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A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement


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Transcribed and donated by Marilyn Setzler.



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 About fifteen years ago a period was reached where the early comers to the county concluded they had occupied the land for a time of sufficient length to entitle them to charter an organization to be known as the "Carroll County Old Settlers' Association." Practically forty years of settlement had transpired, a time long enough to permit upon the soil the birth of many stalwart men and women then nearing the day of middle age, and also a time witnessing the declining sun of the hardy stock which first peopled the now numerous and prosperous community. Hon. C. C. Colclo conceived the idea, and in putting it into execution he was assisted by such brethren of the early days as J. W. Hatton, Henry E. Russell, Wm. Gilley, and, as the movement proceeded, many others. In what has grown to be one of the most important and popular institutions of the county Mr. Colclo and Mr. Gilley have probably been the leading spirits, for they have diligently cultivated its growth through all stages and have contributed much and real labor to the cause. At the present time the annual meetings of the Old Settlers' association is the most notable local event of the year and the regular attendance of thousands of Carroll county people testify to its profit and importance. Many of the towns of the county have entertained the Old Settlers, and to have this privilege has grown to be highly valued.

The organization is no doubt destined to enjoy long life, and while many of the charter members have passed or are passing, newly qualified "old timers" keep the ranks supplied and the interest is not allowed to lag.

There are here given the earlier records of the association, the rules by which it is governed, and the charter membership. These documents are as follows:


In pursuance to a call issued by a number of old settlers in this county, a meeting was held this day at the courthouse for the purpose of forming an "Old Settlers" permanent organization for Carroll county. This meeting was largely attended, there being over one hundred of the early settlers of this county present. A deep interest was manifested by all that an organization of this kind should be effected. It was explained that the way the call came to be issued which gave tangible form to the project was, "that one evening a half dozen of pioneers were assembled at Hatton's drug store, and, as usual, got to talking over pioneer days in Carroll county. It was remarked that as we had so often talked of forming a county organization, why not give expression to our views by issuing a call and see if the rest of the old settlers are not equally as interested in the call as we are." This is how the call came to be issued which gave origin to this organization. At the first meeting J. W. Hobbs was elected chairman.

The permanent officers elected for the ensuing year were: Wm. Gilley, president; C. C. Colclo, secretary; J. E. Griffith, treasurer; H. E. Russell, historian.

The following were selected as vice presidents: S. A. Davis, Union township; Dana Reed, Newton township; J. W. Hobbs, Jasper township; Thos. Rich, Carroll township; W. E. Potter, Glidden township; Wm. Waltersheid, Roselle township; Sebastian Bruch, Kniest township; E. H. Alberts, Sheridan township; J. J. Graves, Pleasant Valley township; Wm. Koster, Wheatland township; O. Horton, Richland township; H. B. Hazelton, Grant township; D. H. Mohr, Arcadia township; A. T. Bennett, Warren township; E. H. Albers, Washington township; John Guy, Eden township.

Wm. Lynch, M. W. Beach and R. E. Coburn were selected as a committee on by-laws and constitution.

The president, secretary and treasurer were appointed an executive committee to make all arrangements for the first annual meeting, which was to be held at the fair grounds on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1895.

Geo. Cretsinger of Coon Rapids moved that a fee of fifty cents be charged to those who became members of this association. The motion carried, and the meeting then adjourned.

C. C. COLCLO, Secretary.


The first annual meeting was held at the Carroll fair grounds on the afternoon of Aug. 21, 1895.

The place selected for the meeting was not a good one, the place where the tent was unfortunately located was surrounded by side shows and brass bands, and it was almost impossible to do business, but the program was carried out as well as possible.

The officers of the association reported; the committee on constitution and by-laws also submitted their report which was adopted and was made part of the records of the meeting.

            It was decided to hold the next meeting in the grove near Carrollton. Wm. Gilley presided and delivered the following address:

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: We have met here this afternoon for the purpose of perfecting the organization of a society to be known as the Old Settlers' Association of Carroll, Carroll county, Iowa. A preliminary meeting was held some time ago, at which meeting officers were elected and the proper committees appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws; and make necessary arrangements for this meeting to perfect the organization.

