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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Buschmann, Friderich Heuton, Ida (Gretje) Dec. 15 1899
Button, Tory Buck, Emma Nov. 1 1891
Buttrick, Joseph E. Ricker, Alta C. Jul. 5 1899
Buttrick, V. T. Whipple, Nancy E. Aug. 9 1890
Campbell, Samuel E. Mavity, Delia Aug. 27 1897
Canady, Curtis M. Houghton, Hattie Dec. 23 1891
Canton, Lynn Hardie, Ethelyn Jun. 15 1898
Carpenter, W. N. Thompson, Hattie O. Jun. 19 1890
Carroll, Anthony Copps, Martha Jun. 30 1896
Carstens, J. F. Hagedorn, Anna M. Feb. 24 1899
Carter, James E. (2nd) Skinner, Olive E. nee Reynolds (2nd) Nov. 1 1899
Carty, Wm. Arthur Kern, Ella A. Feb. 23 1893
Chamberlain, Joel Minnich, Sarah Bruie Mar. 27 1891
Chase, Charles Powers, Minnie Sep. 14 1898
Cheney, Wallace Denton, Minnie Oct. 3 1897
Christensen, H. N. Cameron, Elisabeth Jul. 2 1896
Christy, John H. Doran, Maggie Bertha Apr. 8 1896
Clark, James Irwin, Ellin Mar. 25 1891
Clark, Preston C. Buck, Cora Mar. 26 1891
Clark, William G. Dailey, Orlana (2nd) Sep. 29 1897
Cole, Edward Hardy, Ida Feb. 19 1890
Cole, L. E. Beal, Ella A. Feb. 25 1891
Cole, Walter J. Pauly, Katherina Dec. 16 1898
Coleman, C. B. Hunt, Olive Oct. 1 1891
Collins, Elbridge G. Stevens, Alice M. Jan. 8 1896
Colvin, Walter J. Beers, Emma A. Jun. 1 1896
Comes, Peter Pittmann, Johanna Jan. 19 1897
Conner, Loxlie Herring, Arvilah Dec. 6 1899
Conner, Oliver Ramsey, Sidna Luella Mar. 11 1896
Conrad, George Armstrong, Alice Jun. 10 1891
Cook, Frank J. Hutchinson, Mollie Jul. 22 1891
Cooley, Jr., George (2nd) Parr, Lottie Mrs. (2nd) Dec. 10 1896
Copices (Coppock), J. W. C. Paull, Minnie A. Apr. 1 1890
Corbett, Thomas Taylor, Anna nee Barker (2nd) Mar. 23 1898
Coyle, John T. Elson, Anna Jan. 21 1896
Cree, William J. Johnson, Lizzie M. (2nd) Oct. 21 1896
Crill, George H. Hunter, Jennie May 5 1896
Cronan, James Eppert, Mollie Oct. 27 1897
Cross, Charles M. Yeager, Rosa B. May 20 1897
Cross, Charles Marion Hall, Minnie Bell Jun. 28 1890
Cross, Jasper C. Connor, Mae Bell Nov. 28 1899
Cross, Ora Yaeger, Cirilda E. Mar. 5 1893
Culver, John M. Stevens, S. Addie Jan. 15 1890
Cutts, George Taylor, Samantha Jun. 17 1897
Dagan, Edward C. (2nd) McCollough, Lottie J. Jul. 6 1899
Daiker, Joseph Wulkote, Joanna Jan. 27 1891
Dale, Hans H. Johnson, Maggie Oct. 24 1896
Damann, Claris Beal, Annie Apr. 8 1893

Table of Contents

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