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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Wessling, Tony Leider, Manie Jan. 16 1900
West, Sammie B. Knudson, Ella M. Dec. 18 1905
West, Wesly, J. Frost, Ida E. Jul. 22 1903
Westendorf, Joseph Mossmann, Wilhelmina Feb. 19 1900
Wheeler, William D. Seay, Martha A. Mar. 21 1900
Whelan, John Figert, Pearl Edith Feb. 20 1901
White, Louis Rush Horine, Ora Sep. 5 1900
White, Robert T. Kruse, Jennie Oct. 11 1900
Whitlock, J. P. Jenks, Grace Dec. 23 1903
Wichmer, John Bruning, Josephine Feb. 12 1901
Wiebers, August Dierenfeld, Clara A. Sep. 10 1901
Wiedemeier, Anton A. Schumacher, Sophia Feb. 4 1902
Wiederhold, Anton J. Vicarius, Katie Aug. 26 1903
Wieland, G. A. (2nd) Hauser, Jennie Sep. 22 1903
Wieland, Henry Joseph Ahrling, Mary Agnes Feb. 13 1900
Wiese, Charles Brunnier, Katharine Dec. 27 1904
Wiese, Charlie F. Bierl, Appollonia Jun. 19 1905
Wiese, Emil Witt, Mary Mar. 4 1901
Wilberding, Chris B. Fehring, Agnes M. Feb. 19 1901
Wilberding, Frank Wessling, Mary Feb. 10 1904
Wilhelm, John Kuhl, Antonia Oct. 19 1904
Wilkens, George H. Hendricks, Clara Oct. 21 1902
Willey, John B. Sanders, Carrie Oct. 4 1904
William, W. P. Leitch, Katie Nov. 8 1900
Williams, Philip H. Weaver, Mabelle Pearl Dec. 28 1904
Williams, Thomas J. George, Sarah M. Apr. 28 1903
Williams, Thomas R. (2nd) Weaver, Mila E. Jan. 28 1900
Williamson, Clyde C. Mereness, Bertha Jun. 22 1904
Williamson, Herbert White, Clara Feb. 22 1905
Williamson, O. L. Hornaday, Lena Dec. 19 1901
Wilson, Alexander B. Palmer, Pearle S. Sep. 29 1902
Wilson, Elmer L. Mitts, Mable E. Oct. 5 1904
Wilt, George W. Twillinger, Martha Feb. 18 1901
Winnett, Nathaniel Oliver Slife, Mina Mabel Dec. 23 1903
Winnike, Wm. Dazewitz, Mary Oct. 15 1901
Winter, Frank Wohlenberg, Anna Jul. 4 1905
Winter, Frederick C. (2nd) Petersen, Mary (Rosenbek) (3rd) Apr. 5 1905
Wiseman, Fred P. Phillips, Mable Aug. 16 1904
Witt, August Schluter, Anna M. Oct. 17 1905
Witt, George Henry Jr. Joens, Pauline Dorethea Feb. 10 1904
Wittrock, Peter Henry Janning, Barbara Nov. 5 1902
Wollenberg, Henry Jahnke, Amelia Dec. 10 1902
Woltermann, Peter Woerdehoff, Lizzie May 15 1900
Woodruff, Van Scott, Arthelia Nov. 26 1903
Wright, Chas F. Becker, Anna F. Aug. 17 1902
Wulf, Louie Husmann, Mary Apr. 5 1905
Wunder, William Sievers, Louisa Feb. 22 1901
Wunderlich, Thede Hansen, Mathilda Mar. 7 1901
Yarges, Wilber Fischer, Minnie Apr. 23 1902
Yates, Arthur L. Minor, Elva M. Oct. 1 1903
Young, Charley P. Sipe, Eleanor E. Nov. 9 1904
Young, John M. Allen, Maymie Sep. 17 1903
Zavitz, Charles E. Davis, LeBlanch Dec. 1 1904
Zinky, John J. Heuton, Gertrude Sep. 14 1904

Table of Contents

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