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Des Moines County >> 1879 Index

History of Des Moines County, Iowa
Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879.

Burlington Township
Transcribed by Cay Merryman

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ANDERSON, John A., far., S. 30
BEHNE, Aug., far., S. 20
BEHNE, August, Jr., far., S. 20
BICKLIN, C. H.., far., S. 20
BUCKHAUSER, F., far., S. 30
BRANDMEIER, C. D., far., S. 5
BRADER, Casper, far., S. 18
BRUCKER, James, Jr., far., S. 18
BEHME, Wm., far., S. 30
BRUCKER, J., far., S. 20
DIESELHORST, C., far., S. 18
DAVIS, A. G., far., S. 21
DIESELHORST, Daniel, far., S. 6
DIERECKS, Henry, far., S. 7

DIERCKS, J. F., farmer, Section 18; born in Prussia in 1827; came to Des Moines Co. in 1846. Married Miss W. Meier, in 1853; she was born in Prussia in 1829; have seven children - Henry, Wilhelmina, Dina, Harmon, Beckey, William, Matilda. Mr. D. owns ninety-four acres of land, valued at $75 per acre. Members of the Lutheran Church. Mr. D. was Road Supervisor one year. Democrat.

DAVIS, Alex., far., S. 19
DORAN, Fenton, far., S. 29
DAVIS, John A., far., S. 19
DAHNER, Gebhart, far., S. 19
ERTSINGER, George, far., S. 16

EVERSMANN, H., farmer, Sec. 20; born in Burlington in 1843. Married Annie Kestner in 1865; she was born in Bavaria in 1842; they have five children - Pauline, William, John, Jacob and Mary. Mr. E. owns 400 acres of land valued at $20 per acre; has held the offices of School Director, Road Supervisor, and is Secretary of School Board. Members of the Catholic Church; Liberal

EVERSMAN, Henry, f., S. 21
EADS, Henry W., far., S. 3
EADS, C. F., far., S. 3
FANNING, F. C., far., S. 5

FRITZ, D., farmer, Sec 30; born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1823; came to Des Moines County in 1850, has since been farming. Married Mary A. Saltser in 1846; she was born in Wurtemberg also; they have six children - John J., Mary A., Christina, Katherine, Daniel S., Maggie K. Mr. Fritz owns 80 1/2 acres of land valued at $6,000. Has held the office of Road Supervisor two years; School Treasurer, eight years. Members of the M. E. Church; Democrat.

FUNK, G. H., farmer, sec. 20; born in Des Moines Co., in 1838. Married Katherine Fengel in 1868; she was born in Des Moines Co. in 1846; have five children - John A., Walter B., George H. A., Irvin M., Oscar C. A. Owns 155 acres of land, valued at $90 per acre. Democrat.

GIESELMAN, Andrew, S. 29

GANTZ, H., market gardener, Sec. 30; born in Burlington in 1847. Married Mary Matlinder in 1870, also a native of Burlington, born 1854; have four children - Lita, Bertha, Eddie and Joseph; owns ten acres of land, valued at $4,000. During the late war, Mr. Gantz belonged to the Sappers and Miners. Members of the Catholic Church; Liberal

GANZ, J. and H., fars., S. 19
HILLEARY, Alex., far., S. 30
HELCHER, Henry, far., S. 20
HIPPE, John F., far., S. 29
HUFFMAN, Jessie, far., S. 4

HUNTER, W., far., S. 7, born in Ireland in 1812; came to Des Moines in 1839; since been engaged in farming. Married Rebecca Givean in 1838; she was born in Ireland in 1819; they have six children; Martha, Bessie, Rebecca, Catherine, Jane and William. Mr. Hunter owns seventy-one acres of land valued at $50 per acre. Has held the offices of Road Supervisor and School Director.

HECKENBERG, F., far., S. 17
JONES, W. B., far., S. 18
KROCKEL, Jacob, far., S. 32
KAUTZ, John E., far., S. 20
KUNZ, William, far., S. 20
KROEGER, Fred., far., S. 8
KOESTNER, George E., far., S. 16
KALCHDALER, Jacob, far., S. 7
KUTERER, Antone, far., S. 7
DROEGER, F., far., S. 5
LUTH, Henry, far., S. 6
MYER , John F., far., S. 19
McALLISTER, D. C., far., S. 5
MILLER, George, far., S. 17
McALLISTER, James, far., S. 3
MIBAHN, G., far., S. 7
NEALLY, G. C., far., S. 20
NEALLY, George, far., S. 17
NEALLY, Joseph, far., S. 20
OTTO, George, far., S. 20
ORT, Charles, far., S. 16
OST, Frank, jail guard, Burlington
PATTERSON, John, far., Sec. 31
PICKUP, Richard, far., S. 5
PICKUP, Joseph, far., S. 5
PICKUP, Ed., far., Sec. 8
RASCOMB, Henry, far., S. 19
REESE, Christian, far., S. 9
RINCKER, John, Sec. 19
SOWERWEIN, V. far., S. 30
SOWERWEIN, George, farmer, S. 7
STELTER, Henry, far., S. 6
STEINGRABER, Charles, far., S. 18
STEFANY, M. far., S. 19
STEINGRABER, C. R., far., S. 16
SATER, M. J., far., S. 14
TALBERT, W. J., far., S. 29

TRIMBLE, H., farmer, Sec. 6; born in Pendleton Co., Va., in 1822. Married Mary Walker in 1848; she was born in Randolph Co., Va., in 1822; they have six children - George, Isabel, John, Samuel, Noah and Mary A. Mr. Trimble owns 165 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre; was School Treasurer one year; Road Supervisor one year. Democrat.

THAYER, C. D., far., S. 17
THOMAS, C. and E., fars., S. 19
TIMMERMAN, C., far. S. 5
WALKER, Perry, far., S. 4

WALDIN, A., far., S. 7; born in Germany in 1822; came to Des Moines Co. in 1864; since been engaged in farming. Married Johanna Pilling in 1849; she was born in Germany in 1829; they have four children - Olga, Paul, Renhardt and Walden. Mr. W. was in the Prussian army seventeen years. Owns 160 acres of land, valued at $3,000. Members of the Lutheran Church; Republican

WEHMER, Henry, farmer, S. 21
WINKLEMIRE, C. far., S. 2
WALKER, John, far., S. 9
WALKER, James, far., S. 3
WALKER, Eber E., far., Sec. 5
WALDER, Charley, far., S. 6
WALKER, Silas, far., S. 9
WILDE, Chris. E., far., S. 8
WYKERT, N., far., S. 18
WARTH, Gotlieb, far. S. 17
WYKERT, Theo., far., S. 18
WYKERT, Thomas, far., S. 20
WEIS, G. M. & F. C., far., S. 20
WAMBSGANZ, J., far., S. 20
WALDIN, A. H., far., S. 7
ZART, F. J., far., S. 17
ZIMMERMAN, H., far., S. 19
ZAISS, C., far., S. 7