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1920 Federal Census Index

Arcadia Township

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Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship Parents or spouse
John Vanlent  ca. 1862 Holland Head  
Frank D Boody ca. 1867 Iowa Head Tueneslah
Tueneslah Boody ca. 1876 Iowa Wife Frank D
Fred F Hoogestraat ca. 1875 Iowa Head Dora
Dora Hoogestraat ca. 1878 Germany Wife Fred F
Lydia O Hoogestraat ca. 1901 Iowa Daughter Fred F, Dora
Dorothy F Hoogestraat ca. 1913 Iowa Daughter Fred F, Dora
Arlee E Hoogestraat ca. 1918 Iowa Daughter Fred F, Dora
Pete Ashinger  ca. 1847 Germany  Head Carolina
Carolina Ashinger  ca. 1862 Germany Wife Wilhelmine, Pete
Louisa Ashinger ca. 1899 Iowa Daughter Pete, Carolina
Wilhelmine Peters ca. 1829 Germany Mother-in-law  
Ferdinand C Mess ca. 1852 Germany Head Marie
Marie Mess ca. 1867 Germany Wife Ferdinand C
Christina Mess ca. 1891 Iowa Daughter Ferdinand C, Marie
William Mess ca. 1898 Iowa Son Ferdinand C, Marie
Henryetta Mess ca. 1855 Germany Sister  
Edward Hochl  ca. 1892 Iowa Head Mary J
Mary J Hochl  ca. 1902 Iowa Wife Edward
Edward A Hochl  ca. 1919 Iowa Son Edward, Mary J
Beimer Witt ca. 1842 Germany Head Marie
Marie Witt  ca. 1843 Germany  Wife Beimer
Enolina Peters  ca. 1849 Germany  Head  
Fritz C Peters ca. 1887 Iowa Head Verne
Verne Peters ca. 1900 Iowa Wife Fritz C
Chrittian Ijorde  ca. 1847 Germany  Head  
Philip Redig ca. 1894 Iowa Head Clara M
Clara M Redig ca. 1895 Iowa Wife Philip
Ivor J Redig ca. 1916 Iowa Son Philip, Clara M
Clive A Redig ca. 1919 Iowa Son Philip, Clara M
Henry O Englert ca. 1899 Illinois Head Dorothy
Dorothy Englert ca. 1900 Iowa Wife Henry O
Henry N Tank ca. 1847 Germany Head Dora C
Dora C Tank ca. 1846 Germany Wife Henry N
Amana E Tank ca. 1884 Iowa Daughter Henry N, Dora C
Anna M Tank ca. 1888 Iowa Daughter Henry N, Dora C
Dorothy Hinze  ca. 1839 Germany  Head  
Mary Maher ca. 1855 Ireland Head  
Tom Maher ca. 1889 Iowa Son  
Clarence Maher ca. 1891 Iowa Son  
Agnes Maher ca. 1893 Iowa Daughter  
William Maher ca. 1900 Iowa Son  
William Jahde ca. 1888 Iowa Head Catharine
Catharine Jahde ca. 1891 Iowa Wife William
Goraldine Jahde ca. 1915 Iowa Daughter William, Catharine
Melvin Jahde ca. 1918 Iowa Son William, Catharine
Mathilda Cugs  ca. 1861 Germany  Head  
Chris Cugs  ca. 1882 Germany Son  
Ida Cugs  ca. 1885 Iowa Daughter  
Ida Kelly ca. 1867 Germany Head  
George Kelly ca. 1903 Iowa Son Ida
Detlef Hagge ca. 1857 Germany Head Gertrude
Gertrude Hagge ca. 1860 Germany Wife Detlef
Adolph J Hagge ca. 1897 Iowa Son Detlef, Gertrude
Harry B Hagge ca. 1899 Iowa Son Detlef, Gertrude
