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Groom Bride Day Year
Nellis, Dan H. Summerville, Laura M. Oct. 8 1908
Neppl, Otto Banscher, Catharine Sep. 24 1907
Neu, Philip Dunck, Agatha Nov. 26 1907
Newcomm, Jacob Alvin Baugh, Rosina Elmeada Oct. 10 1909
Nichols, Fred J. Nutt, Kate M. Sep. 13 1906
Nickein, Henry Johnson, Anetta Nov. 6 1907
Niehaus, Bernard Beyerink, Anna Oct. 4 1910
Nielsen, N. P. Atherton, Effie Jan. 20 1908
Nobling, Will Henricksen, Anna Jan. 26 1910
Novotne, Albert Keitges, May J. Apr. 13 1908
Nstton, James E. Elliott, Mina Aug. 15 1906
O'Brien, William Brannan, Margaret Jan. 27 1909
O'Conner, George O. Hollenback, Nina Belle Dec. 12 1906
O'Donnell, James Hoeft, Amanda Apr. 30 1907
Ogilvie, D. A. C. Heyman, Luella B. Sep. 29 1906
Ohde, Jacob Mutum, Myrtle Sep. 23 1910
Ohde, Wm. Brunnier, Frances Jun. 18 1907
O'Herron, James J. Bromert, Elizabeth M. Feb. 14 1906
Olberding, Barney Beyerink, Katherine Jan. 31 1910
Olberding, Henry J. Pille, Antonetie Nov. 27 1907
Olerich, Frank Danner, Frances Feb. 8 1910
Olerich, John J. Rolfes, Anna Oct. 15 1907
Olerich, William Woodyard, Bertha Oct. 11 1910
Oleson, Porter Blair, Twinkle Jul. 6 1909
Oppermann, John Stuedemann, Martha Feb. 16 1910
Orr, Tony DeWitt, Bessie Feb. 3 1909
Osborne, Robert T. Booth, Thresa A. Oct. 15 1906
O'Tool, James Schutte, Theresa Jan. 30 1906
Otto, William Dreeszen, Catherine Jan. 12 1909
Paine, J. B. Flansburg, Dovie Viva Mar. 4 1908
Pape, Henry J. Seeden, Helena M. Jun. 15 1909
Parr, Chas. A. Baker, Margaret Helen Jul. 31 1908
Parsons, Clarence Morest, Lottie (2nd) Aug. 15 1910
Parsons, W. E. Basler, Flossie G. Feb. 8 1910
Patten, Frank Edward Aldrich, Anna Feb. 24 1909
Patterson, William C. (2nd) Archer, Mary Minnie Sep. 21 1909
Paulsen, Adolph Klindt, Anna Nov. 6 1907
Paulsen, Henry Hass, Evalina Jan. 30 1907
Paup, Earl Kolp, Sadie Dec. 18 1909
Paup, Floyd H. Sexton, Mamie L. Oct. 21 1908
Payne, Harry Cushman, Hazel K. Nov. 28 1907
Perion, Peter T. Ludwig, Mollie Jul. 17 1906
Peter, George J. DeGroodt, Dina Jun. 5 1907
Peter, Michael (2nd) Seidl, Agnes Jan. 24 1906
Peters, Claudius D. Grimsman, Sophia D. Feb. 8 1910
Petersen, Fed Jansen, Annie Marie Jul. 23 1910
Petersen, Paul Moller, Henrietta Jan. 10 1906
Petersen, Peter F. Hagedorn, Amanda M. Feb. 10 1909

Table of Contents

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