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Davis County >> 1882 Index

History of Davis County, Iowa
Des Moines: Iowa Historical Company, 1882


Unless noted, biographies submitted by Dick Barton.

PAINTER, J. V., M. D., physician and druggist, Bloomfield; was born February 11, 1820, in Ohio; attended the common schools, and at the age of fourteen went to learn the tailoring business with Joseph Repler, in Urbana, Ohio, and followed it until 1842, studying in the meantime, while plying the needle. In 1839 he commenced learning the drug business also, staying in the drug store in the summer, in tailor shop in the winter. In 1842 he went into the drug business, as clerk for Henry Wheeler, of Kesauqua, Van Buren county Iowa, and after working a few months with Dr. Loring, druggist in St. Louis , be located at West Point , Iowa , in the practice of medicine, tailoring some at the same time. In February, 1847, he commenced clerking in Hamlin and Ayers drug store, in Keokuk, and studied medicine about two years with Dr. Knowles. In 1859 he located in Farmington, in the practice, and in 1864 came to Bloomfield, and clerked for J. B. Glenn, for Glenn Brothers and for Mitchell Brothers, until December 25, 1877, when he put up his present building and commenced the drug business for himself, which he still continues. He was married September 7, 1854 , to Miss Polly Stare, a native of Indiana , and they have three children: Emma V., Francis F., and Joseph M.

Parsons, C. C.,  station agent, Belknap; was born March 12, 1854, in Oneida, Ill.; and  here he lived and attended school till he was twelve years old; then  went to Scott county, where he worked on a farm for two years; then  returned to Knox county for a year.  At the age of fifteen he began  learning telegraphing, which took five months; then took charge of the  night office at Oneida, and remained three years; went into the employ  of the C., R. I. & P., and took charge of Princeton station, Mo., for  one year; then the Eldon station for three years; then took charge of  the Belknap Junction office of the c., R. I. & P. and Wabash roads,  which position he now holds, being also the express agent.  He was  married September 19, 1877, to Miss Lillian Richardson, a native of  Texas.  They have two children: Clarence M. and Hester.  Mr. Parsons has  four lots and a nice residence here, and is very comfortably situated;  he is a fine business man, and enjoys the confidence of both companies,  and the respect and good will of the entire community.  

Parsons, Jas. H.,  postoffice Belknap; was born February 29, 1860, in Knox county, Ill.,  where he lived fifteen years and acquired a common school education.  In  1876 he went to work for the P. & D. R. R. about a year; then came to  Belknap and worked for the C., R. I. & P. R. R. for six months; then  worked for the P. & D. a year, at Danville, Ill.; then for the C. & E.  I. about two years; then for the C. M. & St. P., as yard switchman, at  Chicago, until January 9, 1881, when he had the misfortune of having a  pair of car trucks run over his lower limbs, which permanently disables  him for manual labor.  After recovering, in a measure, he commenced  learning telegraphy, in the office at Belknap, where he is now engaged.  

Pearsoll, Jacob submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Pearsoll, Jacob, farmer and stock raiser; section 2; post office Troy. In the spring of 1843 he moved to Iowa, and located where he now resides. Owns a farm of 240 acres, with good house, barn, orchard, etc. He married Elizabeth Crossit, a native of Ohio, whom was left to the guardianship of a paternal uncle, who gave her a limited education. Her parents died well off, but what become of the property she don't know. They have a family of five children.

Petefish, Albert submitted by Jerry Nelson

Petefish, Albert, farmer and stock-raiser, postoffice Bloomfield; was born in Cass county, Illinois. At the age of thirteen he came with his parents to Davis county, where he has since resided. He was reared a farmer, and received a common school education. In the spring of 1864, he enlisted in Company D, 45th Iowa Infantry, and served till the close of the war. In the fall of 1875, he moved on his present farm, consisting of 110 acres. He was married August 3, 1865, to Miss Mary J. Foshee, a native of Missouri, whose father is an old settler of this county. They are the parents of three children, Frank, and Hugh and Emma, twins. Mr. P. and wife are members of the M. E. Church. They are very estimable people, and have the confidence of the entire community.

PHERIGO, WILLIAM, A. submitted by Craig Rasmussen

PHERIGO, WILLIAM, A., [Union Township] farmer and stock raiser, section 15, postoffice Troy; was born September 28, 1819, in Mercer county, Kentucky, and at the age of twelve moved with his parents to Jefferson county, Indiana, and a few years later to Ripley county, where his parents died, and are buried. Mr. P spent his youth helping on the farm and attending school.