Henrietta L Hagge ca. 1905 Iowa Daughter Detlef, Gertrude
Dora Newman  ca. 1855 Germany  Head  
Henry Frank ca. 1845 Holstein Head Julia
Julia Frank ca. 1853 Holstein Wife Henry
Henry J Benning ca. 1877 Iowa Head Pauline C
Pauline C Benning  ca. 1868 Illinois Wife Henry J
Adolph H Mohs  ca. 1876 Iowa Head Emma E
Emma E Mohs  ca. 1878 Iowa Wife Adolph H
MacEllus C Mohs  ca. 1901 Iowa Son Adolph H, Emma E
David H Mohs  ca. 1916 Iowa Son Adolph H, Emma E
Henry J Peters ca. 1891 Iowa Head Henrietta E
Henrietta E Peters ca. 1895 Iowa Wife Henry J
Clark H Peters ca. 1916 Iowa Son Henry J, Henrietta E
Henry F Terlisner ca. 1883 Iowa Head Elizabeth F
Elizabeth F Terlisner ca. 1884 Iowa Wife Henry F
Linus G Terlisner ca. 1907 Iowa Son Henry F, Elizabeth F
John Gerkens ca. 1881 South Dakota Head Mary W
Mary W Gerkens ca. 1884 Iowa Wife John
Dorothy E Gerkens ca. 1913 Iowa Daughter John, Mary W
Vincent G Gerkens ca. 1915 Iowa Son John, Mary W
Elmer J Gerkens ca. 1917 Iowa Son John, Mary W
Levern F Gerkens ca. 1919 Iowa Son John, Mary W
Henry C Peters ca. 1853 Holstein Head Augusta
Augusta Peters ca. 1860 Holstein Wife Henry C
Gustav H Kroeger ca. 1858 Holstein Head Alvine D
Alvine D Kroeger ca. 1869 Holstein Wife Gustav H
Otto Kroeger ca. 1897 Iowa Son Gustav H, Alvine D
John F Witt ca. 1867 Holstein Head Martha L
Martha L Witt ca. 1864 Pomerania Wife John F
George Preyt ca. 1893 Iowa Stepson Martha L
Bertha Vetter ca. 1850 Pomerania Head  
Valask Jahde ca. 1850 Schlesien  Head  
Frank Jahde ca. 1897 Iowa Son Valask
Julius Nobling ca. 1840 Germany  Head Albertina
Albertina Nobling ca. 1846 Posen, Poland Wife Julius
Herman Nobling ca. 1890 Iowa Son Julius, Albertina
Wilhelm Stoelk ca. 1858 Denmark Head Mathilda
Mathilda Stoelk ca. 1855 Sweden Wife Wilhelm
John A Ringold ca. 1851 Holland Head Elisabeth C
Elisabeth C Ringold ca. 1852 Iowa Wife John A
Adolph F Hintz  ca. 1859 Holstein Head Margrate A
Margrate A Hintz ca. 1867 Holstein Wife Adolph F
Clara M Hintz ca. 1903 Iowa Daughter Adolph F, Margrate A
Joachim Woelck  ca. 1858 Mecklenburg Head Marie
Marie Woelck  ca. 1865 Mecklenburg Wife Joachim
Gerhard Berger ca. 1856 Hannover Head Margrate
Margrate Berger ca. 1865 Germany Wife Gerhard
Jacob W Berger ca. 1898 Iowa Son Gerhard, Margrate
Frank J Berger ca. 1901 Iowa Son Gerhard, Margrate
Albert J Berger ca. 1904 Iowa Son Gerhard, Margrate
Henry B Berger ca. 1906 Iowa Son Gerhard, Margrate
Aloysious Diers ca. 1869 Iowa Head Anna
Anna Diers ca. 1868 Iowa Wife Aloysious
Rosalia M Diers ca. 1893 Iowa Daughter Aloysious, Anna
Engune B Diers ca. 1899 Iowa Son Aloysious, Anna
