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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Jack, Osbert Cooney, Levina Jun. 18 1891
Jackley, Joseph Willey, Mary E. Aug. 5 1891
Jackson, James Hilles, Mary E. Apr. 28 1897
Jacobs, Charles V. Hagen, Clara M. Jul. 3 1890
Jacobs, Henry Lang, Caroline Nov. 21 1899
Jacobs, Wilke Dressen, Lenora M. M. M. Feb. 24 1897
Jacobus, Lemuel Shema, Lizzie Feb. 19 1896
James, Joseph Hagerty, Mary Ellen Mar. 2 1897
Janning, John Augustin, Louisa May 24 1898
Jansen, Friedrich J. Hagemann, Minna Augusta Louise Mar. 31 1897
Jansen, Gustav Nelsen, Nikoline Jun. 18 1891
Jansen, Louis Frahm, Katie Feb. 26 1890
Janssen, Henry Kuschel, Lizzie Feb. 3 1897
Janssen, Jacob Juergens, Engel Jun. 10 1896
Janssen, Tjark Janssen, Clasena Mar. 29 1898
Jasper, B. J. Snyder, Maggie May 5 1897
Jasper, John Wilberding, Mary Agnes Oct. 16 1890
Jennewein, August Peters, Maggie Apr. 23 1896
Jentsch, Paul Lohann, Emma May 6 1891
Jentzen, William Schulte, Mary May 2 1890
Jobe, Sidney Northan, Maude Jul. 4 1890
Jobgen, William Goecke, Louisa Nov. 3 1897
Joergen (Jergens), Dietrick Wenk, Minna Feb. 26 1890
Johannsen, Jacob Schumann, Rosa Feb. 17 1897
Johnson, John Loew, Lillian Oct. 26 1898
Johnson, John B. Lintlemann, Edith J. Jul. 1 1896
Johnson, John M. Elias, Jeltje Jul. 26 1897
Johnson, Thomas N. Ford, Luvina E. Sep. 15 1891
Jones, Arthur Evans, Lizzie Jun. 15 1898
Jones, John Carmichael, Anna Bella Oct. 8 1890
Jones, William P. Massen, Carrie Sep. 23 1891
Jons, Herman H. Bohling, Ida C. May 4 1897
Jordan, Lewis A. Mowder, Ida M. Oct. 18 1896
Jordan, Luke Lister, Bertha Dec. 25 1890
Julich, Jos. Thieman, Elizabeth Jan. 25 1898
Justice, Perry Justice, Ida Nov. 27 1890
Keat, John Scott, Blanche Nov. 7 1896
Kelly, Alfred J. Siemen, Anna B. Jun. 30 1898
Kelly, J. E. (2nd) Galven, Mary (Kelly) (2nd) Jun. 25 1896
Kelly, John G. Henning, Meta M. Mar. 22 1898
Kemp, Samuel Kruse, Hannah Feb. 3 1898
Kempton, Edwin Clarence Kail, Grace Arlene Oct. 12 1897
Kendall, William M. Copper, Addie Jan. 28 1897
Kendrick, Jerry Endicott, Iris L. Sep. 8 1897
Kennebeck, Barney Meischeid, Mary Gudula Oct. 5 1891
Kerns, Arthur W. Kimball, Fannie Feb. 9 1898
Kerns, Wm. Kimball, Elfie Jun. 20 1899
Kidney, Orie Zane, Clara Markham Sep. 12 1891

Table of Contents

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