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St. John's Catholic Cemetery


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Glenwood Cemetery
Surname Index

NAME Lot #
Zabel, Mary J. Boehm 19-12A
Zackrison marker - name?? 12-11F
Zackrison, Fina


Zinck, Wilma E. 2-10D
Zunkel, Bernice G. 21-13D
Zunkel, Beulah I.


Zunkel, Clifford I.


Zunkel, Danny G. (baby) 7-28A
Zunkel, Ellen E. 18-8B
Zunkel, Elsie A. 4-7F
Zunkel, Ethel C. 4-7E
Zunkel, Fred A. 4-7B
Zunkel, Galard R. 18-16B
Zunkel, George F. 21-17D
Zunkel, Hazel V. 4-7D
Zunkel, John 18-8C
Zunkel, La Vern 8/21-285D
Zunkel, Lewis O. 18-8A
Zunkel, Marian Maus. Crypt 42
Zunkel, Marie M.  21-17A
Zunkel, Noal O. 18-16A
Zunkel, Orson R. 21-13C
Zunkel, Orville J. Maus. Crypt 41
Zunkel, Pearl E. 9/20-289F
Zunkel, Rose C. 21-17E
Zunkel, Royal W. 9/20-289F
Zunkel, Salinda 4-7A
Zunkel, Sylvia C. 4-7C
Zunkel, Teclah C. 21-17C
Zunkel, William F. 21-13F
Zwald, Arnold 20-11F
Zwald, Ferdinand 21-14F
Zwald, John 10-22F
Zwald, Mathilda 20-11E
Zwald, Prudie V. 21-14E


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