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St. John's Catholic Cemetery


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Glenwood Cemetery
Surname Index

NAME Lot #
Ackerson, Ernest F. 4-21A
Ackerson, Mollie L. 4-21B
Adair, Bessie May 16-4C
Adair, Harold 16-4D
Adair, Lewis L. 16-4B
Adam, Carl J. 12/13-134B
Adam, Edith I. 12/13-126A
Adam, Ethel 12/13-134A
Adam, Theodore R. 12/13-126B
Adams, Frederick G. 17-9B
Adams, Harriet Bell 14_32D
Adams, Hugo W. 17-9C
Adams, Nick 17-21E
Adams, Wiebke 17-21D
Adcock, James 2_34D
Adcock, Samantha E. 2_34E
Adcock, William 2_34F
Adix, Dora 6-15F
Ahlstrom, Albert A. 6-18C
Ahrens, Beverly Faye


Akers, E.E. 5-17B
Akers, Emma N.  5-17E
Akers, Esther D. 6-17B
Akers, H. Ray 6-17C
Akers, Mabel M. 5-17C
Allen, Dayle Roberts


Allen, John B.


Allen, Velma V. 1-4B
Allen, William W. 1-4A
Allen, William W. ?? 7-17A
Allen Bowen, Elsie C.  16-26B
Alm, Charles J. 11-10A
Alm, Lydia 11-10C
Anderson, Albert R. 8-34C
Anderson, Anna C. 10-26E
Anderson, Arthur 3-8B
Anderson, Carl A. 10-26F
Anderson, Carl H. 17-19F
Anderson, Charles W. 4-31F
Anderson, Charles 3-8C
Anderson, Christina S. 4-31D
Anderson, Clarence R. 20/21-248B
Anderson, Doris M. 18-17B
Anderson, Edwin M. 20-19D
Anderson, Elsie O. 6/7-223A
Anderson, Emma 2/3-108B
Anderson, Frank 3-8A
Anderson, George W. 10-3C
Anderson, Gladys Walker 14_31A
Anderson, Gust A.  4-31E
Anderson, Guy 7-28B
Anderson, Hannah V. 17-19E
Anderson, Helen L. ??? 9-31D
Anderson, Isabell Onette 2/3-117A
Anderson, Jamie ??? 10-3A
Anderson, Jennie 2/3-108A
Anderson, L. Myrtle 10-3B
Anderson, Lou W. 2/3-117B
Anderson, Margaret R.  7-19F
Anderson, Maria C. 6-14D
Anderson, Martin  20-19F
Anderson, Mary Helen 3-8E
Anderson, Mary 20-19E
Anderson, Melvin B.  18-17C
Anderson, Naomi J.  18-19E
Anderson, Nellie M.  20/21-248A
Anderson, Olof 6-14F
Anderson, Raynold M.  6/7-223B
Anderson, Ruth E. 5-33F
Anderson, Sarah 3-8D
Anderson, Swan 20-10C
Anderson, Thomas J.  8-34D
Anderson, William C. 3-8F
Anderson, Winifred 20-10B
Andrews, Linzy D. 9-3C
Andrews, Mary A.  9-3E
Antonen, Dennis E. 1-73A
Archer, John B.  8-30F
Archer, Martha W. 8-30E
Arnes, Alma B.  10/11-176A
Arnes, Fred Byron 18-24D
Arnes, Fred W. 10/11-176B
Asklund, Alma 10-1F
Asklund, Freda E. 9/20-289A
Asklund, Glen O.  9/20-289B
Asklund, Gust 20-23B
Asklund, Maria L.  20-23A
Asklund, May Effie 20-23E
Asklund, Victor E. 20-23F
Asteford, Aljernon J.  2-22A
Asteford, Freddie L.  2-22E
Asteford, Hannah 2-22F
Atwood, Arthur L.  12-29C
Atwood, Mary E. 12-29F


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