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History of Hardin County, Iowa
Springfield, Ill: Union Publishing Company, 1883.

Tipton Township

E. C. Austin, was born in Essex county, Massachusetts, in August, 1841, remaining there until 16 years of age, when he came to Dubuque county, Iowa, and remained three years.  In 1859 he came to section 17, Tipton township.  He enlisted August 15, 1862, in Company F, 32d Iowa Infantry,a nd was honorably discharged August 25, 1865, at Springfield, Illinois.  He was married in 1861 to Margaret Fryer.

Isaac Barnhart was born in Butler county, Pennsylvania, September 22, 1831.  In 1844 his parents moved to Miami county, Indiana, here he remained ten years, thence to Marshall county, Iowa, and in November, 1855 he made a claim on section 4, Tipton township, but did not settle there until 1870.  He married, June 1870, to Mary Ann Reep, who was born in Butler county, Pennsylvania, September, 1844, her father settled in Tipton township in 1879.  They have four children -- Daniel Frederick, Susannah Jane, John Henry and Martha Catherine.

August Boeke was born in Germany, in 1852.  He came to America in 1871, and located on section 25, in Tipton township, remaining one year; thence to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he remained two years, working at the butcher's trade.  From there he went to Eldora, remaining one year.  He then bought 120 acres of land on section 33, where he now lives.  He was married, in 1877, to Miss Mary Groncona, a native of Germany.  They have one daughter -- Minnie.

W. W. Boylan arrived here April 8, 1857, from Clayton county, Iowa, where he had resided since May, 1855. During the year 1855 he made a visit to this county and township, and while here helped raise the first log house built in Point Pleasant.  He is still living in the township, now residing on section 22, where he located August 21, 1862.  Mr. Boylan was born in Licking county, Ohio, July 15, 1830.  In 1833 his parents moved to Hancock county, where he remained until 1855, receiving a common school education, and following the business of farming.  In march, 1855 he came to Iowa, and settled in Clayton county, on a farm, remaining there until March, 1857, when he settled in Hardin county, on section 22, Tipton township, being one of the first settlers of this part of the county.  Mr. Boylan has held the office of Justice of the Peace for the past six years, and several times the Assessorship, and also the the Secretaryship of the schools of this township.  In politics he is a staunch Republican.  He has been a member of the M. E. Church since 1855.  He is a member of the Odd Fellows' Society, and has always taken an active part in the cause of temperance.  He was married in December, 1854, to Miss Susannah C. Balmer, a native of Switzerland.  They have nine children living -- John T., William M., Maloa S., Christian B., Manora M., Catherine M., Tell E., Bernie B., Daisey D.

Asias Bucy was born in Allegheny county, Maryland, April, 1833.  In 1834 his parents settled in Tuscarawas county, Ohio.  In 1838 they removed to Holmes county, Ohio, remaining on a farm until Asias was twenty-three years of age; thence to Fulton county, Illinois, where he remained twelve years; thence to Stark county, Illinois, remaining six years; thence to Polk county, Iowa, remaining there five years; thence to Hardin county and settled on section 27, Tipton township, where he now owns a fine farm of 160 acres.  In 1856 he married Miss Eliza Jane Lohr, a native of Ohio.  They have ten children living -- Martha A., George P., Jesse F., Sarah Olive, Samuel A., Alice M., Norman A., Charles N., Franklin T., Cora M.

Mrs. Olive B. Cady, the subject of this sketch, descended from the Prescott family, who was the original emigrant from England to America, (See Prescott Genealogy) and is a distant relative of the noted William H. Prescott, of Massachusetts, the great historian.  If she had possessed the privilege of selecting her ancestors, she could not have hit upon a better family than that from which she descended, as there is no record that any of them ever did a mean, base or vicious act.  Into whatever they undertook they threw the whole energy of their natures.  Olive was singularly blessed in having been as fortunate in her mother as in her father.  She was remarkable for good sense, energy, and beneficence.  Olive was born in Newport, Penobscot county, Maine, April 24, 1825.  She was educated at Newport Academy, and commenced teaching school at the early age of fifteen years, always commanding the highest wages -- $1.00 and $1.50 per week -- and boarded around; but amply supported herself.  in the year 1845 she emigrated to the then Far West, found employment on the third day after reaching Chicago, and with her needle, from the first day earned $1.00 and $1.25 per day on piece work, taking her dinner, and seldom leaving her seat the whole day long.  In 1848 she became acquainted with and was married to Mr. Perley P. Cady, of Michigan.  She was always a keeper at home, living in peace and plenty, had five children, and always practicing the traits of character inherited from her parents, she early taught them industry, honesty and sobriety.  She is now fifty-seven years of age and still finds her happiness in promoting the happiness of her family and friends.

P. P. Cady was born in Steuben county, New York, October 24, 1817.  He was reared on a farm, receiving a good common school education with an attendance at Franklin Academy, New York.  In 1839 he moved to Oakland county, Michigan, and remained there about five years.  From 1842 to 1851 he spent in the western part of Michigan, teaching at the Indian Mission, at the present site of Grand Rapids, excepting 1846 and 1847, which he spent in Chicago, engaged in the lumber trade.  In 1848 he was married to Miss Olive B. Prescott, a native of Maine.  In 1851 he settled in Alamakee county, Iowa, taught school the first winter, and in 1852 he entered land in that county, remaining until 1865, when he came to Tipton township, Hardin county, and settled on section 26.  While in Alamakee county he was Justice of the Peace and Town Clerk.  From 1869 until 1870 he was Postmaster of Tipton Grove post office, when it was discontinued.  They have been blessed with five children -  Ellen M., now the wife of the Rev. Matthew Wing, of Union township; James F., now an attorney at Union; J. Judson, living on a farm near Hubbard; Jessie A., and Frank living at home.  They also have an adopted daughter named Mary A., now the wife of O. Crandall, now living at Cresco, Howard county.

