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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Aarons, George Vincent, Renia Dec. 16 1896
Abbott, Robert Benton, Mary Dec. 23 1891
Adair, Jay Ewart, Agnes Apr. 28 1897
Addis, William G. Hupp, Alice Mar. 25 1891
Addy, Henry (2nd) Shea, Mary Jun. 28 1899
Adkins, Henderson Campbell, M. Jennie Dec. 13 1898
Agnew, W. N. Else, Jennie M. Nov. 23 1898
Ahlschlaeger, George Tiedje, Mary May 12 1898
Albers, B. E. Emmick, Christina L. Dec. 7 1899
Aldrich, Edwin D. Richey, Jennie Sep. 30 1891
Allen, Leland Ray Thomas, Luella M. Sep. 8 1897
Anderson, Francis W. Davis, Cora H. Nov. 19 1890
Andresen, Nicholas Thompson, Katie Dec. 9 1890
Andrus, Lewis A. Hickman, Lena A. Jun. 10 1896
Anspach, H. D. Grundmeier, Bertha Jun. 14 1899
Anthofer, Joseph Reiter, Anna Feb. 25 1897
Arndt, John Lakeman, Anna Apr. 16 1898
Arnold, J. Otto Harden, Luella Nov. 20 1898
Arnold, Stephen Frenking, Anna nee Dahlman (2nd) Nov. 6 1899
Aschinger, Peter Gerstner, Sena Caroline (Peters) Mar. 6 1890
Atwood, A. C. Blair, Millie Mar. 21 1891
Auen, Geo Meyers, Bertha Jul. 4 1896
Augustus, A. D. Johnston, Mrs. Dale nee Pearson (2nd) Nov. 5 1899
Ausberry, J. P. Hyde, Sarah I. (2nd) Sep. 21 1897
Babbitt, Webster L. Dolan, Catharine F. Jun. 25 1890
Bailey, George A. King, Pearl May 22 1898
Baker, Charles A. Welch, Grace E. May 2 1893
Balk, Adam Stangl, Josephine Oct. 13 1896
Balk, John Kick, Anna Feb. 17 1890
Ballard, Montie G. Preston, Ella K. May 18 1898
Bancroft, A. A. Willcox, U. M. Jun. 27 1898
Bandow, Albert Jaeger, Frieda Sep. 8 1898
Banks, John W. (3rd) Hickman, (Harris) Elvara E. (2nd) Feb. 4 1896
Barber, Samuel A. Conn, Hannah Feb. 25 1891
Barber, Willis Short, Mary Catharine Jan. 8 1896
Barden, Clark E. Newton, Nellie Jun. 8 1898
Barnes, Arthur Schmidt, Agnes M. May 4 1899
Barney, John Bruns, Dena Jul. 29 1897
Barsby, Edward Bailey, Ella Aug. 12 1891
Bartling, George Kirilian, Catherine Apr. 10 1891
Basher, Samuel G. Trate, Mamie Oct. 23 1899
Bates, Willard M. Jordan, Ida V. Nov. 29 1899
Battles, Christopher A. Ramsey, Alice M. Mar. 30 1899
Bauer, John Ventricher, Anna Sep. 13 1898
Bauer, Ludwig Herbolsheimer, Barbra Jun. 16 1891

Table of Contents

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