Arthur C Diers ca. 1901 Iowa Son Aloysious, Anna
Cyrenus F Diers ca. 1906 Iowa Son Aloysious, Anna
Leo A Diers ca. 1908 Iowa Son Aloysious, Anna
John J Rix ca. 1875 Holstein Head Alvine P
Alvine P Rix ca. 1878 Iowa Wife John J
Olga M Rix ca. 1901 Iowa Daughter John J, Alvine P
William J Rix ca. 1906 Iowa Son John J, Alvine P
Martha A Rix ca. 1911 Iowa Daughter John J, Alvine P
Adele A Rix ca. 1914 Iowa Daughter John J, Alvine P
Barney Olberding ca. 1852 Oldenburg Head Mary R
Mary R Olberding ca. 1857 Preußen Wife Barney
Katy Olberding ca. 1898 Iowa Daughter Barney, Mary R
Joseph A Olberding ca. 1903 Iowa Son Barney, Mary R
Glades Olberding ca. 1909 Minnesota Granddaughter  
Louisa Olberding ca. 1910 Minnesota Granddaughter  
William C Mahnke ca. 1873 Illinois Head  
Ren J Kokenze  ca. 1882 Iowa Head  
Frank Millenacker ca. 1880 Illinois Head Mary A
Mary A Millenacker ca. 1882 Iowa Wife Frank
Eulalia E Millenacker ca. 1906 Iowa Daughter Frank, Mary A
Gergrete M Millenacker ca. 1909 Iowa Daughter Frank, Mary A
Edward A Millenacker ca. 1911 Iowa Son Frank, Mary A
Margeret E Millenacker ca. 1913 Iowa Daughter Frank, Mary A
Marcella C Millenacker ca. 1914 Canada Daughter Frank, Mary A
Helen A Millenacker ca. 1915 Canada Daughter Frank, Mary A
Raymond J Millenacker ca. 1916 Canada Son Frank, Mary A
Bernice F Millenacker ca. 1918 Canada Daughter Frank, Mary A
John A Odien ca. 1881 Sweden Head Helma
Helma Odien ca. 1887 Sweden Wife John A
Nellie S Odien ca. 1908 Iowa Daughter John A, Helma
Margaret L Odien ca. 1910 Iowa Daughter John A, Helma
Lily E Odien ca. 1912 Iowa Daughter John A, Helma
Luceile A Odien ca. 1914 Iowa Daughter John A, Helma
John E Odien ca. 1915 Iowa Son John A, Helma
Francis E Odien ca. 1918 Iowa Daughter John A, Helma
Edward C Mohr ca. 1872 Iowa Head Helen
Helen Mohr ca. 1872 Iowa Wife Edward C
Gertrude E Mohr ca. 1896 Iowa Daughter Edward C, Helen
Frances M Mohr ca. 1899 Iowa Daughter Edward C, Helen
Marie Witt ca. 1853 Holstein Head  
Dora Hennings ca. 1861 Illinois Head  
Edward J Hennings ca. 1890 Iowa Son Dora
James Caldwell ca. 1853 New York Head Martha
Martha Caldwell ca. 1856 Illinois Wife James
Edward Rehker ca. 1848 Westfalen  Head Philomina
Philomina Rehker ca. 1845 Ohio Wife Edward
Joseph Rehker ca. 1882 Iowa Son Edward, Philomina
John Grimsman  ca. 1846 Holstein Head  
Joseph H Mescher ca. 1882 Iowa Head Adelaide
Adelaide Mescher ca. 1883 New York Wife Joseph H
Louise A Mescher ca. 1902 Iowa Daughter Joseph H, Adelaide
Cyril M Mescher ca. 1911 Iowa Son Joseph H, Adelaide
Mildred A Mescher ca. 1913 Iowa Daughter Joseph H, Adelaide
Bernice E Mescher ca. 1917 Iowa Daughter Joseph H, Adelaide