John Cayton

p. 873: John Cayton came here from Hancock county, Ohio, in the spring of 1854, and located on section 26, where he purchased a claim of a came named Carpenter.  He remained here until his dath, April 21, 1863.  He died of congestion of the lungs, and was buried in the cemetery on W. W. Boylan's farm.

J. B. Chadwick was born in Cayuga county, New York, June 20, 1813.  At the age of thirteen years he began an attendance at the Academy at Fredonia, New York.  At fifteen he began learning the saddler's trade in Tompkins county, New York.  This he followed as an apprentice until the age of twenty.  He then married Eliza Tooker, of Cayuga county, New York.  He then embarked in the harness trade in that county, and afterwards in Steuben county, and while in that couty he began the study of law, and was admitted to the Bar in Catauqua county.  In 1859 he emigrated to Kent county, Michigan, and practiced law in that and in Jackson counties until 1864, when he came to Des Moines, Iowa, where he engaged in the wholesale harness and leather trade.  In 1866 he was engaged as Superintendent of the County Poor Farm, and also built the county buildings.  In 1867 he moved to Hamilton county, and began farming on an extensive scale, and also gave considerable attention to dairying.  In 1870 he located on section 36, Tipton, where he has since lived a retired life.  While in Steuben county, he took an active part in the politics of that county, and was nominated for the Legislature by the Whigs.  During the past four years he has made three trips to Europe.  They have four children living -- Sarah A., Abiather, Eliza and M. T.

J. M. Christy was born in Mercer county, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1855, remaining until 1878.  He received his education at Jamestown College, graduating in the class of 1873.  He afterwards taught school in different parts of the West, and was also engaged in the hardware trade at Jamestown, Pennsylvania.  In 1878 he came to Iowa and located at Ackley, teaching in this county until he engaged in the hardware trade at Hubbard, in October, 1880.  He was married in 1880 to Miss Mary Hadley, of Providence.  They have one son -- Guy.

C. A. Clancy was born in Richland county, Ohio, in 1851.  In 1855 his parents moved to Henry county, Illinois, his father, Alex. Clancy, settling on a farm, remaining eleven years; thence to Marshall county, Iowa, and in 1867 to Tipton township.  C. A. started a blacksmith shop at Idaho, this county, in 1876, where he remained until he came to Hubbard in October, 1880.  He holds the office of Conductor in the Odd Fellows' Lodge of this place, of which Order is a member.  He was married in 1872 to Harriet C. Gettis, a native of the Hawkeye state.  They have three children living.

Thomas Cloud, a carpenter, was born near Dayton, Ohio, December 29, 1839, remaining there until 1861, when he enlisted in Company I, 101st Indiana Infantry, serving until honorably discharged at Chicago, in 1865, at the close of the war.  He then settled in Story county, Iowa, and remained there a year and a half.  He then moved to Allen county, Kansas, working at the carpenter's trade three years, when he returned to Story county, remaining there until the starting of Hubbard, when he came here and built the first dwelling.  He was married in 1867 to Miss Harriet Burt, a native of England.  They have one child living.

Amasa Collins

p. 873: Amasa Collins came into this township in 1854, from Pleasant, where he had previously located.  He located on the southeast quarter of section 22, where he built a pole cabin, which stood there until the summer of 1861, when it was torn down.  The farm is now owned by Ellen Peel.  Mr. Collins remained on this farm until 1865, when he sold out and moved to the village of Point Pleasant, where he engaged in merchandizing about one year, and then moved to Monroe county, Iowa, where he now resides.

p. 878: The first public school was taught in the summer of 1857, in a temporary log cabin, by Sarah Howell, now the wife of J. M. Boyd.  The first building erected for school purposes was a frame structure, located on the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 21.  Miss Howell was also the first teacher in this building, in the winter of 1858-9.  It was erected by Amasa Collins, in the summer or fall of 1858.  The building was subsequently sold to Frank James and moved south to its original location.  It is now owned by Israel A. Johnson.

p. 880: The township of Tipton furnished its full quota of enlisted men in the war for the Union, but owing to a miscount a draft was made and duly honored.   Several of those who went from the township laid down their lives that their country might be saved.  They are each duly remembered by those who survive, and their noble sacrifices duly appreciated.  Funeral services were held in 1864 on the farm of Amasa Collins for the dead heroes -- John M. C. Potts, Francis M. Collines, and Leander Collins.  The sermon was preached by Joshua Allen, United Brethern preacher.

D. C. Crosser, a native of Wood county, Ohio, was born March 11, 1831.  He was reared on a farm, and received a good common school education, remaining there until 1856.  He then came to Hardin county, Iowa, and located in Pleasant township.  In 1880 he settled on his present farm of 160 acres, on section 34, Tipton township.  In 1857 he was married to Mary E. Penn, a native of Virginia, her father (William Penn) settling in Hardin county in 1856, in the town of Eldora.  They have had five children, all of whom are living -- Melissa Ann, Josephine, Sophronia Helen, Willis J. and Dora C.

