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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Bulfer, John C. (2nd) Wulf, Dora (Lafraner) (2nd) Dec. 16 1909
Burry, Andrew George Lister, Ida Adella Jan. 6 1909
Bushmann, Dick Holsteine, Annie Apr. 7 1908
Cain, Elmer Hobbs, Hazel G. Jan. 28 1908
Calder, Joe Hackmeister, Winnie Dec. 3 1909
Campbell, J. A. Wheeler, L. G. Aug. 25 1909
Campbell, Loyd Bough, Mary D. Mar. 1 1906
Carlisle, C. H. (2nd) Pierson, Ora (Swearingen) (2nd) Dec. 30 1908
Carlson, Everett Crowe, Christine Nov. 13 1907
Carpenter, Charles A. Pingrey, Grace O. Jun. 27 1906
Carpenter, Frances Rust, Mary Feb. 26 1906
Carpenter, W. F. (2nd) Patton, Blanche (2nd) Jun. 9 1906
Carson, George Leroy Blackley, Anna Dec. 25 1909
Carstens, George Druse, Caroline Anna Jan. 27 1909
Carter, John R. Day, Chloie I. Aug. 29 1906
Cartwright, Owen T. (2nd) Lee, Lottie N. Jun. 4 1909
Caskey, George Albert Brown, Fleda Bell Dec. 15 1909
Casper, Arthur Roth, Sophia Feb. 22 1909
Chandler, Ira B. Lathrop, Bessie Jun. 19 1910
Chapman, General W. (2nd) Welch, Hattie L. (2nd) Dec. 19 1906
Chapman, Leonard Haines, Eliza Anna Oct. 3 1910
Charles, Clare L. Watson, Wincie Dec. 23 1908
Christians, John (2nd) Haase, Foolka Garbrand Nov. 17 1909
Churchill, Harry Blanchard, Alpha Feb. 3 1908
Churchill, Riley V. Loptien, Dora C. Nov. 28 1908
Clapper, E. D. Handschin, Marie May 9 1909
Clark, Harry G. Carpenter, Bertha M. May 23 1906
Clark, James L. Delaney, Charlote Jan. 27 1909
Clausen, John Von Glan, Mary May 18 1910
Clausen, John E. Richardson, Nellie E. Jun. 24 1908
Clausen, Peter F. Bohling, Anna C. May 26 1908
Clausen, Peter R. (2nd) Mohr, Alvina Sep. 25 1907
Claussen, Claus J. Ewoldt, Julette C. May 15 1908
Clopton, James R. (2nd) Beckner, Anna B. (2nd) Sep. 24 1906
Colbert, Wilkie Kirk, Lydie G. Mar. 30 1907
Cole, Walter Colby, Laura Aug. 25 1910
Collison, Frank Yegge, Francis Nov. 26 1906
Condon, Charles Albertson, Gazena Apr. 28 1909
Conley, Ben P. Conley, Myra Apr. 9 1907
Conner, Lawrence (2nd) Stewart, Grace Nov. 24 1906
Coon, John J. Ricke, Lottie Feb. 11 1908
Cooper, Clarence C. Carpenter, Lottie V. Feb. 18 1908
Copic, Jess (2nd) Houts, Nellie (Ackley) Mar. 12 1907
Copp, Albert Schmich, Mary Nov. 27 1907
Coulter, Vern Powley, Alice P. Aug. 9 1909
Cowell, Harry Mulholland, Winnie Apr. 28 1910
Cromwell, Chester Bettie, Jessie A. May 11 1910
Crone, George Albert Carroll, Margaret Winnefred Nov. 20 1909

Table of Contents

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