He was married in Indiana January 27, 1844, to Miss SUSAN GRINSTEAD, a native of Kentucky, reared in Indiana. In 1850, they came to this county, and settled where they now live. It was all brush then; now by their united efforts they have succeeded in making a fine farm of 120 acres, ninety under cultivation, the rest good pasture.

They have reared and educated a family of thirteen children, then now living; M. died, aged nineteen, at St. Louis, of Third Iowa Cavalry; Richard L., died, aged three years; John D., Jasper, died, aged twenty-six; Sarah F, wife of Thomas Pherigo; George A., Martha E., James W., Essie, wife of Daniel Mower; Amanda L., Mary J., wife of Joseph Carter; Edward N. and Laura A.

Mr. P., his wife and four children are members of the Baptist Church. He is a man of strict integrity.

Clemuel Phillips submitted by Lois G. Cossel McMillin

Phillips, C.; page 673: lives on a nice farm of 160 acres, in section 10, and will soon have one of the most substantial homes in the county.  He was born in Pickaway county, Ohio, June 27, 1830, and when six years old his father moved to Park county, Indiana; at the age of ten his father died, leaving him and his mother to support the family. He received a limited education in the common schools, farming for a living, until 1858, when he came to Iowa, and turned his attentions to stock raising, at which he has been very successful.  He was married September 22, 1848, to Miss Gabriella Lister, of Indiana.  They have had eleven children, Mary Ann, Martha Ann, Minerva Jane, Margaret Jane, Amy, Melinda, Arletta, W.S. and W. S., twins, Ellsworth and Nancy Ann. Mr. and Mrs. P. are members of the United Brethren Church.

Pinnell, Francis C. P., farmer and stock-raiser, section 12, post-office Milton; was born June 6, 1817, in Kanawha county, Va., and while quite young came with his parents to Ohio, and seven years latter went to Logan county, West Va., on the Wyandotte river, where he assisted his father to build a flat boat eighty feet long, cutting and sawing the lumber with a whip saw. Loaded it with corn and chesnuts, and with five families of emigrants on board, started down the river to Cinncinnati, where he sold the boat and cargo and bought teams and started for the wilds of Michigan. At Indianapolis, his father died after a brief illness, and one month latter his mother also died, leaving a family of nine children, seven being girls. The next year they continued their journey, arriving in 1835, and lived there two years, when the death of his only brother broke up the family, and he, with others, started in a sleigh in midwinter, for the territory of Iowa, and made the first location in that part of this county where he how lives. He built a cabin, made improvements, and went to Burlington for fruit trees, and planted the first orchard in the county. He now owns 604 acres in a high state of cultivation, with a fine house, barn and orchard. He was married December 24, 1840, to Miss Elizabeth Hawley, a native of Canada, who died in 1847, leaving two children, Mary A., wife of Henry Harrel of Milton, and Isaac H. He married again November 9, 1849, Miss Rebecca L. Powell, a native of Virginia. They have seven children: Benj. F., Jas. S., Amanda C., Thos. S. and Eldrag S. Mr. P. was a lieutenant during the "border war," in Capt. Hawley's company of Col. Selsby's regiment. Was called out and camped near Farmington, and dispersed without bloodshed. Was one of the club officers of the "Hairy Nation" division of regulators, before the State was organized. He has been a member of the board of supervisors, and school treasurer for many years. He is an old line democrat, and takes great interest in politics.

Potter, D. W. submitted by Jerry Nelson

Potter, D. W., farmer and stock-raiser, postoffice Belknap; was born December 14, 1841, in Lewis county, N. Y., where he grew to manhood and was educated in the common schools and reared a farmer. In 1870 he came to Pike county, Ill. In the winter of 1880 he came to this county and purchased the farm where he has since lived. He was married in June, 1865, to Miss Julia C. Hull, a native of New York; they have had two children, Nora L. and Mark R. Mr. P. owns a fine farm of 120 acres under a high state of cultivation, with a large stone house, and a fine young orchard. He and his wife are members of the Baptist church and he is a member of the Odd Fellows lodge at Floris. Mr. P. is a man highly esteemed by those who know him.