George W. Diltz came here from Wood county, Ohio, in 1855, and located on the west half of the southwest quarter of section 22, on land now owned by T. J. Hunter.  He left in 1864, and now resides in Pleasant township.

William Diltz settled on section 21 about the same time.  He left in 1864 and now lives in Pleasant township.

A. M. Drake was born in Trumbull county, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1832.  In 1852 he moved to Knox county, Ill.; received a common school education, with an attendance of two years at Hiram College, being a student eighteen months at the time of the attendance of the late James A. Garfield.  Remaining until 1865 he engaged in farming.  In 1865 he came to Winneshiek county, Iowa, remaining two years.  In the fall of 1870 he settled in Poweshiek county, Iowa; and in 1874 settled on the South Fork, Tipton township, and in 1877, settled on section 29, where he owns a farm of 160 acres; was married in 1857, to Miss Elizabeth Shrimplin, a native of Knox county, Ohio.  They have six children, four living -- Addison N., William A., Margaret J., Frank E.; died: Thomas W. and John M.

DeRoy Ellsworth, one of the well-known pioneers of Hardin county, was born in Potter county, Pennsylvania, May 26, 1834.  He is the son of D. Freeman and Rhoda L. (Babcock) Ellsworth.  Until nine years of age DeRoy lived with his parents upon a farm.  He then moved with them to Condersport, the county seat of Potter county, and at thirteen years of age began clerking in a store.  In 1854, in company with his parents, he came to Hardin county, locating at Eldora.  He arrived here on the 25th day of May.  His health having failed him in the East, he determined to follow an out-door life, but, after working one month, he went into the store of G. W. Jones, where he remained five months.  He then again tried out-door work, turning his attention to farming and carpentering.  From 1855 to 1865 he alternately followed the mercantile trade, with some out-door employment.  In February, 1865, he obtained a position in the Quartermaster's Department in the Army of the Potomac, serving until the close of the war, when he returned to Eldora.  Mr. Ellsworth has led an active life, and been a valuable member of society.  Every public enterprise has found in him an advocate and a helper.  He was for several years a member of the Board of Supervisors of Hardin county, and has held other local offices.  Had he belonged to the dominant party he would doubtless have held higher positions, but in politics he has been a life long Democrat.  He is a member of the United Workmen and Knights of Honor, of Eldora.  DeRoy Ellsworth and Charity L. Westfall were united in marriage April 21, 1868.  They have three children -- Emrick E., Charles D., and DeRoy C.  Mrs. Ellsworth is a native of New York, and came to Iowa in the spring of 1867.

John P. Fox was born in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, remaining there until about twelve years of age; thence to Clinton county, Pennsylvania, where he remained until twenty-two years of age, when he removed to Freeport, Illinois, engaging in the carpenter's trade, and in 1878 he went to Tipton, Hardin county, Iowa, settling on land, which he had entered in 1854.  He was married in April, 1850, to Miss Margaret J. Demmick, a native of Illinois.  They have four children living -- Mace, Olive, Ella, and William.

M. C. Gettis was born in Carroll county, Ohio, in 1832, and is a son of Ira E. and Mary (Daniel) Gettis.  In 1839 his parents moved to Pike county, Ohio, and in 1847, went to Stephenson county, Illinois, where they remained one year, and in 1848 came to Scott county, Iowa, where they spent two years, and then went to Clinton county, and afterward to Cedar county.  The subject of this sketch was married in Ohio, March 4, 1853, to Miss Sarah Randall, a native of Carroll county, Ohio.  In 1855 he settled in Tama county, and built a steam saw-mill, which he run until 1867, when he came to Hardin county, and settled in Pleasant township, where he was engaged in milling, and in 1876 settled on section 4 of Tipton township, where he still remains.  His wife died April 7, 1877, by whom he had ten children, seven of whom are living.  Mr. Gettis was afterward married to Miss Malissa Williams, June 20, 1877.  She was born in Dubuque county, Iowa.  They have had three children, all of whom are living.  The father of Mr. Gettis was born in Kent county, Maryland, March 22, 1799, his grandfather being a native of Ireland, and his mother born in Trumbull county, Ohio, December 10, 1804, of English origin.  They were married October 9, 1823, and have five children living, of whom M. C. is the youngest.  They have been members of the M. E. Church over sixty years.

L. D. Gordon was born in Summit county, Ohio, February 27, 1829.  In 1837 his parents moved to Johnson county, Iowa, his father, Thomas Gordon, being one of the pioneers of that county.  Here he remained five years; thence to Marshall county, where he was married, in 1852, to Miss Julia A. Forr, who bore him one child, and died in 1853.  In 1857 he came to Eldora, Hardin county, and afterwards to Steamboat Rock.  In 1862 he came to Tipton, where he has since resided.  He entered the army in the fall of 1864, in Company I, 13th Iowa.  He was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  He was married in 1854 to Electa Winn.  She bore him three children, and died in 1860.  He afterwards married, in 1863, Mary H. Leininger, who bore him two children.

