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Groom Bride Day Year
Geiselhart, Fred Bittle, Mable May 20 1909
Genzen, A. M. Grimm, B. K. Dec. 1 1909
Gerken, Frank Bolke, Anna Nov. 24 1909
Gerken, John B. Terlisner, May H. Nov. 17 1908
Gibson, Otis M. Thompson, Ada M. Jan. 29 1908
Ginn, Grover C. Martin, Ida Jan. 10 1906
Gleadall, C. H. (2nd) Davie, Almira (Barsby) (2nd) Jun. 6 1908
Gleadall, C. H. (2nd) Davie, Elmira (Barsby) (2nd) Jan. 6 1910
Goettsch, Louis Lamp, Anna K. Jun. 10 1908
Goodman, Lawrence Stangl, Dorothea Feb. 26 1906
Goodwin, Elmer M. Nagl, Mary Jun. 29 1909
Goodwin, William Visner, Agnes J. Feb. 9 1910
Gordon, John Kee Hebbell, Lena L. Mar. 3 1909
Gorton, Ralph E. Cory, Verle M. Oct. 23 1907
Gottsch, William Grimm, Emma Jun. 26 1907
Grabner, Joseph T. Koster, Margaret M. May 19 1908
Grage, William Grimm, Carolina Mar. 14 1906
Grau, Hugo A. Waller, Anna M. Dec. 15 1909
Gray, Henry Stangl, Francis Aug. 1 1907
Green, W. C. Bennett, Myrtle Jun. 9 1908
Greenfield, Ralph E. Jenkins, Elizabeth C. Jul. 22 1908
Greenlee, Robert Lacy, Jenne Feb. 17 1908
Gregory, Ross F. B. Hartingsen, Anna A. Jul. 31 1907
Gretteman, Barney (2nd) Meiner, Mary Jan. 15 1907
Greving, Joseph Renze, Katie Sep. 1 1909
Grim, Geo. W. Johnston, Agnes M. Mar. 11 1908
Grimm, John F. Petersen, Caroline C. Nov. 3 1909
Gronemeyer, N. C. Wiedemeier, Veronica Oct. 15 1907
Gross, William Pietig, Mary Nov. 26 1907
Grossman, Joe Kramer, Cecilia Feb. 25 1908
Gruhn, William Jansen, Alma Feb. 17 1909
Grundmeier, Charley Edw. Lage, Louisa Feb. 22 1906
Grundmeier, Ernest A. Rief, Catherin E. Apr. 6 1910
Grundmeier, Hugo Mergele, Anna Feb. 2 1910
Guinn, William Bunting, Pearl Oct. 17 1907
Gundrum, William W. Rogers, Anna M. May 10 1910
Gute, Willie Visner, Rose Nov. 15 1910
Gute, Wm. Lemker, Lizzie Aug. 28 1906
Hacker, Karl B. Conner, Theresia May 15 1906
Hackfort, Henry Jr. Schmitz, Marie Oct. 14 1908
Hagedorn, Felix Rust, Dorothe Jan. 6 1909
Hagedorn, Louis Joachmisen, Bertha Feb. 9 1910
Hagemann, Edward (2nd) Svenosen, Sophie, (2nd) Feb. 15 1906
Halford, Robert W. Long, Dale May 24 1908
Hall, Frank Mingas, Bessie Sep. 7 1910
Hall, William Erickson, Hildred Apr. 21 1909
Hamers, Herman Wolterman, Gertrude Jan. 12 1910
Hamilton, John Heider, Emma Jun. 9 1909

Table of Contents

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