"As I was not present at the former meeting, a fact I very much regret, I take this occasion to say that I am heartily in accord with the movement. I believe more good can be got out of the time spent by the pioneers of this county by renewing acquaintances and in the old fashioned way, talking over the early incidents of the settlement of this county, than can be got out of the same time in any other way.

"Therefore, on behalf of the movers of this project, I welcome you one and all here today. And while this meeting must, of necessity, be brief, and our time mostly devoted to the transaction of the business necessary to the perfection of the organization, we hope here today to lay the foundation for many happy social meetings in the future; and as you who have known me longest and best, know that I prefer acts to words, and that the hardest of acts for me is to attempt to speak in public, I will simply repeat my welcome to all, and ask on behalf of the committee and co-workers that for whatever defect you may find in our arrangements for this meeting you will please cover said defects with the broad mantle of charity, and by lending us a helping hand make our future meetings a grand success."

The report of the historian was read by C. C. Colclo, as Mr. Russell was away for his health.

The meeting after being in session adjourned after having enjoyed a pleasant visit and renewing many old acquaintances. The old officers were unanimously re-elected for another year.

C. C. Colclo, Secretary.


SECTION I. This association shall be known as the "Carroll County, Iowa, Old Settlers' Association." Its object shall be the mutual improvement and social enjoyment of its members, and to keep alive the memories of our pioneer days.

SEC. 2. The charter members of this association shall be all males over twenty-one years of age who shall have resided in Carroll county, Iowa, for twenty years or more prior to the adoption of this constitution, shall have signed this constitution and paid the sum of fifty cents admission fee.

SEC. 3. The annual dues of this association shall be twenty-five cents for each male over twenty-one years of age. Whenever any male person over twenty-one years of age shall become a member of this association, it shall entitle all female members of his family and all minors, to all the rights, privileges and benefits of this association except as hereinafter specified.

SEC. 4. No membership fee shall be charged for the aforesaid females and no annual dues shall be collected from the same, and they shall not be entitled to a vote in the deliberations of this association.

SEC. 5. After the adoption of this constitution, any person who possesses the requisite qualifications as hereinbefore specified, may become a member of this association.

SEC. 6. The officers of this association shall be a president, secretary. treasurer, historian, and a vice-president from each township in the county except the one in which the president resides; an executive committee to consist of the president, secretary and treasurer; all such officers shall hold their offices for one year and may be re-elected at the option of the members; all such officers shall be elected at the annual meeting in each and every year after the year 1895.

SEC. 7. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association, and in his absence one of the vice-presidents to be selected by the vice-presidents present.

SEC. 8. The secretary shall keep a correct record of all proceedings of the association.

SEC. 9. The treasurer shall keep all property and moneys, and hold the same subject to the orders of the association, or the executive committee and make a report at each annual meeting.

SEC. 10. The executive committee, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum, shall have general charge of the interests of the association and the carrying out of its objects, the auditing of all bills and ordering the same paid by the treasurer.

SEC. 11. The association shall have their annual meetings at such times and place as shall be ordered by the executive committee.

SEC. 12. This constitution may be amended by a vote of two thirds of the members present at any regular meeting of the association, notice having been given thereof at least thirty (30) days before said annual meeting by publication in the newspapers of Carroll county, Iowa. 


 The following amendment was adopted at the first annual meeting of the association.

All ladies who have resided in this county twenty years shall be allowed the privilege of becoming members of this association free; and all the rights of the association shall be, and the same are hereby granted to them. The amendment was unanimously carried.


 Article 1.

 After the adoption of the constitution and by-laws, any person may become a member of this association who possesses the qualifications prescribed in the constitution by making application in writing, presented at any regular meeting of the association and may be voted upon and admitted to membership at the same meeting. All votes on admission of members shall be by ballot unless this rule be suspended by a majority vote of' all votes cast on that question; when this rule has been suspended, the vote on admission may be taken viva voce.

