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Pottawattamie County

History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa
Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co., 1883.

Biographical History of Pottawattamie County,...
[?]: Lewis Pub. Co., 1891.

History of Pottawattamie County, 1907
Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1907.

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These biographies are available from the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society. The index has been copied here with permission from Marsha Pilger, the society president. The index is about 90% complete. Thanks Marsha!

Copies of these biographies are available from the PCGS.

Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.

Abbott, Edwin J. Council Bluffs
Acker, W. C. Valley
Ahles, John Council Bluffs
Albercht, Robert Minden
Albright, S. H. Wright
Aldridge, H. L. Rockford
Alexander, T. C. Center
Allensworth, James P. Silver Creek
Ament, W. S. Council Bluffs
Anderson, A. J. Macedonia
Aney, Jeremiah Norwalk
Annis, J. K. Washington
Arbuthnot, L. C. Council Bluffs
Armstrong, Samuel Valley
Atkins, Charles Council Bluffs
Atkins, S. J. York
Aukland, Shadrach Silver Creek
Aylesworth, E. E. Council Bluffs
Babcock, E. A. Knox
Bair, I. L. Valley
Baird, J. W. Council Bluffs
Baldwin, Caleb Council Bluffs
Baldwin, John N. Council Bluffs
Bardsley, Mrs. Betty Neola
Barke, J. F. Council Bluffs
Barnard, J. C. Hardin
Barnes, Henry Waveland
Barrett, O. L. Hazel Dell
Barstow, James M. Council Bluffs
Barstow, Samuel Lewis
Barton, Roscoe  
Barton, W. C. Valley
Bates, J. A. T. Belknap
Battin, Vincent Council Bluffs
Battlelle, A. M. Valley
Baxter, John K. Belknap
Beatty, Thomas James
Bebensee, Henry C. Keg Creek
Bechtel, Peter Council Bluffs
Beck, Christian Henry Lewis
Beckman, Charles J. Council Bluffs
Beebe, C. A. Council Bluffs
Beecroft, Henry Council Bluffs
Benedix, F. Pleasant
Benjamin, Fremont Knox
Benjamin, W. H. Valley
Bennett, G. Minden
Bennett, John Council Bluffs
Beno, John Council Bluffs
Bergman, A. C. Pleasant
Bevan, Stacy Ewings Council Bluffs
Bisbee, A. C. Grove
Bittner, G. Minden
Bixby, B. F. Layton
Black, M. P. Wright
Blake, J. B. Knox
Blakely, John Wright
Blakely, Samuel D. James
Blaney, William H. Grove
Bloomer, Dexter Chamberlain Council Bluffs
Bloomer, Mrs. Amelia Council Bluffs
Blumer, Frederick Minden
Blumer, S. Minden
Bock, August Neola
Bock, William Pleasant
Bogue, T. F. Knox
Bohle, Wilhelm Pleasant
Boiler, James Wright
Bollmeier, Frederick Hardin
Bolton, David Grove
Bolton, George Grove
Bond, Napoleon J. Council Bluffs
Boren, I. A. Crescent
Bouquet, Paul Council Bluffs
Bowman, Thomas Council Bluffs
Boyd, John Council Bluffs
Boyle, H. S. Council Bluffs
Bradfield, C. Norwalk
Bradley, J. C. Macedonia
Brandes, H. C. James
Bresee, Rev P. F. Council Bluffs
Brewer, M. P. Council Bluffs
Bringolf, Samuel Pleasant
Brockman, J. A. Silver Creek
Brothers, Beck Council Bluffs
Brown, A. L. Center
Brown, C. H. Pleasant
Brown, Charles A. Layton
Brown, George Council Bluffs
Brown, J. J. Council Bluffs
Bruene, Christian Pleasant
Bryant, A. S. Council Bluffs
Bryant, C. W. Belknap
Bryant, Reuben T. Council Bluffs
Buckley, William Pleasant
Buffington, J. W. Council Bluffs
Bulla, L. D. Macedonia
Bunnell, J. A. Knox
Burbridge, Edwin Boomer
Burhorn, E. Council Bluffs
Burke, F. A. Council Bluffs
Burnham, L. A. Wright
Burroughs, Amelia Council Bluffs
Burroughs, J. H. Council Bluffs
Bushnell, D. W. Council Bluffs
Butler, J. M. Minden
Butler, William H. York
Cale, A. M. Macedonia
Campbell, Alexander Waveland
Campbell, Rasmus Keg Creek
Campbell, W. W.
