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Groom Bride Day Year
Schneider, John W. Reinart, Mary Oct. 2 1906
Schnepp, R. A. Fobes, Ida Jan. 9 1910
Schrad, Clem Kaiser, Anna Jan. 25 1910
Schrad, Henry E. Olberding, Lizzie K. Sep. 18 1906
Schroeder, Bernard Brunning, Carolina Feb. 8 1909
Schroeder, Bernard Beyer, Magdalena Sep. 20 1910
Schroeder, Bernard A. Hinners, Anna Jul. 13 1909
Schroeder, Edward Bolke, Helena Feb. 20 1906
Schroeder, Henry J. Huelshorst, Gertrude J. Jan. 29 1907
Schroeder, Henry L. Knobbe, Frances Feb. 10 1909
Schroeder, John Bannister, Lulu Sep. 25 1906
Schroeder, William J. Schuette, Mary Nov. 20 1907
Schuendinge, Alexander Vens, Anna Jan. 7 1907
Schulmann, Chas F. Passick, Mary W. Aug. 31 1910
Schulte, Ben Tegels, Theresa M. Nov. 26 1907
Schulte, Clemens Werdehoff, Mayme Jan. 19 1909
Schulte, Henry Brockmann, Josephine Feb. 10 1909
Schulte, Leo Boes, Catharina Mary Oct. 4 1910
Schulte, Louis Gute, Mary Feb. 18 1908
Schulte, Theodore Boeckman, Anna H. Nov. 16 1909
Schwaller, John Greteman, Catherine Jul. 19 1910
Schwartz, Carl Wenzel, Hattie Feb. 20 1906
Scott, Alpha O. Harris, Ethel M. Jun. 17 1908
Scott, Jesse E. Hart, Jennie E. Mar. 4 1908
Scott, John F. Bergsieker, Hilda M. Jan. 3 1908
Scurr, James W. Riedesel, Florence Dec. 14 1910
Scurr, John D. Riedesel, Viola Feb. 19 1908
Sease, Charles G. Garland, Dorothy M. Nov. 10 1910
Seeden, Harm Berens, Rika Oct. 15 1907
Seidl, Ludwig Wiskus, Mary A. Feb. 5 1907
Seyller, Louie Friedman, Mary Oct. 8 1907
Shawd, Charles H. Laughery, Lillie M. Sep. 12 1906
Sherer, Walter Sheffield, Ora Dec. 19 1909
Shoemaker, William Ridenour, Ethel Dec. 21 1910
Shrig, Joe Schroeder, Katherina Apr. 24 1906
Sibenaller, Michael Kirsch, Katie Jan. 7 1907
Sibenaller, Peter Hoffmann, Johanna Feb. 4 1908
Siemen, F. W. Thornton, Lorene I. Nov. 10 1910
Siemen, John Mandelkow, Lizzie Dec. 21 1910
Sigler, Ira Visner, Albia Feb. 26 1908
Silbaugh, Elmer Sayre, Jessie P. Sep. 13 1906
Slife, Clifford A. Ayrhart, Bertha F. Oct. 23 1907
Smith, Floyd Aubrey Levi, Josie Rhea Nov. 24 1909
Smith, Francis L. (2nd) Herring, Mabel Aug. 22 1907
Smith, George W. Conner, Mayme Sep. 26 1906
Smith, Herman E. Jordan, Vera G. Sep. 22 1909
Smith, Robert H. Carter, Endorah Oct. 26 1910
Smouse, Simon Smith, Cora (Coover) (2nd) May 5 1908

Table of Contents

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