Emil W Peters ca. 1893 Iowa Head Emma J
Emma J Peters ca. 1894 Iowa Wife Emil W
Lee W Peters ca. 1918 Iowa Son Emil W, Emma J
Kate Niehaus  ca. 1874 Iowa Head Elisabeth
Leo Niehaus ca. 1905 Iowa Son Kate
Loretta Niehaus ca. 1907 Iowa Daughter Kate
Elisabeth Thieman ca. 1839 Westfalen Mother  
Andrew Fisher ca. 1868 Posen, Poland Head Flora
Flora Fisher ca. 1869 Illinois Wife Andrew
Susie Waber ca. 1901 Iowa Boarder  
Florence Enenbach ca. 1894 Iowa Stepdaughter Flora
Carsten F Sinde  ca. 1860 Holstein Head Marie C
Marie C Sinde  ca. 1862 Holstein Wife Carsten F
Louisa M Sinde  ca. 1888 Iowa Daughter Carsten F, Marie C
Jurgen Paulsen ca. 1859 Holstein Head Johanna M
Johanna M Paulsen ca. 1859 Holstein Wife Jurgen
Henry Jons ca. 1847 Holstein Head Marie M
Marie M Jons ca. 1854 Holstein Wife Henry
Frank Scherbring ca. 1860 Oldenburg Head Mary K
Mary K Scherbring ca. 1856 Oldenburg Wife Frank
Charles E Anderson ca. 1880 Iowa Head Anna N
Anna N Anderson ca. 1885 Iowa Wife Charles E
Ruby I Anderson ca. 1911 Iowa Daughter Charles E, Anna N
Carl Schild ca. 1869 Hannover Head Henry
Henry Schild ca. 1839 Hannover Father  
Peter H Dose ca. 1855 Holstein Head Sophie H
Sophie H Dose ca. 1856 Schleswig Wife Peter H
Elisabeth Schwers  ca. 1853 Oldenburg Head  
John Ocken ca. 1847 Westfalen Head Cathrine
Cathrine Ocken ca. 1861 Iowa Wife John
Anthon H Ocken ca. 1894 Iowa Son John, Cathrine
Aloysius Schroeder ca. 1888 Iowa Head Johanna
Johanna Schroeder ca. 1897 Iowa Wife Aloysius
Dorothy Schroeder ca. 1919 Iowa Daughter Aloysius, Johanna
Herman Lieting  ca. 1867 Westfalen  Head  
Rose K Lieting  ca. 1901 Iowa Daughter Herman
Bernadene R Lieting  ca. 1903 Iowa Daughter Herman
Herman B Lieting  ca. 1906 Iowa Son Herman
Agnes C Lieting  ca. 1910 Iowa Daughter Herman
Lawerance E Lieting  ca. 1912 Iowa Son Herman
Christina Enenbach  ca. 1857 Rheinland  Head  
William Meier ca. 1871 Holstein Head Lena
Lena Meier ca. 1878 Holstein Wife William
Elsie A Meier ca. 1897 Iowa Daughter William, Lena
Peter N Meier ca. 1900 Iowa Son William, Lena
William B Meier ca. 1904 Iowa Son William, Lena
Emma H Meier ca. 1906 Iowa Daughter William, Lena
John L Meier ca. 1910 Iowa Son William, Lena
Mamie M Meier ca. 1912 Iowa Daughter William, Lena
Loretta L Meier ca. 1914 Iowa Daughter William, Lena
Louie J Meier ca. 1916 Iowa Son William, Lena
Earl Meier ca. 1918 Iowa Son William, Lena
Theadore Ferlisner ca. 1880 Iowa Head Thresia
Thresia Ferlisner  ca. 1883 Iowa Wife Theadore
Elnora Ferlisner  ca. 1904 Iowa Daughter Theadore, Thresia
Raymond Ferlisner  ca. 1906 Iowa Son Theadore, Thresia
