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Moroni Traxler

This biography was submitted by Denell Brooks.

Moroni Traxler, son of John and Esther Traxler, was born in Louisville, Ontario, January 5, 1867. There he grew to young manhood, and in 1885, at the age of eighteen, he came with his parents to the United States, locating on a farm in the Evergreen neighborhood in Missouri. He resided there with them until September 17, 1890, when he was united in marriage to Nellie Grenawalt and they established their own home on a farm in the same community.

In 1895 it was made known to Moroni that he should return to Canada, so he purchased the Canadian farm from his father and with his wife and small daughter, Myrle, went back to Louisville. He at once became active in church work and was made president of Lindsay Branch. In 1902 he was ordained to the office of elder at the Ridgetown conference in Ontario. While Moroni and his wife lived in Canada, four children were born to them: Nina, now Mrs. Ben Crouch of Bethany, Missouri; Earl, now deceased; Esther, now Mrs. Tom France; and Lenore, now Mrs. John Van Wert of Portland, Oregon. In 1903 he returned to Lamoni; here three more children were born to them: Lee of San Rafael, California; Ralph Moroni, now deceased; and Annabel, now Mrs. Paul Jaques of Indianapolis, IN.

For many years Moroni was associated with the Watrous Nursery Company of Des Moines, Iowa, and traveled for it as a landscape gardener. He was an ardent lover of flowers; he delighted in his work. After the years of depression, when the Watrous Company was dissolved, Moroni worked as salesman for the Meredith Publishing Company of Des Moines. He continued with this organization until, because of his age, he was retired from active traveling.

For the last few years he assisted at the Kelley Implement Company of Lamoni and was on active duty until the evening of November 17, 1951, when he was stricken with a heart attack, from which he never fully recovered. Since the death of his wife three years ago, Moroni has made his home with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Tom France. It was from their home he was taken to the hospital at Leon, Iowa, on Wednesday, April 8, where he passed away in the evening.

In 1875 Moroni was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church, and throughout his entire life he has been dedicated to the work of the church. He delighted to be able to preach the gospel and never failed to embrace an opportunity to explain the principles of his church; because of him many accepted the faith.  He was always willing and glad to go whenever called to assist in administering to the sick and fulfilled this part of his calling until his last illness.

On August 4, 1907, he was ordained to the office of high priest. "Rony," as he was always known, has held preaching services at many branches of the church, and his friends in this and surrounding territories are legion. He never failed to see the bright side of any circumstance, no matter how dark things might appear to be, and always even when his heart was heaviest he would try to lighten the burden of others by making a joke. This endearing characteristic has been a great source of comfort to his family during his illness.

Besides the surviving four daughters and one son, he leaves to mourn his passing twelve grandchildren' and twelve great grandchildren. 

Excerpt from his furneral service: The Saints Herald, June 22, 1953 pp 8 (584) – (585) 9