Charles Hammer, Sr., was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, 1813, and came to America in the spring of 1840, first settling in Maryland, where he remained three years, working at weaving.  He then removed to Virginia, and engaged in the same work of twelve years.  In 1855 he came to Linn county, Iowa, remaining here until the spring of 1856.  He settled at Point Pleasant, Hardin county, and in 1862 he bought his present farm on section 24, in Tipton township.  Mr. Hammer has held the offices of Constable, Clerk, Justice of the Peace, and was Postmaster of Point Pleasant, eight years.  He was married in 1843, to Mary Wilke.  Six children were born unto them -- Joseph, Chas. W., John A., Franklin, Cornelius and Rose.  John A. was born August 8, 1850, in Virginia, and has since lived at home.  He was married October 24, 1875, to Mary Lowden, a native of Chisago county, Minnesota.  Three children blessed this union -- Eugene, Royal and Frederick.

H. D. Hoover was born in Miami county, Ohio, in 1852.  In 1854 his parents moved to Cedar county, Iowa, Eli Hoover, his father, being one of the pioneer settlers, and is still a resident of that county.  Here Mr. Hoover remained until he attained his majority, going thence to Marshall county, where he remained two years.  Soon afterward he went to Benton, and in 1875 he bought a farm adjoining the present village of Hubbard, and has since made two additions to the village.  In the spring of 1881 he settled here.  He is a member of the town council.  He was married September 5, 1873, to Miss Hannah M. Plummer, a native of Ohio.  Her father, Joseph Plummer, being one of the early settlers of Marshall county.  They have one child -- Mary Lillian.

J. L. Hornung was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, November 16, 1828; came to America in 1852, landing in New York April 24; soon after he went to Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where he learned the trade of cracker baking, remaining four years; thence to Stephenson county, Illinois, working in a distillery two years; thence to Brownsville, Missouri, working at cracker baking a year and a half; he then came to Hardin county, and in June, 1861, he bought a farm on section 35, and in September, 1861, moved his family here.  Mr. H. has held the office of School Treasurer and Director.  He was married in 1856 to Mary A. Bach, born in Wurtemburg, April 4, 1828, came to America in 1854.  They have four children -- Charles N., Wm. G., Margaret and John L., Jr.

Jacob Hough was born in the town of West Huntington, Moreland county, Pennsylvania, June 21, 1815, where he remained until 1841; then went to Washington county, same State, remaining two years.  In 1853 he located in Wood county, Ohio, and soon after removed to Hancock county, where he was engaged in farming.  In 1856 he came to the town of Tipton, Hardin county, Iowa, settling on section 36, buying a farm of 120 acres.  He has held the office of Justice of the Peace twelve years.  He was married March 6, 1840, to Eliza Craven, who was born December 25, 1821, in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.  They have had born to them six children, five of whom are living -- William Franklin, born July 1, 1841, killed at battle of Shiloh April 6, 1862; Peter D., born January 21, 1843; C. F., born November 7, 1844; Margaret, born June 21, 1846; Edward R., born March 20, 1851; George W., born September 3, 1855; all born in Pennsylvania but George W., who was born in Ohio. 

Wm. Howell was born in Orange county, New York, in March, 1835, remaining until September, 1857, receiving his education at the Unionville Academy, at Unionville, New York.  In 1857 he located on section 10, Tipton, Hardin county, Iowa, and taught school for two years; then began improving his farm.  He has held the office of School Director, and also Assessor.  He was married in 1871 to Miss Julia A. Bates.  Her father, Joseph Bates, settled in Clay township in 1855, and died October 26, 1877.  They have one son - LeGrand.

Israel A. Johnson was born in Muskingum county, Ohio, August 14, 1837.  In 1838 his parents came to Illinois, settling in McLean county, remaining three years; thence to Louisa county, Iowa.  His father, Archibald Johnson, being one of the early settlers of that county, remaining until April, 1854, when he settled in Pleasant township, Hardin county.  He died on his farm in Pleasant township in February, 1861.  Israel married Miss Catherine Fisher, a native of Champaign county, Illinois.  He remained in Pleasant township until 1868, when he settled in Tipton, where he has since resided.  Three children were born to them -- Ellen Ordilla, Anna Elizabeth and Oscar Anson, who died in 1864.  His wife died in 1864.  He afterwards married, April 15, 1860, Lodema Crosser.  They have three children -- Etta May, Pearly Edward and Cora Belle.  His second wife died in 1878.  Afterwards married, in 1881, Mrs. Mary J. Hayworth, a native of Pennsylvania, she have four children by her first husband -- Henry F., Carrie A., Lewis J. and Chloe A.  Anna married Jacob Chadwick; Allie married S. S. Stewart; both married September 7, 1881.

Geo. R. Lohr was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, April 12, 1839.  In 1846 his parents moved to Knox county, Ohio.  His educational advantages were limited.  Coming West he settled in Fulton county, Illinois, on a farm, on which he remained until 1870, when he settled on section 13, Tipton township, and, in 1871, settled on his present location, section 21, where he has remained since, excepting while engaged in the hotel business, in 1881, at Hubbard, having built the Hubbard House.  He has held the offices of Town Clerk and Assessor.  He was married January 1, 1860, to Miss Allie McBroom, a native of Illinois.  They have had seven children, three of whom are living.