Carlisle, L. W. Hardin
Carse, James Belknap
Carse, Joseph Belknap
Carson, R. W. Minden
Carson, George Council Bluffs
Carter, A. S. Washington
Carter, Elihu Rockford
Carter, I. G. Valley
Carter, Rev J. W. Macedonia
Casson, Charles Silver Creek
Chaffin, J. W. Council Bluffs
Childs, F. L. Norwalk
Chipman, John M. Lincoln
Christian, Thomas N. Waveland
Clark, Chester M. Waveland
Clark, F. C. Council Bluffs
Clark, J. H. Council Bluffs
Clark, J. T. Council Bluffs
Clark, John Silver Creek
Clark, John Garner
Clark, Samuel Rockford
Clark, Uriah Valley
Clark, William Valley
Clausen, John Council Bluffs
Clayton, B. F. Macedonia
Cleary, William Norwalk
Cluskey, Barnard Waveland
Coakes, John Knox
Cohoun, J. L. Council Bluffs
Connell, D. M. Council Bluffs
Connor, B. T. Council Bluffs
Connor, J. W. Grove
Convers, William Valley
Cook, A. J. Council Bluffs
Cooper, E. P. Pleasant
Cooper, G. W. Belknap
Copeland, Thomas N. Rockford
Corbaly, Enos P. Crescent
Cox, A. T. Belknap
Craig, Dr. John Macedonia
Croghan, Joshua M. Wright
Crossley, G. W. Garner
Crouch, William M. James
Crow, James Minden
Curtis, Alfred B. Center
Cushing, Enoch Knox
Dabney, W. H. H. Belknap
Darnell, M. B. Layton
Darrington, William Boomer
Davis, E. W. Knox
Davis, Joshua Pleasant
Davis, Fred Council Bluffs
Dean, Warren Wright
Dean, William L. Wright
Delanty, Mary York
Denton, Isaac Grove
Dermyre, Christian Lincoln
Deur, Joseph Boomer
Dickey, J. Council Bluffs
Diederich, Gustav Knox
Dillard, Solomon Waveland
Dillin, C. D. Neola
Dirgo, John Pleasant
Dixon, A. Lewis
Doner, H. A. Hardin
Donnelly, D. K. Council Bluffs
Dorn, E. D. Minden
Doty, Luther Macedonia
Doty, P. J. Minden
Downs, Drusilla Neola
Dye, John Macedonia
Dye, Sylvester Macedonia
Eaton, Joel Council Bluffs
Edie, William S. Center
Edmundson, J. D. Council Bluffs
Ehlers, Peter Minden
Eiseman, Henry Council Bluffs
Ellis, Joseph Neola
Ellithorpe, L. J. Minden
Emonds, William G. Council Bluffs
Empkie, L. C. Council Bluffs
Engler, Jacob Minden
Epeneter, John Council Bluffs
Ernest, Solomon Washington
Eustis, G. D. Macdeonia
Everett, Leonard Council Bluffs
Fay, Wooster Council Bluffs
Fender, John F. Macedonia
Ferguson, G. H. Council Bluffs
Fetter, J. L. Belknap
Field, L. S. Macedonia
Fisher, Henry G. Norwalk
Fleck, Cordova Norwalk
Flood, James Keg Creek
Flynn, James York
Follett, J. E. York
Fonda, E. R. Council Bluffs
Ford, Frederick Hazel Dell
Foster, A. D. Council Bluffs
Foster, W. H. Council Bluffs
Fox, Basel Rockford
Frainey, James Council Bluffs
Frainey, John Jay Council Bluffs
Frank, D. S. Keg Creek
Franke, Ernest Keg Creek
Frazier, A. Rockford
Frazier, James A. Silver Creek
Freeman, Daniel Belknap
Freeman, W. H. Belknap
French, M. H. Rockford
French, Thomas Boomer
Frizzell, Alexander L. Center
Frohardt, J. D. Lewis
Frum, Joseph Pleasant
Frum, S. B. Pleasant
Fullerton, George L. Minden
Furrow, G. W. Macedonia
Gallaher, D. W. Minden
Gardner, I. N. Valley
Garner, W. H. Garner
Garner, William Garner
Gatrost, Henry Norwalk
Gault, F. M. Council Bluffs
