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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

1875 thru 1879
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Groom Bride Date
Lambertson, Wm. T. Saunder, Anna Oct. 10, 1878
Lamont, Peter Owens, Filena Oct. 22, 1878
Ludwig, Charles H. Niens, Mary Lizzie Nov. 20, 1878
Mahler, John B. Karsdorf, Augusta Jan. 01, 1878
McDougal, Daniel J. Buchanan, Alice R. Sep. 24, 1878
Mensen, Herman Wilkins, Gertrude Jan. 29, 1878
Miller, Frederick J. Pentico, Sarah Mar. 14, 1878
Miller, Hans Krause, Helena Jun. 01, 1878
Morgan, Thomas Christmas, Margaret Nov. 29, 1878
Moyer, Alex L. Sussaman, Esther Mar. 10, 1878
Norman, Henry Hoffmann, Frauke Oct. 09, 1878
Padghan, Walter R. Davis, Annie E. Oct. 01, 1878
Pearce, P. S.  Prairo, Josephine Sep. 19, 1878
Pelz (Relze), John B. Stevens, Anna Feb. 26, 1878
Petty, Edward Puckett, Sylvia A. Dec. 25, 1878
Prettyman, John Coryell, Emma A. Dec. 23, 1878
Ranger, Wm. H. Leland, Mrs. Mary A. Jan. 06, 1878
Ray, John W. Pallick, Annie Oct. 30, 1878
Reeves, Warren R. Stoolman, Emmaroy Feb. 21, 1878
Resing (Rising), Michael Geier, Rosina Sep. 16, 1878
Rest, George Leichensteiger, Wilhelmina May 02, 1878
Roehder, William Shall, Lizzie Jan. 17, 1878
Ruark, James K. Foxworthy, Dora B. Sep. 22, 1878
Russell, Isaac S. Bruner, Katie Dec. 25, 1878
Saubers, Bernard Rush, Catherine Oct. 24, 1878
Schirck, Victor Olerich, Mary A. Jan. 22, 1878
Schooneboon, Mena Ehlers, Catharine Sep. 13, 1878
Schulte, John B. Brunning, Bernardena W. Jan. 29, 1878
Schulte, Joseph Determann, Mary E. Oct. 08, 1878
Sebern, Thos. McNish, Mattie Nov. 24, 1878
Shellenbarger, Caleb Kerns, Ellen Nov. 23, 1878
Staack, Francis "Frank" Wolfe, Katharine Mar. 16, 1878
Stellman (Stollman), Clements Fraile, Berndina Mar. 05, 1878
Stevens, G. H.  Pettmann, Francis Feb. 26, 1878
Stine, John D. Talbott, Mary N. Nov. 02, 1878
Temme (Lemuel?), William Kempker, Theresa (Thersia) Nov. 05, 1878
Theobald, Nicholas Lammerous, Annie Sep. 16, 1878
Wagner, Frank Dewey, Hattie May 18, 1878
Warren, James Lester, Effie D. Dec. 24, 1878
Westphalen, Henry Brunnier, Catherine Oct. 24, 1878
White, Joseph W. Bradley, Ellen Jul. 30, 1878
Widger, Ralph D. Welker, Sarah J. Sep. 03, 1878
Wieland, Peter Burr, Amelia R. Oct. 01, 1878
Williams, Adam Herman (n), Abia K. Mar. 04, 1878
Wurzer, John M. Wengert, Helen M. May 23, 1878
Younker, Frank Garrells, Bertie J. Sep. 09, 1878
Zane, Ralph L. Guild, Jennie M. Nov. 19, 1878
Zimerman, J. C.  Coen, Rhoda E. Apr. 02, 1878

Table of Contents

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