The Hubbard House was the first regular hotel built in the place [Tipton township].  Its erection was commenced in the fall of 1880, and completed and occupied January, 1881.  It was built by George R. Lohr, who opened it to the public in January, 1881.  It is a two story frame building, conveniently arranged, containing twenty-one rooms.  George R. Lohr ran the house until the spring of 1881, when he formed a partnership with his brother, T. J. Lohr, the two running it until November 17, 1881, when it was leased by J. W. Swafford, who still continues its management.  The house is quite popular.

J. L. Marshall, merchant, was born in Richmond, Indiana, September 22, 1845.  In 1846 his parents moved to Lee county, Iowa, where his father, Stephen Marshall, entered a farm, and died in 1849.  In 1857 he moved to Henry county, Iowa, and in 1860 to Hardin.  In 1862 to McLean county, Illinois, and engaged in farming.  In January, 1865, he enlisted in Company D, 152d Illinois Infantry, and served until honorably discharged at Memphis, Tennessee, September 18, 1865.  He then engaged in trade at McLean, Illinois, with J. S. Barber & Co.  In 1866 he sold his interest and came to Henry county, Iowa, where he was married March 18, 1866, to Miss Elva Frazier, of that county, remaining there until 1871, engaged in farming and then embarked in the mercantile trade at Idaho, Hardin county.  November 17, 1880, he removed his stock to Hubbard, where he still remains one of Hubbard's most enterprising business men.  Mr. Marshall was raised a "Friend," and still adheres to that religious faith.  They have five children living --Clayton, Andrew, Bertha, Willard and Cora.

George Marshman was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, October 27, 1828.  In 1842 his parents moved to Richland county, Ohio, where he remained until 1879, engaging in farming and stock dealing.  In 1867 he went with a drove of sheep to Illinois, and traded for land in Tipton township, Iowa.  In 1879 he moved his family to this town, and now lives on section 19.  In politics he is a staunch Republican, having cast his first vote with the Whig party, for General Scott.  He was married in 1863 to Miss Lydia Ann Roberts, a native of Morrow county, Ohio.  George Gordon, Charles Albert, James Arvine, Mary Agnes, and Grace Elizabeth, are their children.

James McBride was born in county Antrim, Irelend, Townland of Tulegraley, July 23, 1827.  He came to America in 1847, and soon after located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged in carpet manufacturing, remaining until 1860, when he followed the business of farming, he remained here until 1867, when he went to Bureau county, Illinois; then went to Clinton county, Iowa, where he remained three years; when he went to Tama county, remaining five years; in 1872, he located in Eldora township, Hardin county, where he remained three years; then he spent one year at Point Pleasant; and in 1876 he bought the farm where he now lives on section 9, Tipton township; he was married July 23, 1850, to Miss Martha Alexander, born in county Derry, Ireland, April 6, 1832.  They have eight children -- Jane, born January 25, 1852; Martha, born May 24, 1854; Annie, born April 21, 1856; Robert, born Feb 28, 1858; William, born April 4, 1860; Sarah, born August 12, 1865; Thomas, born August 10, 1867; John, born April 2, 1869; an adopted daughter, Mary, born January 28, 1850.

J. W. McNabb was born in the county of Lampton, Ontario, in May, 1854, where he remained until 1879.  He began learning the trade of shoemaking when sixteen years of age, which trade he came to Montgomery county, remaining about three months, when he went to Butler county, remaining about four months, when he came to Eldora, Hardin county, remaining until the spring of 1881, when he opened his shop in Hubbard.  He was married January 19, 1877, to Miss Alma A. Yokom, a native of Canada.  They have one son living -- Dustin Wallace, born in Canada.

A. D. Meeker, born in Sussex county, New Jersey, in 1836.  His parents soon after moved to Winnebago county, Illinois, and soon after that to Indiana, where they spent seven years; thence to Jackson county, Iowa, and, in 1858, settled on section 3, Tipton township, Hardin county.  He has held the offices of road Supervisor and Trustee.  He was married June 18, 1876, to Anna J. Hall, a native of Indiana.  They have one son -- Milton C.

Irvin Mills was born in Vermilion county, Illinois, in 1834, remaining there until thirteen years of age, when, with his paents, he removed to Washington county, Iowa, remaining there two years, then going to Keokuk county, his father, Elijah Mills, being one of the pioneer settlers of that county.  Here he grew to manhood, and in 1855 came to Hardin county, and located on a farm in Providence township, living in that and Grant township, following farming, until 1880.  Mr. Mills was elected the first Treasurer of the village of Hubbard.  He was married in 1854 to Rebecca Hadley, who bore him four children, all of whom are living.  Mrs. Mills died in 1859, and Mr. Mills was afterward married, in 1860, to Duiah J. Hickman.  Three children were born to them, all of whom are living.  Mr. Mills' second wife died in 1879, and in 1880 he was married to Emily Woody, one child being born to them -- Mabel.

J. K. Milner was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, February 22, 1854.  In 1855 his parents moved to Jones county, Iowa, his father, R. W. Milner, being one of the pioneers of that county.  In 1865 he went to Clinton county and engaged in teaching; afterwards to Dubuque county, and was engaged in mining three years; afterwards returned to Jones county, and in 1880 he came to Hubbard and entered into the mercantile trade with T. W. Strother.  He was married in 1879 to Miss K. L. Elliot, a native of Illinois.  They have one child -- Daisy D.