Gault, T. O. Center
Gehrmann, Emil J. Belknap
Gehrmann, F. H. Belknap
Geise, Conrad Council Bluffs
Gilmore, C. H. Council Bluffs
Godfrey, Clarkson Waveland
Goff, H. A. Belknap
Gorham, L. B. Council Bluffs
Goss, H. W. A. Rockford
Graeber, A. H. Council Bluffs
Graham, E. T. Waveland
Green, H. S. Knox
Gregg, J. H. Hazel Dell
Griffin, M. G. Council Bluffs
Griffith, George M. York
Grone, John F. Pleasant
Gross, Dominick Pleasant
Gross, MaryAnn Pleasant
Grote, Fred S. Norwalk
Guanella, F. H. Council Bluffs
Guittar, Theodore Council Bluffs
Hagedorn, Chris Pleasant
Haines, Wilfred Boomer
Halladay, A. N. James
Hamilton, W. J. Macedonia
Hammer, Lewis Council Bluffs
Hampton, G. B. Crescent
Hancock, Joseph Garner
Harder, Jacob Pleasant
Hardin, Skelton & Co. Council Bluffs
Harding, John Grove
Harding, Mrs. E. J. Council Bluffs
Hardman, Charles W. Valley
Harms, William Garner
Harris, A. H. Council Bluffs
Harris, Edward E. York
Harris, Montgomery P. Council Bluffs
Harrod, John B. Valley
Hart, H. W. Council Bluffs
Hart, R. S. Knox
Harting, Henry Hardin
Haskins, S. F. Council Bluffs
Hazard, A. A. Council Bluffs
Headlee, Joseph Valley
Heesch, John Pleasant
Heesch, Jurgen Silver Creek
Heileman, Wm. Garner
Henderson, G. W. Neola
Henry, H. L. Council Bluffs
Henry, Paschel Council Bluffs
Hemsted, Dr. J. W. Waveland
Hess, J. P. Lewis
Heywood, G. A. Hardin
Heywood, James Norwalk
Hight, B. W. Council Bluffs
Hildebrand, S. M. James
Hilton, Mrs. H. J. Council Bluffs
Hinckley, E. R. Layton
Hogate, Judson B. James
Holland, W. C. Council Bluffs
Holmes, George A. Council Bluffs
Holmes, James W. Silver Creek
Holway, A. C. Valley
Hooker, A. R. Macedonia
Hooker, J. D. Macedonia
Hopkins, Samuel H. Grove
Horn, Albert York
Horn, J. N. Neola
Hornby, James Waveland
Horst, Claus Pleasant
Hough, Denver Crescent
Hough, Milton Crescent
Hough, Warren M. Crescent
Howard, James S. York
Howe, Henry Council Bluffs
Hoyt, W. E. Rockford
Hughes, E. H. Council Bluffs
Huntington, Robert Council Bluffs
Husz, L. F. Silver Creek
Ingram, Robert Keg Creek
Ivins, E. P. Neola
Jack, Henry B. Lincoln
Jackson, Mrs. Martha J. Neola
Jackson, J. S. Waveland
Jackson, James A. Council Bluffs
Jacquemin, C. B. Council Bluffs
James, H. Council Bluffs
James, Stephen James
Jamison, Peter Grove
Jefferson, Thomas H. James
Jeffryes, R. S. Macedonia
Johnson, J. W. Waveland
Johnson, Dr. S. M. Macedonia
Johnson, W. T. Grove
Johnson, F. T. C. Norwalk
Jones, David T. York
Jones, Hardin Rockford
Jones, John Green Rockford
Kane, Mike Pleasant
Keil, J. L. Pleasant
Keith, H. Crescent
Keller, John Council Bluffs
Keller, S. S. Council Bluffs
Kelley, Harman Council Bluffs
Kelley, J. M. Macedonia
Kelley, S. H. Council Bluffs
Kelsey, Oscar Rockford
Kemp, G. P. Garner
Kennedy, Patrick Norwalk
Kilkenny, Michael Boomer
Killion, P. A. York
King, C. O. Valley
King, S. A. Knox
Kirby, William Keg Creek
Kirkland, P. C. Council Bluffs
Kirkland, T. C. Council Bluffs
Kirkland, W. D. Council Bluffs
Kirscht, L. Council Bluffs
Klopping, August Norwalk
