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Groom Bride Day Year
Stuker, Barney S. McLaughlin, Ardelia D. Dec. 6 1910
Sturm, Frank X. Kasperbauer, Frances Jan. 23 1906
Sturm, Maxmillian Riesenberg, Katharine Jan. 27 1909
Sturm, Wolfgang Hacker, Francis Feb. 19 1908
Subbert, Geo. Wurr, Anna Apr. 14 1909
Subbert, Henry M. W. Johnson, Clar Sep. 2 1909
Subbert, John J. Wurr, Emma Apr. 22 1908
Subbert, Ludwig Wurr, Martha May 8 1907
Suter, Geo. D. Kearns, Florence Sep. 17 1909
Svage, Bert Myers, Trina Jan. 22 1908
Tague, Elbridge A. (2nd) Tague, Lola (Purdy) (2nd) Oct. 13 1908
Taylor, Frank A. (2nd) Tuttle, Lena A. Aug. 12 1908
Tebben, John Auen, Tollie Feb. 14 1907
Tennant, Amos (2nd) Stockton, Mary (Barnhill) (2nd) Mar. 25 1909
Thede, H. C. (2nd) Gudenrath, Pauline Mar. 12 1908
Thedeus, Peter Henry Thede, Anna M. Feb. 22 1906
Theiman, George J. Enenbach, Theresia May 28 1907
Thiele, Frank W. Schulte, Anna L. Nov. 15 1910
Thiele, Lea Lengeling, Anna Sep. 21 1909
Thies, Hans Bohling, Anna Feb. 22 1909
Thobe, Joseph F. (2nd) Wempe, Lizzie J. Feb. 17 1908
Thomas, Gay S. Sexton, Floy M. Oct. 12 1910
Thompson, Orlando Ross Ward, Ethel M. Dec. 1 1910
Thoompson, Warren Clifford, Myrtle Jan. 17 1906
Thorn, Alvah Powley, Clarabel Feb. 24 1909
Tilley, Lee Garfield Chapman, Roxie Sadie Oct. 3 1910
Timmerman, Anton Theile, Mathilda Apr. 19 1909
Topp, John Seeden, Hannah Feb. 28 1908
Towne, Francis H. Augustine, Pluma Oct. 3 1907
Toyne, Chas. Day, Myrtle E. Oct. 12 1910
Toyne, Edward A. Frost, Gwendoline May 19 1909
Toyne, Frank (2nd) Hinkley, Gertrude Dec. 2 1907
Trecker, Theodore T. Fox, Susan Feb. 5 1907
Tregloan, William (2nd) Baskerville, Grace E. Oct. 22 1907
Tremain, Roy B. Conner, Etta May Nov. 4 1907
Tresidder, Fred J. Ridesel, Lilian Nov. 28 1906
Trullinger, George C. Doran, Catherine Feb. 6 1907
Tuel, Eugene Knight, Elsie L. Feb. 26 1907
Tuel, Oscar Wilde Bell, Eathel Anna Apr. 25 1906
Turnbloom, Elmer Kruse, Margaret Aug. 2 1910
Tuttle, Alvah Heyn, Margaret May 29 1906
Underberg, William N. Schulte, Mary B. Feb. 19 1908
Van Raden, Chris Freeman, Sadie J. Apr. 8 1908
Van Raden, John Powley, Ella Jan. 22 1908
Vanarman, Daniel Grim, Alice Apr. 11 1907
Vanderloo, Arnold Martin, Lillian Apr. 24 1907
Vanderloo, Charles Esdohr, Dora Oct. 13 1909
Vehrs, Alfred Thomssen, Lena Jan. 27 1909

Table of Contents

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