Helen Ferlisner  ca. 1908 Iowa Daughter Theadore, Thresia
Leonard Ferlisner  ca. 1911 Iowa Son Theadore, Thresia
Zeno Ferlisner  ca. 1913 Iowa Son Theadore, Thresia
Regina Ferlisner  ca. 1915 Iowa Daughter Theadore, Thresia
Paul Ferlisner  ca. 1918 Iowa Son Theadore, Thresia
Jacob J Elenz ca. 1883 Iowa Boarder  
Charles Rohde ca. 1842 Brandenburg Head Minne
Minne Rohde ca. 1842 Brandenburg Wife Charles
Minna Andresen  ca. 1854 Holstein Head  
Henry Radhman  ca. 1866 Holstein Head  
Victor Johnson ca. 1892 Sweden Head  
John F Reinhold ca. 1891 Iowa Head Gretta D
Gretta D Reinhold ca. 1896 Iowa Wife John F
Rhoda A Reinhold ca. 1916 Iowa Daughter John F, Gretta D
Peter Hoffard ca. 1860 Illinois Head  
Frank Hoffard ca. 1855 New York Brother  
Cathrine Fritz ca. 1850 New York Sister  
Frank A Noethe ca. 1870 Iowa Head Kate
Kate Noethe ca. 1863 Iowa Wife Frank A
Joseph A Noethe ca. 1894 Iowa Son Frank A, Kate
Florance Noethe ca. 1898 Iowa Daughter Frank A, Kate
Laura Noethe ca. 1902 Iowa Daughter Frank A, Kate
Edward Noethe ca. 1903 Iowa Son Frank A, Kate
John Noethe ca. 1904 Iowa Son Frank A, Kate
Frank Noethe ca. 1908 Iowa Son Frank A, Kate
Agunilda Noethe ca. 1911 Iowa Daughter Frank A, Kate
George Theobald ca. 1891 Iowa Head  
Martina M Holdgrafer Sr.  ca. 1875 Iowa Head  
Lucy M Eick Sr.  ca. 1868 Illinois Boarder  
Dulcelin M Flamming Sr.  ca. 1888 Iowa Boarder  
Mercedes M Markelbach Sr.  ca. 1898 Ohio Boarder  
John Wiebers  ca. 1865 Holstein Head Anna
Anna Wiebers  ca. 1865 Iowa Wife John
Raymond Wiebers  ca. 1904 Iowa Son John, Anna
Malcolm Wiebers  ca. 1907 Iowa Son John, Anna
John Terlisner  ca. 1878 Iowa Head Josephine
Josephine Terlisner  ca. 1881 Iowa Wife John
Frank Terlisner  ca. 1902 Iowa Son John, Josephine
Arthur Terlisner  ca. 1904 Iowa Son John, Josephine
Lawrence Terlisner  ca. 1906 Iowa Son John, Josephine
Anna Terlisner  ca. 1910 Iowa Daughter John, Josephine
Lucilla Terlisner  ca. 1914 Iowa Daughter John, Josephine
John H Babcock ca. 1871 Iowa Head  
Harold H Babcock ca. 1904 Iowa Son John H
Marcellis Babcock ca. 1907 Iowa Daughter John H
Herman C Meyer ca. 1896 Nebraska Head Laura J
Laura J Meyer ca. 1899 Iowa Wife Herman C
William M Rose  ca. 1874 Hannover  Head Caroline L
Caroline L Rose  ca. 1886 Wisconsin Wife Mary, William M
Mary Jentzan  ca. 1856 Mecklenburg Mother-in-law  
Frank Jentzen ca. 1897 Iowa Head Denez
Denez Jentzen ca. 1889 Iowa Wife Frank
Perl H Jentzen ca. 1916 Iowa Daughter Frank, Denez
Harley Jentzen ca. 1917 Iowa Son Frank, Denez
August Henning ca. 1850 Hannover Head  
George Terlisner  ca. 1841 Germany Father-in-law  

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