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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

1875 thru 1879
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Groom Bride Date
Lunneman, Frank Schulte, Adelheide Nov. 17, 1875
McDaniel, Elliott Hampton, Martha E. Jun. 23, 1875
McTighe, L. S.  Murphy, Rosa Mar. 26, 1875
Mount, Henry Hass, Christiana Nov. 03, 1875
Neiland, Henry Berning, Annie Jun. 14, 1875
Neppl, John Weszeslaus Geiger, Walburga Apr. 05, 1875
Nestler, Recie J. Thompson, Emma Z. Mar. 04, 1875
Oldham, William Reynolds, Catherine M. Nov. 21, 1875
Paine, Theodore G. Deuel, Ella S. Mar. 31, 1875
Penning, Theodore Ebert, Mer May 18, 1875
Phelps, Washington Kendall, Dora Mar. 17, 1875
Putnam, Jay L. Sutton. Rebecca C. Mar. 19, 1875
Reese, Adam Steiner, Fredricka Mar. 24, 1875
Romig, David Basworth, Jane Nov. 09, 1875
Shoemaker, G. W.  Ransted, Clara L. Jun. 18, 1875
Sievers, Jacob Hoepfner, Katharina Apr. 18, 1875
Smith, Daniel H. Smith, Francelia May 30, 1875
Smithson, Geo. Leeper, Laura (Lura) Aug. 30, 1875
Sutton, (Benton?), L. W.  Sutton, Mary E. Jul. 30, 1875
Tegler, John A. Warning, Lizzie Dec. 13, 1875
Vader, Daniel Morland, Emily J. Jan. 01, 1875
Walz, Anton Drause, Dorethie Dec. 01, 1875
Walz, Sebastian Hack (Hock) Anna Nov. 07, 1875
Weiland, Baltis Burr, Mary Jan. 14, 1875
Werner, Michael Bruning, Clara Nov. 24, 1875
Witt, George Carsntes, Mary May 15, 1875
Zimmer, Michael Faverty, Sarah J. Jul. 14, 1875
Ahring, (Ahling), Henry Werning, Louisa Jan. 18, 1876
Augustine, Gustave Wiedering, Mary Ann Jan. 11, 1876
Bauer, Asmus Mahr, Catharine Nov. 23, 1876
Bedford, Alfred Welling, Charlotte J. Aug. 17, 1876
Bernemann, Mattias Fremel (Tremel), Mary Jan. 11, 1876
Bohnenkamp, John Bruenning, Caroline Feb. 22, 1876
Border, Spencer Peterson, Florella Jun. 03, 1876
Bradley, N. A.  Kearns, Mary Oct. 09, 1876
Breinling, (Bromling) Herman John, Maria Nov. 23, 1876
Broah (Broich), Vinzenz Leans, Annie M. Jul. 18, 1876
Brown, Frank Mace, Amelia Nov. 26, 1876
Browning, C. H.  Miller, Arrena Apr. 30, 1876
Bruiks, John Wutzell (Wurzer), Terresa Jul. 25, 1876
Buck, John Kusel, Mary Jun. 18, 1876
Butrick, Walter C. Thomas, Mary R. B.  Jul. 08, 1876
Call, Richard Nesler, Minerva Sep. 17, 1876
Carnell, James Gunn, Catharine Mar. 13, 1876
Casper, Charles L. Efferts, (Everts), Anna M. Dec. 03, 1876
Chambers, Geo. T. Noonan, Elizabeth Nov. 15, 1876
Clark, Orrin Petty, Mary Sep. 05, 1876
Corner, Emauel Grace, Jennie Jul. 18, 1876

Table of Contents

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