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     We take pleasure in presenting herewith to our subscribers a complete atlas of their county, and trustfully commend it to their favor. This work is evidence of the accomplishment of a task begun nearly a year ago. The desire to furnish a publication worthy of the approval and patronage of the public has prompted us from the start. The citizens of the county have fulfilled our expectations by their liberal subscriptions, and it is now our hope that the result of our labors may receive the approval to which it may be fairly entitled.
     The beginning of such a work is naturally surrounded with much of uncertainty, and it is highly gratifying in the end to receive the practical endorsement of the leading business men and influential citizens of the county, and we hereby most gratefully acknowledge the numerous courtesies so generously extended us.
We believe that, beyond any question, the atlas which we herewith present, covering the territory of which it is descriptive, is the most complete volume of its kind ever published. The services of a large number of experienced men have been required for nearly a year for its production. Much of the work of preparation was done before canvassers were placed in the field. The immense labor involved in the collection of reliable data, and the general preparation of such a work, besides the care, worry and expense, can only be comprehended by those experienced in similar undertakings. And yet it has been the publishers aim to shirk no hardship, and to evade no duty, — in fact to spare neither pains nor expense in the endeavor to make the result as complete and satisfactory as possible. Records and plat books have been carefully examined, farms personally visited and actual surveys made where boundaries have been in doubt and lands of irregular shape. Every stream, railway and highway has had experienced personal attention, and many errors of previous maps and plats carefully corrected. Many hundreds of miles have been traveled in viewing and examining the component parts of the different districts, townships and villages.
     Maps of the world, of the United States and of the state are important features of this atlas. We present also an interesting synopsis of the system of United States land surveys, sketches of settlements and individuals, personal portraits, views of buildings and a directory of the farmers of the county; also a condensed history of the state, copy of the road laws, a table of taxable values, etc.
During the time this work has been in preparation, hundreds of people have assisted us by furnishing information and valuable data. It would be hardly possible to express our appreciation of these favors to each individual, hence we take advantage of this opportunity to tender our sincere thanks to one and all in this general way.
The various assessors, clerks and trustees of townships, city and village officials and county officers have all rendered us valuable aid, which we most gratefully acknowledge. Neither shall we forget those who by subscription and advertisement have given us their encouragement and support, for, indeed, without them no successful result could have been reached.
     Notwithstanding the incessant toil and something of hardship involved, the preparation of this work has not been without its pleasant side, and now that it is completed we sincerely trust it will meet with the approval of all our patrons. We believe it will be generally recognized as one of the most complete and most nearly accurate works of this kind ever published, and many years will no doubt elapse before there will be a demand for another similar atlas of this county.
If our work shall win a measure of appreciation equal to our pride in its production, the gratification to us will add very largely to our compensation for this business venture.
     With personal regards and good wishes to all who have assisted in this work and to all our patrons as well, we are,

Very truly yours,                                                          
THE PUBLISHERS.                       


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