Knierieman, John Valley
Knotts, Rev. Joseph Council Bluffs
Knowles, H. S. Knox
Knowles, Henry B. Keg Creek
Koll, Peter Layton
Kryselmire, M. P. York
Lage, Jochim Pleasant
Lane, Patrick Pleasant
Lange, J. C. Council Bluffs
Larington, Robert Waveland
Larkin, F. A. Norwalk
Lawrence, Dr. N. D. Council Bluffs
Lawrence, James S. James
Lawson, O. Silver Creek
Lee, John C. Council Bluffs
Leigh, William Pleasant
Leonard, P. Neola
Leutzinger, Jacob Council Bluffs
Lewis, Nelson Lewis
Lewis, S. F. Macedonia
Lewis, William Macedonia
Lindt, John Council Bluffs
Linfor, William H. Layton
Lippold, F. W. Pleasant
Livingston, W. W. James
Lloyd, W. Z. Waveland
Long, William C. Wright
Lowe, F. Macedonia
Lowe, Henry Rockford
Lutz, J. I. Council Bluffs
Olney, Justin J. Belknap
Orr, William Keg Creek
Osborn, James W. Hazel Dell
Osborne, F. J. Council Bluffs
Otto, G. B. Grove
Ouren, H. Silver Creek
Page, Thomas Boomer
Palmer, J. M. Council Bluffs
Palmer, J. W. Council Bluffs
Palmer, M. T. Belknap
Palmer, Marion Valley
Parker, J. F. Pleasant
Passmore, Samuel B. Wright
Patterson, W. H. Valley
Patton, Dr. W. L. Council Bluffs
Pearce, A. W. Grove
Peatt, Mark Layton
Pedicord, A. D. Pleasant
Perkins, A. B. Keg Creek
Perry, J. H. Macedonia
Persons, Levi A. Waveland
Peters, William Boomer
Peterson, Christian Boomer
Phelps, George T. Council Bluffs
Phillips, J. M. Council Bluffs
Phillips, R. V. Council Bluffs
Phillips, William Norwalk
Pierce, O. W. Washington
Pinney, Charles H. Council Bluffs
Platner, Charles C. Hardin
Plumb, George Belknap
Plumer, H. F. Lewis
Plunket, William F. Hardin
Pontious, John C. Silver Creek
Pope, Lemuel I. Lincoln
Potter, H. C. Waveland
Potter, L. F. Belknap
Poulson-Fagerstjerna, Peter Council Bluffs
Pratt, C. F. Crescent
Pratt, S. V. Crescent
Price, Rees D. Hardin
Prouty, L. Garner
Pruden, C. M. Macedonia
Purcell, W. M. Minden
Pusey, N. M. Council Bluffs
Putnam, A. D. Center
Putnam, G. M. Grove
Putnam, L. R. Center
Rains, A. T. Silver Creek
Rapp, Henry James
Rarey, Henry W. Wright
Reed, J. I. Belknap
Reed, Judge Joseph R. Council Bluffs
Reel, Perry Hazel Dell
Reichart, E. Neola
Reimers, Claus Minden
Reynolds, Columbus Grove
Reynolds, Isom Grove
Rhodabeck, J. C. Council Bluffs
Rice, Dr. R. Council Bluffs
Richmond, William Council Bluffs
Rinehart, William H. Macedonia
Rishton, Thomas Neola
Riss, F. Council Bluffs
Roades, J. A. Macedonia
Rodenbough, John Jackson Grove
Rodgers, G. W. Neola
Rodwell, John Center
Rohrer, M. F. Council Bluffs
Rollins, J. Q. Center
Ross, Joseph Council Bluffs
Rounds, H. H. James
Roush, S. Neola
Rucker, R. H. York
Rust, S. S. Belknap
Saar, H. F. Keg Creek
Saar, Julius J. Keg Creek
Sage, Martha E. James
Sanders, Wait H. Knox
Scanlan, M. Council Bluffs
Schierbrock, H. J. Neola
Schlotfeldt, John Layton
Schoentgen, Groneweg Council Bluffs
Schofield, John R. Wright
Schultz, J. H. Lewis
Schultz, John Valley
Schurz, N. Council Bluffs
Scott, Alexander M. Pleasant
Scott, G. W. Hazel Dell
Seebold, Joseph Rockford
Senn, John James
Sharp, Henry Norwalk