J. H. Mingle was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, town of Stillwater, July 18, 1819, remaining until 1828, when his parents moved to Bradford county, Pennsylvania, where he remained until 1852, when he settled in Carroll county, Illinois, and was there engaged in blacksmithing until the spring of 1865, when he came to Steamboat Rock, Hardin county, Iowa, and engaged in farming.  He lived in Clay township eight years, one summer in Concord, and then spent four years in Union.  In August, 1878, he located on section 9, Tipton, where he has since resided.  He was married in Pennsylvania, in 1841, to Miss Catherine Holly.  She bore him six children, and died in 1855.  He was afterwards married, in Whiteside county, Ill., August 9, 1857, to Rachel J. Briggs, who was born in Windsor county, Vermont, June 28, 1834.  She bore him six children, five of whom are living.

John M. Mitchell was born in Butler county, Pennsylvania, July 25, 1830, remaining until the fall of 1856.  He received a limited common school education.  In the fall of 1856 he came to Tama county, Iowa, and worked at the carpenter trade until 1858.  He then moved to Marshall county, where he was engaged in farming until 1863, when he enlisted in Company E, 3d Iowa Infantry, serving until the close of the war, in 1865.  He was detached from the 3d Iowa to the 1st Missouri Light Artillery, but was discharged with the 3d Iowa.  In the fall of 1865 he settled on section 11, Tipton township, Hardin county, and in 1866 he bought a farm on section 13, where he remained two years.  In 1877 he moved to his present location, on section 9.  He was married, in 1856 to Miss Anna Frayer, a native of Pennsylvania.  They have eight children, all living -- Jennie, Alice, George, Jessie, Emma, William, Alfred and Elizabeth Ann.

Augustus Mitterer, Tipton township, was born in Wurtenburg, Germany, August 16, 1823.  His parents, Peter and Hannah (Ripman) Mitterer, were natives of the same State, and lived and died there.  He came to this country in 1846, landing in New York, and settled in Virginia, remaining there until May, 1855, when he removed to Hardin county, settling at Point Pleasant, there being but one house there when he came, but during the next few months he built four houses, which he sold successively to other parties, as they came in.  He took an active interest in the building of the Presbyterian Church there, and laid the first stone in the foundation, and drove the last nail into the building.  On Sept. 2, 1849, he was married in Fredericktown, Md., to Miss Ann Z. Shipman, by the Rev. William Shinford.  There have been born to them nine children, seven of whom are living -- Clara A., born May 26, 1854; Sarah A., born May 18, 1857; Augustus W., born September 6, 1860; Martha J., born February 18, 1863; Joseph S., born June 6, 1865; Ernest F., born February 26, 1868; John L., born December 6, 1870.  Sarah A. was married October 22, 1876, to Elam T. Collins, of Buckeye township.  Mr. M. learned the trade of tanner and currier in Virginia, and worked at it there, and also after he came to Point Pleasant.  He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company F, 32d Iowa infantry, serving in Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.  He was taken sick at Brownsville, Arkansas, in August, 1863, and in October was sent to the hospital at Little Rock, Arkansas, where he lay six months, and was discharged February 14, 1864, by reason of disability.  He has always been identified with the Republican party, and has taken an active part in politics and educational matters, having served in some capacity as an officer of one or more organizations pretty much all of the time.  Mr. and Mrs. M. are active members of the Presbyterian Church at Point Pleasant, being among the founders of that organization.  He is at present following farming for a business, and has a comfortable home and a farm of 160 acres of land, the home place, 120 acres, being much improved, and worth $40 per acre, and forty acres of timber land worth about $10 per acre.

Geo. Mossman was born in Grayson county, Virginia, July 28, 1804.  He was married there in 1822 to Hannah Brown, who was born in Grayson county, Virginia, June 22, 1805.  They afterward moved to Wayne county, Indiana, and then to LaPorte county, Ind., and St. Joseph county, Indiana; at one time owned the present site of LaPorte, Indiana, and built the first frame house in that town.  He came to Tipton, Hardin county, Iowa in the fall of 1854, and the spring following entered land in this township.  He took an active part in the organization of the Hardin county Agricultural Society, being its first President.  He died October 22, 1870.

Samuel E. Mossman was born in Mercer county, Illinois, November 15, 1841; is the son of Geo. and Hannah (Brown) Mossman; came to Hardin county with his parents in 1854.  He enlisted August, 1862, in Company F, 32d Iowa, under Captain Joseph Edgington; he was in nine battles, and was honorably discharged at Davenport at the close of the war.  He has held the office of Trustee, Clerk, and is at present Justice of the Peace.  He married in 1865 to Miss Margaret A. Hough.  They have six children living -- Byron R., Wm. L., Eliza Ellen, Frederick Clifford, Isaac Arno and Jasper J.

J. H. Nichols was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, March 27, 1847, where he remained until 1867, receiving a liberal business education.  He came with his parents to State Center, Marshall county, Iowa, in 1867, and soon after entered the mercantile trade with his brother, S. J., and in 1880 the firm built and began to occupy their new large steam elevator at Hubbard.  He was married October 10, 1871, to Miss Althea S. Brayton, of DeKalb county, Illinois.  They have two daughters -- Bessie and Edith.

S. J. Nichols was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, January 15, 18850, remaining until 1867; thence with his parents to State Center, Iowa, where in company with his brother, J. H., he entered the mercantile trade, remaining until 1880, when he, in company with J. H., opened the grain and live stock trade at Hubbard.  He was married October 1, 1879, to Miss Hattie Jones, a native of DeKalb county, Illinois.

