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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

1875 thru 1879
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Table of Contents

Groom Bride Date
Akken, Jacob Treager. Mary A.G. Jan. 25, 1879
Anderson, Martin Saunder, Anna May 30, 1879
Arff, Hans F. Drinse. Almina Feb. 17, 1879
Aulks, Henry Friese, Jennie R. Oct. 13, 1879
Bailey, Charles W. Nessler, Amanda Apr. 05, 1879
Basley, Harrison A. McCoy, Christian Sep. 18, 1879
Bemis, Chas. F. Glass, Mary A. Aug. 09, 1879
Bennett, Walter Davis, Rebecca M. Mar. 25, 1879
Bierle, Otto Loch, Anna Jul. 14, 1879
Blake, Wm. Belding, Luilla Mar. 29, 1879
Bohling, Christ Wessell, Lena Oct. 15, 1879
Boyles, Salomon W. Peterson, Lettie Sep. 24, 1879
Bramon, Adelbert L. Johnson, Eliza Aug. 05, 1879
Bramon, Frank H. Goodman, Parmelia A. Dec. 30, 1879
Brooks, O.E. Deleplane, Julia Sep. 23, 1879
Brunning, Clement Jr. Grate, Bernardena Feb. 18, 1879
Buck, Charles H. Clark, Ida Mar. 26, 1879
Callehan, John Sweeney, Kate Aug. 28, 1879
Campbell, Robert H. Guild, Lillian M. Dec. 05, 1879
Carson, Verlin Whitney, Rebecca Feb. 18, 1879
Carter, David L. Clay, Sarah Jan. 23, 1879
Carter, John F. Cole, Nancy H. Jan. 09, 1879
Chambers, Hugh Clause, Meine Apr. 06, 1879
Clark, Barton C. Johnson, Lena E. Dec. 01, 1879
Clark, Joel M. Handley, Mary E. Sep. 03, 1879
Coryell, Wm. B. Rudkin, Maggie T. Apr. 14, 1879
Davis, William Allison, Susie L. Jun. 02, 1879
Dickson, Frank R. Schlockner, Mary Dec. 02, 1879
Dranzen, John F. or T. Hensinga, Jennie Apr. 10, 1879
Dugan, James S. Hoyt, Helen M. Apr. 16, 1879
Eigener (Higner), Ignatz Wasel, Christina Jul. 15, 1879
Flinn, Herbert F. Waldo, Nellie S. Nov. 26, 1879
Foss, Dewitt C. Archer, Laura Feb. 25, 1879
Garrells, H.F. Auen (Anen), Annie May 03, 1879
Grant, Frank Jeffries, Mary Oct. 25, 1879
Graves, Andrew W. Foxworthy, Emma J. Oct. 16, 1879
Hamilton, Abraham 0. Lombard, Millie C. Jun. 29, 1879
Hands, Joseph Hands, Ann Dec. 25, 1879
Hardie, James Snyder, Mollie E. Aug. 14, 1879
Haynor, Elias R. Street, Jennie C. Jul. 04, 1879
Henton, John Pruss, Hannah Apr. 09, 1879
Hermsen, Albert Laurvness?, Mary Sep. 24, 1879
Hopkins, C.S. Campbell, Mary A. Dec. 01, 1879
Hummel, Seth Moore, Sarah Nov. 11, 1879
Hupp, Nathan Peake, Louisa E. Jan. 25, 1879
Jenks, Riley Anderson, Allie Dec. 13, 1879
Kealy, John F. Lawler, Aletia (Elisea) E. Jan. 02, 1879

Table of Contents

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