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Groom Bride Day Year
Martins, Wm. Thompson, Anna Jun. 20 1906
Mattes, Henry Kurtzhals, Agnes Jan. 28 1908
Maulsby, Howard Chambers, Mae Sep. 27 1908
McChesney, Clarence H. (2nd) Lawrence, Janie Jan. 23 1909
McCrary, John Brown Thede, Anna (Jacobs) (2nd) Dec. 1 1908
McGee, Ambrose Andrew, Wildia Jul. 28 1908
McGee, John W. B. Macomber, Edith K. Jul. 1 1908
McGrau, Frank I. Corbin, Grace Aug. 16 1910
McLaughlin, Walter Johnston, Nettie Mar. 27 1907
McNabb, Arthur Smith, Mable Mar. 7 1906
McNaught, J. I. Garner, Grace E. Dec. 25 1908
McNee, Jas. W. Smith, Bertha T. Jul. 9 1907
McPherson, James Barth, Fannie (Ferry) (2nd) Jul. 19 1907
Meindel, George Emmich, Mary Jan. 19 1909
Meiners, Herman Korwes, Francis Feb. 25 1908
Menzie, William Leonard Wendt, Emma Jennie Aug. 10 1908
Mersman, Alfred Nutt, Tillie T. Aug. 30 1909
Mescher, Fred Schweers, Cora Oct. 9 1906
Mescher, Joseph H. Fritz, Adalaide Jun. 16 1909
Meyer, August Tigges, Mary Sep. 15 1908
Meyer, Harm Schoneboom, Annie Nov. 13 1908
Meyers, Louis Schwaller, Lizzie Feb. 6 1907
Middendorf, Clem Gruetermann, Anna Nov. 24 1908
Miller, Clarence Chester Johnston, Pearl Bell Mar. 8 1906
Miller, Ira R. Finerty, Katharyn Mar. 30 1910
Miller, John K. Van Pelt, Vada Bell Jun. 18 1910
Minnich, Fred Phillips, Edna Oct. 12 1910
Mitchell, J. Guy Connor, Lulu Ethel Sep. 30 1908
Moeller, Peter Grau, Amanda M. Oct. 19 1910
Molloy, Wm. Challmann, Georgia Jan. 30 1907
Montefering, Frank Ludwig, Josephine Oct. 27 1910
Moore, Will T. Long, Katie M. Feb. 23 1909
Moore, Young (2nd) Chipman, Nellie F. Nov. 6 1907
Moorhead, Guy W. Doughty, Ethel W. Dec. 23 1908
Morgan, Hugh Collison, Lizzie Apr. 30 1907
Morris, Earl A. Field, Winifred M. Oct. 23 1909
Mosmann, John T. Steininger, Helena A. Jun. 17 1909
Moylan, John R. Miller, Lizzie Feb. 12 1907
Moylan, Will Clennon, Genet Jan. 7 1909
Muggenborg, Gerhard Weber, Anna W. Jan. 21 1907
Muhr, Henry G. Dirschinger, Crescentia Oct. 13 1908
Mundt, Claudius Lammers, Amanda Dec. 20 1906
Mundt, John Lage, Pauline Feb. 24 1909
Munn, O. W. Hannasch, Anna Aug. 17 1910
Musfeldt, G. Willie Paulsen, Katie Jan. 29 1908
Mushrush, George Canon, Carrie (Snyder) (2nd) Oct. 28 1907
Nagl, M. M. Stangl, Maria Jun. 21 1910
Needham, G. S. (2nd) Lane, Lottie E. (Riders) (2nd) Feb. 10 1909

Table of Contents

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