Isaac Painter, son of Thomas and Mary Painter, of Paintersville, Green county, Ohio, was born April 22, 1830.  His youthful days were spent on a farm with his father.  His education was such as could in those days be obtained in the log school houses, with one log out and greased paper inserted for window lights; the furniture consisting of slab desks and benches, puncheon floor, the old-fashioned fireplace, the governing rule, the beach rod, and the pupils studying their lessons aloud.  Tiring of the monotonous scenes of home, as is often the case, young Painter, in the autumn of 1849, came West to seek his fortune.  He stopped for a while at Mooresville, Morgan county, Indiana, where he attended a better grade of school for a time, clerking in a store and teaching a writing school to pay expenses, and for pastime courting the pretty girls.  March 16, 1852, he was joined in wedlock to one Joanna T. Johnson, daughter of Ashley and Lydia Johnson, of Monrovia, Indiana.  The matrimonial ceremony being said, and the knot being tied by the parties themselves, as was the custom amongst the Quakers of that day.  A short time after Mr. Painter and wife wended their way back to the old homestead in Ohio, where they sojourned one year, during which time unto them a son was born, whom they named Thomas Ashley, in honor of his two grandfathers.  In the spring of 1853 Mr. Painter and wife emigrated West, to settle in life, and bought a farm and settled thereon, two miles north of Monrovia, Indiana, remaining there until the 15th day of September, 1870, during which time, sons and daughters were born unto them, to-wit -- Ludovic J., Edwin J., Laura Letta, Mary Lydia, Willie R. and Jesse.  By this time Mr. Painter thought the Western prairies would be a good place for so many boys, so he pulled up stakes and started northwest across the country with teams, and landing at Iowa Falls, Hardin county, Iowa, in October 1870, located on the farm where the pool of Siloam now is; and here is where their youngest daughter, Annie, was born, making eight children in all.  Remaining there until the spring of 1876, they moved with the tribe of Isaac, and pitched their tents on 240 acres of prairie land in the southern part of Hardin county, in Grant township; where by industry, economy and perseverance, they have fitted up a beautiful and comfortable home, whereon they live at the present time, with tier two younger children -- Jessie and Annie -- the rest having settled in business for themselves.  Mr. Painter has filled the office of Justice of the Peace for four years past in the town of Hubbard, Iowa.  He has always taken an active interest and an active part in public improvement wherever he resided.  Has also been interested in Sabbath Schools and moral reforms of the day, as well as in the politics of the country.  In politics he has usually acted with the Republican party, but of late has cast his vote with the Greenback party, believing that a reformation is much needed in national affairs, and that a change in party power would bring it about.

John M. C. Potts

The first marriage [in Tipton township] was John M. C. Potts and Elizabeth Collins, in 1858.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Peter Shamp, a Protestant Methodist minister, at the house of Amasa Collins.  Mr. Potts enlisted in 1861 in Company C, 6th Iowa Infantry, and was killed at Dallas, Georgia, May 28, 1864, being a Corporal at the tme of his death.  On child was born unto them -- Absalom, who died in infancy.  Mrs. Potts was married again in 1866, to a Mr. Moon by Esquire (now Rev.) T. J. Hunter.  The couple left soon after for Nebraska.

Frank M. Reese was born in Miami county, Ohio, in 1847, where he remained until 1857, and then came with his parents to Cedar county, Iowa, remaining until 1865.  He then removed to Boone county, where he learned the mason trade, which he followed while there.  In 1869 he left there and spent his time until 1875 in the Western States, being two years at Topeka, Kansas.  In 1875 he returned to Boone county and entered the employ of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company until the spring of 1881, when he opened a restaurant.  He was married August 8, 1876, to Miss Anna Emerson, a native of Vermont.

S. O. Ridout was born in Delaware county, Indiana, May 23, 1850.  In 1852 his parents moved to Black Hawk county, Iowa.  His father, Isaac R., took a claim in that county.  Here S. O. remained until 1856, and then removed with the family to Kansas and Missouri, and in 1860 returned to Iowa, settling in Jasper county.  In 1872 he was engaged in teaching in that and Marshall counties until 1880, since which time he has followed cabinet maing.  August 6, 1881, he located at Hubbard.

Jacob S. Rodgers was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, February 23, 1819, remaining until May, 1849, excepting six years spent in Orange county, New York.  In 1849 he came West, and soon after settled in LaPorte, Indiana, where he lived seven years.  He then came to Jackson county, Iowa, and in 1857 to Hardin county, and, in the spring of 1878, located on section 3, Tipton.  He was married in February, 1847, to Catherine M. Meeker, a native of New Jersey, born March 4, 1822.  They had three children, two living -- Mathias D. and James B., both living at home.  James B. was married in 1878 to Miss Sarah E. Hall, a native of Indiana.  They have one son -- Ralph.  Mrs. James B. Rodgers died September 7, 1880.

T. J. Sheldon located at Point Pleasant in 1854, and engaged in general mercantile business; also engaged in farming. He remained in the mercantile business until 1858, when he removed to his farm on section 11, where he still resides.

