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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

1875 thru 1879
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Groom Bride Date
Peterman, Joseph Saunder, Anna Nov. 06, 1876
Peters, Henry Heohl, Ammand (A.) Jan. 08, 1876
Piper, Calvin C. Town, Etta M. Nov. 28, 1876
Reed, John W. Bentley, Eldora A. Nov. 27, 1876
Reed, Luke Evans, Caroline Mar. 30, 1876
Schuepps, Samuel Peoples, Diana Feb. 27, 1876
Scott, Albert Meyer, Julia Ann Jun. 09, 1876
Shefferd, Charles Charmichael, Rhoda Oct. 08, 1876
Slutz, Mike Lau, Mike Aug. 01, 1876
Snell, Judson J. Palmer, Mary A. Aug. 13, 1876
Sutton, Wilbur Collier Lizzie Dec. 06, 1876
Vaught, Clarence Gardiner, Amanda Oct. 08, 1876
Witry, Nicolas Salen, Sophia Jan. 08, 1876
Yergar, Matthias Atterbery, Zerilda Jan. 20, 1876
Althoff, Christopher S. Luchler, Sophia Feb. 13, 1877
Baumhover, Henry Bauer, Helena Feb. 13, 1877
Beatty, James S. Warner, Sarah J. Jul. 02, 1877
Brencks (Briucks), Joseph Braukman, Anna Feb. 12, 1877
Corbin, Charles D. Piper, Anna Mar. 29, 1877
Dowdish, Ire M. Frash, M. E.  Apr. 05, 1877
Ferrin, Michael Feeney, Catharine Apr. 05, 1877
Grove, Daniel Beadell, Ora Jan. 28, 1877
Hall, James H. Coppock, Emily Mar. 14, 1877
Halliday, George W. Parker, Honora Mar. 14, 1877
Halliter, A. Coder, Stella (Della) Apr. 04, 1877
Harkin, James P. Hill, Mary A. Jan. 29, 1877
Hudden, Benjamin F. Kincaid, Lizzie J. Apr. 05, 1877
Kendall, Nelson Ochempaugh, Marne (Mane.) Jan. 31, 1877
Klanka (Klenke), J. B.  Linnamann, Christiana Apr. 10, 1877
Meyers, Louis Tap(k)ern, Josephine Feb. 06, 1877
Moore, Charles Wood, Elizabeth J. Mar. 28, 1877
Morland James Owens, Martha E. Feb. 10, 1877
Nepple, Frank Schaffer, Mary Apr. 19, 1877
Obmann, John Dierenfeld, Henriette Feb. 17, 1877
Piper, Stewart W. Town, Cora Jan. 19, 1877
Rice, A. W.  Aiken, Mary M. Apr. 12, 1877
Richey, John Parish, Belle (Bula) Feb. 18, 1877
Salisbury, George Mashier, Sarah Jan. 30, 1877
Sanders, Barney Werning, Elizabeth Apr. 11, 1877
Schuldt, Henry Arling, Lena Mar. 23, 1877
Storjohann, Detler Otto Larsen, Mette K. Feb. 27, 1877
Tabor, Ed B. Townsend, Alice E. Dec. 28, 1877
Thieleke, Joseph Weidering, Elizabeth Apr. 10, 1877
Wegmann, Frank Longaleng, Lizzie Feb. 06, 1877
Willis (Willie), Wm. Smith (Schmidt), Barbara Feb. 13, 1877
Wolfe, Daniel Kenke, Bridget Jan. 23, 1877

Table of Contents

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