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Groom Bride Day Year
Venner, John Rutten, Maggie Feb. 16 1909
Venteicher, Herman Kraus, Katharina Jun. 18 1907
Vernon, Dr. E. L. Thompson, Eva R. Aug. 8 1910
Vetter, Emil Moeller, Anna W. Apr. 26 1910
Vetter, Herman Brockmann, Bertha Feb. 7 1907
Vetter, Otto Boldt, Rosa Oct. 27 1909
Vicarius, August Wieners, Augusta Apr. 25 1906
Vinke, Detlef Joachmsen, Metha Feb. 28 1908
Vint, Wm. Knight, Emma Aug. 2 1906
Visner, Frank Sigler, Mayme Feb. 26 1908
Vogt, Herman John Rimer, Laura Helen Sep. 28 1909
Von Glan, Jr., G. J. Schlorholtz, Augusta L. Feb. 21 1906
Wachendorf, Johan Wellner, Martha Jan. 30 1907
Waldron, J. E. Yegge, Helena Jan. 9 1908
Wallace, Charles C. Bates, Rosa J. Mar. 27 1907
Walters, Leslie Grey Riedesel, Laura Mabel Dec. 8 1909
Walther, Emil Rupprecht, Emma Jun. 10 1909
Warehime, Geo. O. Sandy, Mabel Oct. 30 1906
Waters, J. Milton Scott, Hattie G. Nov. 3 1910
Weal, Thomas E. Barner, Lizzie May Sep. 21 1910
Weaver, William S. Slife, Stella Mar. 20 1907
Webber, William Strahl, Bessie Viola Nov. 14 1906
Weber, Frank F. Olberding, Clara B. Oct. 10 1906
Wegner, George Edward Kuhl, Bertha Jun. 20 1906
Wegner, Walter Borst, Margaret Jan. 19 1910
Weidner, Charles F. (2nd) Atwood, Mildred B. (Blair) (2nd) May 31 1909
Weitl, Frank Gessinger, Cresentia Nov. 23 1909
Welch, Adam Cox, Etta Jan. 30 1907
Wellen, Roy M. Galvin (Quin), Tressa Mar. 12 1907
Weller, Henry Bannister, Alice Jul. 15 1908
Welp, Oran H. Jahnke, Minnie B. G. Feb. 2 1910
Wempe, Bernard Lamberty, Elisabeth Feb. 1 1910
Wempe, Henry Schulte, Cecilia Jan. 18 1910
Wenck, Charles J. Subbed, Sophia M. May 10 1909
Wendl, John Danzer, Mary Aug. 31 1909
Wentzel, Albert F. Kern, Una Jan. 16 1907
Wentzel, Herman Carstens, Friedericke Feb. 8 1906
Wenzel, Hugo Tollgaard, Hilda Mar. 2 1909
Wessling, Joseph Bedel, Clara B. Sep. 18 1906
Westendorf, Henry Espenhover, Minnie Oct. 8 1906
Wetter, Charles H. Dooley, Mabel E. Dec. 28 1910
Wheeler, A. W. Hoffman, Clara Sep. 15 1906
White, Ernest O. Tharp, Ollie A. Mar. 1 1906
White, Frank Bennet, Bessie Feb. 10 1909
White, Homer R. (2nd) Boyce, Ivy Irene (Cole) (4th) Oct. 11 1910
Widman, Benjamin Mitchell, Ida May Jan. 30 1907
Wiese, Wilhelm Dancker, Aggenettea Jul. 11 1910
Wilber, Frank Otis Wilber, Abby M. Cory Oct. 17 1907

Table of Contents

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