T. J. Sheldon was born in Licking county, Ohio, August 31, 1828, where he received a common school education. In 1839 he came to Louisa county, Iowa, remaining a short time; thence overland to California, where he was engaged in mining two years. He then returned to Ohio, and after six months, once more went to California, where he spent two years. In the fall of 1854 he came to Hardin county, and in the spring of 1855, opened the first store in Point Pleasant. In 1857 he turned his entire attention to farming, and now owns 1,400 acres in this county. He was one of the county commissioners during the county seat war. He was married November 1, 1856, to Miss Henrietta Majors, a native of Knox county, Ohio. They have nine children, all living.


The first improvement made in the town [Point Pleasant] was by Thomas J. Sheldon, who erected a store building and dwelling combined.  Mr. Sheldon put in a stock of general merchandise, and was, therefore, the first merchant in the place.


The postoffice [Point Pleasant] was established here in 1855, shortly after the town was laid out, and T. J. Sheldon appointed Postmaster.  Dr. Cosgrove is the present incumbent.

D. M. Shellenberger was born in Berks county, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1849.  His educational advantages were common school, with two years at the State Normal.  In 1872 he was engaged in the lumber trade in his native town, remaining until 1876.  He then came to Iowa and remained at Maquoketa and Clinton until October, 1880, when in company with the Clinton Lumber Company he opened a lumber yard at Hubbard.  He is one of the present Councilmen of this place, and Vice-President of the Order of the Legion of Honor.  He was married in 1873 to Miss Lena Smith, of Pennsylvania, who bore him one son -- Robert.

J. W. Skellenger, a native of New York State, was born in Yates county, in 1835, where he remained but a short time, his father moving to Orleans county soon after.  Here he resided until twenty-one years of age.  He then came to Illinois, settling in Carroll county, and engaged in the furniture trade at Savannah, remaining in that trade one year, and then engaged in the wagon trade two years, then farmed three years.  He then moved to Grundy county, Iowa, and engaged in farming until 1873, when he came to Eldora and opened a wagon shop.  Four years later he moved to New Providence, and afterward to Whitten, and, in March, 1882, located at Hubbard, and opened his wagon shop.  He was married in 1860 to Miss Melvina Bancroft, by whom he had three children, all of whom are living.  Mrs. Skellenger died in 1877.  Mr. Skellenger afterward married Eliza J. Wood, in 1880, and they have one child living.

Henry Slack, principal of the Hubbard Schools, was born in Lee county, Iowa, in 1849; remaining here until six years of age, when he went with his parents to Hardin county; his father, Daniel Slack, locating on section 5 of Providence township.  His educational advantages were good, having completed his studies at "Whittier College," Salem, Iowa.  At the age of nineteen he began teaching, which he has since followed, and is, although a young man, one of the best instructors in this part of the State.  December, 1881 he took charge of the Hubbard Graded Schools, and is the present Principal.  He was married in 1872, to Miss Tamar Hobson of Henry county, Iowa.

George Smuck was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, May 18, 1836, where he remained until 1860.  He then settled in Lee county, Illinois, on a farm, remaining ten years.  In 1870 he located in Tipton township, Hardin county, Iowa, where he has since resided, owning at the present time a fine farm of 240 acres.  He was married in 1856 to Miss Barbara Ann Butt, who was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, April 22, 1841.  They have eight children -- Henry, born June 22, 1857; Emma, born February 29, 1862; Jacob, born February 21, 1864; George, born May 23, 1866; Katie, born March 2, 1868; Lucetta, born July 23, 1870; John, born April 2, 1877; Mary A., born September 16, 1879.

Jacob B. Smuck was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1829, remaining until twenty-two years of age; thence to Ohio, and afterwards to Lee county, Illinois.  In 1868 he came to Tipton township, and now owns 380 acres in this township.  He enlisted August, 1862 in Company K, 75th Illinois Infantry Volunteers, and was honorably discharged on account of disability, March 13, 1863; re-enlisted in 1865, and was discharged at the close of the war.  He was married January, 1866, to Mary E. Vroman, born in Delaware county, Ohio, January 30, 1839.  They have six children -- Mary Jane, born February 18, 1868; Samuel E., born November 29, 1870; died March 14, 1880; Melissa Bell, born June 8, 1872; Ida Ann, born December 16, 1873; Louisa Caroline, born Feb. 15, 1876; Gertrude Fianna, born September 22, 1879.

T. W. Strother was born in Hancock county, Ohio, December 28, 1849.  In 1850 his parents settled in Clayton county, Iowa, his father, C. W. Strother, being one of the early settlers of that county, where they remained six years.  He then settled in Olmstead county, Minnesota, remaining ten years, and then settled in Pleasant township, this county.  T. W. received a liberal education.  In 1869 he took a course in Bailey's Commercial College, at Dubuque, and afterwards entered the employ of Wilde & Bliss.  In 1880 he entered into partnership with J. K. Milner, at Hubbard.  He was married in 1873 to Miss Rebecca Jane Elliott, a native of Illinois. There have two children -- Mabel and Mary.

Leonard Van Patter was born in Canada West, December 12, 1833.  In 1839 his parents settled in Ogle county, Illinois, and there remained until 1854, when he located near the pleasant site of Mason City, Iowa.  In 1856 he settled on section 11, Tipton township, Hardin county.  He has held the office of Justice of the Peace for fourteen years, and is at present Secretary of the Township School Board.  He was married April 10, 1856, to Valeda E. McDuffee, a native of Cameron Mills, Steuben county, New York.  By this union four children were born -- Ella S., Lee, Alured and M. Antoinette.