Sheets, Thomas Grove
Sherwood, Nathan Hardin
Shugart, E. L. Council Bluffs
Shultz, F. A. Council Bluffs
Sigler, I. M. Boomer
Simpson, William Pleasant
Sims, Jacob Council Bluffs
Sloan, James R. Belknap
Slocum, S. Belknap
Smiley, William M. Layton
Smith, Abraham Grove
Smith, D. J. Norwalk
Smith, E. C. Council Bluffs
Smith, George E. Knox
Smith, J. H. Macedonia
Smith, James F. Silver Creek
Smith, Jesse M. Lewis
Smith, W. Crescent
Smith, Walter I. Council Bluffs
Smith, William H. Wright
Snapp, W. L. Macedonia
Spears, William Minden
Spencer, W. A. Macedonia
Spetman, F. W. Council Bluffs
Spetman, W. C. Council Bluffs
Squire, J. W. Council Bluffs
St. Clair, Augustus J. Grove
Stadter, J. G. Macedonia
Starr, C. G. Council Bluffs
Steiner, John Council Bluffs
Steinhilber, E. R. Council Bluffs
Stewart, Hiram Pleasant
Stoker, Mrs. Marguerite Garner
Storrs, H. R. Center
Strahl, J. F. Minden
Strang, W. Crescent
Stroebele, Joseph James
Strohbehn, W. Council Bluffs
Strong, J. M. Center
Stuhr, Jochim Minden
Stuhr, John H. C. Pleasant
Stuhr, John P. Minden
Summers, James A. Silver Creek
Swanson, J. H. Crescent
Swanson, N. Crescent
Swanson, W. S. Crescent
Swobe, Thomas Council Bluffs
Tate, James Minden
Taylor, N. A. Council Bluffs
Tedro, John D. Grove
Templeton, J. W. Garner
Terry, H. A. Crescent
Terry, Henry S. Crescent
Thomas, Dr. F. S. Macedonia
Thomas, Herbert M. Hardin
Thomas, Reason R. Center
Thomas, W. H. Boomer
Tiarks, John J. Garner
Tipton, J. G. Council Bluffs
Todd, Levi W. Neola
Upson, J. A. Neola
Upton, M. A. Council Bluffs
Vallier, Alexander Hazel Dell
Van Sciever, T. W. & Bro. Garner
Van Vranken, E. A. Macedonia
Vankirk, John Silver Creek
Vieth, Herman James
Wadsworth, Samuel Council Bluffs
Walker, A. B. Council Bluffs
Ward, George T. Norwalk
Ward, R. T. Boomer
Warner, A. W. Valley
Warner, Charles Valley
Warren, Henry P. Council Bluffs
Wasser, Charles Pleasant
Watkins, H. S. Neola
Watkins, J. H. Neola
Watts, John Valley
Weaver, C. C. Wright
Webb, Rev. Frederick T. Council Bluffs
Weidner, William Lewis
Weis, Peter Council Bluffs
Wells, Lucius Council Bluffs
West, George Rockford
Wetmore, H. C. Valley
Wheeler, A. Council Bluffs
Whipple, William W. Valley
Whisnand, J. M. Valley
White, J. S. Belknap
White, R. M. Valley
White, U. H. Council Bluffs
White, W. S. Minden
Whitney, William Center
Wiese, P. Knox
Wiese, Peter Valley
Wightman, D. E. Norwalk
Williams, G. J. Neola
Williams, W. S. Valley
Willmot, J. R. Boomer
Wintherlich, H. J. Council Bluffs
Wirt, W. O. Council Bluffs
Wise, Mason Council Bluffs
Witt, Charles M. Neola
Woodbury, E. J. Council Bluffs
Woodmansee, L. D. Grove
Woodmansee, R. H. Macedonia
Work, John M. Wright
Wray, William Lewis
Wright, George F. Council Bluffs
Wright, I. S. Lewis
Wright, James H. Belknap
Wright, Jesse Boomer
Wright, Thuston S. Wright
Wright, William F. James
Wright, William W. Wright
Wyman, Albert W. Keg Creek
Yoder, J. H. Minden
Youman, Elias Lincoln
Young, Christian James
Young, J. N. James
Zahner, Frank Rockford
Zahner, Jacob J. Rockford