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Carroll County Marriages 

Information on this page was compiled by the
Carroll County Genealogical Society and
contributed by James Grettenberg. Their efforts
to compile this work are sincerely appreciated.

Page created and donated by Ralph Leonard III.

Coordinator's Note:
These pages contain many, but not not all
marriages in Carroll County during the years
indicated. More marriage listings are available through the C.C.G.S. or the Carroll County Courthouse.

Table of Contents

Groom Bride Day Year
Dvorak, Frank A. Moller, Pauline Sep. 17 1919
Dwyer, George Schoemaker, Ella Sep. 13 1921
Ecklund, Harry Schilling, Ruth Marie Feb. 7 1921
Eggenor, Harm (2nd) DeGroot, Hanna (2nd) Sep. 6 1918
Ehlers, Arthur Schwartz, Caroline Jun. 24 1919
Ehlers, Julian Wilfang, Minnie Apr. 7 1920
Ehlers, Louie E. Hagedom, Dora M. (Rust) (2nd) Mar. 22 1916
Eich, William W. Hagman, Mary M. (Jones) (2nd) Mar. 14 1917
Eicher, Elbert Whitmarsh, Edna Jun. 16 1920
Eike, Helery B. Schmitz, Anna May 18 1920
Eischeid Geo. Olbertz, Mathilda Feb. 13 1917
Eischeid, Lawrence Rolfes, Helen Jun. 5 1922
Eischeid, Peter Truhe, Lena Jan. 25 1916
Eischeid, Wm. Dalhoff, Bernadine Apr. 24 1917
Ellerbrock, Frank Elsasser, Mary Jan. 25 1922
Emery, Chester Conner, Fern Sep. 21 1921
Engelen, John Scharfenkamp, Anna Jan. 28 1920
Engels, Hans Puck, Clara Mar. 15 1922
England, Homer J. May, Helen E. Sep. 14 1917
Englert, Henry Brockmann, Dorothy Aug. 20 1919
Erickson, Ed T. Bohnsack, Amanda (Mundt) (2nd) Apr. 10 1919
Erps, Edward Axford, Ellen H. Mar. 12 1921
Ertz, Jacob Meyer, Rosa Feb. 22 1916
Ertz, John Herman Brune, Anna Johanna Sep. 4 1917
Evers, Grover W. Brueggemann, Laura E. Dec. 7 1921
Evers, Henry E. Jensen, Malinda Feb. 9 1921
Ewoldt, Henry Grimm, Anna Jan. 18 1922
Ewoldt, Henry F. Onken, Viola L. Apr. 22 1919
Farrell, Earl Anderson, Lina Mae Nov. 14 1916
Farrell, Homer H. Baier, Elenora E. Feb. 17 1920
Fee, Frank F. Brinker, Rosalia H. Aug. 20 1918
Feilmeier, Frank (3rd) Kramer, Elizabeth (Meyer) (3rd) Mar. 10 1919
Feilmeyer, Frank (2nd) Kramer, Elizabeth (Meyer) (2nd) Apr. 1 1918
Feilmeyer, Wendelin Theodor Willenborg, Clara Tresia May 20 1919
Fendrich, Louis Bruening, Elizabeth May 14 1917
Fernerding, Frank Schlichte, Rose Oct. 14 1919
Fickbohn, John Powers, Cecelia Jun. 3 1918
Fields, Joseph William Goecke, Hilda W. Sep. 14 1921
Fiensy, Richard McGowen, Anna (Moos) (3rd) Aug. 22 1917
Finebaugh, Webster (2nd) Eaton, Carrie M. (Hoyt) (2nd) Mar. 29 1919
Finnegan, John Rust, Florence May 21 1918
Finnegen, William Juergens, Paulius Apr. 24 1917
Fisher, Raymond M. C. Jensen, Violet Nov. 9 1922
Fitch, Earl E. (2nd) Moore, Christine (Sorenson) (2nd) Sep. 3 1919
Fitch, J. F. Lux, Florence Jun. 7 1921
Fitzenery, Roy Wolterman, Bernadine Jan. 7 1920
Fitzenry, Frank Rust, Margaret Jan. 18 1921
Fleck, Frank Dack, Margery Oct. 10 1916

Table of Contents

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