Article 2.

SEC. 1. No assessments shall at any time exceed the sum of one dollar per year.

SEC. 2. If any member fails to pay his assessments or dues within thirty (30) days after having been notified by the treasurer, he shall be dropped from the roll and shall cease to be a member, and shall be reinstated on the payment of the same in full.

SEC. 3. The by-laws shall not be amended or altered until notice shall be given of the same one meeting previously, and then only by a two-thirds vote of the members present.


Committee on Constitution and By-Laws.

List of members: J. C. Schwaller, Geo. Reusch, H. W. Macomber, A. T. Bennett, A. L. Wright, Geo. P. Wetherill, J. W. English, N. Harris, W. F. Steigerwalt, Theo. G. Paine, J. W. Kay, Peter Efferts, J. J. Graves, Peter Thein, John Barr, Alex. Tuel, C. Parker, J. A. Edgett, Joseph Annear, Frank L. Smith, R. L. Wilson, D. J. Jenks, Mrs. Nettie Vanakin, Mrs. H. Vaughan, W. F. Roxon, Richard Ricke, Anton Venteicher, W. C. Rich. Wm. Arts, A. A. Talbott, Thos. Rich, Oliver Horton, Mrs. Sarah Modeland. Wm. Gilley, Phillip Bernholtz, B. Housemann, Benj. Edwards, H. J. English, W. E. Potter, John Klucke, Barney Wessling, C. E. Morris, W. H. Hupp, W. H. Gustoff, Mrs. W. H. Bramer, Mrs. Coder, Mrs. Robt. Kinney, J. Young, Mrs. Winnett, James McCabe, Geo. Cretsinger, Wm. Lynch, W. J. Bohnenkamp, F. Florencourt, H. J. P. Muller, J. W. Hatton, John Coates, W. H. Drew, J. M. Blake, J. B. Graham, Jacob Sievers, Wm. Walterscheid, E. H. Albers, J. W. Hobbs, E. Evans, Robert Stevens, Aug. Staak, Wm. Trowbridge, Geo. W. Paine, E. M. Parsons, Geo. Egermayer, Joseph Woll, R. E. Coburn, Andrew Kirk, M. Donlan, Dana Reed, Ed. Garst, R. L. Wolf, Ubbo Albertson, C. F. Hamilton, Peter Berger, T. B. McClure, W. H. Ranger, C. M. Mohler, Samuel Todd, Adam Reis, C. C. Colclo, Nic Beiter, H. E. Russell, Chas. Ludwig, J. E. Griffith, J. D. Schmidt, C. L. Wattles, James Turner, W. L. Culbertson, I. N. Griffith, Thos. Piper Kirk, M. W. Beach, H. Winter, B. F. Woodward, J. B. Downing, L. G. Bangs, G. C. Swartz, John Hood, Chas. D. Reed, Mrs. Sam Wilson, Mrs. Louisa Border, Mrs. E. C. Benedict, Mrs. S. A. Davis, Mrs. Thos. Roderick, Mrs. Thomas Piper, Mrs. E. Davis, Mrs. Cyrus Rhoades, Mrs. Anna Reeves Swartz, G. R. Hillard, John Ayres, V. R. Munch, N. D. Wilson, Norman Squires, Frank Connir, Geo. Gay, Emanuel Connir, Lee Shirky, Frank Rhoades, S. Davis, Mrs. J. Blair, Lydia McIntyre, Ethel Morris, Geo. Dangel, Emily Mowder, Issac Thomas, Mrs. C. A. Davis, H. E. Brown, J. Junior, B. McDonald, J. Annear, W. J. Muller, A. Tuel, J. J. Graves, A. R. Graves, A. J. Graves, E. S. Wine, L. T. Anderson, W. W. Wine, M. Harris, A. Connir, L. L. Winnett, Mrs. G. Brutsche, Mrs. W. H. Asher, G. R. Rathy.

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