 10S 03E 3 3600 125 4500 December 14 1836
028 110 083 317005 0

Vickie Stewart

HUDGENS, WILLIAM C., farmer and stock-raiser, section 18, postoffice Unionville; was born in Williamson county, Illinois, January 15, 1838, where he lived until he was ten years old, when his parents moved to Davis county, Iowa. He was raised on a farm and educated in the common schools. His farm is located on Soap Creek, and contains 240 acres, of which 180 is under cultivation. He was married October 31, 1861, to Miss Angeline Nolan, a native of Kentucky, and they have nine children, all living at home: Frank, John H., Thomas, Sussn M., Samuel, Eliza, Eldora, Bertha L., and Edith.

Humphrey, B. C.,  manufacturer and dealer in fire arms, Bloomfield; was born September 25,  1850, in Van Buren county, Iowa, where he grew to manhood, and was  educated in the common schools of the county.  At the age of thirteen he  commenced to learn his trade, gunsmithing, with his father, who was a  native of Virginia, and came to Iowa in 1838, where he married Miss  Permelia Stanley, a native of Illinois.  The subject of this sketch,  being quick to learn, his father gave him the use of his tools at an  early age, and at twenty he was master of his trade.  At twenty-one he  left it and went to blacksmithing for the next eight years.  In 1879 he  came to Bloomfield and resumed his trade, in which he has been very  successful ever since.  He was married March 28, 1879, to Miss Mary F.  Giles, of Pulaski, this county, and they have two children, Earnest and  Guy B.  Mr. H. is a republican in politics, and is a wholesouled  gentleman.

Humphreys, A. R.,  farmer, section 2, postoffice Drakeville the owner of 183 acres of land;  was born in Madison county, Kentucky, July 12, 1817.  At the age of  seven, his parents, Patrick H. and Sarah, moved to Jefferson county,  where he was raised on a farm.  At the age of twenty-eight he commenced  working at the carpenter's trade, ship building, which he followed about  twenty years.  In 1864, he came to this county, settling on his present  farm.  He was married in Indiana, March 26, 1846, to Miss Hannah Hicks,  daughter of Lewis and Mary Hicks, a native of England, born March 14,  1826.  They have had seven children, Lewis H., Alford H., Augustin R.,  Charles, Sarah A., and two deceased, Mary J., and Edgar A.  Mr. and Mrs.  H. are members of the Regular Baptist Church.  Mr. H. is a self-made and  self educated gentleman.  

HUNTER, JONATHAN, farmer and stock-raiser, postoffice Ash Grove; was born in Wood county, Virginia, December 26,1844 . Raised on a farm and educated in common schools, at an early age he moved with his parents to Morgan county, Ohio, where he lived about ten years, then moved to Van Buren county, Iowa, where his father died, in August, 1852; he then went to Wapello county and lived with his uncle until he was married, September, 1863, to Miss Sarah E. Schofield, a native of Indiana . They have had eight children: Rosa E., William F., John H., Lilly D., Larrice L., and three deceased, James, Charley and Sylvanus. Mr. Hunter's farm is located on the bluffs north of Bear Creek, containing 160 acres, half in cultivation, balance pasture, with good buildings and fine young orchard. Mr. Hunter and wife are members of the Christian Church.