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Groom Bride Day Year
Lauer, John (2nd) Looer, Elizabeth A. (Struck) (2nd) Aug. 5 1909
Laughehn, Arthur Dammann, Annie M. Nov. 27 1907
Laurinat, Walter Karsten, Emma Dec. 7 1910
Leat, Fred C. Taylor, Myrtle M. Aug. 14 1907
Lechtenberg, Joseph Stevens, Catherina Nov. 23 1910
Legner, Frank C. Mashing, Cathryne Jan. 12 1909
Leiting, Henry Schrad, Josephine Feb. 6 1906
Leiting, Toney Schrad, Bernardina Feb. 9 1909
Lemker, Frank Schroeder, Maggie Feb. 10 1909
Lengeling, Joseph Olberding, Josephine Nov. 3 1910
Leonard, Robert Pruss, Rose L. Jun. 2 1909
Lewis, Frank C. Knowles, Anna Mae Dec. 30 1907
Liechti, Otto Knowlton, Ruth C. Sep. 25 1906
Liewer, Wendel J. Schultes, Theresia May 22 1906
Linde, W. F. Auen, Angie Feb. 16 1910
Livingston, Frank Tanner, Vivan Oct. 29 1906
Loeffler, Anton Sasges, Catharina Jan. 21 1908
Loeltz, W. B. Liever, Anna M. Jun. 16 1909
Loeschen, George Carsten, Anna M. Jul. 27 1909
Loew, Stephan (2nd) Schulte, Anna Mary Oct. 13 1908
Lohmann, Earnest (2nd) Fossing, Mae Jun. 19 1906
Lohrmann, Ludwig Tolgard, Minnie Mar. 2 1910
Long, Thomas Wright, Laureta Mar. 23 1910
Lorenz, Peter H. Freese, Lizzie Jan. 17 1906
Lorenzen, Frank Pfannkuch, Johanna K. Jun. 24 1908
Lotz, Rosco Kaus, Matilda Aug. 8 1908
Lovell, Irvin Rabuck, Mabel M. Mar. 6 1907
Lowell, Miles Myers, Besse M. Dec. 15 1907
Lucht, Hugo Knowlton, Oriana M. May 25 1909
Luckinbill, Earnest A. Smith, Pearl Oct. 9 1907
Luckow, Arthur F. Becker, Anna Feb. 5 1907
Ludwig, J. J. Pape, Annie J. Apr. 19 1910
Ludwig, Michael Underberg, Mary Jan. 14 1908
Luse, David A. (2nd) Phillips, E. Lenon (2nd) Aug. 3 1907
Lyttle, Bernard E. Cod, Cora C. Apr. 29 1908
Lyttle, Harrison Kendall, Rettie Nov. 6 1907
Maasen, Fred E. M. Bartels, Alma Nov. 22 1910
Macke, John A. Broderick, Rose M. Sep. 14 1910
Maher, Francis Hagen, Margaret Oct. 29 1907
Mahoney, Thos. J. Carroll, Anna Oct. 14 1908
Mark, Edward J. Glass, Rosa C. Feb. 4 1908
Markley, Lewis H. Loving, Amy B. Jul. 31 1907
Marnette, Henry D. Hughes, Josephine (2nd) Oct. 29 1908
Martens Jr., Detlef Vinke, Emilie May 30 1906
Martens, Emil C. Mundt, Malinda C. Jun. 6 1906
Martens, Harry Koepke, Sophia Dec. 22 1909
Martens, Henry G. Ruhde, Bertha Feb. 20 1907
Martin, Elmer C. (2nd) Minnich, Minnie Maud Jul. 17 1906

Table of Contents

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