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Groom Bride Day Year
Wilberding, Charles Fink, Minnie Nov. 23 1910
Wilken, Hans Ohde, Mary Mar. 21 1906
Wilken, Otto Behneman, Mary Feb. 22 1906
Wille, Nicholas G. Berger, Verona Sep. 3 1907
Wille, William E. Pape, Emma Nov. 24 1910
Willett, Harry C. McCreary, Agnes M. Feb. 26 1908
Williams, Ed S. Simpson, Eunice B. Nov. 13 1907
Williams, Perry A. Breckenridge, Grace Feb. 11 1908
Williams, Thomas E. Robinson, Beulah Sep. 23 1907
Williams, Wm. Schwaller, Katie Jan. 27 1908
Wills, Wyman L. Monk, Edna Jun. 30 1908
Wilson, Frank Harvey Evans, Mae Marie Dec. 18 1907
Wilson, Harry C. James, Pansy D. Dec. 25 1906
Wilson, John L. Ketering, Edna L. Apr. 18 1907
Wilt, William F. Fiscus, Ella Mar. 7 1907
Wiltermuth, Geo. H. Hite, Angie Apr. 11 1909
Winbough, Herbert Thomas, Myrtle Feb. 14 1909
Winnett, Wm. S. Horton, Hadda E. Jan. 25 1906
Winston, Horace A. Wootan, Maude E. Mar. 27 1908
Winter, Ray Stokes, Bessie Mar. 15 1909
Wischeid, Henry J. Friedmann, Theresia Jan. 27 1909
Wiskus, Frank Seidl, Emma J. Feb. 5 1907
Witte, Henry Seidl, Maggie Feb. 11 1907
Witte, John J. Lowry, Mable C. Jun. 11 1906
Wittrock, John Tiefenthaler, Clara Nov. 16 1909
Wittrock, Joseph P. Richter, Emma Feb. 4 1908
Woedehoff, B. H. Klaus, Regina Jun. 2 1908
Woedehoff, Louie J. Reising, Made Nov. 19 1907
Wohlenberg, Frederick Emmick, Whilhemina Mar. 21 1907
Wolfe, Joseph Meyers, Catherine J. Aug. 28 1907
Woltermann, John Ocken, Anna Feb. 17 1909
Wood, Joseph H. Johnston, Eliza E. Mar. 9 1908
Wood, Lee R. Bliss, Ella I. Feb. 27 1907
Woodhouse, Leonard S. Ellsworth, Mable Alice Dec. 24 1908
Wright, Alfred Kelly, Margaret Jun. 12 1909
Wright, Neuton (2nd) Toms, Laura (McCoy) (2nd) Aug. 18 1909
Wykhuis, James Huendling, Susanna Jun. 15 1910
Yeager, James B. (2nd) Lyons, Clara M. Jun. 5 1910
Yoder, David J. Waldron, Floy P. Dec. 20 1906
York, Byron V. Ruhde, Rose Dec. 28 1909
York, C. V. Phillips, Minnie Nov. 23 1906
Young, Ferdinand Hupp, Cora Belle Feb. 23 1910
Zenor, L. H. Wilson, Martha (Yeager) (2nd) Feb. 1 1910
Ziegman, Anton V. Berning, Anna M. May 18 1909
Zitzlsperger, Edward Pietig, Theresa Sep. 14 1909
Zitzlsperger, L. L. Klingsus, Anna Oct. 4 1910

Table of Contents

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